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  1. Simplicity has a uniqueness all of it`s own. Superb results!!!! Mike
  2. Jean, I know I sound like a broken record but it`s PERFECT!!!!!! Great choice of markings and superb application of colors to represent the famed 109 so perfectly. Well done my friend!!!! Mike
  3. The Yak looks just right in winter camouflage and this one looks perfect. Bravo Roman!!!! Mike
  4. Very nice. I like the color scheme. Very attractive with superb attention to detail. Mike
  5. No single word can best describe this masterpiece. Impressive results and an incredible amount of skill level to produce such a beautiful helicopter.. Mike
  6. Jean………….I am not worthy!!!!! I love it!!! Mike
  7. Pete…….it`s nice to see the employees at “The Shed” producing high quality subjects again.. Woohoo!!!! Mike
  8. Roman……..you turned a toy into a piece that belongs in a museum. The gray scheme looks perfect on the Yak. Superb and it`s complimented perfectly with Wolfgang`s outstanding photographs. Mike
  9. I have come to learn that some kits from Special Hobby are beautiful and a joy to work on ( P-40 is one example ) and then there are offerings like this one that are nothing but a large headache to the builder / artist. It looks authentic and accurately done. I commend you for pulling this one across the finish line. Mike
  10. The Saab 17 Lansen has such clean and elegant lines to it. A perfect representation here Reini. Mike
  11. Giampiero………in any language, your skills are elite. You continue to impress all of us. Well done my friend. Mike
  12. Outstanding Dragan. Making such a terrible kit look this good is a testament to your superb skill level. Very nice!!! Mike
  13. The long wait was certainly worthwhile. Very nice. I like how it looks. Mike
  14. Wildcats, like Corsairs, look great all beat up and dirty. Great results on this one!!! Mike
  15. Roger………your Swordfish here is absolutely beautiful!!!!! I like it and I like it a lot!!!! Mike
  16. I feel like I`m part of the mission just by looking at this one. It turned out beautiful. Mike
  17. Allan………while WW1 subjects do not normally “grab” my attention, your Nieuport certainly has. The attention to detail is superb. I like it!!!! Mike
  18. Even though I like the Desert colors best on the famed Spitfire, the PRU Blue has certainly grown on me. This one here illustrates that perfectly. Mike
  19. Dragan…….I continue to enjoy viewing these beautiful works of art from you. Mike
  20. I love it!!!!! A fine tribute to a daring and challenging air operation. Mike
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