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  1. Well, "basically" yes -- with a different fuselage, wings, engine(s), and electronics, among other things. Would have been a great operational aircraft, being both very capable and also relatively inexpensive. However, it had two main factors that went against it: first, the base fleet for the conversion, the A-7D, was found to have structural problems with the wings ... which was discovered after a wing came off an airplane on a bombing range mission; and secondly (and more responsible), the airplane was snuffed by the Tactical Air Command F-16 Mafia that was enamoured with that less capable and more expensive airframe. Outstanding conversion, Ed! Gene K
  2. 1/72 - Academy - F-4 Phantom II (USN F-4J)

    Thanks, Homebee for that beautiful boxart! Is the Hannants listing in error citing it as 1:48? (see timeline here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/975358-academy-12529-usn-f-4j-vf-84-jolly-rogers). Still hoping to eventually see a new Academy 1/72 F-4B/N and F-4C/D. Any new news, Patrice? Gene K
  3. Zoukei Mura F-4C

    I absolutely loved your beautiful build up to this point, Ted, but that "chipped" paint looks totally unrealistic to me. I appreciate that your chipping and weathering is not finished or refined yet, but frankly, I wish you had completed the gray/white scheme. Gene K
  4. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Well, I don't find your arrogance (to be kind) amusing. On second thought, it is amusing that you, as a "modeller", don't know the correct number of "holes" you were struggling to describe. Gene K
  5. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Really!! Not to mention all the other manufacturers "all those years ago" who did the same as Fujimi on other Phantom variants ... like Hasegawa and Monogram!! Not sure how easy it would be for an AM company to produce an easy solution. Might be simpler to chop and use an old kit's top and bottom vent/grills ... either way, a painful solution to a problem Airfix should certainly not have challenged us with. (obviously, TBolt, like you I totally disagree with Tony (and Airfix) that decals are "perfectly acceptable in 1/72 scale ". Good grief!!! ) Gene K
  6. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    Brilliant craftsmanship, but not sure about the "easy" part. Gene K
  7. Telford announcements

    Funny! Gene K
  8. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    I finally had to resort to a Dremel on the inside. FJ-3 not as bad. Gene K
  9. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    Very delicate -- NICE! Gene K
  10. SWORD releasing 1/73 FJ Furys

    The Hi-Tech slats are of perfect thickness, and you'll be hard pressed to do better in brass, I think. The resin is quite brittle, however, and the slat "arms" drop off with any pressure at all. Not a bad thing if using them for the Fury since they need to be rearranged. Attached shows the Cutting Edge (long out of production) and the Hi-Tech slats. VERY surprisingly, both show as in stock here . Coincidentally, the part numbers are the same (72017). Fabricating your brass slats should be a short fun exercise, the challenge being the airfoil profile. I attempted that a couple of decades ago (!!!) by attaching a small strip of plastic under the leading edge and shaping. Hope I get to see your finished slats! Gene K
  11. SWORD releasing 1/73 FJ Furys

    Thanks, Mike, I guess I need to be much clearer when I ask a question. My intent this time was to ask about the speed brake “wells”, but mixed in slat “wells”, and evidently gave the impression I was looking for info on wheel “wells”. SORRY! 1. I found my answer about the speed brake “interiors” in Bert Kinsey’s in detail in scale Vol 69, “FJ Fury”, on page 29. The FJ-2 speed brakes shown there are definitely different than from the Sabre, being very simple with almost no detail other than what’s on the actuator arms. So I won’t use the Hi-Tech f-86D wells. 2. By slat “wells” I was referring to Sabre models and accessory sets that all come with a wing trough into which the slats can fit (rather than fairing smoothly into the wing top). I’ll do the FJ-3 slats as I detailed above – cut leading edge off, file the area smooth, and then file in slots as appropriate,to fit the slat guides. Again, sorry to take up all this valuable space … my initial enthusiasm needs to, and will, drop the mike and .take and a break . Gene K. EDIT: SJ, I wrote the above before seeing your last post, so again, THANKS for your generous help!
  12. SWORD releasing 1/73 FJ Furys

    Thanks, I have read that great thread (many times). Regarding the speed brakes, I wasn't specific enough in my question, so here's what I should have asked: The speed brake detail posted in your FJ-3 thread (post#9) shows the inside and outside of the speed brake door, but not the interior of the speed brake well. Also, the well detail in your FJ-2 thread (post#30) is likewise void of detail like hydraulic lines and actuators. So in that regard, do you have any illustrations showing the well interiors (I assume you do since 1) you're the fountainhead and 2) are presently working the wells on your model). I ask since in the Sabre family, speed brake wells varied from side to side as well as by model, but I don't know about the Furies. Appreciate your patience! Gene K
  13. SWORD releasing 1/73 FJ Furys

    I have all the kits/sets Mike mentioned, and also have a couple of Hi-Tech sets that I linked last post. That set also has separate slats (as well as speed brakes and flaps!!!), and they match up well with the Sword wing -- the D model slat actuators don't quite line up with the Sword slots, and as you mentioned, the slat sections would have to be rescribed -- both easy fixes!! What I'm thinking about the early FJ-3 slats (I don't have the kit yet) is to cut off the wing camber, file in the slat recess and actuator slots (avoiding the "well", of course), and then use the Hi-Tech slats as above. Actually, scratching the slats isn't that hard, but I have excess F-86 accessories. What do you think? Gene K
  14. SWORD releasing 1/73 FJ Furys

    SJ, If you decide to move to WIP, please link here so some of us don't miss it! Great work on the opening of panels and preparing the wing folds! In that regard, could you post a picture of the innards of the speed brake well -- I have the resin Hi-Tech 7201 "F-86D Sabre" set that has the brakes (doors) and the wells. The brakes match the pic you posted, having beautiful detail on the back (inside), but I'm not sure about the well details ... so one of your manual pictures would be helpful. Thanks again for this outstanding thread!! Gene K
  15. SWORD releasing 1/73 FJ Furys

    Enjoyed your post! Another challenge with the Emhar FJ-4 kit (as well as the Hasegawa F11F kit alluded to above) is limited availability (esp in US), and that's one of the reasons I'd like to see both of them on Sword's FJ-2/3 follow on to-do list!! Makes sense for Sword to complete the series, I think. Sabrejet and Tommy, among other experts, surely have the references at the ready!!! Gene K