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  1. Thanks guys! 90% of the rivets you see are the original ones
  2. Revegawa kit B-25 post war RCAF

    Tasty looking! I didn't find the wing/fuselage joint gap free in my test runs though. I must've done something wrong...
  3. Gieme: I'm quite certain you'd do perfect and movable fan blades with youghurt cups, elbow grease and grit, but you did the right thing going for Quickboost here. Besides, I'm quite sure there are a few things that you'll add anyway so the cups won't stay unharmed for long!
  4. Time for some Phantom-love again. Those Hypersonic stabilizers had a quite thick pour inlet on the leading edge, but my new Dremel made short work of them. They look lovely when cleaned up, and with much more petite detail than Academy, not to mention more correct Someone more skilled/interested with photography could probably have brougt forth the difference much clearer but the difference is noticable in normal light. Moving on! The air intakes have been sanded, primed, rescribed and re-riveted once and starts to look allright now. Atleast in some places! One coat of primer and we'll se how it goes. The small inspection window at the rear has been installed and sanded to fit, now it waits for more polish and a cleacoat to restore clarity. Then I took a big leap of faith The nose underside together with nose gear bay and cockpit was squished in place. Here, I've just glued the plastic part and let the cockpit float around, the idea being to allow some play when installing all cockpit sidewalls etc before fixing it in place. A plan so crazy that it might just work? Or will it? Stay tuned!
  5. PBJ-1J, Marine Mitchell

    Ejector pin marks showd up after primer. Ugly hideous things! Hopefully some PPP will sort that out. I've alse decided on the interior colors. It will be interior green everywhere, except the bomb bay which will be painted aluminium. I was toying with the idea of some dark dull green in the cockpit, but a B-25J walkaround shows IG there and that corresponds to what IPMS Stockholm says inte the US interior colors guide, sot that's how it'll be.
  6. Now when the wingsituation seems to be clearing up (fingers oh so crossed, or as we say in swedish: Jag håller tummarna! (I'm holding my thumbs) it's time to look at the lustrous Vixen. It seems that I was sanding, filling, sanding same more and scribing lines. Bah! Let's shoot some grey UMP on it to see how it looks. Ok, now some minro sanding and scribing still to do on this side, and also polishing. A nice smooooth surface is the goal. And maybe order those Quickboost arials and a metal refueling nozzle. Time to spend that company bonus!
  7. CC, you're a role model A shiny Zipper or two should be delightful!
  8. PBJ-1J, Marine Mitchell

    Oh, that famous mission! Wada was born in the US so one could guess ge was a bit conflicted about the whole show...
  9. Whenever I manage the pilgrimage to Telford, I'll definitvely buy a round or Four. You guys are awesome!
  10. I do not plan to have the wings folded, so that little cutout should not have any importance. The outer edges and shape is the most important thing, dog tooth cutout (wing fence I meant), aileron attachment secondary, and the grooves for the fuel tank pylon tertiary.
  11. Guys, you're the best! It's the outer under wing parts left and right, and they should be named 1A and 4A. The top wing parts are still in my cupboard, looking longily at the mighty Sea Vixen right next to it. Last year, they looked like this
  12. B-25 STGB Chat

    A question about Interior colors : Hasegawa states all over Interior Green, this thread leads to the idea of Dull Dark green cockpit, Yellow Zinc primer for everything else except the bomb bay which is painted aluminium, but his http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/02/stuff_eng_interior_colours_us_part2.htm goes to approve both variants more or less! Now I'm getting confused...
  13. PBJ-1J, Marine Mitchell

    Thanks Simon! I'll mark it as MB 10 of VMB-611, a fairly anonymous machine but Marines are not known for lavish noseart... I guess it could be quite weathered and bleached to due the Pacific, but that should be fun!
  14. Revegawa kit B-25 post war RCAF

    Great work with the solid nose! I wonder how the fit for the glass one will be?
  15. PBJ-1J, Marine Mitchell

    Here's my contribution to this GB. For once I do not intend to add any AM at all, just a set of masks will be used, but with this many glass panels it's a must. To create a PBJ-1J from their standard B-25J kit Hasegawa provides a radar pod in resin. It allows for the late type installation, so no "Hose Nose" (the radar pod located in the nose glasing) is possible to do, unless you start with some surgery adn I don't want to do that. My first action will be to sort out the little tailsitter dilemma. With the tail in place, this is not enough! i'll add some more to the nacells and maybe squeeze something in the nose gear bay. Oooops, I started another kit