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  1. I have made a perfectly reasonable observation iirc there Have been comments by members of this forum who have expressed disapproval of the faux boxart. You are calling them killjoys. I don't agree with their opinion in this matter but surely they have the right to their opinion. At what point does one draw the line between black humour and bad taste? I was asking a legitimate question. How is that trolling?
  2. Well you said you like black humour Mike. We all have a line that crosses over from humour to poor taste. Some poeple have less tolerance but don't deserve to be ridiculed or looked down upon for it. My tolerances are more in line with your own, but that doesn't give me the right to be dismissive of others.
  3. Heard of his brother Sigmund.
  4. That is the one Pat. Have that in a book and it says it is a MkII so should be okay without any mods.
  5. It has the frame too Bill Just that I hadn't got any pics before closing up, so I guess the link was pointless, sorry Can't get a useful photo either. once the halves are closed even without a canopy on a lot of the gubbins is impossible to see
  6. Hi Skye Can do a photocopy if you give me a day or two Send a PM with your addy please and will sort it out ASAP
  7. Jonathan pipped me to it To be fair to Revell on all but the smaller boxes, you can generally tell from the side of the box. "Details on surface" differentiates from "Recessed panel lines" and newer kits.
  8. Personally I would like to see Airfix concentrating on 1/72 and 1/48 There are plenty of 1/32 kits around and not all of us live in hangers
  9. That is correct Bill The kit has a floor which the Hurri did not have. The only down side to the etch is obviously the 2D nature. Will try and take a piccy of my unfinished Hase Hurri MkI to show what it looks like in situ. Didn't get a shot before the GB ended and the project hit the back burner of doom. TBH Looking at it again after all this time, am a tad disappointed wit but that is as much to do with my poor paint job and lack of PE skills. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48965
  10. Shove their LED where the sun don't shine Bill TBH even with the canopy open am not sure the differences are so glaringly obvious that any sane person would be so critical. The difference between the IIB and IIC is simply the wing type so afaik the controls are all the same. Someone with a better knowledge will doubtless prove that wrong. Any differences in switches, knobs and dials is going to be minimal and would mean messing about with the etch which is of itself not 100% accurate iirc It is good enough, please don't misunderstand. The pipes and wires could be added if you wish
  11. I always prime white for a yellow finish Agree with John and used a Humbrol yellow spray last time I had to do a large area in yellow Tip for smaller areas/parts to be painted yellow Use a foundation paint of suitable colour before using the yellow I have some Citadel Foundation paints that are really helpful when using paints with tranparent pigments Have used Astronomican Grey over black then used white, for example Vallejo also do a range of Opaques. Not used them yet but they have similar properties of good coverage and providing a solid base.
  12. Nicely built! Brings back memories Used to see Tridents and VC10s going in and out of Elmdon from our house. The VC10 was my favourite airliner. So gorgeous. Scratchbuilding replacement engines from bras is amazing Does the wife know?
  13. Really sweet Oz am sure your friend will be very happy.
  14. I think they may have been contemporaries in the Korean War Not sure if the Spad was used in SAR ops for downed aimen in that conflict though. Did wonder if that was the purpose of the damaged wing so you could play at being shot down and rescued. Removeable pilot gets picked up and taken to a MASH Maybe a Vietnam jet would have been better but that bumbs up the series of the set
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