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  1. Thanks very much. My passion is really the photography. The models are more a means to an end. They have to stand up to scrutiny in the photos.Though you can get away with things the camera doesn't pick up on :)! Keith
  2. To mark the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble (to be honest, it nearly passed me by until I noticed an excellent BBC2 documentary), decided to clean and upgrade/fix damage to my 26 year old Endeavour and HST. Photographed in film, pre Photoshop/digital originally, the new technology offered better ways to capture the models. Left in the open for that length of time the shuttle needed a deep clean and using my now tried and tested method for producing artwork for solar arrays, upgraded the HST. More here; https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/albums/72157667646196676 Keith
  3. Won this on ebay and received this just a couple of weeks ago, before things turned bad. Seems a lot longer ago now. The Japanese AMT(Platz) release of the Enterprise B. At least the box looks nice! Keith
  4. It is really coming along Michael. The Dragon Apollo kits can act as a good base for really nice models, but you do have to spend a lot of time rectifying the defects - of which there are many. Keith
  5. Excellent work. Really like what you have done with the wheels (and the rest as well of colurse). Keith
  6. Interesting concept, well realised. Like your backstory too! Keith
  7. Thanks very much everyone. Glad you found them of interest. Unfortunately far too many of my photos have indeed been ripped off. They keep cropping up on Google Images. If I see them I go after the perpetrator which sometimes works. Putting a copyright or watermark on a corner would not help as they would just crop that out. The only way is to put a watermark right the way through the image which would spoil them (and if you have the patience you can still use the rubber stamp tool to go over them anyway). Keith
  8. Finished the effects photography. Posting some here, but for the rest; https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/albums/72157667646196676
  9. Thank you very much guys. It is an unusual subject and I have contemplated doing it for several years now. Working on the effects photography right now. Hope to be able to post a few in the next two or three days. Keith
  10. Thanks very much for your comments. To answer your question mainly parts from the Revell Oil Rig kit, some from the Revell shuttle launch pad kit, Kibri N guage footbridge bits and I think there is an Ariane V launch pedestal in there too. Keith
  11. Thanks guys. Book was Frontiers of Space by Kenneth Gatland. Yes there were a lot of variants on a theme. The military one was basically a double sized Pegasus called Ithacus. Keith
  12. Scratchbuilt 1/144 Philip Bono concept from the mid 60s of an intercontinental passenger Pegasus vehicle using a plug nozzle airospike engine. Still have to build a pad and gantry before I get started on the photograhy. Keith
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