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Found 21 results

  1. F-16 Jet Nozzle for F100-PW Engine (MDR4860 for Tamiya) 1:48 Metallic Details Tamiya’s F-16 in 1:48 is a nice kit, but styrene exhausts can’t rival resin replacements, and when those resin parts have been patterned using SLA 3D printing, there’s no contest. This set arrives in a shallow cardboard box with five dark grey resin parts, a small fret of Photo-Etch (PE) brass, and a slip of glossy paper with simple instructions printed on them. The detail is phenomenal as usual with Metallic Details sets, and once the casting blocks have been removed, it is a simple task to fit the parts together although painting them realistically will take a little more skill and effort. The inner trunking is capped off with a circular rear face of the engine with a PE afterburner ring glued centrally over the centre boss, then the truck is slipped inside the outer fairing, resting on a small lip within. The superbly thin and detailed set of inner petals are slotted into the front of the fairing against the lip, and the outer petals then slide over the inners, completing the assembly. The key aspect will be the painting, so take care to research the correct shades for each section, as it will make a huge difference and really do the set justice if they are well painted. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Hello! Today I present to you my newest model of Lockheed F-16C Fighting Falcon in 1/72 scale. The model was created from the Polish MisterCraft set, which is a very weak set. I modified the model and after the modification it has a new pilot's seat, completed gaps in the main landing gear, a new engine nozzle as well as improved geometry and wing mounting. The model received the livery of the 445th Flight Test Squadron, Edwards AFB, California, February 2010.
  3. 176th Fighter Squadron F-16C Vipers (ED-32126) 1:32 Euro Decals by Fantasy Printshop Ltd. The 176th Fighter Squadron is part of the 115th Fightr Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard currently flying the Block 30 F-16C Fighting Falcon, although now scheduled to transition to the F-35 in 2023. As well as two standard jets this decal sheet features two specially marked aircraft for the 50th Anniversary (Red tail) and 60th Anniversary (Blue tail) jets. The decals arrive on 1 large A sheet for the markings, both Squadron ones and stencils, quality is first rate with sharpness and colour density both good. Grab yourself a big phantom and you've got the basis for a rather interesting scheme to put on it. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  4. New boxing for the Kinetic 1/48th F-16A/B NSAWC Adversary - ref. K48004 Block 15 Markings: - NSAWC 04 TOPGUN 90th Anniversary 2009 - NSAWC 60 2006-2009 - NSAWC 53 2004 Decal printed by Cartograf Decal design by FighterTown Decal Model Feature: Training ACMI Pod Related Links Source: http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48004 V.P.
  5. Hi all here is my recently finished 1:48 Italeri F-16 (2786) I finished it in the markings of a Portuguese Air Force F-16AM markings are 20 Years of F-16 in Portuguese Service by Model Maker Decals Mr Hobby Color paints used H305,H306,H307 and H308 For main colours plus Tamiya paints for minor parts An enjoyable build despite some fit issues with the undercarriage Thank you for looking and enjoy Happy Modelling
  6. Hi, Been a while since my last posting. Kind of lost my mojo after I threw the Tamiya Sea Harrier kit away because it just beat me !! .. will start saving for the Kinetic version. In the meantime , found this 1:48 F16 in Home bargains for about £5 but it was the "Thunderbird version " but with an Air National Gaurd option, so here it is. All OOB and the only change was to paint the canopy with a gold tint. Cheap kit and probably not accurate but it looks like a F-16. Main issue was the canopy fit, it was warped so had to use quite a bit of filler to make it fit. Painting the canopy was new and worked better than I thought. Also, got a new airbrush and well happy with it. So much so, I liked using it so much, I managed to cover up all the pre-shading.. Lots of techniques learned and re learned with this cheap kit. Now on the hunt for a decent Lysander Cheers Happy Modelling
  7. All Hellenic Air Force's F-16 1:72 & 1:48 TG Decals TG Decals are a new company to us here at Britmodeller and this is their second sheet for users of the F-16. This sheet covers all F-16s in service in Greece, all the blocks single and twin seaters. There is one decal sheet, a small set of masks for the tail on the 330 Sqn Aircraft, and a small sheet of self adhesive reinforcement plates for those aircraft which received them. There are good detailed colour instructions and they have included a variety of popular paints in the colour call outs. While some modeller don't like making out tail codes from individual characters, the use like this enables any aircraft to be modelled. The decals are printed in the US so they leave you to guess who with The quality is excellent, they are sharp, in register and have minimal carrier film. The masks and reinforcement plates are not pictured, however the instructions for them are. Conclusion An overall great package from TG to model one of the national users of the F-16 not catered for by more mainstream manufacturers. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  8. All Chilean Air Force's F-16 1:72 & 1:48 - TG Decals TG Decals are a new company to us here at Britmodeller and this is their first sheet for users of the F-16. This sheet covers all F-16s in service in Chile, all the blocks single and twin seaters. There is one decal sheet, and a small sheet of self adhesive reinforcement plates for those Block 30 MLU aircraft. The sheet is not shown, but the placement instructions are. There are good detailed colour instructions and they have included a variety of popular paints in the colour call outs. While some modellers don't like making out tail codes from individual characters, the use like this enables any aircraft to be modelled. The decals are printed in the US so they leave you to guess who with The quality is excellent, they are sharp, in register and have minimal carrier film. The 1/48 sheet is shown for clarity but the 1/72 are just as good. Conclusion An overall great package from TG to model one of the national users of the F-16 not catered for by more mainstream manufacturers. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  9. Academy is to release two new variants/boxings from its 1/32nd Lockheed Martin F-16C Fighting Falcon kit. - ref.12123 - F-16CG/CJ Fighting Falcon released October 2015 Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00012&pCode=9052 - ref.12123A - KF-16C Fighting Falcon ltd. edition Source: [http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00002&pCode=9060&pCategory=NEWS1 V.P.
  10. Turkish Air Force F-16C (K48069) 1:48 Kinetic Model I would pretty much assume that almost all modellers reading this review are familiar with the F-16 Fighting Falcon. It is probably the most used combat aircraft in the world at this time. The F-16 was developed by General Dynamics for the USAF. This was as a result of proposals for an Advanced Day Fighter Concept. Following on from an Air Force study group the idea of a Lightweight Fighter was developed. Certain elements of the Air Force remained hostile to this as it was perceived as a threat to the then F-15 programme. In 1972 General Dynamics was awarded a contract to produce the YF-16. The aircraft introduced numerous innovations in fighter design, including a frameless bubble canopy affording the pilot greater visibility. Air-to-air missiles were mounted on wing tip pylons to free up underwing stations and the central control column was replaced by a side stick controller. The pilots seat was reclined by 30° to reduce G forces. In technological terms the aircraft was one of the first to use fly-by-wire and relaxed stability were by the computers actually flew the aircraft instead of conventional inputs. Like many aircraft the F-16 has developed over the years, probably to point where the original designers would marvel at the difference between the YF-16 and the latest 2 Seat aircraft with external Avionics spines & conformal fuel tanks. It has certainly gone from a Lightweight fighter to a more overweight example, no doubt like a lot of us over the years! It is estimated over 4500 F-16 aircraft have now been produced. The Turkish Air Force like a lot of NATO countries has bought F-16s. Eight Aircraft were purchased from the US with Turkish Aerospace Industries licence building a further 232. TAI have also exported aircraft to Egypt. Turkey is one of only 5 countries to locally produce the F-16. The Kit This is a re-issue of Kinetic's F-16 kit which dates back to 2008 and has seen multiple re-issues since. This edition comes with decals for 3 special schemes used by the Turkish Air Force. Construction begins with the cockpit. The read bulkhead is added to the tub followed by the side instrument panels, the main panel and the side stick controller. We then move to the central air intake duct, the bottom of which also forms the top of the main gear bay. The front and rear bulkheads of the bay are added followed by a fan front part at the rear, it can then it can fitted into the lower fuselage section. We then move to the upper fuselage section. The front part is split to allow single and two seat models to be made from the same tool. The single seater front part is added to the rest of the top and the gun muzzle added. The completed cockpit from earlier can then be added in. The read air brakes are moulded closed, however they can be cut off and positioned open if wanted. The fuselage sections can now be joined up. The main single air intake can now be built up. The bottom of this forms the nose wheel bay. The intake is then surrounded by its outer skin and this can the added to the fuselage. The instructions have the modeller add the nose gear at this point, though I suspect most will do this later. The main gear is also built up and added at this time. Moving to the read of the aircraft the exhaust nozzle is built up and added along with the tail planes. The vertical fin is built up from the fin, its base, and the rudder, along with a separate rear housing. This can then be added. Back to cockpit the seat is built up and added. For the canopy Kinetic have moulded the frame and canopy separate to these will need to be carefully joined. Weapons & Stores Kinetic gives us basically 4 sprues which deal mainly with weapons and under wing stores. We get A centre line tank, two wing tanks, AIM-120s, AIM-9Ms, AGM-65s, GBU-38s, GBU-31;, GBU-12's, GBU-24s; as well as an AAQ-29 & AN/AAQ-13. While the Turkish Air Force use of some of these weapons, they dont use them all, and there use on the special schemes is doubtful, the modeller will have to do their research to check. Markings The new decal sheet has be designed by Crossdelta and printed by cartograf so there should be no issues there. The sheet gives 3 special schemes as worn by he Turkish Air Force. 143 Sqn from 2007 20th Ann of Turkish F-16 Operations. The aircraft has a striking red fin & tanks as seen on the box art. 143 Sqn, this was the second special scheme, similar to the red one but using blue. 132 Sqn, aircraft as seen at "Anatolian Eagle 2015" in Konya, Turkey. You can find a colour copy of the instructions and profiles here, although the product hasn't yet been added to the product listing on the Kinetic website. Conclusion This is still a good F-16 and its great to see decals for other users of the F-16, and these special schemes do look good. Recommended. In association with
  11. Hi guys. I want to show you my latest build, it´s Kinetics 1:72 F-16D in polish colors. Poland operates a total of 50 F-16C/D, two of them as instructional airframe for ground crew training. The F-16D Jastrzab, Hawk in english, was special painted in this discreet scheme for the Nato Tiger Meet 2011. The Kinetic kit fits well but got not the same quality as Tamiya. I used some extra stuff from Attack Squadron (nozzle, wheels, sniper pod), Quickboost (seats) and Decals from Techmod. The model is mainly painted with Gunze Colors. Daniel
  12. Sadly not a full WIP build just wanted to share this quick build in it's current state. Been wanting to do an F-16 ever since I got back into the hobby over the last year and snapped this up on Amazon for £6 recently, never built a Hasegawa kit before so didn't quite know what to expect. It's not a bad kit but does have it's flaws, few fit issues to contend with..especially with the main landing gear! The supplied decals were just awful though! Pretty much unusable so I decided to order Daco's Belgium Air Force 349 Squadron from Hannants just to have something different, two pics below.. ...I'm still very much a novice at all this right now so quite new to after market decals, and certainly had issues with the tail fin! But I'm quite happy with it so far. First time spraying from a can using the blu-tac worm technique too (practicing for the 1/48 Tornado going on at the moment!) which I've just about got the hang of I think. Will post more pics soon, thanks for looking!
  13. Source: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=94249 Dixit French forum Master194 while everybody is talking about the soon to release TamiyAMK Tomcats, Tamiya would have unveiled at the current at IPMS/USA Nationals a 1/48th LM F-16D two seats Viper sprue. True or fake? Still waiting for a reliable source. To be followed V.P.
  14. Kinetic is to release a new (revised?) boxing from it's Fighting Falcon, the 1/48th Lockheed-Martin F-16A/B Fighting Falcon RoCAF 70th Tiger Wing (Hualien AB) - ref.48055 Source: https://www.facebook.com/Kineticmodel/photos/a.150625411771245.1073741825.129238860576567/529182953915487/?type=3&theater Box art + decals http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48055 Or repackaging of ref.48011 with new decals? V.P.
  15. I have zero knowledge on these kits, so if I wanted to build a single seat and/or twin seat 16 which kit would be the one to go for. I know it doesn't help knowing what Air Force I'd build but probably not Israeli. I've done a search on ebay and found some really expensive £150-160! Single seat - Academy, Tamiya & Hasegawa Twin seat - AFV club Any advice appreciated.
  16. Just picked this kit up over the weekend. I will be using the kit decals and loading it up for bear using stuff from a Hasegawa F-16CJ kit. So far I've done some upgrading work to the kit seat. Original seat on the left and upgraded one on the right. I'll most likely add seatbelts in due course. Mark
  17. This build has only taken 22 years Build thread. Here's a rundown of some of the "Whif" features... Markings: 184 FS "Flying Razorbacks" Fort Smith, Arkansas, #07-4276. Originally flying the F-16C, the Razorbacks were due to convert to the A-10 in 2007 but in it was decided that a replacement was needed for the venerable "Warthog" and Lockheed Martin were commissioned to create a suitable replacement. Airframe: The new aircraft had to be cost effective and ready for service ASAP. As there had already been several studies into creating a ground attack version of the F-16, Lockheed Martin were keen to follow up on this as R&D would be far less costly than designing an aircraft from scratch. LM simply took the existing airframe design and applied new materials that were not available during the production of the USAF's F-16s. New carbon-carbon wing spars and centre fuselage sections and carbon fibre wings were designed to give the A-16 unparalleled strength for high G manoeuvres and greater load carrying capacity. The centreline stores position was at last capable of effectively mounting an external gun pod, something that plagued A-16 trials in the 80s & 90s. Thrust vectoring: A full 360° vectoring nozzle based on technology trialled in the F-16MATV demonstrator was designed and installed on the General Electric F110-GE-132 turbofan with a maximum thrust of 32,500lb. Canards: Both the F-16 CCV & F-16 AFTI programs investigated advanced manoeuvrability using canards, LM redesigned them to enhance performance further. Computer simulation showed that such a high AOA could be achieved in conjunction with thrust vectoring that the front section of the airframe would disrupt airflow to the engine intake, a problem faced by Rockwell on the X-31 which also featured canards and thrust vectoring. LM looked at Rockwell's solution and extended the A-16s intake by 2' to place it right under the pilot overcome the problem. Attack & detection systems: The AN-APG-80 radar can perform air-to-air, search-and-track, air-to-ground targeting and aircraft terrain-following functions simultaneously and for multiple targets giving the A-16 superb low level attack capabilities. In addition to this the A-16 is fitted with integrated FLIR, AN/ASQ-213 HARM targeting system and 360° RWR. This eliminated any need for external LANTIRN & HTS pods. Avionics spine: Housing advanced defensive and attack avionics the end of the spine houses a rear facing radar with both air-to-air and air-to-ground capability. Wingtip rails: The new high strength wings allowed installation of twin "over & under" rails to carry the new AIM-157A "Rattler" short range radar guided high manoeuvrability missile. Stores positions: With the twin wingtip rails doubling the A-16s basic air-to-air capability, LM saw no need to increase wing size to carry extra air-to-ground stores. They kept the existing pylon arrangement but upgraded the systems to allow a greater variation of weapons to be installed. 40mm gun pod: Developed specifically for the A-16, this four barrelled 40mm gatling was designed to give the A-16 fantastic anti-armour capabilities using the A-16s unique off-axis manoeuvring for precision strafing.
  18. Originally built in 1992 for an Air training Corps competition it has been gathering dust while sat on TVs, book shelves, cupboards and desks ever since. I had built it as an attack variant of the F-16 with information from various books and magazines (remember, no internet for most of us back then). I had a big problem when I was informed (very late) by my CO that the rules stated it had to be completed before my 20 birthday (oldest age for Cadet and 10 days away) so I had to build about half the kit, paint it and decal it in just over a week. Painting was done with a hairy stick but I thought I'd go up-market and bought a rattle can of Humbrol varnish. You can imagine my dismay as I watched my beautiful European One camouflage blister and crack over 30% of the underside. Needless to say, I didn't win and after winning the previous year I was gutted, so on top of a wardrobe it went. A few years later for some reason I slapped a thick coat of gunship grey all over it... To this day I can't remember why This brings us to last December. It's been sitting on top of one of my book cases for years and I was looking at it and just thought about what a waste it was. And that was it, it was that moment that got me back into modelling after a 12 year break! I've taken over 200 photos during it's restoration and had intended to do a build thread from the beginning but never got around to starting it. I haven't done anything to it in a few months so this group is ideal for getting me going again and finally finishing this kit properly after 21 years. This first post is a bit picture heavy but it gives you an idea of where I am with it. The only photo I have of it as a shelf queen. Lots of Fairy Power Spray to lift 3 coats of grey, 2 coats of varnish and 3 coats of camo! Lots of green putty... Most of the cockpit detail was scratch built for the original build. Scratch built 40mm gun pod. Kit exhaust with lots of extra detail. It originally had no pilot and the kit seat was awful so I bought a Reheat Models ACES II and an Academy pilot on eBay for it. A bit of chopping and fettling got the pilot nice and comfy in his seat. I went a bit mental and fitted full seat straps. And I've made a fictional HUD for him to use This was taken at the end of February, since then I have pre-shaded it (March) and sprayed the underside (July), so still plenty to do.
  19. Top Gun Falcons Eduard 1:48 Limited Edition The Kinetic F-16 is very well known throughout the world, having first been accepted into service in 1979. The Kinetic kit is almost as well known in modelling circles and with the huge number of variants released it’s not surprising that it’s also proving pretty popular. Eduard have now taken Kinetics F-16A kit, added some resin and etched parts, paint masks, and released it as a limited edition kit. The kit comes in a top opening box with a picture of a representation of a US Navy aggressor aircraft “flying” out of the box top. On opening the box, the modeller is confronted with a pile of styrene of different grey hues. To say the box is packed to the rafters would be an understatement, although being in a single poly bag some parts had come away from the sprues. Fortunately the clear parts, resin etc are all in separate bags. Even though it is possible for the styrene to be damaged there doesn’t appear to be any to be seen. Since the Kinetic kit has been reviewed elsewhere on Britmodeller, it would be churlish to repeat a construction sequence, so instead this review will be on the Eduard and Brassin additions that have been added. The instruction seat is one of the clearest the reviewer has come across in a long time. Resin The resin parts provided come in three bags. The largest of which contains the engine parts, which consist of the front turbine disc, rear turbine disc, engine exhaust duct and the exhaust petals. Each part is very nicely moulded with on the exhaust parts requiring to have their moulding stubs to be carefully removed and painted before the parts can be assembled. The next bag contains a Brassin ejection seat, consisting of the seat itself, the mounting rails, seat back and ejection oxygen bottle. Once again the parts are beautifully moulded with some really fine detail, even where it may not be clearly seen. The last set contains the replacement Brassin wheels. With their moulding blocks connected to the bottom of the tyre by a thin web these will be easy to clean up with no visible loss of detail. The hubs, tread and brake units are all very well moulded. In all the resin parts there are no visible faults or pin holes and the only flash is a very thin web between the ejection seat rails, easily removed with a sharp blade. Etch There are two sheets of etched parts. Both are quite small, but then even in this scale most of the actually details are small, and there are quite a lot of them. The first sheet filled with mostly pre-painted parts, and is designed for the cockpit. As is usual for these parts usage, some of the styrene details will have to be removed before the etched details can be fitted. This is particularly the case for the side consoles and the instrument panels. The instrument panels receive a new HUD control panel, lower centre console and side consoles with new MFD bezels, with the screens on. The quarter consoles also get new dials and fascias with additional levers whilst the side panels receive completely new panels, again with added levers. The styrene rudder pedals are replaced with PE parts as are the vents on the rear bulkhead. The rest of this sheet concentrates on the ejection seat, with new parts for the seat firing handle, scissor shackle, head box horns, seat release handle, seat rail ties, main cartridge housing, and head box stencil plates. The seat is then finished off with a comprehensive harness consisting of the various types of straps and buckles which build up into a very realistic looking arrangement. The second sheet is mainly for external details, with the exception of the HUD glass mounting, canopy locking mechanisms, coaming details, EGT spiders web and the afterburner section screen. The rest of the set contains, items such as the airbrake internal hinge mechanisms and external hinge covers, static wicks, brake lines, chaff and flare dispensers for the fuselage and pylons, and lastly several aerials. Masks Included in this edition is a set of masks for the canopy, internal and external wheels and tyres. These are a very handy addition for any modeller. Decals The comprehensive decal sheet, printed by Cartograf looks superb, with each option printed in its own section. The decals all appear in good register, nicely opaque and slightly glossy. The options provided are:- F-16A Block 15AM OCU, s/n 90-0943, NSAWC, NAS Fallon, 2002-2008 in a three tone brown scheme. F-16A Block 15AR OCU, s/n 92-0409, NSAWC, NAS Fallon, 2002-2008 in a three tone blue and grey scheme F-16A Block 15AM OCU, s/n 90-0947, NSAWC, NAS Fallon, 2003-2008 in a three tone grey scheme. F-16A Block 15C, s/n 81-0688, US Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, 1993-1995, in a very attractive white and red scheme. Conclusion I will admit to this being the first time I’ve actually got my hands on the Kinetic kit, but am very impressed with the detail and finesse of the panels lines. Now, I heard that the original kits had shape problems, particularly the nose, but I understand this has been corrected in later kits, such as this one. The addition of the Eduard and Brassin parts make this a very attractive and detailed kit which should build into a great looking model. The other benefits are that there are loads of parts left over for the spares box, including weapons, a selection of ECM and aiming pods and new pylons, none of which are used on the box options. Review sample courtesy of
  20. A couple more too add. Both fun to build, with their individual frustrations, not least the canopy shape of the F-16 and the undercarriage length of the A-10. Never mind, there are more important things to be concerned about. Firstly the A-10 Revell A-10 Thuderbolt II 4 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Revell A-10 Thuderbolt II 2 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Revell A-10 Thuderbolt II 1 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Then the F-16 Academy F-16 Fighting Falcon 4 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Academy F-16 Fighting Falcon 3 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Academy F-16 Fighting Falcon 2 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Academy F-16 Fighting Falcon 1 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Best wishes all. Quite like the new look of the Forum.
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