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  1. Thanks very much everyone. Completed the final ones this evening. Next Project, Grumman derivative LM's, maybe a truck LM or habitat LM.
  2. To be honest to the BBC they just accepted the photos in good faith from the Chinese space agency. Seemed they had sent my photos to all news agencies. presumably because they had no photos of the combined spacecraft docked in orbit. I would not have minded if they had credited me, but they implied they were the real spacecraft. It was the day Tiangong 1 re-entered, but the BBC used the wrong spacecraft (Shenzou). Imagine my surprise when I went onto the BBC web site to find my photo illustrating the story, then to put on the TV and there it is again large as life behind the presenter (so much for posting at lo res to stop folk ripping me off!). Anyway the BBC do not make it easy to complain, you have go through a very long process of form filling, so I phoned them up. Had to try and prove it was my photo but she apparently could not find my Flickr page despite me giving her the web address. Eventually they agreed to take it down, but Winnie Mandela died that day so it fell off the news anyway. Spent days completing forms even suggesting I should have got royalties for it. Best I managed was that they agreed to put it in a library and never use it again unless they give me a credit. Whilst I try to guard my copyright, I wasn't about to take on the Chinese government! Keith
  3. Thanks very much guys. I am not really helping the cause am I? The Chinese space agency ripped me off by by using some of my photos of the Shenzhou and Tiangong spacecraft and passed them off as the real thing. The BBC then followed suit until I stopped them. The last thing I want is my models to be mistaken for the real thing and distort historical accuracy (there is plenty wrong with them). Keith
  4. Continueing with the celebration of Apollo 11 50th anniversary. Monogram 1/48 Lunar Module with a few bits from the Dragon kit (re-boxed by Revell). Keith More here;
  5. Superb work. Saw it at Telford a couple of years ago but too big for me. Keith
  6. Many thanks, Dennis. Finally completed the photography. Certainly got my money's worth out of this model! Too many to list here, but here is the link to the album; https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/albums/72157667646196676 Keith
  7. Thanks very much guys.Appreciate the comments. Here are the first of the photos. https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/47345381472/in/album-72157667646196676/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/32456291617/in/album-72157667646196676/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/33509739878/in/album-72157667646196676/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/40420507133/in/album-72157667646196676/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/40420506973/in/album-72157667646196676/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/40420506873/in/album-72157667646196676/
  8. Thanks very much guys. I'm afraid I have to do one model at a time Tim. You are juggling a whole load there. Now to spend a bit of time on the "real" photos - and there will be a few:) ! cheers, Keith
  9. My contribution for the Apollo 11 50th anniversary. Finally finished the LM - and the whole combo. I'm afraid at this scale the photos show it to be a bit scruffy, though the photos are about 3 times actual size! Last time I did a 1/72 scale LM I was 15 and I hadn't realised just how small it is at this scale! And constant touching up being required has not helped. Hopefully the final photos will look a bit better rather than the flash photography - and there are a lot of combinations I can do. I hadn't weighted down the S-IVB, not thinking the CSM and LM would add much weight at the forward end, so it sits further back on the stand than I intended. Ah, well too late now. https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/47369015381/in/album-72157669731076195/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/40403494463/in/album-72157669731076195/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/47369015451/in/album-72157669731076195/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/40403494483/in/album-72157669731076195/
  10. That is extremely helpful Tim (like the production line). Vincent Means just pointed out the top section is too high. It certainly looked it, but just measured it and it is 2mm too high (and that is a lot to lose at this scale) you would need to redo the triangular/pyramid bits either side. Also interesting about the various thruster quad problems.I hadn't got round to looking at them in detail. I was always skeptical of the Dragon LM and found the 1/48 just unuseable. Thought I might have got away with the 1/72 version, but increasingly looking like I need to use the Airfix one and maybe cannibalise a few Dragon bits. The rear compartment section might be useable. Really poor show from Dragon. They had a chance to do an accurate kit of the first and only vehicle to land on the Moon and they blew it. No-one will now. I'm afraid it confirms my original impression of the Dragon Apollo kits.; Someone had a look at drawings/photos and went away and worked from memory and made the moulds without refering to the reference material again. Some nice detail, pity it is either wrong, in the wrong place, the wrong size or the wrong shape. They couldn't even get the size of decals right.. cheers, Keith
  11. Thanks Tim. not sure about which LM kit I will use as both aren't very accurate. The Airfix window areas are too large, but the Dragon LM windows are far too small. Got an old Airfix Ascent Stage someone gave me and I will build a spare Dragon oine and probably go with the one which best looks like LM to me and modify from there. I know I need to use the Airfix Descent Stage as the Dragon one is too small. Keith
  12. Excellent work. As others have said the decals certainly enhance the model. I coinicidently picked one up myself last month. Having seen yours might have to get the extra decals too. Keith
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