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  1. I decided to revisit this build today and applied the main decals this morning, I will leave it for the remainder of the day before I make a start on applying the numerous stencils. The plan is to finish this build before I start getting too involved in the other projects that I have recently started. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  2. Very neat job on the fuselage John, in fact this is fabulous work all round. Looking forward to watching the engine modifications come together.
  3. That looks a lot better now mate, well done on the modification work.
  4. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    This is the first time I have used it Jeff, so the jury is still out on how effective it is, like you I have used superglue to fill unwanted panel lines and over zealous re-scribing. I watched a few videos of figure modellers using it to fill gaps, so I thought that I would see how useful it would be for this job. It's quite thick in the pot, slightly thinner than oil paint, and I applied good layer of it along the door outlines with a cocktail stick. It takes around an hour to dry but I left it for a few hours before sanding it back, once I had revealed the door outline I stopped sanding in that area. I should mention that it is water soluble and in the user videos I watched it was brushed into the area to be filled, then blended back into the surrounding area using water and a brush. A couple of modellers reported some slight shrinkage and felt that a further application would be needed but they were filling quite large gaps. The initial results look promising in this case though. HTH
  5. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    I have made steady progress on this since the previous update. The fuselage halves have been joined, undercarriage bays have received some white primer and I will add a gloss coat over that before I start to experiment with washes to try and achieve the grubby look in the previous photos. I also took @Viking advice and filled the door outlines and cockpit windows (thanks John), I used Citadels Liquid Green Stuff for this, we'll see how successful that has been when I add some primer. by John L, on Flickr
  6. Hawker Hunter T.8

    I managed to do quite a bit of work on this today starting with fitting the cockpit tub and following the advice given by @ajmm from his work on the T.7, did a test fit first which showed that a little bit of fettling would be required. This was nothing more than a quick rub down with a sanding stick in a couple of areas to close the gap between the fuselage halves. The cockpit floor forms the rear part of the nose leg bay but that leaves a gap forward of the front bulkhead, I continued the floor forward from the bulkhead using a small strip of aquarium plant weight and shimmed over the top of this with plastic card. I then packed the area above this with Liquid Gravity and added more plant weight behind the year cockpit bulkhead, this may seem like overkill but I didn't want it tail sitting. by John L, on Flickr After checking that I would be able to fit the seats and exhaust post fuselage join, that was the next task to be completed followed by clean up of the seams and wing fit this afternoon. I have also made a start on detailing the seats. by John L, on Flickr
  7. Looks great with the tri-colour paint on buddy. Not sure what to do about the cowling, but looking back at your photos all the seams look to be in line and it appears to kink over at the last stage. If that is the problem then you could try running a razor saw down that join to over half-way and re-glue closing up the gap you have created. It may not get rid of it altogether but it could make it less obvious. Another option would be to remove the front section and square it up, it depends on how much you are bothered by it - there is only you and the Britmodeller massive who would know.
  8. PK-110 HS.125-600

    It sure is Jimbob, it's fantastic progress. You have added a lot of missing detail and shape improvements into this kit, keep plugging away at that to do list bud. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this makes it, but please don't take that as a 'kick in the pants'' and take your time, it's going to be a great looking model in the end.
  9. Matchbox Gallery

    PK42 Rockwell T-2C Buckeye VT-19, U.S. Navy NAS Meridian 1975 1/72 Revell by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  10. OK chaps and chapesses I am calling this one done. The base arrived yesterday and after knocking a pitot together, I added the final details last night. So here is my rendition of the Revell boxing of a Matchbox T-2C Buckeye. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr There should be an improvement in the weather later, so I will head into the studio (the conservatory) where the natural light is better for taking the photos to go into the gallery. This has been a great group build and it was a pleasure to be involved, special thanks should go to @Arniec @Enzo Matrix for getting things up and running and to @Rabbit Leader for keeping up with the informative stats. There is still an obvious fondness for Matchbox kits, reflected by the high number of completed builds in the gallery, and I apologise for not making the time to comment on a great number of those, but well done to you all. Finally, thanks to all those who took the time to comment on this build. Until the next time, There are now more photos over in the gallery..
  11. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    And normally I would like to help you to reduce your stockpile of fine wire, but there are the Hawker and Carriers Ahoy GBs to squeeze in too.
  12. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    Probably thought that if you were that serious about the details the modeller could knit his own. @Graeme H Detailing won't be happening anytime soon bud, I've run out of spiders web.
  13. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    Thanks for your helpful advice John, bet you can't guess what my next job is.
  14. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    @Hockeyboy76 @Skodadriver @Turbofan Thanks for responding so quickly guys. I think that you may be right Ian, they appear to be in a similar position, I wonder if they are some form of reservoir for primary and secondary hydraulic systems.
  15. Hawker Hunter T.8

    I have just had another look at the box artwork Giorgio and the wing tanks do appear to be white. Should make for quite a colourful bird when finished.