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  1. after an Amphibious, this time is a US Cavalry Fighting Vehicle: M3A2 ODS BRADLEY. Actually the extra stowage in AAVP7A1 -w EAAK are came from this kit. I chose single sand yellow, then apply the weathering and stowage on it. 1/72 M3A2 ODS BRADLEY Product Photos: Working Photos:
  2. 15th Mobile Suit in the long project: Z ~ CC period's MS. a deep green & blue color scheme for GM family. 1/144 RMS-179 GM II Working Photos: Product Photos:
  3. second mech from Armored Core series. it is an improved version of RAYLEONARD 03, named 04-ALICIA (Unsung). it shares the same chest & arms system, but changed the legs & backpacks. AC ~ RAYLEONARD 04-ALICIA (Unsung) Working Photos: Product Photos:
  4. i quite like the design of B-wing, have a lego ver before.
  5. bandai may has the highest molding technique in Japan, but they only use it as gimmick, to promote new brand of products. those cool molding technique always disappear from the 2nd, 3rd season of products. And it really has no experience on military stuff. This is a nonstandard kit from bandai, a series called U.C. Hard Grade, bandai try to use it earn money from military modellers. but the QC really below standard ... I bought this to practice painting small scale figure, added a base for every soldier who haven't sit on jeep... AFV ~ Codename CYCLOPS Working Photos: Product Photos:
  6. GW's new boxset became more and more expensive, that why i haven't buy those new boxsets which i always only interested in half of the miniatures inside it. These small timber barriers are the display stuff in chess club. i just borrow some of them to practice painting... Miniatures ~ WarCry Eightpoints Terrains Working Photos: Product Photos:
  7. yes, the infection numbers and/or area in china & hong kong is relatively lower than the surrounding countries. but this non-stop situation really affect people living. almost every two seasons will have a small explosion and lockdown the city ... i see trumpeter, hobbyboss also publish or plan to publish similar (i feel it is the same kit?) tractors, trailers, etc. the out of stock tractors by modelcollect are shown in the coming list of hobbyboss... this make me confuse, shall i wait hobbyboss ver or buy modelcollect ver. their appearance can't attract me. £22 for that heavy and big parcel is reasonable. i just paid ~£10 (charge by the shop i pre-order it) for a japanese model kit (packing size is similar to one box of 1/72 AFV. if follow the exchange rate, it just £20, now became £30) and because seeing yours list, i go get my "Middle East Pickup Set B" today.
  8. it is a WWII tracker of German, will share later. yes, it will look fantastic if dock on M1070 trailer, but Takom ver is out of stock right, it has lot of works, so many parts need to paint first before assembly btw, your parcel arrive yet? and i 'm waiting Soviet MT-LB 6MB (modelcollect), which delayed 2 months...
  9. i let Armoured Dozer D9R out. it is quite large when compare with tank.
  10. nice big scale Razorcrest, you could try to paint a ~1/200 Razorcrest by bandai.
  11. thx sardaukar you complete it yet btw, red dragon publish new ver of AAVP7 again, this time has interior, but excluded EAAK. i made die-cast (walking) tank once
  12. you got this interesting airship (from anime). its design is cool, but i not interested in that anime, so haven't buy it. nice color scheme. it still have a mini single person-use airship, not paint it together?
  13. thx Carius, Pyradus not as difficult as you think, try it. i prefer Trumpeter 's one-piece tracks, and the quality for latest ver of its one-piece tracks became better and better. e.g. yes, stowage and similar stuff are very important for AFV. but too few choices & expensive for 1/72 AFV in the market.
  14. not easy to see japanese model kit in Britmodeller, must support i quite like the design of YF-19. built a similar VF-11D (1/72) before, btw, my favorite VF is 25F.
  15. interesting / non standard topic of kit. thx for sharing.
  16. I stay on ground for too long, so this time i design to attack from sea, using AAVP7A1 -w EAAK to transport soldiers to the beach directly. The additional resin backpacks, water tanks, etc are came from another box of Red Dragon's 1/72 AFV, not included in this box of AAVP7A1. I quite enjoy this Amphibious, will buy again if make sea diorama. AAVP7A1 -w EAAK Product Photos: Working Photos:
  17. 14th Mobile Suit of the long project: Z ~ CC period's MS. I keep choosing Green color as the main tone for GM family. 1/144 RGM-86R GMIII Working Photos: Product Photos:
  18. After finished 12no. of REX, I suddenly became no passive, no mood, no target to paint (big scale) model kits. So i dig out my stock of prepared kits and chose to begin another duplicated model series again. Armored Core (AC) is a fast speed mecha shooting games on console that i played none of them. I only like the mechanical design of 2~3 mecha in the series. It is 2nd time I build RAYLEONARD 03-AALIYAH. And keep painting my color scheme rather than follow the setting in game. I chose hull red, deep red as the main colors, and highlight the details with copper, grey(s)... AC ~ RAYLEONARD 03-AALIYAH Working Photos: Product Photos:
  19. Malign Sorcery was new(?) products for AoS that were published in last 2~3 years. But GW already aborted this series of cool, magical, small size scenery... i get this three small terrain / magic from chess club, use them to practice painting. Miniatures ~ Malign Sorcery Working Photos: Product Photos:
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