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Trumpy 1/32 Me262-1A

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Hi Folks, :D zooming by again with the latest effort.

A nice bit of kit from Trumpeter a joy to build and lots of fun making up the little base dio. 1000 spice for the dirt, bi carb for the last of the winter snow and a bunch of bit's n pieces from the spares n sprue box. The jinka (I think) is made up from an old Revell??? 105mm Howitzer and various odds n sods, jerry's, bucket and ammo boxes are from a 1/35th armour kit (close enough for me), and the stove is a bomb casing chopped in half.

A top effort by Trumpeter on the kit, the cockpit is absolutely superb.

I hope you like it, I'll cruise by again and catch you all up.

Cheers and beers.









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Y'know Jim with a different background you could pass that off as the real deal......yeah it looks that good....congrats on a job well done.

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Thanks very much for your comments crew I am glad you all liked it :D As I mentioned the cockpit and fit is pretty darned good, I should've done a build thread but i am/was/still am busy with life n work so here it is in sixty seconds.


Keep those dials in the white to the right and you wont be pickin Jumo out of your teeth!


OOB cept the oxy hose and the pedal straps, fine solder wound up for the hose and Tamiya tape for the straps. The pit is a beauty :thumbsup:


The whole setup works and fits very well.


The Jumos are the worst part of the kit, they are a kit in themselves and unless you are going to use the clear setup to display them don't go the distance. Having said that they are impressive and they do look the business. Fitting them into the cowls is a bit tricky so dry fit twice before committing to glue.

And Big Kev....................... my mate asked the same question about the tarps so I'll copy paste my reply to him here.................

Bog roll :>) Yep, dunny paper , loo roll, bottom copying paper, bum fax. ....Ye good ol humble toilet paper. Take a sheet or 6 and lay it out on a non absorbant surface. Get some ground coffe and mix it in with some Tamiya flat base and some "future", keep mixing in the coffe until you have a decent or acceptable "to your eye colour". Get a soft haired brush and paint it onto the loo paper until you have a completely covered it. Wait 5 min. for it to absorb up and dry off just a tad..........

After 5 min VERY gently pick up a corner and start folding it in on itself to create the folds and lay of the cloth. (Dont worry if the finnish isn't just how you want it just yet as you can reapply more of the coffee mix at a later time.)

Once you have achieved a basic form of the cloth/tarp you want to let it all dry some more ...........but not so long a time to let it go stiff.(you still want to be able to work it into the shape if you wish to drape it over something).

Once you have it in place over whatever you wish to cover you can apply more of the coffe mix to the paper form, the trick is to use a soft brush loaded with the brew and work it into the "cloth" so as it takes the form of the underlying structure. Once again don't worry about over applying colour as it will dry off a good 2 or 3 shades lighter than what you see whilst painting on the wash.

Let it all dry completely and any bits that wont stay clung or become raised can be sorted by re applying more wash to dampen and form them down. Once again let it all dry and if there are still recalcitrant pieces they can be stuck down with small amounts of CA glue under the "cloth".

This process took me probably 1/2 an hour between steps then a 24hour dry off period before revisting and correcting. HTH mate.

Again... thankyou for your comments and interest.


Jim B)

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