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Found 11 results

  1. US Ordnance Set (88E01) 1:48 AMK Models Launched at the same time as their F-14D Tomcat, this set of injection-moulded styrene weapons and pods are ideal for modern jets, particularly of the American persuasion. It’s a generous set that includes all of the weapons in the Tomcat kit, plus a couple we’ve not seen before. They’re also included in larger numbers, so should be good enough for loading up a couple of models at the very least. To keep things tidy, the various types are arranged in sub-boxes within the main box to prevent chaffing, and each set of sprues is held in a clear foil bag for a classy feel. Let’s see what’s included: 16 x GBU-16 Paveway II Smart Bombs 4 x GBU-12 Paveway II Smart Bombs 4 x AIM-54C+ Phoenix A2A Missiles (Tomcat specific) 4 x AIM-7M/P Sparrow A2A Missile 2 x AN/ALQ-167 Bullwinkle ECM Pod 2 x AN/ASQ-713 SAIP pod 4 x GBU-31 JDAM Smart Bomb 12 x Mk.82 “dumb” bomb with conical fairing 4 x LAU-68 Rocket Pod 4 x GBU-38(V)-1 USAF JDAM 4 x AIM-9L/M Sidewinder A2A Missile 2 x LAU-3 Rocket Pod 2 x Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pod System (TARPS) 2 x AN/AAS-25 LANTIRN Targeting Pod That’s quite a list, and each one comes on a separate sprue with copious use of slide-moulding to improve detail and reduce your glue bill, so you can see why it comes in a full box. Each sprue has interlocking pips and holes top and bottom that allows them to be stacked in groups, which is great to keep them from chaffing during shipping and keep their space usage down. Each sub-box has a drawing and name of the contents, which will be useful for future use, as is the instruction sheet with integrated painting guide. There are also a few sentences about each type to provide extra details, plus a construction diagram that shows how they go together, then on the right a painting diagram showing the colours and where the decals go. Markings A full sheet of stencils for all the included weapons is provided, arranged by type and with each iteration boxed off from its neighbours. Decals are printed with AMK’s logo and have good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin gloss carrier film cut close to the printed areas. Conclusion If you don’t rate the kit weapons in your latest project and don’t want to splash out on expensive resin parts, this set offers a raft of highly detailed ordnance that is well within the comfort zone of any modeller. Scrape away the seamlines from where the sliding moulds meet, and you should be good to go. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. I like to assemble the occasional figure in 1/35, however, many of these look toylike due to awkward positioned hands and arms, especially those in firing poses. Either the rifle is not aligned with the head or the hands are not holding it tight or both. How do you solve this problem? Bending, cutting, not using that particularly figure at all? I've tried cutting and repositioning but with subpar results, I may resort to sculpting a new arm but hand are out of my league...
  3. Source: https://www.facebook.com/736521713066784/photos/a.736556396396649.1073741827.736521713066784/1247702645282019/?type=1&theater Most probably a future derived product from the elements developed for the future Su-34 "Fullback" kit. (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234996669-kitty-hawk-su-34-148-render-march/). A classic sales strategy template, see also Kinetic (via SkunkWorks) and AMK similar sets. V.P.
  4. F-4 Armaments Set 1:72 Eduard Brassin This set from the Brassin arm of Eduard seems to offer a one stop shop to tool out you 1/72 F-4 with missiles and dumb bombs. The set offers 4 Sidewinder AIM-9B, 4 Sparrow AIM-7E and 18 Mk.82 bombs. The sidewinders have the rear fins moulded on and the front ones as photo-etch. The Sparrows have the rear fins moulded on, with the front ones in resin. Both missiles have photo-etch exhaust parts. The bombs have three types of fuse each all in resin. The parts are all upto Eduard's usual standard, with crisp castings and should pose no problems. Full decals are provided for the missiles & bombs. Although for the F-4, many other aircraft carried these weapons. Conclusion This is a great weapons package from Eduard. These parts should enhance any F-4, or other kit you can think of. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  5. Type IX U-Boat Conversion Set 1:72 CMK This is the second of two sets to be released by CMK for use with the Revell Type IXc U-Boat. Rather than just another weapon set, this contains parts to backdate the kit to a time when the Type IX’s were armed with a single 105mm cannon and a quad 20mm Flak Vierling. As with the previous set, each mounting is made from grey resin, twenty parts for the 105mm and thirty one parts for the quad 20mm mount, the gun barrels themselves are, once again, made of turned brass, which really does help with the look. There is also a sheet of etch brass that provides items such as the hand wheels and support brackets. N72020 – The build begins with the 105mm cannon with the pedestal fitted to the deck mounting plate, followed by the three piece breech section and the metal barrel. The sight fixture and ballistic controls are then attached to the upper breech section, whilst the locking jack is fitted between the underside of the breech section and the inner pedestal, this can be left off if you are using the gun crew in a diorama display. The port and starboard hand controls are attached and fitted with the PE hand wheels. Lastly the port and starboard gun crew rests and their respective supports are fitted. The quad 20mm Flak Vierling build also begins with the deck plate, spare ammunition cartridge storage racks and central pedestal. The centrally positioned controls are fitted to the rear of the pedestal, along with the seat supports and seats. Each side of the mounting is made up of the rotating part, two gun breeches, two metal barrels and two ammunition cartridges. When both are assembled they are fitted to their respective sides of the pedestal, followed by the spare cartridges in their racks and the foot pedals used for firing. The three piece gun shield is then attached and strengthened with a piece of 0.4mm wire that the modeller has to provide. Conclusion This set should give the Revell Type IXc kit a real boost, as any submarine modeller will need to have at least two to build an early and late marquee. As usual the moulding quality is superb, and what flash there si si really fined and will mostly come off without use of a blade. Once assembled and painted they will really look good on the completed submarine. Very highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  6. Type IX U-Boat Weapons Set 1:72 CMK Having released a selection of U-Boat interiors for the Revell Type IX U-Boat, CMK have now released a pair of weapons sets. The first of these is to replace the kit weapons and consists of two twin 20mm cannon and a single 37mm cannon. Each mounting is made from grey resin, eight parts for the 37mm and ten parts for each 20mm mount, but, unlike some other sets, the gun barrels themselves are made of turned brass, which is an excellent move in my view. There is also a sheet of etch brass that provides items such as the hand wheels and support brackets, plus a micro saw to cut the resin parts from their moulding blocks.. N72018 – Each mounting is made up from multiple parts and in this scale, some of them are really rather small. The single 37mm cannon construction begins with the assembly of the mounting, where the base fixing is fitted with the pedestal, which, in turn, is fitted with the seat support structure, training hand wheel on the port side, and the two seat mounts. The starboard side is fitted with a second control beam with another training hand wheel and an elevation hand wheel. The trunnion mount is then fitted to the top of the pedestal, followed by the trunnion cover and two sights. The cannon is made up from a resin breech section, into which the brass barrel is fitted. The breech is then fitted with the ammunition chute and expended cartridges chute. The completed cannon assembly is then fitted to the trunnion mount and finished off with the attachment of the gun shield. With the two 20mm cannon mounts, assembly begins with the twin breech section being fitted with the brass barrels, ammunition cartridges, expended cartridge bag, shoulder harness, trunnion and a PE fitting to the starboard gun. The single piece pedestal is fitted with the training hand wheel and spare cartridge cradle, complete with spare cartridges. The cannon mounting is fitted with the counter weight assembly before the gun assembly is attached and the whole lot fitted to the pedestal. Conclusion It’s great to see CMK releasing more items for the Type IX U-Boat, and these weapons are so much more detailed than the kit parts they really are a must have for the serious modeller. Very highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  7. Hi, before I start I have no affiliation with this company what so ever. I just thought that any builders of 1/700 US or RN warships should take a look at this site. http://www.3dmodelparts.com/ship-accessories/?sort=featured&page=2 I received my order of octuple pom pom's today and am totally amazed at the quality of the parts. These are 3D printed in acrylic resin and are very fine, they are much easier than photo-etch and have 3D barrels. They can also be set at any elevation, so are ideal for diorama's. I hope that some one finds a use for these as I think they are amazing. There are several different weapons and a few structure parts available. Mick ps, I have been chatting to the owner and he is asking for suggestions on his new items.
  8. BigSin Russian Weapons for Mig-21PF/PFM/R Eduard/Brassin 1:48 To go with the new Mig-21 releases Eduard-Brassin have now released a set of Russian weapons to go with them. This BigSin set is contained in a smallish top opening box in the rather ominous black and orange colour scheme. Inside there are four different weapon systems each complete with their own decal sheets and etched parts where required. All these particular weapons have been released in their own individual packs, this set just brings them all together. R-35/AA-2 Atoll-A There are four missile bodies with the rear fins moulded on, four blocks of four forward fins, four launch rail adapters, four clear seeker heads and four resin covers, plus a small PE sheet and a large (for the size of the set) decal sheet. RS-2US/AA1 Alkali There are four missiles cast on individual blocks, five blocks of four steering winglets, and five blocks of four bullet-shaped fairings to be attached to the tips of each of the main wings. A block of four aerodynamic fairings that normally cover the rear of the missiles are also included S-24 Rocket There are two rocket bodies, plus a pair of adapter rails that will fit onto parts A13 and A14 of any of your Eduard Mig-21 kits if you are using them for this purpose. Additionally, a small fret of Photo-Etch (PE) brass is included for the exhausts of the solid rocket motors, and a small decal sheet containing stencils for both the rocket and its adapter rail, which are printed in black and red. UB-16 Rocket Launcher The last of the packs within the box contains two rocket launchers, each provided with an etched rear panel and a resin aerodynamic fairing for the rear of the pod. A set of Cyrillic stencils are provided in red. Conclusion This is a very useful set to go with the latest releases of the Mig-21 variants. Although I still feel that they should have been included in some of the larger limited edition releases rather than being sold separately, but that’s just me being cynical about business. All in all a got set. Highly recommended Review samples courtesy of
  9. Apart from paying through the teeth with Hasegawa weapons sets, are there any other supplies out there that members have come across of decent quality and price? I appreciate there are AM alternatives for the odd specific weapon etc, but was thinking more along the lines of a mulitple boxing. I'm trying to resist £20 for Weapons Set D! cheers
  10. I'm after photos of the twin-bomb carrier unit (BRU-55) used on Classic Hornets so they can carry 2 iron bombs (and their smart versions) on a wing pylon. Managed to dig up a few photos from the internet, but no side-on photos and no details of the rear of the unit. Help appreciated Juanita
  11. Weapons sets Aerobonus 1:48 With their ever increasing line up of aftermarket parts Aires seem to have unlimited vision on what the modeller may need to enhance the details of their models. These three sets each provide two weapons which can be used on a variety of aircraft. They each come in the standard Aerobonus poly sleeves but the parts are well protected by large extensions to the casting blocks. FAB-100 Russian WWII bombs (480 058) These two simple bombs come in three parts, the bomb, tail and arming propeller. The tail fins and arming props look rather fragile and will need to be treated gently, especially when removing from the casting block. The construction is really simple, propeller to the nose of the bomb and the tail attached to the rear, job done. As usual the attachments to the casting block don’t appear to be too problematical and cleaning up will need just a swipe or two from a sanding stick. Details are simple but will look effective when fitted to one of the numerous aircraft that carried this weapon in WWII. Mk46 Torpedoes (480 059) Each torpedo comes in four parts, the main body, tail unit, propeller and parachute canister. Removal from the casting blocks appears to be pretty easy with minimal clean up required afterwards. Be careful of the propeller shroud on the chute canister as it is very thin and fragile, as are the propeller blades. The rest of the parts are pretty sturdy though and will make up a really good looking torpedo, whether mounted on a Sea King, Lynx or the bay of a Viking by the finely moulded clamps or sitting on a trolley as part of a diorama. The instructions come with a colour paint chart although the modeller will need to do some research for which are correct for the type of torpedo they want to use as there is no other information given. LAU-3 Rocket Launchers (480 060) Each rocket container comes in five parts, the main body, two end caps with rocket noses one end and their tails at the other, and two streamlined frangible caps, one for each end. The details are nicely done and along with minimal clean up after removal from the casting blocks they should build up into good looking units. There is a colour paint chart in the instructions and a small decal sheet which provides simple stencil markings. All the modeller has to do is to decide how many he needs for his A-1, A-4, A-7 or whatever aircraft their research shows carried these launchers. Conclusion This is a very nice selection of airborne weaponry that will add that extra bit of pizzazz to a completed model. They are all pretty simple to construct but have a finer appearance than some injection moulded parts have. Recommended. Review samples courtesy of distributed in the UK by Hannants Ltd.
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