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  1. Quality over quantity. I would be proud to have those in my display case. Mike
  2. Outstanding Roman. IL-2`s are very colorful and your two are made with flawless precision. Wolfgang`s photos capture the beautiful presentation!! Mike
  3. It looks good with the desert base. Unique and nicely done. Mike
  4. Tony……….how do you build so many models with a high degree of precision and accuracy????? I can only put together a fraction in a year of what you produce in a month. This one is yet another beauty from you. I am not worthy Mike
  5. Angelo……….it turned out beautiful!!!!!! Mike
  6. Add this Osprey to the growing list of subjects that I enjoy viewing from you Dragan. Superb as always!!! Mike
  7. Tony…….your collection keeps getting better with every addition you make to it. The Thunderbolt here goes very nicely with the Air Commando Mitchell and Mustangs. I like it!!!! Mike
  8. This exemplifies the Phantom perfectly. Tough, mean, and ready to go. Detailed to highest level of accuracy. Very nice!!!! Mike
  9. Wow Tony!!!! This one really caught my eye. Along with Libor`s ( Redboost ) Arma Mustang, you guys have caused me to buy at LEAST FIVE ( ) of these outstanding kits. Beautiful results as usual my friend!!! Mike
  10. Roger……….YES, YES, and YES!!!!! Absolutely beautiful. Mike
  11. WOW!!!!! A two seat Sabre!!!!! It turned out great. I like it!!!! Mike
  12. Mike, I don`t know what I am impressed with more, the results you had with this “oldie but goodie” tooled kit or that you even attempted it in the first place. While I prefer the more modern tooled kits, there is always a greater sense of satisfaction when a older or poorly tooled kit is completed to the level you have shared with us here. Congratulations on the outstanding results!!!!! Mike
  13. Phil……..your meticulous attention to detail produced a masterpiece. Mike
  14. Oh my!!!! I would be proud of this one too. It`s beautiful. Mike
  15. Excellent results on improving the kit and overall subject. I like the unique camouflage scheme / colors on it. Mike
  16. Jean………..another beautiful addition to your growing collection. I like this one a lot!!!!! Mike
  17. Outstanding Miguel!!!! I echo Toby`s thoughts on improved skills. The Buffalo, to me, looks best in RAF livery and colors. Mike
  18. Werner, not only do I like the Draken you built, but the photography is just as impressive. Mike
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