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  1. And after a short delay. My weapons sets have arrived :D. Hopefully I now have the right pods and GBU for this version
  2. Hi Mike, Fitting of the canopy was a tight fit. At one stage I thought I hadn't inserted the IP correctly then it kind of just clicked and fitted tight into place and aligned correctly. So my guess would be that the slightest misalignment in the cockpit could cause a problem, facing that I got got lucky more than good judgement. By and large I've found the fit to be excellent on this model. Worst areas for me were the cannon cover. And I must have done something terribly wrong with the exhausts as the seem a very loose fit. Also possible with the uniform dark color of my paintwork, I just haven't spotted the mis alignment yet Love the paintwork you achieved on yours. All the best Chris
  3. Exhausts now fitted. Bit of a standstill till my Hasegawa weapons sets turn up.
  4. Not sure what has happened with the photo on the engines. Its not red/orangey to the eye. More titanium, silver, black. But anyways. My attempt at recreating the exhausts :D
  5. Stunning. Love this aircraft and love the job you have done on it
  6. Hmmm, I might end up going with a green that "looks" right
  7. So forgive the messy work area...... Decals are for Ravage from the Two Bobs set for Lakenheath. Going to add some panel wash to the main panel lines then concentrate on weathering the exhausts.
  8. And then I realized a small problem. I didn't like the kit decals so bought the Two Bob maximum effort Eagles from Lakenheath. Didn't realize this called for an AN/AAQ-33 Sniper pod which this kit doesn't have. So seems the Hasegawa weapons set number 9 includes one so thats now on order. Fortunately that doesn't stop me from working on the rest of the kit
  9. So, basic paint is now done. My Iwata Eclipse really didn't seem to like AK acrylics, but managed ok on an Iwata Neo, although I couldn't seem to manage to control the paint flow as well as I can with Lacquer for some reason. Guessing that's my fault and not the paints Lots of weathering and shading to do on the metal parts yet so still looking a little bland.
  10. Managed to pick up a set of Hasegawa weapons set number 9 which includes one.
  11. anyone know of anyone who makes one? Found an Arma hobby one bu think its been discontinued.
  12. Thank you both. Ordered some paint and will make the best job I can
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