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  1. Well, one thread should be enough, I guess a moderator could just remove this one
  2. Copied from Hyperscale:s news page Vintage Fighter Series has announced their next injection moulded 1/24 scale kits will be the F4U Corsair and Spitfire Mk.XII. We'll have more information and images as they come to hand. Didn't VFS close down? And weren't they working on a XIV instead of XII?
  3. Tamiya XF-81 Dark green touchy thing... have a look here (post 34) I'd probably use Gunze H330 instead...
  4. Hot diggity! You work both fast and properly too! Tamiya XF-81 and 82 are for Spitfires in Dark green and Ocean Grey though. Lightnings are painted in Dark Green and Dark Sea grey. I guess you could use the Dark Green but you need something else for the Dark Sea Grey
  5. Spitfire Mk XII, Airfix 1/48

    Thanks! The winterised Harrier you say? I looked at it last week actually. It got all stencils on now, but no snow distemper. Maybe I should give it a spin with förhandling it? I got an extra couple of Harriers that I'm almost itching to start so it's no big deal if I screw up...
  6. This weekend I finally got round to spraying some MrPaint Semi Matt. The result can be found here, in RFI I should get cracking on the VIII next, but with this cold weather that we're currently enjoying it's a bit hard o go out on the balcony to spray... Normal operations should resume once the temperature goes up a little....
  7. Well, it seems that I finally managed to finish something... After what seems like an absolute age I mustered up the strength to finish it and as always there are a million things to do in the end. Here is the rather portly looking Mk XII in all its glory: Painted with Tamiya, weathered with some oil, and a few washes from MIG. See the WIP here
  8. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Have you started ro use Swedish Steel for your cutting needs CC? Great detailing too!
  9. Saab J21 - Help with Colours

    To use RLM65 for the underside is not the way to go I think. In the old days, Humbrol 87 was a good match for the underside color Ljust Blågrå (058M) and I still think that's valid. But the picture with Tamiya XF-66 is also quite good. Some people use Humbrol 163 (yes the new RAF Dark Green one) for Olivgrön 325 Recently MrPaint has done all swedish colors, but some feel that they still are not quite there: (shamelessly stolen from facebook, here translated to english) Color matching of some of MRP:s swedish colors! 325M: MRP-217(325M) with ca 20% MRP-224(255M). 058M: MRP-175(058M) brightened with a touch of white. Very pale 325M MRP-217(325M), MRP-178(322M), MRP-220(032M) in equal parts. Let's not forget that the official Swedish Airforce paint manufacturers gets really confused and impressed whenever the modelling guys shows up for samples and mixing paint. They are never as exact as we modellers think they are
  10. A small almost non-modelling update. Yesterday we made the start for the resin wings. Unfortunately my mate is only capabale of making one side of the wing, but that's still better than nothing! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a succesful pour!
  11. Saab J21 - Help with Colours

    Colored photo-etch rarely matches the interior colors, and you're correct in that the J22 has at least two different shades of green. I'm sure that @Rudolf_Filip could provide better insight on that cockpit since he has access to one. As for the J21 cockpit colors, I still think that the Maestro etch is wrong, and the "correct" is to use 325M for the entire interior.
  12. WIF: AJ35 Strike Draken

    Thanks cookie! I guess people will notice it a bit more when I start the FOA-camouflage, or as it's commonly known, 4-color Viggen splintercammo. It was trialled on a Draken first...
  13. WIF: AJ35 Strike Draken

    One feature that all SAAB jets share, atleast the last four fighters, is that the control surfaces always droops when the hydraulic pressure drops. Bring out the saw! Off course, the outer (elevons?) needs to come off too The tail cone has also been attached, so it looks like I really need to dig into filling and sanding now!

    Gosh darn, but that looks just about beautiful! I find the MrPaint colors very nice to spray, even if a little on the smelly side.