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  1. North American FJ-2 Fury

    Nice analysis and conclusion, thanks. Now, about that extra fuselage length ... looking forward to a similar breakdown from you (and others with good refs). Can you conclude anything from the sprue shots? Gene K
  2. Man oh man ... you are a fast learner!!! I've been doing this "for awhile", and couldn't do any better on a cockpit than what you've shown. Gene K
  3. North American FJ-2 Fury

    I should have checked your site, Tommy! As usual, you have the perfect in-depth answers in your gold mine. My question was based on my incorrect assumption that we were talking "barriers" versus "barricade" (I have to go review your site further). Still, I'm amazed those little "thingees" could contribute so much to stopping those airplanes (aided, of course, by the other strap snaggers). Thanks again. Gene K
  4. North American FJ-2 Fury

    Yes, but they thus bypassed the slat "trough" problem. Are the "barrier guards" the very small strakes on each slat section? Gene K
  5. North American FJ-2 Fury

    Mike, with all respect, there's no need to repost a series of photos that were posted just above your post! It only takes a second to edit your reply before hitting "Submit"!!! Gene K
  6. Actually, seemed to me you did your usual detailed work, and in that regard, I appreciate how much you dedicate to each portion of every build! The lights really look excellent. I see. I initially thought it may be easier to fair a larger piece of clear plastic back to a larger cutout as indicated by the the panel lines I highlighted. I understand now that the clear material doesn't sand well. I thought in one of your previous builds that you filled the light cut out with clear sprue sanded to shape (with a hole drilled in where the bulb goes filled with appropriate color)? Gene K
  7. Giorgio, Did you consider this? Would be easier to fair in, I think. With your mad skills, it would be a snap for you to build the lens compartment and to mask off the lens cover. Gene K
  8. 1:72 Hobby Boss A-7K

    Looks excellent, so your "tedious" effort paid off! Gene K
  9. You never fail to amaze me. Thank you. Gene K
  10. SWORD releasing 1/73 FJ Furys

    When I ordered my FJ-2s, Peter at Modelimex said the other Furies will be out next month. I really (!) enjoy building the Sword jets (as opposed to some "contrasting" opinions here), and am looking forward to adding several more Furies to my stash! Gene K
  11. North American FJ-2 Fury

    MInd blowing detail, SJ!! Thanks VERY much. Having learned a tough lesson from the Photobucket fiasco, I'm saving this thread ... just in case Flickr does something as deplorable!!!! Gene K
  12. Uwe, Seriously? With due respect, are you serious when you use the phrase "seriously butcher"??????? Goodness gracious ... a Dremel (or drill), a file, and a little sanding make quick work of removing and replacing the tail pivots if you want to do that. Further, making a "square hole" to anchor the steps (not the "boarding ladder") certainly doesn't require serious butchering. And what's hard about clipping the sprue attachments flush and finishing them with just a little sanding? That attachment method is a great way to avoid marring the exterior plastic. As regards the instructions, I think they are seriously superior, even though some English needs proofing. I appreciate your opinions, and the above are mine. Gene K EDIT: I also have no issue with the "fuselage issue".
  13. RV Mirage IIIE Exotic

    HUH? I had to look up "Kuta", and The Urban Dictionary gave me this: kuta A prank where you fart into your phone when someone picks up then hang up. watch this, I am going to kuta JJ when he picks up the phone Seriously, I really admire all your Mirage projects, and look forward to your continued progress! Gene K P.S. I assume your use of "Kuta" is the Australian meaning of "the best".
  14. 1:72 Hobby Boss A-7K

    Well, I know a guy who could cut some stencils for you. All he'd need is a high resolution 100% scan of the markings you need. Exercise that new scanner! We can work out details via email. You could also scan the decals, adjust the colors, and print on decal paper. Looks like you have a really fine collection of beautiful pictures you've taken. Gene K
  15. Just tuned in and have to say thank you for such a wonderful thread. I appreciate that it takes a lot of time to photograph, assemble, label, and post such detailed pictures!! You said a couple of times that all the pictures were "boring", but I certainly don't agree with that -- I found them informative AND entertaining. Thanks again. Gene K