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  1. Here are a couple of my attempts with classic Airfix kits. First up is my build of their Beagle Basset using the Kit-Starter release, I made this as an entry for the Made in Britain II GB held earlier this year. by John Leigh, on Flickr And I used the Airfix 1/72 Heron 2 kit as a starting point for this SABENA de Havilland Heron I, built for the Airliner III GB last year. I had a lot of fun building both of them.
  2. 1/72 Douglas Skyraider A-1J - Build No.2

    Yes it was a shame, but I have packed it away for another build. Aries do say that some thinning and trimming of parts and kit may be required to get the fit right, I just felt that more work would be required for this kit than the Hasegawa version. I didn't get any work done over the weekend, Mrs N managed to find some other duties that needed sorting so the paint plans have already slipped. I did manage a bit of work today though and the undercarriage legs are now in place, I have also added a set of Quickboost pylons. by John Leigh, on Flickr by John Leigh, on Flickr
  3. F-15D "Baz" update 17-10-2017

    Nice work Arnold and the colour contrast appears to show up quite well to me.
  4. Airfix Douglas Dakota - 34 Squadron RAAF

    Great looking model Ray, nice work on drilling out the exhaust. I also like the group shot, models seem to look even better when they are displayed as part of a themed collection like that.
  5. That's a really nice build Dermo, I like the detail painting around the cockpit and nose.
  6. 1/72 Douglas Skyraider A-1J - Build No.2

    Work has been continuing with the addition of the basic cockpit details including a seat back pad, headrest and some tape belts. There's not as much detail as the resin set but once things are closed up the seat takes up the majority of anything that can be seen. Once the belts had been painted up it was time to join the fuselage halves before filling and sanding the seams. by John Leigh, on Flickr by John Leigh, on Flickr by John Leigh, on Flickr Then this morning the canopy and engine cowling were added. by John Leigh, on Flickr I am hoping that I can have this and the Avenger ready for paint over the weekend, then I can try and make a final push to get them finished.
  7. 1/72 Douglas Skyraider A-1J - Build No.2

    With @Tailspin Turtle 'lipstick on a pig' comment ringing in my ears I have decided to take heed of this and go with the kit parts. After checking things over I felt that I would need to do quite a lot of work to get it to fit properly so I will now keep the resin tub for a future build. Tonight I have scratched a couple of basic side consoles and I will do some work on the seat tomorrow before I complete the painting and close up the fuselage, there won't be a lot to see once that has been done anyway. by John Leigh, on Flickr by John Leigh, on Flickr
  8. Hi Cookiie, good to hear from you again buddy, I hope you are keeping well. I am not sure how accurate the interior colour call outs are, I just followed the kits paint instructions along with a few reference photos I found on line. The paints themselves are enamels from Sovereign Hobbies and @Stew Dapple has had great results using them, I thought that I would follow his lead and give them a try on this build. I haven't put them through the airbrush yet but I am pleased at how easy they are to brush on.
  9. T-2C/E BUCKEYE - 1/72 Revell ex Matchbox PK42

    Thanks Arnold, just working my way up the order of group builds by completion date at the moment, so things may slow down on this for now. I am still hoping to have it ready for paint soon though, by working on it as and when time allows.
  10. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    Incredible attention to detail. I'm at Telford along with Mrs N on Sunday, she likes to act as my financial advisor on these occasions, just to keep me solvent you understand. You should enjoy Berlin it is a lovely city and the main station is a site to behold. We have had a couple of trips, the first was a brief overnight stop on the way to Dresden to visit our son when he worked there. The second was a whistle stop tour with said offspring as the guide, who had decided that after our first visit we couldn't be left to our own devices having spent 11/2 hours walking up and down Kurfurstendamm looking for our hotel.
  11. 1/72 Douglas Skyraider A-1J - Build No.2

    I have had a couple of sessions today rescribing and assembling the wings. There are a few areas which require some repair where I have slipped and I need to add some superglue to fill the wing joint on the upper surface, after another sand it should look more representative of the detail that is there. by John Leigh, on Flickr Fuselage next.
  12. 1/72 Douglas Skyraider A-1J - Build No.2

    As it happens I do have a Squadron replacement canopy and at first glance the prop seems to be OK, so with a few sessions of rescribing work on some of the main panel lines, this little kit will be close enough to a Skyraider for me. I have never tried to putting lipstick on a pig (at least not whilst I have been sober), but if that rocks your boat then please feel free to carry on.
  13. 1/72 Douglas Skyraider A-1J - Build No.2

    The plastic of this particular boxing looks a little odd John, some areas have a mottled look and there are fine cracks in others but there is still plenty of surface detail.
  14. 1/72 Douglas Skyraider A-1J - Build No.2

    I have spent the past few days painting the Aires cockpit parts and I hope to give these a wash and dry brush tomorrow before final assembly. It seems a lot of effort if I have to do too much to get it to fit, but as I have said if that is the case I will use the kit parts and then hunt around for a suitable Hasegawa kit. by John Leigh, on Flickr by John Leigh, on Flickr I have done a small amount of prep work on the kit parts too which includes wing assembly and the engine has been painted and assembled. by John Leigh, on Flickr by John Leigh, on Flickr
  15. That has really come on since I last dropped by Murdo, you have made a great job of the scratch interior.