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  1. For a relatively quick project, a 20cm long Black Spaceship made from Nike Hercules and V2 kits with scratchbuilt bits! Scratchbuilt Damaclese (sic) pirate Black Spaceship from the TV21 Fireball XL5 comic strip artwork by Mike Noble, where the pirate ships launched from below volcanoes on volcanic Planet VA17.
  2. That is seriously impressive stuff! Pity Telford isn't on this year! I would love to see it in person. Keith
  3. Did anything come of this idea, as I am tempted to do one myself and came across this thread during my research? Keith
  4. Thanks very much. Still using an ancient version of Photoshop. Does everything I need. Keith
  5. Built a forced perspective World Air Force Base for the SPV. A lot of work for just a few photos though!Andersonphiles will recognise where I took my inspiration for the buildings from! Keith
  6. Nice! Every photo you see of the SPV looks different. Some metallic, some not, some light, some darker.You can't get Zircon Blue anymore, but when I tried a variety of Halfords metallics they were either way too light or way too dark and when finally I found one I could have used, but for a model of this scale far too metallic and shiny - even after matt coating. So eventually mixed an enamel silver and blue colour, getting darker each shade until I got to this. Workling on an Anderson style air force base for a backdrop rather than use real settings. A lot of work for perhaps two
  7. Thanks. Lost count of how many different paints and colours I ended up mixing!
  8. Many thanks, guys. Much appreciated! Keith
  9. Excellent! As others have already said, but I will repeat, superb painting and weathering showing off the panelling to its best. Keith
  10. Thanks very much guys. A couple of photos of it being built in orbit (space tugs manoeuvering large sections into place) at the disused weather control space station as per CS annual (Mike Noble/TV21 style astronaut figures). Not sure they work quite as well.
  11. Thanks very much guys. The SPVs were always hidden away and garages seemed to be a favourite place to stash them, so that was the obvious choice! Keith
  12. Will probably do a few more, but so far; Keith
  13. Thanks. Everything in the Anderson universe seemed to be atomic powered :)
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