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  1. Extra fuel tanks were sometimes used on the J35J as well, since they also hade the plumbing in the wings for it. That fin and intakes are really something to try go get when building a Draken! Have you tried to get hold of the drooped flaps? All SAAB aircraft droops after engine shut-off... Good luck with the build!
  2. Fill everything forward of the instrument panel with lead. It's the only way to be sure! This is a cute little kit, warts and all. When I did my pair in the last Nordic GB I also moved the tip tanks 4-5mm forward, to better match with plans and photos. Also, the pitot tube is incorrectly placed in the instructions IIRC. You made a great start though! Take care with the boom/wing joint, that's a tricky one.
  3. The only thing wrong with this kit is the total lack of weapons. Four 13,5cm ARAK (rocketpods) would have been nice, of a pair of Rb05 Air-to-Surface missile too. Off course, a pair of Rb04 Anti-ship missiles wouldn't go amiss either
  4. A Shackleton is just a very big collection of rivets flying in close formation, right? If so, then I'd like to have a go at it.
  5. Count me in please! I forgot all about the bunfight and everything but I do have an 1/72 Academy with a bunch of resin that needs to be built...
  6. Dare one hope that the Norm-83 Scheme actually has separate stencils? Also notice that they're bringing out a TSMPJ in the Brassin range at the same time. Very nice!
  7. This is great! I hope all this work will spill over to me, so I get the kick in the backside to finish my Classic Airframes Gannet. Since you're doing a T.2 I guess all the stuff that I 3D printed for the rear cockpit is of no need?
  8. Thanks for the feedback Pappy! Removing those stripes and replacing them with some spares sounds like a feasible solution...if I had some space for modelling. We're at one week after moving to our new house and my hobby room to be is currently used as storage. That will not change for a couple of months yet. Currently the plan is to be finished with that room right before Christmas. To comfort myself, I ordered the Eduard 3D "space" instrument panels since the Quinta ones seems to be sold out everywhere..
  9. Creo was called Pro/ENGINEER back in the day, it has just been rebranded a couple of times when they started to run out of numbers. They started with the Pro/E 1-20-2001, then it was rebranded Pro/E Wildfire 1-5, and finally Creo. Currently up to version 8 or so, so I expect another name change soon Pro/E was the first parametric CAD-tool back in 1987, and has been favored by designs for casting, forging and so on. Catia has had a greater focus on surface modelling, better suited for crunching sheet metal. Now, they are more or less equal (like MacOS/Windows or iOS/Android) I've been using it professionally for 16 years now, so I'm quite at home with it's way of working. (I forgot to answer yesterday but Richard already did so maybe this is thread drifting to a unnecessary level...)
  10. Nice work Rich! I should probably treat myself to some Quinta goodies...
  11. I just noticed that GWH is using the same CAD package as Airfix , Creo Parametrics by the look of things. Nice! Another modelling firm that I can send my resumé to
  12. Work on the bang seats has actually continued! The plan is still working, of sorts... It seems that Eduard is including a few more stencils than what Tamiya offers. I can't complain to that! I still have all the belt bits left to do. [/url] One of these days it will be done!
  13. A HB kit from a FEA engineer? Nice! Will look forward to this, just go get some variation from Tamiya
  14. Brassin sets are for sure the simplest and best fitting resin sets I've ever used. The detail level is gorgeous as well, even if they don't get every little thing correct 100% of the time (or so I've heard) but that doesn't bother me all since it looks and handles almost effortlessly. Right now I'm pondering if and how much plumbing to doo in the wheel wells and undercarriage. It's usually fun to do, but it tends to drain quite a bit of enthusiasm in the end.
  15. Yeah, we'll see how this project goes with all the upcoming chaos. The house is still not ours, but we're exactly 1 week away from getting the keys and finishing off all inspections. Then comes 3 weeks of interior work (painting, putting up wall papers and install the floor) before we can actually move in there. Perfect timing to build a Tomcat! On the other hand, I will get a permanent modelling den in the end!
  16. Seems like a surprisingly light load? No matter, you're off to a good start in any case.
  17. Well, it's no more innuendo than the regular Ced thread... It has a tendency to roll in the air, and always end up flying on it's back. This will very much be an interesting topic! I must say that the resin pieces looks quite good?
  18. It is a great plan to do those bits first but : I just wanted to experience that legendary Tamiya-fit. Honest! I'm not at all diving deeper into subassemblies, oh no sir!
  19. Plan of attack was Weapons, landing gear and ejection seats. How did I fare? Best laid plans and all that...but _I made a start with the landing gear. Lots of lovely cast plastic pieces fitting together like they're meant to. Very strange sensation! I did find a little hole in the expansion tank/thingie on the nose gear that was filled. Strange to find that little hole there though. Did I do something wrong? Probably... Time to study all references on how all brake lines and hoses are routed. Just having the metal parts looks a bit bare. Eduards Brassin wheels looks really good though! Ok, so while the glue is setting over there, let's make some missiles! I'm going for a balanced load of 2 of everything, since that appears to have been more common ? Not totally convinced by the cleverness in the 2 piece Sidewinder bodies, quite tricky to get a decent join. At least with my clumsy hands. The Sparrows was also not impressive, where you have to glue some long pieces to the outside of the main body without any guidance as to where it should go. The Phoenixes looks lovely though! The whole lot was painted and then got the first set of decals. Once again I ran into problems with the Sparrows. The yellow markings appear to be too short? Has anyone else experienced this? The tanks gave me a start too! Nasty join line all the way round. That might've been my fault though. Well, a nice little sanding should take care of that. Last up for today's update,the bang seats. The plastic one looks great, but the Brassin bits are at another level completely. Should be fun to paint all of them just to see how it turns out.
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