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  1. Thanks Massimo! A FAW.1 ? Well, maybe Too bad that Airfix Sea Vixens are a little hard to come by nowadays... Let's see, have I forgotten anything? I sure hope not since I started to glue everything together. Not a perfect fit, but far from bad, in fact with sequential gluing it's not a biggie. The tank-booms were a little trickier. I couldn't get them to fit both in front and the rear at the same time, so I started with the back. It gave quite a gap at the front but fear not: Force is always a solution! And al of a sudden, a very Maschinen Krieger device started to take shape... (nosecone is not glued yet! I know ther is a big need for weights in order to avoid a tail sitter!) Then I just had to do another dryrun and compare it to another Avon-engined beauty: Big bird, that Sea Vixen!
  2. Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker B 1:32

    So far I can't see anything you should be ashamed of. Keep it coming!
  3. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    Magnificient wingfold!
  4. Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop Tamiya 1/48

    The only time I used paint masks to paint the roundels i used this mix: Blue 95% XF-8 Blue and 5% black (might be a bit more)Dull red is 85% XF-7 Red and 15% XF-68 Nato Brown And I think that came out all right on my Typhoon
  5. "A bit more done" he says, with main construction completed... I must say that the third engine-pod-picture looks very nice. Just the correct amount of chunky details IMHO.
  6. Eduard 1/48 Brassin Spitfire Top Cowl

    No problems! I'm not planning on starting any Eduard Spitfire this year... ;-)
  7. Eduard 1/48 Brassin Spitfire Top Cowl

    Close but no cigar! I haven't bothered to ask Eduard about replacement parts yet, I bought a few Ultracast and Barracuda's instead. Could you have check how these new ones fit on the model please?
  8. KInetic 1/48 FA.2 Sea harrier

    This I'll follow with great interest. Lot's of info on what needs fixing, and superb photos showing how you did it. That cockpit is just lovely!
  9. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    The one with or without stabilisers?
  10. Well, I'm not going to start a Seafire, or a nice relaxing small Airfix Mk22...or that simple but straightforward Tamiya Vb
  11. Massimo, I'm in awe of your scratchbuilding skills! Keep it up, it looks GREAT!
  12. Ouch! That paint lifting was anything but nice Maby try to de-tack the tape first by sticking it to the top of you hand first before sticking it onto the kit? (I must resist the allure to start another Spitfire...)
  13. Here's another one I started earlier.

    I like the added rivets! They add a lifelike quality to the rear fuselage. I've not had any problems with tape lifting of the paint since starting to use primer of good quality (Ultimate Primer!) Maybe something to consider for the future?
  14. Zoukei Mura F-4C

    Since an ANG F-4C is high up in my pending pile (but I'm going with ac Academy F-4C) I'll follow this with great interest! Nice start on the cockpit!
  15. Always a good idea to start with the kabloey stuff!