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  1. Thanks Pranay. One day I will also learn to take good pictures.
  2. Progress is a little slow with work deadlines. Next challenge is removing the hard plastic blocking the radiator passages. I am making little holes using my manual testors drill and then clearing the bulk using an exacto knife.
  3. So I finally started using the dremel like tool I got from Amazon and I can't believe how I have existed without it all these years. I will try another dry fit after some more sanding and cutting today
  4. I did that with my Fujimi xiv and Hasegawa viii Spitfires and it worked perfectly but the gap is unfortunately too wide on this. I will try again once it's all sanded and cleaned up. As alt-92 said, it's pretty rough casting and requires a lot of cleaning up before I can truly assess the fit problem
  5. It's definitely worth looking into. I just got a notification from Amazon that my dremel like tool comes in today, so my evening after work will be a lot of sanding anyway - have to play with new toys as soon as they come in
  6. Thanks, I have never had to fill in so much of a gap. I do have a lot of plasticard and can get a lot more plastic stuffing from my sprue boneyard. I was thinking milliput since I had read someone on britmodeller using milliput for larger gaps.
  7. Whoa...look at those gaps at the wing root! I wasn't expecting something so off and I don't think putty will do it. Might need to use something like milliput.
  8. Thx! I do have a cpl of Eduard Mk VIII boxes. Will go through them and see what I can scavenge.
  9. Things got real. Instead of just staring at my tools and at the sprues, I started sawing. Now starts the painful process of sanding and thinning. I will also start searching in my spares box to see what I can cannibalize vs scratch build for the cockpit.
  10. I am always in awe of people who can paintbrush so well! Looks lovely. Your title says "lights". Do you have working nav lights baked in?
  11. Fat fingers on the phone but yes it does change the meaning. Thx for the link and I have had it bookmarked for a while The best reference available - thank you for putting this together Troy.
  12. That's a nice kit. One of these days I will stop fondling the sprues and actually build it
  13. Good point and I have a dremel like tool on order that should arrive tomorrow.
  14. Thx Jason. If you have posted them on britmodeller I will look for them. I am planning on building an 1/72 Academy XIVc on the side to get ideas for scratch building the cockpit detail. Assuming it won't be too different for an XVIII
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