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  1. Yeah, just keep the bracket is my current plan. We'll see how that goes...
  2. Well, it's not all gardening or all planning to build a sun deck with a pergola, I have managed to find a few minutes to spend on this brute! I'm calling the instrument panel done. The rest of the pilots office was mostly done as well I do have about 5 dozen levers to add and a few other etched details to try to fit. If that is possible or not without big blobs of CA-glue remains to be seen. Speaking of blobs/etched bits: Who thought it was a good idea to fold the trim tab actuator with two long flat pieces? That rod will never be straight. I wonder if I could cut it off and replace it with some brass rod instead? I guess it could be worth a try.
  3. The top layer turned out more or less as I wanted it, so that's a relief. Quite pleased with it too! I'm probably using a bit too high pressure when spraying since I get some orange peel effects on it. AK Real Colors are not as resilient as Tamiya or Gunze it seems. A light sanding solved most of the issues though, and I plan to hide the rest with some weathering. Time for a clear coat before more detail painting can commence.
  4. I think one of Eduards isses here is that you have both Airfix and Revell doing more or less the same kit with different levels of details. Eduard might not have the time to really dig in to the differences in details, but are more or less doing the same thing for both kits with some slight tweaks, and then you end up with details for parts that does not need the or vice versa. The good thing is that it's etch, so one could always leave it off if it doesn't really fit. You can't really do that with Aires stuff...
  5. Well, I did spray the topside yesterday, but the pictures are still in the camera, so it'll have to wait a bit more.... But that means that I could add some more detail painting bits as well
  6. I blame @Aigore! He's really nagging me to finish this one, so who am I to argue? I got the decals from him after all...
  7. That highlighting technique turned out more than great!
  8. Note that the 4-fin tank were only used on JA-37. 3-finned tanks are also included in the kit, so just make sure to use the correct one!
  9. Thanks Rich and Roberto! Well, it's 3 months later and here's another update, but it's a wee bit important! I was dreading to work on the outer side of the canopy. There is a tiny tiny mold parting line there that needs to be erased somehow, but no mount of sanding with ever produced a suitable result even when using 10000 grit. I couldn't dip it in Johnson either since the inside was painted and masked up (Eduard T-Face masks are interesting) What to do? Well, I tried to brush some AK Gauzy agent on top of it, bot no matter how careful I brushed that, some pesky bubbles and pools still formed. It was a nightmare to remove even! So the poor F-14 was resting while I tackled a F-16 and a Shackleton but it glared at me whenever I went to the spray booth. But one day I saw someone use some polishing paste, which was duly ordered. What could possible go wrong? Before: After: Yay, success! Quick, shoot some primer on it: A few rounds of sanding, filling and restoring panellines ensued (I know I know, this is a wunderkit, but I cannot get nice joint lines now matter how I try) Too bad that the gardening season has started (and there are a lot to do when you don't even have a garden, but just gravel everywhere! The perks of building a house I guess) and there is precious little time available. so progress is kind of slow, but that didn't stop some progress of the preshade variaty. That spatter mask surely had a lot of work to do! Yesterday I also managed to sneak some painting time in, and started on the bottom layer. Unfortunately my spray booth seems to be inadequate for the task of sucking air which left the room in a fog that the SWMBO did not appreciate. Time to make a few calls to some ventilation experts!
  10. Thanks Jeroen! Since half the neighborhood is still in the process of getting built, it could be a fairly simple process to just ask nicely for one of the excavators roaming around to just empty one bucket here. That would do the trick! Still, the trouble is that I need to pack 20cm behind the wall with some "16-32mm" gravel first before adding the soil. But it builds muscle, and a nice redneck to do it manually. Thanks for the confirmation Jason! To leave them up solves a lot of problems with poorly place joint lines etc. The aft door will be open, just in case someone would us a flashlight
  11. I made a slight mess in the main cockpit so that has killed the mojo for a while. That killed the mojo quite hard but I did manage to tart up the front observer/gunner station The rear lounge was also completed: Since installing that into the fuselage, I'm certain that Revell choose wisely to not include much more interior bits. It's impossible to see anything once the fuselage is closed! Oh well. Time to muster up some strength to save the proper cockpit then! In the meantime, I'm supposed to work in the garden. We moved into our new built house some 6 months ago and the outside consists mainly of gravel and dirt. Since we're also living on the west coast its also quite windy most of the time. The idea of making a support wall, fill that with soil and then some plants , bushes and trees started to form In the proud tradition of "Engineers do it in CAD first" I did just that. A quick job to see how many blocks to order and so on helped a lot. At least for me, but SWMBO couldn't really see the finial result for her inner sight while looking at the CAD pictures.... Well, few more weekends of work and we finally ended up here Whew! Now I just need to dump a few tons of soil in there, but I have excellent tools for that! A shovel and a wheelbarrow. Oh dear.
  12. Gosh, is it two weeks since my last update? Where does the time go? Well, I guess assembling a trampoline for the youngest, practice driving with the daughter and also physically inviting people over takes it's toll. But Gravwell was a fun boardgame! I'll leave the flap ponderings for a while and try to finish up the rest of the wings for now. Since the nacelles are on, i had a look at the engine fronts. Eduard offers a complete set of etch for the radiator faces, but I didn't really see a need for replacing them all I mean, part 46 on the etch fret is basically flat and the main radiator phase in plastic has a bit more depth and the same amount of detailing. This Eduard fret isn't really worth the money... Anyway, I shot some Steel on to the radiators, gave them a black wash and attached them to the engine fronts. Funny thing, the diameter the prop-shaft is a lot smaller than the opening so it rattles quite a bit. Hopefully this will be better once the spinners and props are installed! Before mating the fronts to the nacelles i also stuffed the inner ones with a respectable amount of lead. It almost balances around the rear of the main gear bay now, so with a few more grams in the nose I should be able to avoid a tail sitter. Hopefully. Then I went around the wings, replacing plastic with brass wherever needed. There are still a few trim tab actuators to replace, but hopefully the wings could get some primer very soon!
  13. The Uni fly-off competition looks all kinds of fun actually! Was the launcher also designed by the team?
  14. Draken and Gripen in 1/32? Now that is a juicy rumor if there ever was one!
  15. It does look quite a lot like Airfix little Tiffy, doesn't it? Yeah, I know, I know, (Hurricane to) Tornado, to Typhoon to Tempest and all that, but I was more thinking in terms of plastic. I wonder how much they re-used?
  16. The multicolored parts sort of hints at a A-10A at some point, doesn't it?
  17. Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I just discovered this lovely decal sheet https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48188 that has a 45 Sqn Beau during Operation Firedog. It mentions an air intake on top of the fuselage, but I haven't seen any of that sort in the Revell boxing or the Tamiya one. Could I just nick one of the short engine intakes and repurpose it, or do I need to do something more exotic?
  18. PPP for gap closures is great! I use it all the time. The Tin Triangle comes along fine it seems.
  19. Despite my efforts, I managed to paint the wing tanks on the wrong side: They were supposed to be on the outboard wing on both wings... Well, since I had to use some filler internally to hide a few gaps , I probably need to repaint them entirely. It could be tricky to redo the green though! Also, the engine nacelles wasn't a complete Tamiya fit, so they was also faired in with filler. Water based filler and a wet cotton bud is awesome for this kind of job! By the way, I can't really make up my mind about the flaps. They look nicely detailed in plastic, but British custom would have them raised at all times except when landing. What do you think?
  20. This is a great kit! It goes together quite well, the details are quite nice and looks good on the shelf. The main tricky point is the engine nacelles and how they mates to the wings. Lots of dry fit needed there! I think I have a WIP here somewhere, and there it was: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040422-the-moosejawed-bomber-aw-whitley-mk-v/ Good luck with this one!
  21. More hatches and stuff has been painted for the rear area: Now I need only to add the swivel seats, then I can install it into the fuselage. I've also made a start in the cockpit: The throttle columns and massive trimwheels (seriously, what's the point of a trim wheel that is as large as a bicycle tire?) are quite lacking in the kit, but Eduard only provides etch for the throttles. Not the easiest of things to install, but I'll get there in the end. Somehow. Another good thing to start was to add filler to the inner nacelles and the fuel tanks. Once the filler comes out, the build has started properly, that's for sure!
  22. My buddy Bosse, or @Marlin to everyone here responded to my pleas for correct pylons and a pair of Pythons: Great! We made a little bargain as well, and as you might see, the top pylons are very much not ok for a F-16A. They're one iteration of PIDS pylons but Bosse wants to have the current one so I'll do some 3D modelling of that. That could be interesting! Perhaps @Rudolf_Filip could be persuaded to print some afterwards
  23. Hi Pete! Static wicks are not included by Revell, but are present on the Eduard set, I think there is about 20 of them or so. Those will have to wait for a long time The Viper option has a separate set of engine nacelles, but they'll stay in the box for now. It feels like I did a lot of stuff over the weekend, including modelling but very little to show for that effort. Well, painting takes time! The bomb bay was painted but is yet to receive a wash to make the details pop a bit more. That'll come once the fuselage is joined I think. I also got a new toy, a chisel to carve away at those nasty ejector pin marks. A better option probably would've been to make a special vertical sanding stick, but I'm sure it'll have many uses in any case. Then I installed all etched that I wanted to use in the landing gear bays. I left off the front and rear bulkheads though, since Revells plastic is as detailed as Eduards etch, but better 3D. The nose gear rear bulkhead was a better choice though! Revell does not have anything there, since it's made in one piece. Some tiny details was also added : Midge tubing that fly fishers use to build there lures is a great thing for cable connectors and such. The whole lot was then given some paint. Looking at walkarounds it seems that green fuel tanks are visible to one side and I tried to paint that using a brush and Tamiya paint. Not a terrible good combination, but that was what I had that was green enough. Well, I'll call it self sealing material and move on. With a nice black wash most will be hidden... While waiting for that to dry, I started to paint some internal fuselage bits. This looks quite colorful, but with the information that I have, it seems to be the case. The noise insulation might be a tad too dark (I used Tamiya XF-57 Buff lightened with 50% white) but at least it will be visible. I'll also add more Linoleum brown hatches and stuff to the rear floor, just to have it look a bit different. But where did the weekend go, and why do I have to go to work now? Typical.
  24. What Ravnos said goes for me too! That Lanc mkII in the stash looks mighty tempting,
  25. Great nose job! I can totally understand the fear of having it go all blob shaped.
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