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This is the Glencoe re-release of the Adams kit. Fit was actually pretty good, although the launch pad posed a few problems here and there and the railings are pretty thick. You get two sets of markings. One for a USAF experimental bird with a pitot at the top and some to show the missile in UK service. I modified the nose cone into what was known as a "non-ablative re-entry" type, whatever that means and if I even have that term correct. Suffice to say its flatter with a more pointed top. The launch base is actually incorrect for the British missiles, but it suited Adam's purposes as it was also used in their Vanguard missile kit. It was a fun build and looks pretty good when completed. I made the concrete pad out of a piece of sheet plastic. 


PXL_20220806_125413747 PXL_20220806_125426013 PXL_20220806_125436326


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Very nice indeed!


"non-ablative re-entry" - the Apollo Command Module had an ablative material - which is material which breaks away during re-entry taking the heat with it. The shuttle tiles were non ablative which means they did not break away but absorbed the heat.



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