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  1. D.H.Canada otter.

    This looks really good. I want one......now,
  2. Iruma J.A.S.D.F. Airshow and rehersal

    Great photos chap. Really looks like a great show. Very impressive how clean the aircraft are. Not a lot of weathering or panels line being picked out there.
  3. Telford announcements

    I did note on the Revell stand the 1/72 Hunter release will be the FGA9 version, and as part of the RAF 100 years series will be RRP of £19.99. I am guessing there will be a bit of celabration stuff but seems a bit hot for me. Back to E-Bay.....
  4. Firefly, Sea Fury, HMAS Sydney video

    Balls of steel, and that is just the Cameraman. The Jack Dusty must have had one hell of a lot of spare propeller blades stacked down below.
  5. There is no perfect kit, but realistically speaking, my model making ability will do more to ruin this kit than any minor moulding issues, and I am sorry but these really are minor issues. Some members of this site must have palpitations when they see how odd shaped the Tamiya Spitfire is, but at least the rivets are straight on the panels. QA great but but the designer needs new specs !! But I enjoyed making it still. However these are all only a toy for the slightly bigger boy, but toys none the less. And whatever happens the world will continue to turn.
  6. Airfix 2018

    I really expect a Typhoon FGR4 will be along soon, as I also expect a Camel and a Fokker Triplane at one point (and 2018 would be the obvious year for them). The FGR2 Phantom is a given, but surely they will get a couple of years out of the FG1 first. And they will, at one point, get a Hunter out on the market, and I reckon it will be a twin stick variant, fits in with the Trainers they currently do.........and while on the subject, a new tooled Hawk. Not all next year, but I suspect over the next two or three years.
  7. Intra DC-3 G-AMPY(2)!!!!!

    Nice Daks. Anyone have thoughts about where to get some passenger seats for Dakotas (other than buying, and gutting other kits) ? I want to knock a couple of passenger versions up, I did think about the model train world but I can't see anything.
  8. Revell 2018

    Revell Hunter incoming...at last. Saves at least £30 for a couple off of the Bring and Buy stall at Telford.
  9. 1/48th Hunter, we need a new release.

    You've waited this long, just give it till after Telford and any end of 2017 announcements first.
  10. New airfix 1/48 Mustang,

    Seen in Langleys, Norwich, on Saturday. Stash too big to justify buying.....well, it is when Mrs PLC1966 is stood beside me anyway.
  11. Airfix 2018

  12. SMW now enforcing liability insurance

    Really don't get it, surely traders sort their insurance, end of. If I am driving my car abroad it is up to me to ensure Insurance Coverage. This is no different.
  13. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Depends how you define modern. But I would have thought oral and written communication.
  14. The 74Sqn jet with a tiger stripe tail appeals to me.