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  1. Thanks. Pity Baindai or anyone really do not do a big version. There is a two foot version to go with the Armada Star Wars Board Game. Very expensive though. And about time someone released a TIE Bomber. Must be the only Star Wars vehicle never kitted! Keith
  2. Scratchbuilt a 1/48 Mars Exploration Vehicle (not to be confused with the ZERO X MEV) and rendered Valles Marineris in Terragen. Keith More here:
  3. Superb work. I thought it was reported to be smaller at around 10cm. Built the Star Destroyer and the amount of detail Bandai cram in is amazing! Keith
  4. Continuing to build all things Apollo. This time concentrated on what things could have been like if only Apollo had continued! Grumman proposed derivative LM Truck for extended 14 day missions and a favourite of mine of potential landing sites, Schroter's Valley. Didn't make it easy for myself picking that one! Had to cobble something together to represent the rille, by using the large diorama/mini photo set I built for it. Keith https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacemodelsphotography/48289340602/in/album-72157667646196676/
  5. Superb work. You must be one of the few people to ever get the Aries out of Scott! Keith
  6. Thanks very much everyone. Completed the final ones this evening. Next Project, Grumman derivative LM's, maybe a truck LM or habitat LM.
  7. To be honest to the BBC they just accepted the photos in good faith from the Chinese space agency. Seemed they had sent my photos to all news agencies. presumably because they had no photos of the combined spacecraft docked in orbit. I would not have minded if they had credited me, but they implied they were the real spacecraft. It was the day Tiangong 1 re-entered, but the BBC used the wrong spacecraft (Shenzou). Imagine my surprise when I went onto the BBC web site to find my photo illustrating the story, then to put on the TV and there it is again large as life behind the presenter (so much for posting at lo res to stop folk ripping me off!). Anyway the BBC do not make it easy to complain, you have go through a very long process of form filling, so I phoned them up. Had to try and prove it was my photo but she apparently could not find my Flickr page despite me giving her the web address. Eventually they agreed to take it down, but Winnie Mandela died that day so it fell off the news anyway. Spent days completing forms even suggesting I should have got royalties for it. Best I managed was that they agreed to put it in a library and never use it again unless they give me a credit. Whilst I try to guard my copyright, I wasn't about to take on the Chinese government! Keith
  8. Thanks very much guys. I am not really helping the cause am I? The Chinese space agency ripped me off by by using some of my photos of the Shenzhou and Tiangong spacecraft and passed them off as the real thing. The BBC then followed suit until I stopped them. The last thing I want is my models to be mistaken for the real thing and distort historical accuracy (there is plenty wrong with them). Keith
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