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  1. WOW FOZZY!!!!!!! My entire family of four is impressed. I stand in awe. Mike
  2. The blue inert GBU-10 and AIM-9 Sidewinder add visual interest to an already beautiful subject. Mike
  3. Mick………I cannot figure out which adjective that best describes your Hornet here. Superb…….beautiful……fantastic…….awesome……stunning…….perfect. Ah heck, they ALL work just fine!!!!! Mike
  4. Beat up and dirty……………just the way a Corsair is SUPPOSED to look like. Mike
  5. Jean………you continue to impress with your latest work of art. I need to stop by and see the museum in miniature in due time. Mike
  6. That`s a great looking duo!!!!!! I like both of them. Mike
  7. Superb craftsmanship on a very unique subject. Mike
  8. Delightful and most beautiful. Nice results Rich!!!!! Mike
  9. Roger, I might have to give the Special Hobby Havoc / Boston another try after seeing your`s here. After a frustrating experience with it, I tossed it away but you have proven that this kit can indeed be turned into something special. I marvel at your skills. Mike
  10. My goodness that is nice!!!!!!!! Superb!!!!! Mike
  11. Bill my friend, a standing ovation is in order for you after this incredible accomplishment you made. I tried the Emhar Demon kit and immediately gave up knowing it was far too crude to try and create anything special however you have done just that. Impressive does not begin to accurately describe your efforts that you shared with us here. Bravo good sir!!!!! Mike
  12. Very nicely done and most attractive in those colors and markings. Mike
  13. No way Tony. I refuse to believe that these Vixen`s are in 72nd scale. There`s no way possible. It`s 1 / 1 scale I tell you. That is an incredible level of detail. I, like many others, gaze in awe and amazement. Mike
  14. Oh you are too modest my friend but it is indeed “perfect”!!!! Mike
  15. Libor………you`re one of the finest and this Mustang is many of the reasons why. Excellent results my friend. Mike
  16. I would be delighted to have this one as well. Nice job Shaun. Mike
  17. The 737 adds to the beauty of the collection. All three are exquisite and expertly done. Mike
  18. Djordje………it`s great to have you back. Despite the layoff, it is evident that your artistic skills remain. Lovely Sabre my friend!!! Mike
  19. Oh my!!!!! The PERFECT Viggen!!!!! Superb!!!! Mike
  20. Paul……..your attention to detail is outstanding. Mike
  21. Superb finish Brian. It looks great when paired with the Lynx. Mike
  22. The colors and scheme make the Phantom look menacing and tough. I like it. Mike
  23. Tom………another great addition to your growing collection. Superb and authentic finish. Mike
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