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  1. Greetings Sir Nice one ,anything "airfix" turns my props, Be lucky Cheers Brian.
  2. Greetings Sir Very imppresive especially like the fitting out basin . Cheers Brian D.
  3. Greetings Sir Splendid job impressed with camo, as thats something i avoid ! Be lucky Cheers Brian.
  4. Greetings Sir Lovely job recently got this kit as a gift but i think iwill cheat and go with some aftermarket , do like the old airfix . Splendid job sir. Cheers Brian.
  5. Greetings Sir Saved the day that makes things clear,, if you are ever in queensland the beers on me! Cheers Brian.
  6. Greetings Building this and advised that to be correct with "Walrus" embarked which i now have built along with p/e catapult, Ishould have 2x0.5 quad vickers and 3x 2pdr multiple mounts . Can,t seem to find the correct position for the vickers and i presume multiple 2pdrs are the pom pom type aa guns. not sure of their position,Ihave after market quad 0,5,s but can,t seem to find correct position ,plans ihave are for 1942 and show no 0.5,s and 6x sets of pom pom,s. Wanted to build in plain grey paint but with aircraft hence 1939/40. Confused ex stoker needs help . Cheers Brian.
  7. Greetings Sir reckon this will be abit special . Can you do away with the optivisor at 1/72?. Be lucky .
  8. Greetings Sir Thanks for comments, I think the oz Leanders , DE,s had the ikara in a different position,Mate of mine was in Derwent, so i,ll ask him.I,ve started on a1/700 Rodney but the weapon fit for the period it had a walrus is confusing! making the 1/700 walrus was interesting!@#$, Be lucky. Cheers Brian.
  9. Something other than grey makes achange, seriously nice work sir.
  10. Only just seen , takes the biscuit, Splendid job sir.
  11. Like the blocks on keel as if dry dock, A nice touch , Cheers Brian.
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