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  1. That's a very nice looking build. Academy kit?
  2. Outstanding build! Love the metal finish and weathering!
  3. Excellent build and a wonderful kit. The coloring technique you used makes it look like metal. Love it.
  4. Ok got it - Yes, they came out with a XVI. Thought you meant a XIV
  5. Awesome build and the Sword kit does build into a beautiful model as you have shown, but I don't recollect Eduard coming out with a a XIV as you mentioned.
  6. Thanks Tim, I got the scheme from the book "Spitfires in the Sun" by Vikram Singh. Stencils, serial numbers etc are from the spares box and the IAF roundels and fin flash are from the Bright Spark IAF decal sheet.
  7. Thx David, Wish they had more detail in the office and the tail wheel doors wouldn't have to be cut out from the fuselage to be built in the open position, but it still builds into a nice xiv, xix and even an xviii
  8. Beautiful build and well weathered. I am planning to make the old Hasegawa kit. This gives me inspiration.
  9. I am a big fan of old Matchbox kits and love to see them brought to life so well. Really well done
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