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  1. What an awesome build! I’ve been a part of Brooklands as staff and as a volunteer for the last 4 years and our Wimpy is one of my favourite aircraft in our collection, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on this thread!
  2. Nice to see G-HAWK in an old livery! I'm lucky enough to get to look after the real aircraft...
  3. As someone who works at Brooklands, I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread!
  4. Give me a shout if you’re ever near Surrey sometime and I’ll show you around G-BBDG!
  5. Glad to see her finished and looking stunning! Even though I get to spend most weeks with a real one, I never get bored of seeing a finished 1/72 bird!
  6. Had to scout through some reference photos to confirm and found this one of G-BOAA up in Edinburgh, the Revell decals are correct to type. Always disliked the F-Dcals for their stencils as the size just always seemed off! As for using them, I had the exact same issue, a bowl of warm water helped with some micro-sol once they've been applied, and just a lot of patience really!
  7. Wow! I've building the kit OOB at the moment and now completely regret not buying the aftermarket cockpit...that looks incredible!
  8. Always feel guilty for taking things off topic! It's the side panel speaker for the co-pilot, the production aircraft had a much more smaller, discreet speaker on that side which doesn't stand out as much
  9. The seat belts would usually run through it, and it's more of a neck rest if anything but the pilot's position means that you wouldn't really lean that far back when flying the aircraft. I've sat in that cockpit a few times with Mike Bannister and he's demonstrated that you sit more far forward than you'd expect when flying the aircraft, found it almost unnatural actually!
  10. She's looking fantastic! The filling's really paid off too as you can't see any sink lines at all along the fuselage, good work! As always, here's some motivation from our office to keep you going...
  11. Guessing it was Manchester who changed things? Might be worth talking to the folks at Duxford Aviation Society instead of IWM as they look after their Concorde along with a large number of the civil aircraft, or maybe Filton/Aerospace Bristol where Foxie lives, there's plenty of room down there!
  12. I actually don't know the difference but it's a good question, I'll find out! As for the kit, yep they're completely wrong. The two doors they show open on the kit should actually open inwards, although you'd only see these open on take off and when using reverse thrust. The spill doors that open outwards are much larger and would only be used in an engine failure at supersonic speeds!
  13. Apologies for the late reply on this one but yep, we have our HiRAT on view as it's something we talk about on the guided tours with the public, we've recently got one of the intake ramps & spill doors working as well (be it as a demonstration on a motor/hydraulic ram, the computers for that on any Concorde has long since stopped working!)
  14. Fantastic work! You've inspired me to make another one now
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