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  1. Good to know, I'll look forward to hearing from him regarding deleting my account.
  2. never denied that fact mike was kind enough to take an interest in my first build in this forum. won't forget his encouragement. But non the less. I Still want the account deleted.
  3. I did mate. And thanks for the response Small time contributor long time browser. I'm no great loss in the scheme of things.
  4. And I mentioned previously. I was asking a question. I don't know.. I'm guessing at some point the guy who tried using future asked the question.
  5. I never begrudge any manufacturer that grows my hobbies, we all need a profit. I'm interested in alternatives and whether they are legitimate alternatives. Otherwise I'm sure many modellers would be buying AN other brand varnish rather than future / pledge etc. Thank you for your response. But I didn't know that alternatives. I think its a big danger in this hobby that people know and assume others do. Not a criticism, just an observation I see with many younger modellers I know.
  6. Is there an option for this?
  7. Sorry, but if you read the article ht effective constituents are approximately the same. As with many hobbies and indeed industries I've been involved with, a brand name or title highly increases the price. It;'s for the individual to choosa based upon informed choice rather than a label a manufacturer chooses to to put on their bottle and market as. If I have made a mistake in thinking that Britmodeller was a friendly site where we echanged and asked idea. Then by all mean, please @root delete the article . I simply thought it was interesting, FYI totally different hobby. Marine a
  8. Never heard or tried that but sounds good Im liking your thinking
  9. Got to be worth a try. Assuming other cleaners must work as Tamiya seems a little rare in the UK.
  10. Symboled across this article which was on Instagram. Anyone ever tried this? would save a fair amount of money https://scalemodelling.wiki/helpdesk/replace-your-tamiya-extra-thin-with-tamiya-airbrush-cleaner/
  11. Any idea how much work is involved in turning a normal SU-35 into the aforementioned? go t yearling to do the splinter Camo version which I believe was the 10BM according to Begemot? Thanks ,Chris
  12. Hi All, I was reading a tigers tale by Bob Cossey and it has a photo credited as May 1941. The spitfire in question had a C under the nose. I had never seen this on photos of 74 squadron spitfires before so was wondering if anyone could confirm if they have seen anything similar for 74 squadron. I'm just about to start a build on another spitfire that was at 74 at the same time and all photos I have of it do not show under the nose. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Chris
  13. The Mk1 Type 1 (oblong) was adopted in 1941. Looking at what photos I have of the aircraft there is no way to tell but I'm guessing the oblong. Weirdly the exhaust really look like MKII exhausts not MkV exhausts. Not sure if that is possible or just really bad photos. I know this aircraft was ordered as a MKII but came out the factory as a Vb
  14. Thinking about converting the 1/32 MKII Revell kit to a Vb. The aircraft I'm planning to model is a fairly early variant. Would you expect to see any differences in the cockpit? Thanks, Chris
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