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  1. Thank you for this thread. I just took the mast to rudder wire off a Mk VIII I just made. I would assume then that Mk Vc I am building will have no antenna wiring as well? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Thanks and exactly that @stevehnz...good eye! The kit comes with two location point boxes that need to be inserted between the wing halves where the UC rods will go eventually. It obviously doesn't fit well and requires some drilling and though the UC rods come with an angled attachment, I believe it is not enough. Here is a close up of the UC and also the profile of my recently completed hasegawa VIII for comparison.
  3. Great example of how a 1/144 model can be made to look so good....inspired to revisit my stash.
  4. Thanks @Bangor Lad. Since the kits are short run, there is some flash etc and I had to dry fit everything before glueing to make sure the parts fit.
  5. AZ Models are not the easiest to work with. This build required a lot of patience, drilling, sanding, filling and cussing. Since Eduard came out with 1/72 scale Mk VIIIs, I don't think I will put myself through building an AZ Model kit for a while. The canopy is Italeri, rest is straight OOB. This was the WWII ace Wing Commander Frank (Chota) Carey's Spitfire based out of RAF Amarda Road, Odisha, India 1944. Colors are Mr. Hobby Dark Green and Flat Earth and Tamiya Media Sea Grey. Seat belts are scratch using masking tape. Hope you like it!
  6. Thank you so much for all the advice. I finally got her done:
  7. Many thanks for all the help - finally got her done!
  8. Thx Graham! I remember that discussion well. I will go with the scissors upfront. And to make things worse the carpet monster has since gobbled up some parts from my tray so I will actually have to go with one strut with scissors from the kit and the other with the Fujimi as pictured in my previous reply (banging head)
  9. Mike, this is very helpful and hopefully Graham would chime in as well. What I have read till now is conflicting as some mention that the early production Mk VIIIs didn't have the torque linkages while others have documented at least some VIIIs with the linkages. My previous Hasegawa Mk VIII builds (72 and 48) are without them and the kits didn't come with either. I have this one prepped nonetheless. The one closer to you is from the AZ Model kit and for the one behind it is from a Fujimi XIV kit. http://imgur.com/a/DauRMdj
  10. Thanks Bob, I keep looking at the picture and am increasingly inclined to leaveing it off as well.
  11. Greetings. I am getting very close to finishing my version of Frank Carey's Spitfire VIII using the box art version on the AZ Model kit. I found one reference picture as well but I am not sure if his Spitfire Mk VIII - JG560 that was based out of Armada Road in India in 1944, had Oleo torque linkages on the undercarriage. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Attached below are the box art, the build so far and the reference picture I found:
  12. Thank you all - been on a hiatus but the encouragement is much appreciated! Working on a another Spitfire to be posted soon!
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