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  1. It`s beautiful!!!!!! Your Hellcat certainly makes any display cabinet all the better. Mike
  2. Given the difficult nature of the kit with the old tooling / molds, this is a masterpiece. I admire your skill level. Beautiful results!!!! Mike
  3. Ok you can come clean with us. You “photo shopped” the coin and your hand in the picture because that IS A REAL FE.2b!!!!!! The level of detail and precision is incredible and this is one of the finest works of art on this website. Mike
  4. Dragan, the windscreen came out just fine through your efforts. The subject looks great and I like the way it turned out. Mike
  5. Very nice Mikhail. It`s beautiful. Mike
  6. Out-freakin`-standing Simon!!!!!! I can only agree with everyone else`s comments. Superb results my friend. Excellent!!!! Mike
  7. Considering the effort that went into this C-130, it turned out very impressive. I like it!!! Mike
  8. I got dizzy looking at this menacing helicopter. Great results on the complex camouflage pattern. Mike
  9. MicTroy my friend………..your stunning works of art are going to be featured in the next Star Wars episode. Another unique and beautiful rendition. Mike
  10. That’s a very colorful and well done collection. There’s a lot to like about not just the Tomcat but everything in the series of photos. Lovely. Mike
  11. Wow!!!! That is beautiful!!! Your skills are evident. Congratulations. Mike
  12. That`s something straight out of a Star Wars episode. Not only unique, but well constructed. Very nice!!!! Mike
  13. This Harrier looks like it`s ready to take off and fly a mission. Very realistic finish. Mike
  14. Besides liking the results Bob, the aircraft perfectly aligns with the nose art if you know what I mean It`s a very nice Thunderbolt!!!!! Mike
  15. Roman, I agree with occa. The King Cobra is rare to see in kit form. As usual, you have created a masterpiece. Wolfgang’s photos compliment the sleek aircraft perfectly. Very nice and I like it!!! Congratulations Mike
  16. These are beautiful renditions of two of the most significant aspects of the Battle of Midway. A great tribute to Commander McClusky and Lt Best!!!! Mike
  17. A pleasing subject to gaze upon. I look forward to subsequent projects from you. Mike
  18. Outstanding Russ!!!!! Your collection grows more impressive with each subject you add to it. A veritable museum in miniature. Mike
  19. Another quality build with superb results!!!! Mike
  20. Very nice Heather and thanks for the brief overview of the kit. Mike
  21. Superb Roger!!!!! Very nice all around!!!! Mike
  22. Exquisite as usual Dragan!!!!! Mike
  23. Martin my friend, This is reason why I need to spend more time visiting this site. You, along with the multitude of other outstanding artists and historians, make it interesting and inspirational to view these works of art. As always, your overall presentation is superb and always worth the wait. I am not worthy!!!!! Mike
  24. That`s a lovely Tigershark. Your efforts have paid handsome rewards. Mike
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