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  1. Have the WEM pe and your paint think having more than one on the go helps when one hits snags. Change as good as rest. Be lucky Cheers Brian
  2. Greetings Jamie. Thanks for the assistance will look again at plans I have and look into shapeways or after market to get weapon fit and radar correct at least. Just fancied building a 1/700 aircraft! Cheers Brian.
  3. Thanks for your assistance sir ,1940 early ,and a research a bit more .i have a Kajero 3d book and so onward and upward. Cheers Brian.
  4. Brian Derbyshire

    HMS Rodney

    Would anyone know when rodney first embarked a Walrus seaplane.I have 1/700 tamiya kit and white ensign P/ E ,and Flyhawk Walrus and i don,t want the hassle of a camo paint scheme, plain home fleet grey would be nice ,Just wonder which non camo paint scheme would be correct with the seaplane or was it only onboard when Rodney had camo paint? Cheers Brian
  5. Emergency stops lift safeties that's for sure! Glad the squadron thinghelped.As a ex yottie (HMY) I know scuttles polished a few. Scuttles runs were wardroom rights of passage. Lower deck had the " Zulu warrior "and suchlike. Cheers Brian.
  6. Greetings sir Watching the WIP and i get more details to add to my Arethusa build each time,so thanks gents!@#$ Maybe a gash shoot over the stern? I think the Rover gas turbine fire pump lived there,maybe alongside(known as the two man herniai think) main reason for this post is i remember 1979 group 8 deployment to far east flagship was Norfolk,and 3rd Frigate squadron. Arethusa Falmouth jupiter,a type 21 arrow i think and Dido. I don,t fully trust my memory so wike?pidea entry for Dido gives a link to Navy news ships of RN feature stating after refit 1978 did work up and joined 3rd frigate squadron. Hope thats some help. Cheers Brian.
  7. Thanks for that , i,ve a way to go but all good,Getting a decent standard at 1/600 is tricky,Might move to 1/350 next time,thanks again. Cheers Brian.
  8. Greetings Sir. Very nice job ,must overcome my fear of air brushing. I seem to recall flight deck colour as a very dark grey almost black.that was the colour i went with on my Airfix Arethusa. I would be interested to know the correct shade,I,am thinking you would know. Cheers Brian.
  9. Greetings Gents Splendid job ,really good sea base,beats my bog roll and varnish efforts, "Greyhound" movie is based on the novel "good shepherd"by C S Forester so i,am reliably informed. Cheers Brian.
  10. only wish my efforts looked as good under any sort of magnification! splendid job sir. Cheers Brian.
  11. Will it be modelled with gold bars in the bomb room or do i have the wrong ship?
  12. May improved operational capabilities,but Tiger and Blake took a severe beating with the "ugly stick"each to their own. Cheers Brian.
  13. Progress so far comments appreciated. I think my paint work has improved since the gun leander, can't manage regular photo updates as son assists with tech and I am a slow learner, Thanks to other leander modellers for research, which has helped my build. Cheers Brian.
  14. Greetings Sir 

    glad to see Dido back have used your WIP shamelesly to assist my Airfix ikara conversion,beenvery helpful.

    I was on the same far east deployment 1979 but in Arethusa and as a Baby stoker.

    Be lucky Cheers Brian.

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