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  1. 1/48 SAAB J 29 by Pilot Replicas

    This was just posted on Facebook, by Pilot Replicas. Dear all Pilot-Replicas fans. As many of you have seen our webpage is temporary down. The reason is that I will close all direct sales due to lack of time. I run this company on my dedicted hobby time and currently my ordinary work takes more time than ever. This means we are not close down the company, we still continue to work on the projects we have in pipeline. Though we will try to distribute our great models to our retailers. Hope for understanding and see you soon !!
  2. Now that looks very tasty! Very effective blackbasing too. Barracuda or Ultracast engine covers by the way?
  3. 1/48 SAAB J 29 by Pilot Replicas

    According to some sources ( I heard it from a few guys at FB that knows the actual guy running Pilot Replicas) he's normal day-to-day is extremely demanding, and has been for quite some time. PR is on some kind of back-burner in the meantime unfortunately. I really wish that he can bounce back from it!
  4. It's not that many parts in it, especially for a 1/18 kit? Detailwise it's not that impressive either, IMHO.
  5. Thanks James! So If I paint it like this, then it should be good enough I hope Work continues on the intakes The splitter plate on the inside was far from a sharp corner on the mating parts, leaving a very visible nasty wedge. My plan is to add some plastic strip and filler, and then sand it all smooth. Let's see how that turns out. Also, wet sand PPP is not a great idea, since PPP is almost eaten up by the water itself. Ooops. Here's a comparison shot between resin wheels and standard items. Not that much different on the nosewheel or the inner side of the main ones, but CMK adds all those lovely brakes. I can see quite clearly that the resin ones are more detaild, but if they're more correct than Airfix I can't say. Still, they look lovely and that counts in my book!
  6. :-) Well, look to me to see how to not do it I guess... Thanks Crisp! I hade a fun couple of hours on the commute reading up on your magnificient FAW1. That was an epic build! A small update would you like? I got a package from der Sockelshop and Big H containing some much needed stuff. Or not... The only thing missing now is a turned refuelling probe, but I can't find that anymore. Too bad. I also bought a bottle of Ultimate Gloss black primer, so I decided to test that Works just as good as the normal stuff, but dries to a gloss finish, perfect for metal! Those air intakes will defenitely require lots of TLC though.
  7. AMK 1/72 Kfir C2

    Not at all It looks like a very trouble free build? This kit goes very high up in my impending pile then... Great work on that little delta!
  8. Supermarine's best? Mojo-restoration!

    Much better fit than Eduards resin cowlings for their own kit! (the 1/48 version...)
  9. Thanks Chris! Shall we start a race to finish them? ;-)
  10. Thanks for the cheers James, Martian and DAG! I'm still waiting for the resin wheel wells (unneeded really, since the main gear bay doors are closed), resin wheels and cockpit etch to arrive so there'll be some more stuff to fiddle with. Tanks and pylons got a first coat of white UMP primer to check for flaws Are the pylons handled? I marked the left ones just in case.
  11. I guess you guys starts to get tired about me starting WIP:s left and right and then just stall them...so here's another one! I've not forgotten about the Bf110 or the P-47N yet, they just got pushed to the back burner for a while. The Spitfire VIII will get finished soon, since a the C4 competition is getting closer by the minute. The first weekend in September my local IPMS chapter run it's yearly competition and I did my first stint as a judge there (don't laugh!) Very inspiring, and all though the 1/48 jet class was packed with excellent models I decided that I should enter one there next year. So that leaves me with just about a year to finish this: This box was definitely made to lure me in. It's Airfix red, it's got a big honking (very) british piece of metal, rockets and a sharkmouth. The only missing thing was probably a evocative nose-art of some sort, but that would probably be a bit too much. The Airfix kit looks great, but I couldn't help myself to some aftermarket candy: I was satisfied with this for a while but then I decided to just order a few more parts, but since Hannants doesn't do instant delivery to Sweden I'll just have to wait for a little while longer for the rest to arrive. It's quite a large beast this one? Meanwhile I was pondering why and where my builds stall. They usually proceed quite ok until after the decals are placed, and then I burn out on the subject. This leaves me with quite a few kits on the shelf of doom that are fully painted and decaled, just missing final weathering and all the small/loose bits. With that in mind, let's see how to tackle this one. Surely I must begin with the loose bits! That means all weapons, pylons, antennas, landing gear and maybe also the canopy must be finished before the fuselage is joined. It also seems that the air brake hangs loose, so let's start with that. Airfix in the year 2012 was using another inejction moulding company then their present ones, and those guys really liked thick ingates and hard plastic. As an extra bonus some sink marks and those pesky ejector pins must be dealt with. Razor saw is a must to get the parts out from the runners. I decided to enhance the air brake using some plastic strips and will start to add bundles of wires, pipes and hoses to the bay itself, while pondering how to paint the tanks and pylons. White yes, but maybe I should add some brown to it to be able to play with shading? Sounds like I'll need to do some testing...
  12. Supermarine's best? Mojo-restoration!

    Late mark Seafire? Griffon? AM-goodies? Lot's and lot's of talk abut colors, references and whatnot? I'll pull up a chair, and starts to take notes.
  13. Subtle but realistic weathering, but the finish is spotless. Amazing!
  14. Well, I can see a nice picture of a fine cockpit, all flickr-ized. That Tempest sure looks very tempting!
  15. Spitifire Mk XIc early [eduard 1/48]

    Very pretty start on the cockpit!