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  1. I love seeing old Matchbox kits being brought to life so well
  2. Excellent build the paint work and weathering is top notch!
  3. Lovely build. Great paint work and just the right amount of weathering.
  4. Superb build! The coloring is top notch. Also, from what I remember reading a while back - one of the early model manufacturers (Frog or someone) figured 1/72 was a good scale because a 6 foot man would be an inch high in that scale and it was called the gentleman's scale for that. Not sure how true or correct that is.
  5. Excellent finish for any scale and truly outstanding for 1/144. Take a bow
  6. Magnificent build. What color did you use for the cockpit interior?
  7. That is an amazing extremely well built Spitfire.
  8. That's a very nice looking build. Academy kit?
  9. Outstanding build! Love the metal finish and weathering!
  10. Excellent build and a wonderful kit. The coloring technique you used makes it look like metal. Love it.
  11. Ok got it - Yes, they came out with a XVI. Thought you meant a XIV
  12. Awesome build and the Sword kit does build into a beautiful model as you have shown, but I don't recollect Eduard coming out with a a XIV as you mentioned.
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