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  1. Greetings Sir reckon this will be abit special . Can you do away with the optivisor at 1/72?. Be lucky .
  2. Greetings Sir Thanks for comments, I think the oz Leanders , DE,s had the ikara in a different position,Mate of mine was in Derwent, so i,ll ask him.I,ve started on a1/700 Rodney but the weapon fit for the period it had a walrus is confusing! making the 1/700 walrus was interesting!@#$, Be lucky. Cheers Brian.
  3. Something other than grey makes achange, seriously nice work sir.
  4. Only just seen , takes the biscuit, Splendid job sir.
  5. Like the blocks on keel as if dry dock, A nice touch , Cheers Brian.
  6. Most difficult bit was rigging and it fails to show on photos !!
  7. Finally finished conversion,not sure if i improved on the gun (4.5) version which came first, PE came from atlantic models and extras from Bogies bits .Advice from forum members was very helpful.hope i can attach photos now, taken with my phone so not the best . Cheers Brian.
  8. Greetings Sir. Splendid job sir, mood evokes "calm before storm" quality job. Be lucky Cheers Brian.
  9. Great seascape wish i could get results as good, best wishes from down under. Be lucky cheers Brian.
  10. Greetings Sir. Best wishes from down under and get well soon. Cheers Brian Derbyshire.
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