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  1. thx ThreatLvlMidafternoon, however this brand only publish one SD AFV. Meng's SD AFV is not cute enough
  2. Bereg is in my wish list too i will go for hobbyboss ver since their molding is better. but let me enjoy some mini Self-propelled artillery first, e.g. 2S19, 2S35, AS-90, M-109, ...
  3. thx ModelMonkey, sardaukar SD AFV is a interesting diversion, especial when you have same AFV in scale ver. i like its huge turret.
  4. but hobbyboss doesn't have BM-30 Smerch(9K58)multiple rocket launcher (yet).
  5. i feel modelcollect 's AA gun, missile is not bad. but its molding not as good as hobbyboss.
  6. six SD tank crews for cute Tiger-I (I post it in AFV sub forum). The details of this set of resin SD are nice, but have two problems, the gap locations are poor to grout and sand, crews can't sit on turret popularly since it is slant. They keep falling down during take photos... Cute AFV part 2, crews for Tiger-I Product Photos: Working Photos:
  7. yes, i used hot water before bend it (to figure out which piece of track shall be trim /thinner a little bit). I remember one of them is broken before assemble. Since it has skirt armor, not a big problem at all.
  8. i use this cute tiger to join a group build activity in hk model forum. The quality of this resin tiger is not bad, and in reasonable price. Also, it could combine with 6 tank crews too ( that will be part 2, since they are figures, i post them in figure sub forum, go check it if you interested too). I chose a dark blue for it. Turret is much bigger than KV-2 Cute AFV part 1, Tiger-I Product Photos: Working Photos:
  9. 30th Mobile Suit in the long project: Z ~ CC period's MS. Mamoru Nagano really likes gold color, golden mecha not only shown in his anime, comic, even in traditional gundam series. 1/144 MSN-00100 HYAKU-SHIKI Working Photos: Product Photos:
  10. Miniatures is almost no market in HK, its price is too high (when compare with japanese model kit), size is too small, required techniques is too different from typical bandai gunpla way. Modeller in HK may interesting to try it, but no passion to keep practicing, etc. Therefore, i could keep getting free Primaris Space Marines from chess club for training. This time i chose blue, park green, dark green as main color. This can't be happened in UK that someone get 9 nos. of free chess from shop? Miniatures ~ Primaris Space Marines (again) Working Photos: Product Photos:
  11. even powered suit from Ma.K can't attract people in BM want to to reply/chat, how about spaceship? But this ship not came from American film or game. DEUSULA II is a flagship in Japanese anime: Space Battleship Yamato 2199, which i haven't watch. however, the mechanical design of this ship is really nice, it is a combine ship, the core ship in the middle is hanged in the mother planet ... Originally, its only has one blue color, but i want to make core ship stand out from the armor, i added stone green/blue to it. btw, minipla is a series of small model kit, a little bigger that miniatures that usually publishing fleet, or less popular mecha in Japan. However, it has a problem for me, it scale is imconsistent. fighter, destroyer, flagship in same series is published in similar size, not same scale ... N.T.S. SBY2199 DEUSULA II Working Photos: Product Photos:
  12. After a nice series of injection figures by Masterbox Limited, i change to try resin kit from Korea. But the proportion of this brand (Nuts Planet) can't match which Japanese stuff, and the price is set too high ... 1/24 Callsign Orca Working Photos: Product Photos:
  13. Old pro, you really a big fans of AFV, could know it from one image yes, it is 9P117 SS-1C Scud-B (R17 Elbrus) by Hobbyboss, i like its separated cockpit how about w/o image, you think my next box of mobile launch platform will be which one
  14. after 9K714, i became interested in mobile launch platform so next missile will be , but it schedule may array to 2024
  15. yes, price increased a lots. But i feel price of AFV kits is in reasonable range. if you also build japanese kits or GW miniatures, you will find their price rise at least 40% within 2 years. And most of the japanese kits are stock up by reseller at pre-order stage, you need to pay extra 20% to buy it from them.
  16. i think this could be AFV except the engine Molotow chrome pen is a good stuff.
  17. after some light tank, i start to prepare heavy one.
  18. thx for info, seems i can't those brands in my town.
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