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  1. Wheels and's always easier to paint these things in bulk isn't it? Nice finish too!
  2. Main construction completed
  3. That's a fine MiG!
  4. "Warshaw pact" I can hear him in my head as I type this
  5. But does it contain recce pods and pylons for the SH?
  6. Thanks for the cheers! They might come in handy... Now, what are the color of the cockpit, wheel wells and wheel hubs? This will take some serious google-fu!
  7. Interesting trick there Tony! I wonder if that will work on the 1/48 ones?
  8. I agree with Giemme! The right one looks better
  9. That looks a lot better!
  10. Fusion 360 looks very slick and simple to use compared to PTC Creo which I use daily... I probably need to test this, just for "scientific" purposes. Cowl shape looks perfectly fine from the side, but it looks (*) a little strange with the deep keel in the front view. I guess you have some cross-sections to compare against too? * Disclaimer: I know nothing about the shape of Firebrand
  11. Brutal looking machine, a beast of an engine, and then you top it of with some nice 3D CAD-pictures? I like it!
  12. Dang! That chipping is something extra all right
  13. Those 20-marks are coming along fine!
  14. Here is my entry into this group build! I was hoping that Dawn of the yet age were going to make it for this year, but it fits here so... A quick look on box contents is in order. Here are all the plastic parts This thing is TINY! But you do get a few resin items And also etch! The decals were quite boring though So I bought a new set from Model Maker And this is the one I will do This should be fun, I hope!