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  1. Since Hi Planes/PJ are retooling their MIrage lines to offer finer panel lines, wonder if RV will retool their line to get rid of all those rivets???? Gene K
  2. Mirage IIIO 3 Sqn RAAF

    Since the HPM site lists all their Mirage kits as "new tooling", how do I tell which kits are the "new new tooling" ... or "revised new tooling" ... or "based on our new tool Mirage IIIE/5" ... Thanks, Gene K
  3. 1:72 Hobby Boss A-7K

    You should -- coming along great. How did you level off the Tamiya Surface Primer while filling the rivets? Thanks for the progress report, Craig. Hopefully you'll have time to post as you go along. Gene K
  4. Beautiful scenery. You hiked up to over 10,000 feet??? Were you lightheaded (more than usual)? Exquisite modelling, as usual. Gene K
  5. SWORD releasing 1/73 FJ Furys

    Great, but this thread is about the new Furies ... so try one, you may like it. Gene K
  6. The Spadgent's Year Book 2016

    Thanks very much for that gallant effort of relinking! Quite a rebirth ... Photobucket should be penalized heavily! Of course I really enjoyed those threads - both times around. Gene K
  7. 1/48 Mig 31

    Could you share to which kits are referring, please? Way to get back on the horse after the flooding. Gene K
  8. Consider getting Clear Transfer Tape !! It will make removal of the vinyl mask from the carrier easy (and perfect), and will facilitate positioning the pieces of the mask on the model!! Yes, there are less expensive alternatives, but your masterpieces deserve the best!! Gene K
  9. Me too. SOOOOooo much more scale/subtle than the oversized in-your-face salt weathering method, I think. The masking and airbrushing is simply superb, Giorgio (three out of three Dancing Penguins) !!!! Gene K
  10. Yes. After a very large two hour pain in the posterior, I managed to replace all my photos in this thread, but I can't edit other folk's posts ... so the photos that were repeated by someone are still replaced with The Hated PhotoBucket Gauge. EDIT: I just read that Google Photos links (as mine are now) could deactivate in a matter of days ... oh well ... . Great!! The Photobucket fiasco shows that ultimately nothing we post is safe -- your Flickr account could follow suit (what a disastrous thought). In that light, a modeling guide that is downloadable would be a treasure for us!! Gene K
  11. I was going to delete my Photobucket account, but found that if one right clicks on "The Meter", and then selects "View image in new tab", that the original image will come up after being redirected to the PhotoBucket page. That will make it easier to replace the images in this thread with new links when I determine a new host. Gene K
  12. What's the best kit for an F86A Sabre (1/72)?

    What a crying shame that Photobucket destroyed this outstanding thread ... like they have countless others around the world. Hopefully the posters to this thread will find new photo hosts and restore their links! Gene K
  13. Almost all of the photos that I posted in this thread were linked from my PhotoBucket account ... and they are now gone because PhotoBucket suddenly and ungraciously banned "third party hosting" ... unless users pay $400 annually.Very frustrating that a greedy company can get away with such egregious extortion merely by abruptly changing their Terms of Service. Hard to imagine how much grief Photobucket has caused worldwide with their (expletive) unconscionable money grab. Gene K
  14. I now think of him more as Salvadoro Daliorgio after he . Whew!!! Great job!! Geno
  15. Thanks, Aidy - thorough review! I totally agree with you on the fixed slats and flaps ... the fixed slats are a deal breaker for me.. Gene K