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Ma.k Swamp Donkey/Sumpfesel

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Bit of a leap from what you saw on WIP to this but

Sometimes that's how it turns out.

As it turned out the beast wasn't too stable (as predicted)

I couldn't get the autostab to work. Ahem. I cut discs from

a kit box and used a product called mod podge (I think) it's

like thick white glue, Slapped it on and plunged the feet into

it overnight. Some paint and model railway foliage followed.

I'd put kitchen foil around the cardboard, rather like a cupcake,

when I removed it I found it had dried clear and vertical in

places rather like splashes. Result! I then cut plasticard discs

and epoxied the feet to them. Now it stands up!

I also applied Johnsons Klear up to the 'knees' so it looks wet.

1/35th figure painting isn't my forte' so you'll have to forgive my crewman!

Anyway, hope you like what you see here, The typ B7 Sumpfesel.










It seems I didn't resize one picture. Apologies. BTW, Photobucket worked for me.

Edit, The foliage looks like cricket stumps. Oops.

As always, your opinion is valued and lessons will be learned, etc.


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No, I always get through to the end.

I would hate to waste all that effort.

It just takes longer than I'd like. life! tsk!

The next one will also be kreiger but another

space based design, The basics are in my head

and just need to be put into practice, Oh, and time

to do it. Decorating comes first. (Apparently, Go figure!)

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