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  1. I used rattle cans some 10 odd years back when my compressor blew and my airbrush at the time also broke. Knowing the effort needed to get a uniform finish, these look awesome! Great job
  2. I have their FRS-1 in my stash and if I can even get close to your finish I will be super happy! It looks awesome and you have overcome the challenges you encountered really well. Lovely build!
  3. Awesome and good you gave it that extra push - looks great! What paints did you use?
  4. Wow! I have not built a 1/144 in a while and this inspires me. Great job and how are your eyes doing?
  5. Love the stain effect and the overall weathering. We are getting spoiled with some of the kits nowadays that seem perfect out of the box. It's always a pleasure to see less than desirable kits made to look so good - that's where a lot of a modeler's skill comes in. Fantastic
  6. That shark mouth looks awesome on the Typhoon! Great job
  7. Thx alfisti! Happy that I got it done despite myself Still hoping that they add at least a cpl of parts even if it's just a rerelease. I was really hoping for a new tool.
  8. Congratulations and beautiful build. Respect to the brave crew.
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