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Brewster F2A-3P Buffalo - Midway

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Here is my latest kit, finished earlier this week. It's Kami de Korokoro's 1:144 Brewster F2A-3P Buffalo finished as "MF-17", BuNo 01521, flown by 2nd Lt Charles M. Kunz, of VMF-221, USMC, on June 4th, 1942, during the Battle of Midway. He shot down two Japanese aircraft and was one of only three F2A-3s to return to base, despite being wounded and with the aircraft damaged from enemy fire.




This was a poorly-moulded resin kit. I opened up the cockpit and corrected the rear shelf, adding scratchbuilt details. I removed the framing from the middle of the main canopy as this variant didn't have it. The engine cowling, propeller and tail wheel were lost causes and I replaced them with spare parts from a Mark I Buffalo kit. I had to modify the propeller since this variant didn't use a spinner. The radio masts and wires and the  wing pitot were made from stretched sprue. The kit was fully painted and varnished with brush. The kit's decals were useless and anyhow I wanted a Midway machine so I used the markings from a Warbird Decals sheet and the code, minus the "M" which was painted, from one of the Mark I Buffalo boxings.




Although far from perfect, I am pleased I managed to make something rather decent from what came in the bag.


Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome.

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22 hours ago, Alpha Delta 210 said:

I'm not surprised that you're pleased - it looks amazing!


21 hours ago, Remus389 said:

The details are excellent considering the size. 👍


20 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

Great work on this Tiny model, a little cracker Miguel.

Great work 



17 hours ago, RMCS said:



7 hours ago, Epeeman said:

That's wonderful work on your tiny Buffalo!






Many thanks to all!


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On 06/12/2021 at 18:22, Madmaks said:

Looks great 👍


On 07/12/2021 at 06:10, Sky Keg said:

Given the size, it`s hard not to be impressed.  Great job Miguel!!!!!! :goodjob:




Thank you very much!


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