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  1. Think this is an 'If only' not a 'What If' !!
  2. Napoleonic Mounted Officers

    Blimey Ratch, I do wish you stopped posting Napoleonic Wargames Figures. I flogged all my 20mm AB figures a couple of years ago and I am getting some serious withdrawal symptons.
  3. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    Looks good, and big !!!! Will watch this. Quick bit of Google foo says best price of @£480 and then it could do with an £80 upgrade set, blimey
  4. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    That was my first thought on seeing the Blue and White.
  5. Falklands Harrier GR.3 question

    Did note the jet with the missing tailplanes. First Phantoms went into Stanley Oct82. I was on Port San Carlos Heli-Replen in 85 and two of my abiding memories were the Phantoms giving it some along the valley in front of us at a couple of hundred feet, and just the once staring down onto a Harrier flying along the estuary behind the site on a misty morning. Awesome. .
  6. Very nice, never thought of using Bleached Bone for linen.........doh...........
  7. Falklands Harrier GR.3 question

    I would suggest the sign on the front of the tower saying Royal Air Force Stanley gives a clue that the picture was taken in Falklands sometime in about 83/84 as opposed to ASI Cue appropriate emoticon: And if you walked to the colony of on Berthas Beach you will remember the smell
  8. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    Don't care, reminds me of a shark on steroids. It's brill !!!
  9. Ammo MIG Filters - For WWII Aircraft???

    Thank you Tony and Ade for that. Really great info. Good thread Big X
  10. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    Blimey, that close forget the 'winder, break out the catapult !!
  11. Ammo MIG Filters - For WWII Aircraft???

    So does it get applied before decals, after weathering ? Is it a really thinned paint, and if painting over say a Vietnam USAF jet, what would be the colour that is thinned down ?
  12. Don`t talk to me about life, again.Date with Destiny? 13/9/17

    Good luck Gents. In both cases sounds like Medics on top of this.
  13. Ammo MIG Filters - For WWII Aircraft???

    Never really understood what filters are as opposed to weathering, any clues to help me in a modelling sense ?
  14. 72nd New Tool Vulccan - Airfix 2018?

    The Holy Grail of UK 1/72 was announced at Telford last year albeit incorrectly labelled as the Phantom FGR 1
  15. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    Strangely I was reading on another site about this yesterday. Someone had questioned why Airfix were doing an Aircraft with Blue and White Squares as opposed to Green and White as seen on a recently released aftermarket market decal set. A representative of the said decal manufacturer then came on line and stated new research had proven that Blue and white (should that be Bleu/Weiss) were correct but it was to late for the decal manufacturer themselves to change. Indeed if you google ME262 Decals you will find at least two decal manufacturers with Blue and White squares.