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  1. How did that happen? A brand new Tamiya 1/48 Tomcat was offered to me for almost half the price, and then another gentleman offered Sundowners decals for free!

    Must be my lucky Day!

  2. Best tip of the day! Thanks PC!
  3. What a great read of an airbrushing journey! Very inspirational and I immediately remember my first steps in this manner some 15 years ago where I started with a rubbish airbrush and a spraycan of compressed air. My test were also using Humbrol but actually enamel and some good old thinner for wall painting... As a precaution my mate and I went down to the bike storage in the apartment house where I lived, in order not to spread the fumes far and wide inside. Well, the paint hit the target all right, but the fumes from the thinner lingered for days! But I was stunned by the result! One could actually see all panel lines that otherwise got lost under all the paint... A few days later I ditched that airbrush and started to save up for a better one, and a real compressor and haven't looked back since. Now, I break out the airbrush instead of the paintbrush! One thing to keep in mind when doing all these masking is that the base plastic needs to be thoroughly clean before the first coat of anything. Use your MR Muscle to do that, it should be sufficient. Remember to let it dry before you start to paint! BR Christer
  4. No rest for the wicked, eh? This should be interesting!
  5. I was going to build the SH kit for this groupbuild but found the decals for the record breaker a bit boring compared to the flamboyant "ordinary" polish markings, so I decided to just wait for the From Russia with love GB instead. Still , I have half of these decals that I won't use You can have them if you want them, but I have no idea what the cost of sending them to the other side of the world will be... Will follow this build with interest, since early jet aviation is deeply fascinating stuff.
  6. Excellent painting I'd say!
  7. Dang! That looks very good!
  8. Sorry, no Brigand update today, but quite a big Tomahawk one instead. I hope you all can suppress your disappointment... Time to tackle the Airfix wheel wells Why does all Airfix toolmakers and injection molding subcontractors persist in this nonsense? It's almost a natural law for Airfix kit to include ejector pins in the wheel wells. Grrrr. Some scraping and sanding later and i was left with this And then the big Ooops on part of the toolmaker, the missing trimrudder, which was duly scribed. Then i started to add all the internals... All can be made to fit with enough force and Tamiya Extra thin... Unfortunately I screwed up the underside of the nose: The inlet channel was badly misaligned and I had to pry it open and redo it Not a pretty job, but hopefully some melted plastic goo will sort it out. It seems that Airfix has learned that it's not possible to have protruding rivets all around a fuselage half without fouling up the mold release direction. Previously like on their 1/48 lightning they made the rivethole perpendicular to the tools split with the result that it looks hideous in the fuselage top and bottom, but ok on the sides. Funnely enoug, both Tamiya and Eduard can handle rivets that are perpencidular to the fuselage and not to the tool. I guess they know something that team Airfix doesn't?I For this kit, Airfis resorted to inserts to get around the problem The wingroots were actually a good fit, but some more persuasion was needed for the engine covers. All of a sudden both kits were at the same stage! The academy one got it wings on after that. The fit here is excellent! Not bad for an old (but simple) kit. Airfix on the other hand requires a little bit more persuasion to have smooth joints, so I opened up a new tube of PPP and started filling Until next time!
  9. You got the most important part though! The one piece cowl... Anything from Aussie Eight is interesting, so I'll pull up a chair and watch intently.
  10. Those nacelles look like the could use a steady hand, a bucket of PPP and a few strips of plastic... Good luck, and we have complete confidence in you
  11. Excellent work there! Stunning finish, and that amazingly neat galzing is icing in the cake!
  12. That tool looks just what I need for my Brigand props... Nice cockpit BTW
  13. Thanks there Rob! (and Jaffajake!) Sorry, no XC 70 for you! Volvo split off the cars part of the company to Ford (and Ford sold Volvo Cars to Chinese firm Geely some years back) in 1999 so we're separate companies now, but a fully kitted FH-truck with our top of the line engine and transmission will only set you back around 100000£. You can fit you're whole stash in on of those...