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  1. Hi guys, is there any correction sets For Trumpeters Fencer Thanks Andy
  2. Best of luck with those flaps Rich Nice work on the engine too Andy
  3. Great subject ,, best of luck with this one Rich.. Andy.
  4. Hi guys, does anyone produce FOD covers to fit Trumpeters MiG19 in 48th scale? cheers Andy
  5. These are nice kits, best 190's in 72nd by miles.. Andy.
  6. Hi, & welcome to the GB, nice kit just take a bit of time or it'll bite you , if you can get hold of quickboost's resin cowel. Andy
  7. Hi Snapper, yeah it's the Meng kit, Seems to be one of those either or's Some say gloss some say Matt even car paint used (to hand?) only flew once in the red Andy
  8. Hi guys, thinking (steady on!) about doing the red ME163 flown by Wolfgang Spate, Was the red a gloss finish as some say or Matt? Thanks Andy.
  9. Hi guys, can someone tell me if the rear radar operators office was chromate yellow or chromate green? Seen it in both Thanks Andy
  10. lookin very goog mate, like the idea with the 34's... Andy
  11. Hi guys, here at lasts my entry the limited run C-6 with PE antteners...
  12. great job on the camo, me too... Andy
  13. looks good Stew, must get my C-6 on the starting blocks!!!, true about the 66 pits it does make everything vanish lol. Andy
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