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  1. That feedback made me go back to my photos from when I was a kid standing in front of the B-17 at Duxford and going into the concorde.. Makes me realise how long it is since I paid a visit
  2. Amazing how we see what we know should be there rather than see what is actually there
  3. I hadn't honestly thought of the Starfighter Thank you
  4. I agree it would be a fairly massive project from technology and editorial point of view. But do you think if it was there people would 1. Contribute their knowledge 2. Utilise it.
  5. Definitely developing a common theme here
  6. The Fokker certainly seems to be the runaway leader at this early stage. Agree on UK perception. Would USA population for example recognise Red Arrows and would UK general population recognise Blue Angels? Certainly see the logic round the Jumbo Big thumbs up on this one. Liking the reasoning from being seen in reference to Media, Popular Culture. especially the MASH helicopter. Remember watching that on TV. Not the Westland Wapiti? I was wondering when the B-52 was going to get mentioned its its had plenty of news footage across various conflicts, Liking the Phantom. Weirdly it wasn't in my thinking when i started the question.
  7. Good point. I guess most people in the UK would recognise the name spitfire and could probably point one out. But if you asked them for a Luftwaffe aircraft I have a hunch they might say Stuka before Messerschmitt but not recognise the shape. So I'm guessing shape as people recognise brands sometimes more than they recognise the name of the company.
  8. In your answers please Although the idea of a horde of modellers across the world doing a survey could be fun Thanks, Chrs
  9. Hi Guys, I'm doing a bit of research on branding recognition into specific markets and hoping you can help. Every era of flight has an aircraft that is recognisable by people who have little to no knowledge of aircraft. If I was to ask you to be kind enough to respond I would like to collect any answers from across a period of a month to get the most popular responses. Eras : WW1, WWII Cold War Early (I'm thinking 50's or 60's aircraft here Cold War Late Latest Generation. Fighters, bombers, makes no difference, I'm aware we all have bias to our favourites be that through nationality or era etc and I could name the obvious ones like a Fokker Triplane and Sopwith Camel but I have my own inbuilt bias. If any of you could take the time with any responses it will be truly appreciated. Chris
  10. Thanks, ref frame 16. Another change to add to the list of my Mk XIV conversion
  11. Reading with interest. Is it safe to assume from the diagram that the wingtip lights were retained? Also any information on the colours of the lights? Regards, Chris
  12. So having taken a break from decals I started on the Acrid missiles. Looking at some pictures on the web I liked how some of them looked decidedly worn with the metal lots of shades. So an opportunity to try something I've never done before. Bare Metal Foil. I have immense respect for the guys who are good at this. Mine is still a work in progress but I'm quite please with how its turning out.
  13. Bored of decals tonight So quick question. Look on the internet there seems to be different pain schemes on the Acrid Missiles so with white fins some with plain metal. Does it matter which I use???
  14. Thank you I'm still worrying I didn't tone it down enough. Hopefully the final varnish will calm it a little. Thanks That's actually the spare canopy that I'm using to protect the cockpit. The other one is all painted up ready to attach at the end. Thanks Thanks
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