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  1. Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    Thats very nice indeed. I was not going for this but well....... But surely this is the kit that was declared unfit for building by more than one BM'er because of the tail fin issue.
  2. Airfix

    Chap, the Airfix magazine did a guide to scratch building a catapult section for the Phantom recently. And whilst not for me, it seemed quite do-able. Here you are: https://shop.keypublishing.com/issue/View/issue/AMW084/airfix-model-world-november-2017
  3. Manston visitors 1970,s

    Nice pics. Nice mix of aircraft.
  4. Challenger 2 in Kosovo

    Hi Tobby. Interesting stuff, you live Wassenberg Birgelen way ? You are obviously of an age, can you remember two night clubs nearly next door to each other, Malesh & Las Palmas ? back end of the eighties early nineties, if you do, what town were they in. About 15 minutes in a Taxi from Wildenrath, somewhere the otherside of Wassenberg coming out of Wildenrath. Always good for all night drinking.....allegedly...
  5. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Interesting that of the six Aircrew names on the FAA Phantoms there are two F/O's & one Sqn Ldr, which are Flying Officer and Squadron Leader, RAF Ranks. I knew the Navy Buccanears were 50% RAF towards the end, but I did not realise there were RAF on the 'tooms as well. Must have pee'd off Sharkey somewhat.
  6. Challenger 2 in Kosovo

    Well done Toby. Nice build. Just noticed your location, RAF Wildenrath ? How does that work ?
  7. Absolutely lovely model. Really is as good as it gets for me. Fantastic weathering. Cologne raid. 30May42. Scheduled for 1047 aircraft. 868 attacked Cologne of which 496 were Wellingtons, 105 x Halifax, 67 x Lancaster, 71 x Hampden, 71 x Sterling, 35 x Manchester & 23 x Whitley. 41 RAF Aircraft shot down. 198 aircrew dead, plus other crews lost on route and the way home. And then the same guys went on a similar sized raid to Essen the next night. That generation really were something else.
  8. So that's why my bottle of thinners fell off the bench!

    Blimey, Remaking Barnsley, like a Pheonix from the ashes.
  9. So that's why my bottle of thinners fell off the bench!

    How many pounds of improvements did it make ?
  10. Collier brig 1809 - 1875

    ShipbilderMN, the ships you build are always lovely to look at. Got to go back through your posts now to see if you have ever done a WIP, if not, why not, would be really interesting. Once again, great work.
  11. The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    I am sure that Middlle Wallop was annual, reckon I was there 84 or 85. Went down from Chippenham on my Suzuki X-1 49cc motorbike. I remember driving up the hilll at Shaftesbury was fun.
  12. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Did you get chance to ask about the plans for the place ? I was down there when the sale kicked off a few weeks ago, the woman who served me kind of said the Computer/Model shop was staying but it was all being pushed into one end of the current shop, but I never got to the bottom of it. It needs to stay, coming from Sleaford, it is handy when Mrs PLC1966 wants to go shopping somewhere other than in our little town, three of the four bigger towns within 20 miles of us, Boston, Lincoln and Newark all have LMS coverage. The fourth town, Grantham, has no model shop as far as I can see, Mrs PLC1966 doesn't get there ; )
  13. Chinooks by night (more added 13/02/18)

    Great photos. I spent nine years at Odiham, Wokka photo's are always welcome onto my laptop.
  14. The Black Watch

    Some good patience shown with that tartan Ratch