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  1. Thanks, Aidy - thorough review! I totally agree with you on the fixed slats and flaps ... the fixed slats are a deal breaker for me.. Gene K
  2. Ay chance you can post that video to a more user friendly site like YouTube, please? Ads on photobucket are overwhelming ... and of course , and ad blockers must be disabled to view your video. Thanks, Gene K
  3. "Clumsiness"? You could be a jeweler. Gene K
  4. YES!! Start of a superb thread - outstanding photos, narrative, and build. Thanks, Gene K
  5. What "moisturizer" did you use? Looks great ... as always. Gene K
  6. Psssst .... hey, Spitfire Addict ... there's no need to repost all those beautiful pictures again (yes, that sentence as well as your post is for the most part redundant). It takes just a moment to edit your reply before sending. Respectfully, Gene K
  7. That's a rather "agreegious" statement ... with which I wholeheartedly agree. I need to go to Italy to admire Giorgio's works, his view, his pool, his BBQ, his yard, his .... . Gene K
  8. Thanks. There's nothing you could do that would have any negative impact on my day ... but I do enjoy your comedic opinions and attempts at humor. I'm looking forward to getting the GWS kit I ordered, and will be placing an order for the Academy kit as well. Gene K
  9. That's as funny as your opinion regarding the merits of the Academy kit vice the GWS. Gene K
  10. How were you able to compare the kits to each other???? Do you have both kits? Gene K
  11. Now how did I know Giorgio's yard would be as impeccable as his models?? I also noted the extremely precise placement of the grill marks on the steaks! Gene K P.S. Outstanding contributions to this thread from your Faithful Followers, Gioirgio.
  12. As much as I hate to admit it, Giorgio, I agree ... I'm getting confused (easy to do). Why not stop one here, finish the other, strum a few songs, shoot a few arrows, and come back refreshed to the first? Gene K
  13. Outstanding!! Thanks. Gene K
  14. Yes, I thought the same. Would have been unique if Giorgio had build TWO cockpits: the masterpiece already built as a separate model, and a simplified version inside the cockpit (of course The Master would not find that acceptable ... at all). Would make an interesting display to have the cockpit model sitting along side the aircraft model, I think. Gene K
  15. This will be an interesting thread for me to follow, thanks. I went here and was somewhat shocked by the price. But it is a resin/multimedia kit, so understand. Gene K