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Found 52 results

  1. Adam Poultney

    Airfix Vulcan Questions

    So I've finally gotten around to buying a Vulcan, the Airfix 1/72 XH558 boxing. Any advice on the notoriously difficult kit? Are there any in depth reviews that tell how to build a good model out of it? I've heard that the engines are inaccurate for XH558, which I don't plan on building it as anyway, which Vulcans are they accurate for? Finally, what aftermarket upgrades are useful (I know there are seamless intakes available), and where can I get them from? I'm not too bothered about the cockpit as it will be hardly visible The less chopping up and resin surgery I have to do the better.... I have never used resin upgrades for a scale model before
  2. Hi just ordered myself some custom mass effect models of Shepard and Miranda Lawson thing is I dont know where to start paint wise. as you can see from the pictures i need them colours I know I sound like "tell me the colours" but I aint got a clue when it comes to paints. other thing is they are big models and I am wanting them to have detailed faces I know this sounds like a stupid question again but does anyone know of a set or something to use I mean there are ones out there just they are meant for men and stuff what I mean is I wanted them to look like a woman like the pictures . ALSO hair colours as well plz I really dont have a clue hope you can understand poor writing skills cheers
  3. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Serious kick to the Mojo Jewels !

    Hello all ... What does everyone do when they get a serious beat down in the Mojo dept. ? Specifically from a kit that just refuses to cooperate ? In this case a Roden Albatross D.I. I had it all going very well until i tried to mount the upper wing. Then disintegration ... the more i tried to fix it, the worse things got ? I know Roden’s are notorious for issue’s like this. But i actually sailed through the butt jointed lower wings on the kit. Silly me thought i was good after that. Anyway i was writing this post to see what everyones solution was when they get that kick in the mojo jewels ? Get right back into it and build another kit ? Take some time and de-stress ? Just looking for general thoughts and ideas. Dennis
  4. Steve_farrier

    Airbrush hell

    Hi guys I need a little help with my airbrush. Mits just closing constantly! Its a sparmax 40 im using Tamiya acrylics thinned out with either Tamiya thinner or water. I'm having to clean fully after every colour. Strip down and rebuild. Im cleaning with thinners, cotton buds and kitchen roll. I've flushed through after every coloir change and I just can't get this right I've recently had to change to signal use trigger rather than the pull/depress trigger as that was blocking even quicker.
  5. canberra kid

    1/48 Harvard

    Hi all I'm thinking of getting a 1/48 Italeri Harvard, is it an Italeri kit or a re box and is it any good? John
  6. Olli

    Help me prevent a murder...

    I have a small problem which the other half might kill me for. I was working on a model and knocked pretty much all of a pot of humbrol black enamel paint on the cream living room carpet, resulting in a 3 inch stain... I got the most if it up with WD40 and some stain remover but she's still going to notice. Anyone got any good tricks?? Pretty please!
  7. Steve_farrier

    Jadgtiger photos please

    Hi guys I'm trying to hunt down some jadgtiger photos. Having spent a few hours on google I can only find the same photos circulating. It's kinda frustrating. Move lots of photos of the one down at the tank museum Dorset and the Aberdeen training grounds (or what was) but both these are Porsche types. Im particularly after winter camouflage schemes and intersting field alterations etc thank you so much
  8. Note ***first ever scratched building*** Hi guys. Alongside my vehicles I will be displaying various buildings. I scratched this one from plasticard and have given it a VERY VERY rough coat of grey/green & some awful attempts and making it look like concrete! the interior I'm happy with except for the later addition of "glass". im hoping I can fall on some of the knowledge of you guys here for some help completing the textures and colours of concrete Tin roof is just placed on ATM with lots still to do there, thank you all in advance. No help or criticism will be treated as negative,
  9. Hello - I hope you good AFV folk can help me out - again... I will shortly have a tank commander and some truck and halftrack drivers to paint in 1/72. They are British / Northern Europe / 1944 - market garden type stuff... I am looking for help with basic uniform / helmet / beret colours. I use Vallejo Model Air - but I do have conversion charts for... Humbrol Gunze Gunze Mr Colour Tamiya XF Testors Can anyone throw a few colour numbers this way please. Thanks in advance - Steve
  10. Steve_farrier


    Getting confused. Some days I get emails saying I've treads that have been updated but when I log on to forum I have no notification icons so am having to use my emails to link which threads are updated. I know it's certainly not keeping a track of likes either. Is it a forum bug or is it my settings? Or something I'm doing? (I also have the notify for replies on) example is my Korea thread has 2 replies today... yet no red dot to say so Thanks guys :-)
  11. rockpopandchips

    Iridescent paints?

    So I want to have a go at making an insect type paint effect with a black, blue and greens, the sort of colours you see on beetles. Any recommendations on paint, how I might go about doing it, an idiots guild would be great. Is it even worth doing on a Gundam kit? I see Createx do some paints but this company get some very bad reviews, Hobbynox I can get from my LHS but know nothing of this brand,Hobbynox Any help at all would be great. Thanks Brian
  12. Mike

    The Sea Vixen Appeal

    After the Sea Vixen's emergency belly landing recently, the folks at Navy Wings have set up an appeal to help repair the old girl, and hopefully get her back in the air. You can do your part by pledging a little money to this appeal, which you can find here on their website.
  13. Hey folks Getting back in to AFV building after a couple of years break building just aircraft and fancied building the Tamiya Matilda III/IV as an Aussie one with the Echelon decal set... not sure how much difference there was between the two versions whether it's just details or major re-building. Can anybody give me a little advice here ??. Thanks in advance. Ian.
  14. I have just acquired an airbrush set up from Little Cars - which included an airbrush cleaning pot. I understand what it is for & how to use it - BUT... Obviously it is going to get dirty & being a "clean freak" - I wondered do I put anything inside to either ABSORB the paint / cleaner such as some kitchen tissue OR further dilute the paint / cleaner such as water. I will be spraying with acrylics. Any advice would be appreciated - or if I'm just being a wuss - please let me know Oh & Happy Easter Modelling Steve
  15. Hi Everyone - I'm a newbie & even more of a newbie to airbrushing. I am in the first testing stages with my first airbrush & need your help & advice. I have been doing some testing with "pre-shading" panel lines. Everything I have seen so far seems to use black paint for this. My first tests are not a total failure - BUT... The black seems very hard to cover - compared to the fantastic results I have seen on here -so the question is - MUST IT BE BLACK??? I am doing WWII aircraft - Luftwaffe & RAF - would a dark shade of grey be better for me, as I don't want to attempt a "tinted" colour - such as dark blue for a light blue underside. In short - HELP - PLEASE -
  16. Hi all: I've built a few ships in 1/700, but I've always had problems with PE parts, namely railings, either I glue them on before I paint it, and it makes paint the thing nearly impossible, or I put them on after and it may mess up the paint. Anyone have any advice on how to work with PE parts in 1/700? Doesn't necessarily have to be railings, can be PE in general. Cause it drives me mad everytime. Any good advice or links are welcomed. Thank you. Also, any tricks to gluing a large piece of PE such as flight deck or sides of superstructures? Cheers Val
  17. mprimdj

    Help required

    greetings folks, after the decals applied over Hataka paint on my Alpha-Jet, and AK Matt Varnish, i noticed a little bit of silvering is still there, how do i get rid of it? thanks in advance
  18. So i just got a Nikon D3300 and would like to do some (very) amateur airshow photography with it. I dont really have much money to spend and accept this is hardly enough to get a decent Lense but i was wondering if either of these lenses would work: Nikon 55-200mm VR - I know 200mm isn't widely considered enough, but with a crop sensor would it be enough for airshows at Duxford and Headcorn where the planes are fairly close? Sigma 70-300mm APO - I have heard the image quality is decent but the autofocus is a bit rubbish. has anyone had any success with this lense? I have looked at the Nikkor 55-300VR but i can't afford it really, as my max is about £130. If i really can't get ANYTHING good for that i may be able to stretch it a bit. Will
  19. markjames68

    Lightning part identification

    On a number of reference pics i have of the F6 lightning cockpit there is soething that looks like an armrest with some sort of handle/joystick on the end that protrudes, i assume from the rear cockpit wall past the left side of the seat..... What is it?? Anyone have a pic of it attaching to the rear cockpit wall?. Also there seems to be a gap to the left of the seat ? Between the seat and the console? Whats between the seat and the side panel?
  20. Levin

    Help: Revell M60 camouflage

    Hi, I have recently finished building my Revell 1/72 M60 tank and just wanted to start painting but i dont know how. Heres the problem: I wanted to paint it as a vehicle of Reforger 85` as it is depicted on the boxart (http://www.revell.de/fileadmin/import/images/bau/03140_%23BAU_M60_A3_2015.PDF first painting scheme; Boxart: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234987966-m60-a3-172-revell/) as I like the orange identification marks and i have a picture of it (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6d/M60A3_Panzer.jpg ) though in the instruction it is supposed to be a four-tone camo scheme (while it isn´t MERDC summer verdant (http://www.cybermodeler.com/armor/m60/m60_profile01.shtml) as the colors nor the scheme are matching, the boxart shows mostlikely a standart NATO three-tone camo and the original pictures isn`t much help either so: How should I paint it? Thank you in advance Levin
  21. lomasca

    Windows for an Airfix Vanguard

    Hi All, I'm working on the re-released Airfix Vanguard (144) in the BEA red square scheme. Im conscious how those plastic strip windows (which I think it comes with) always look a bit cack. Can anyone offer ideas of how to fill in windows a different way? I'd like it to look as pro as possible, as it's going to be a father's day gift. Ideas welcome. Chris
  22. Hi all, just a quck question: I'm wondering how to get a nice dusty finish (such as on MickE's beautiful Wellington http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001041-148-wellington-1c/?hl=wellington )without using pigments, but buying online is my only option, and I can't find any MiG pigments(I can also take a cheaper brand of pigment, if any) under AUD$15 ( £8) as the nearest model shop is more than 1500km (950mi) away; not really an option! I know you can also airbrush a dusty-looking covering on, but I would need some tips on this before starting. Any answers welcome!!
  23. Hi all, I'm building a 1/144 A319 at the moment, and to be geeky for geeks sake i'm painting it up in a fantasy livery of the imaginary airline I has when I was a kid... Take what you will from that. Either way, I need to find a decal sheet of standard lettering to form a random/made up registration. G - XXXX (or whatever). Ideally I need them in white. I can find some squarey RAF ones around, but if someone can point me towards some more generic ones, i'd be grateful. I can paint the livery but not the reg. Cheers, Chris
  24. robw_uk

    Diorama Noob Help

    all.. .as we dont have a GB chat thread yet for the Vignette GB, any pointers for a dio novice... will be a 1/72 Hurricane, figures and base... was thinking of using wooden board painted & then use the green "grass" powder... anything else i should consider - any examples knocking around of the sort of thing i am trying to achieve, any SBS guides on creating grass bases???
  25. GazB

    Questions about Varnish

    Hello all. I'm in a state of confusion at present, heh. Ok, so here's the issue. After quite a hiatus I've recently got back into some modelling. Back when I use to make models, I put them together, painted them and added the decals, and that was it. I never used varnishes or washes or weathering. For Christmas I received a Bandai 1/72 Y-Wing starfighter. A bit different from what I used to make, being a clip-kit, but I actually quite liked not having to faff around with glue, sticking the parts to myself more than the other pieces So anyway. I gave it a coat of Tamiya primer, then some flat black and light grey for the shadowing. Other bits were painted with Tamiya acrylics with tiny amounts of Revell matt enamels here and there (for chips and marks and whatnot). Overall, I think it looks pretty good for my first foray into 'beating' up a kit. Now here's where the dilemma sets in. Varnishing. I've read a lot about Klear. Of course, prior to this kit, I'd never heard of the stuff. Apparently it was renamed and rebottled and appears slightly different, but works the same way. I got my hands on some Pledge Multi-Surface Wax, which I think is the same stuff updated. My surety wavers a little when I see people displaying bottles with the old Klear markings above the new title (I haven't actually seen anyone with the exact bottle I have). I've tested it on a small piece, and it did do the job. Also stood up to a small test of Mig washes and a bit of paint cleaner (still waiting on my Mig thinner to arrive). However, the results were a little less stellar on a larger test piece (the kit base). It didn't seem to apply consistently, and even after a few coats the wash test didn't really flow into all the little nooks and cranny's. In hindsight doing a test clean up with the Revell paint cleaner probably wasn't the best choice ( ) since it started to remove the underlying layer, but the exercise had me a little concerned for when I would apply this stuff to the model. By brush, I might add. So I started looking around. So far I've snagged myself a can of Vallejo matt acrylic for the final job (I think prior to applying Mig pigments, since I hear coating them doesn't work well) since a test of adding some flat base to the pledge didn't exactly work, but my recent test had me wondering about the gloss. Today I had a look around. The options were limited to a bottle of Windsor and Newton gloss varnish (not sure how that would react), and some Humbrol gloss cote. My confusion flares up with regard to the Humbrol in particular. The Humbrol video on the gloss cote says to thin it up with enamel thinners. That would suggest its composition is similar to enamel paint, or something similarly solvent based (no real information on what its made up of that I can find). But then the Humbrol washes (and the Mig for that matter) are enamel, and cleaned up with enamel thinners. So how is it the Gloss cote isn't stripped off as well? I'm pretty confused at the moment, and a little worried to try anything in case it completely knackers all my work so far. If anyone can clear this up for me, I'd really appreciate it. I'd also love to know for certain if this is the right stuff: Thanks for any help in advance