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Found 305 results

  1. I haven't been on the bench in over six months for various reasons the main ones being 1. Loss of Mojo. 2. Loss of fitness leading to high blood pressure. 3. Roof box in the way. So, I have been working on the fitness for the last four months, I`m back on track there, more Vin Diesel staring back in the mirror where it used to be Dr. Evil! Last weekend I moved the roof box, everything was where it used to be...............still no Mojo though, I had a bit of a root around and decided to make some room on the S.O.D. for the four stalled Armour builds sitting on the bench, unfortunately space is at a premium in my shed, so I thought my Son wouldnt mind budging up a bit on his S.O.D. (more like wouldnt notice!) So I started rooting around there on the basis that I didnt want to disturb a teenagers plague pit too much when I found it! My missing MOJO, It was all wrapped up in an Airfix "Tiffy" and a Mustang! Ok, so a bit of dusting off revealed it was all sound, tidy so far, just needed to repaint the innards of the Mustang and crack on with the paint job on both............Ok so no paint guide for either, no instructions for the Tiffy, but all the bits are there and the decals are ok, so what to do? Ah S.O.D. it, it`s bound to be on line somewhere, so I knocked up a batch of interior green 2 xf3 to 1 xf5 and shot it onto some stynylrez, my enthusiasm bubbling over! Looks kind of Mustangy............ And shot some more into and onto the other bits I recognise..............aluminum to go on here as well.......... The Tiffy was at a more advanced stage of construction Just had to get a roll of this to rescribe a lost panel line or two........... And then out with the the primer...............We`ll see how much work needs doing later......... Mind you the temperature was marginal for spraying Stynylrez, it was going off in the gun! I use a .4 needle for this, almost fire hose size! Nice when you find your Mojo isn't it! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  2. Hi everyone this is my first post on here and I thought I'd share my first build in years. Revells 1/48 Tornado Gr4. It's thankfully gone together with no issues, I was assuming it was going to be a headache but so far so good! Also if anyone has any tips on highlighting panel lines or weathering in general I'm all ears as I'm useless at it. Also can anyone recommend a good clear matt? Ive tried Humbrol and Mr Colour and they even after being stirred thoroughly were coming out gloss. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen, I'm going to start this later next week as I have a lot on right now. But having un-boxed it and sorted through some resin and bits I had a look at some books and thanks to 29Triplex I also have the decals to make the 'centrefold' from The World's Great Interceptor Aircraft. Will need to make a couple of changes to the kit to back date it to an early F.3. Mostly the flare dispensers to be removed. Enjoy it... ...I shall!
  4. Dear Gentelman, I am preparing to build Tamiya 1/32 Mossie as 605. (County of Warrwick) Squadron aeroplane. My problem is that on all photographs of 605. Sq. Mosquitos have shrouded exhausts, many of them have underside painted in black. Period I am interested in is autumn of 1944. Is it possible that all aeroplanes came from Series I of production? 605. used Mossies for both night Intruder and daylight Ranger missions. Aeroplane that I would like to make model of is PZ343 (UP-B). I believe that in that aeroplane W/Cdr. R.A. Mitchell and his navigator F/Lt. S.H. Hatsell did not return from night Intruder mission to Germany on 17 March 1945. I need your help to clear my concerns about cammouflage and exhaust shrouds. Thank you for reading. With kind regards, Marko Jeras Zagreb, Croatia
  5. Hi everyone,I have a personal mini sig of my own, I want to build a 1/72 model (apart from the Vulcan which will be 1/144) of every aircraft flown by 617sqn RAF. This build is going to be the start of that personal quest!!So for the build it will be straight oob part from the decals for which I will be using Xtradecals Dambusters set. It will be depicted as Wing Commander L. Cheshire's North American Mustang III, based a RAF Woodhall Spa in the Summer of 1944.Here are the box, sprue, instructions and kit decals:Hobby Boss 1/72 P-51C Mustang by Neal, on FlickrOverview of what is inside. by Neal, on FlickrInstructions cover. by Neal, on FlickrA 2 step build, really? by Neal, on FlickrUntitled by Neal, on FlickrDecal sheet. by Neal, on FlickrSprue inside the box. by Neal, on FlickrFuselage in one part. by Neal, on FlickrNice detail for an easy assembly kit! by Neal, on FlickrOne piece wing, upper view. by Neal, on FlickrOne piece wing, underside. Nice detail in the wheel wells! by Neal, on FlickrSprue A1. by Neal, on FlickrSprue A2. by Neal, on FlickrLower fuselage cover. by Neal, on FlickrMetal shaft for the prop. by Neal, on FlickrSprue D. by Neal, on FlickrSprue C. by Neal, on FlickrAnd now the aftermarket bits:A really big sheet of decals for only two serial numbers:Xtradecal X72093 No 617 San Dambusters Decals. by Neal, on FlickrDecals instructions. by Neal, on FlickrI took these photos a while ago but hadn't got round to posting them. I have also made a start on the build and will get an update here soonish. I need to do some research about Wg. Cdr Chesire's Mustang as I do not know if it carried external tanks or not, also the radio antenna looks different to the kits.That is all for now.
  6. I was thinking how nice it would be if XtraDecal made a sheet of early F.2 and F.3 schemes including the very fetching prototype to go with the 1/48 Tornado ADV kits out there. Their 1/48 RAF Part 1 and Part 2 Tornado sheets and Tornado Stencil sheets are great. So if anyone wants one let it be known here and I will email a link to this thread and hopefully get us noticed. Cheers. F.2 Prototype, 229OCU F.3 229 OCU, 25, 29, 43, 111 Squadrons. Thank you.
  7. Hello Everyone, I've been looking forward to building this kit for a little while but until now have been putting it off because I am sure it is going to offer a few challenges along the way. The kit is limited in detail so I intend to do some scratch building, especially in the cockpit and I have also bought some upgrade parts including exhausts and wheels.
  8. My main modelling interest is 1940. As I've discussed elsewhere, what started as just an interest in operational aircraft on all sides during the Battle of Britain has spread to cover the whole of 1940 and all the aircraft that flew operationally in western and northern Europe during that time. Photographing individual model planes is all well and good, but I always have an eye on potential dioramas and photo "set dressing". Like the aircraft modelling, it's getting a bit out of hand, and the nerd in me is always trying to pin down accurate and correct vehicles for the period I model. Hence the growing RAF MT fleet. Incidentally, MT stands for Mechanical Transport, not just Motor Transport. The RAF MT section included all kinds of self-propelled vehicles, including railway locos and stock, not just things with internal combustion engines. Pedant mode off! Refuelling and Maintenance by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr No airfield would be complete without refuelling vehicles. Fordson tractors were commonplace on RAF and FAA airfields throughout the 1930s and into the 1960s. I've got two Fordson N tractors, built from Flightpath kits, one of which I've added a cabin to. At the back, one tractor is hauling a Flightpath towed fuel bowser, followed up by a Matador Models Albion AM463 refueller. I wish Airfix would give us a 1/72nd kit, as they've already done it at 1/48th! A couple of Airfix Brockway towed bowsers, one for oil and one for fuel, with the top manifold hoses and connectors added. The Bedford MWC is pretty much OOB Airfix. It was left over in the box and looked lonely. General Service by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr The RAF, like most branches of the military, used all kinds of general service vehicles. Moving a squadron from one location to another could involve anything up to fifty vehicles of various sorts, some of which would have been "borrowed" from a central pool, but most of which would have been already available. A pair of CMC resin and cast metal Austin K3 3-tonners show typical workshop and GS bodies. An Airfix Bedford MWD is accompanied by an Airfix Standard Tilly. I made a tilt frame from brass wire, just for a change, and decided to paint it in the pre-War RAF blue-grey. Airfield vehicles only really got overall dark green, then dark earth disruptive patterns, during 1940 as hostilities increased. Trucks and refuellers that were likely to be caught out in the open were usually the first to be camouflaged, but it wouldn't have been unusual to find an odd vehicle still in pre-war livery. The Austin Forlite is an Ace kit, which is sold as a British Army staff car. I painted it as a civvy car, probably owned by one of the squadron pilots. Crash Crew by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr Finding accurate kits to represent the typical RAF crash and emergency vehicles has been a labour of love. From the left, a Crossley IGL FE1 6x4 3-ton crash tender, Crossley FWD 4x4 crash tender, Standard Light Ambulance and Austin K3 3-tonner 4x2 fire tender. The Crossley FWD is an MMS cast metal kit, and technically a little late for my period. Happily, it contained some spare castings that have found their way into the FE1. This is a proper "bitsa" kit-bash, using a resin bonnet, front wings and wheels from some obscure resin Crossley IGL kit, married to an Airfix Austin K6 Emergency Set chassis and running gear, and various bits and pieces cobbled together. It's a little tall, mainly due to the size of the tank on the rear, but it looks enough like a proper airfield Crossley to suit me until I find a kit to replace it. The ambulance is a scratch-built body, using the old Gerald Scarborough plans, on the Airfix Standard chassis and scuttle. At the end, the Austin, another CMC resin and metal kit, represents the typical wartime fire tender that would have been found on larger established airfields to deal with incidents on the technical site, accommodation areas and even outside the airfield boundaries if they were the closest fire service available for civilian incidents. I have several more odd kits to put together to give me some more typical early war vehicles, which I will add here if I get round to them soon. I really ought to start researching properly into the vehicles found on Luftwaffe airfields in occupied France. Thanks for looking!
  9. I present for your inspection my just completed Beaufighter? This Beaufighter Mk VI(f), EW-Z, EL154 served with 307 Squadron at RAF Clyst Honiton, now Exeter Airport, between 7 Aug. 1942 and 13 Feb. 1943: "Z" was usually flown by the crew Damsz/Sylwestrowicz. The aircraft is finished in the then new night fighter colours of Medium Sea Grey overall, with Dark Green disruptive on the upper surfaces. Photographic evidence suggests the aircraft was in this finish by late winter 1942. No. 307 (City of Lwów) Polish Night Fighter Squadron was a night fighter squadron formed in Great Britain on 24 August 1940 following an agreement between the Polish Government in Exile and the United Kingdom. It was the only Polish night fighter squadron fighting alongside the Royal Air Force during World War II. 307 Squadron is named after the Polish city of Lwów, and nicknamed "Eagle Owls". This a/c, a Mk VI(f) was the 9th Beaufighter off the line at the Shadow factory just outside RAF Weston Super Mare. In total 1078 Mk Vis were built at Bristol, Weston and by Rootes. After service with 307 Squadron she transferred to No 488 (NZ) Squadron, reformed on 25 June 1942 at RAF Church Fenton, Yorkshire, as a night fighter 'intruder' unit equipped with Beaufighters. The squadron aircraft carried the code letters ME. I cannot find any information about her use with 488 Squadron, but as the Beaufighters were replaced by DH Mosquitos in late 1943 she was probably struck off and scrapped as a she would have been over 12 months old and the Mk IV radar obsolete. The Mosquito replacements had the much more capable Mk VII “centimetric” radar. The Build has been described in the "Work In Progress" board, where I detailed all the changes and modifications. The build went smoothly, I'm reasonably happy with the result, given the starting material. I've discovered errors that could have been corrected, but when discovered it was too late. Many thanks indeed to everyone who helped and answered questions as the work progressed. So, now from the front: From above: From the back And from underneath! This was my first attempt at airbrushing and at using washes to ad effect. Still a bit to learn, I feel! Comments, advice and suggestions most welcome...!!
  10. Back in 1974 I attended an IPMS AGM at the RAF Museum in Hendon. There I bought the then new Revell 1/32 Beaufighter, made a desultory start and left it in its box...until now! This is the kit, laid out in all its glory... Notice the lack of decals... oh well, that means an after market set. As this kit has non dihedral tailplanes choice is limited, but I've ordered a sheet from Techmodel, and will do one from 307 Squadron RAF, Winter 1943 in the overall grey with dark green disruptive pattern on the upper surfaces. I couldn't face such a massive black model! There is a review of the kit from 2014 here: My initial impression is of a very simple kit, with limited detail and some major design simplifications, for example the wheel well liners are set so shallow that it would be impossible for the wheels to retract! There are some errors in the interior details, for example built from the box the radar operator would be unable to exit his position. As re-loading the 4 cannon was a part of his work on the early Beaus that represents a bit of a problem. More photos to follow: this will be mostly a "Build from the Box" with a few corrections and additions.
  11. BigED Set Tomahawk Mk.II (for Airfix BIG49189) 1:48 Eduard In case you're unaware, Eduard's Big ED sets are a great way to purchase all the sets you want for your model whilst availing yourself of a bulk purchase discount that can be quite tempting. The set arrives in a large cardboard envelope with the Big ED branding and a sticker in the top left that details what's inside. Within the envelope the sets are all still individually packaged to protect the frets from shuffling past each other and getting damaged until you're ready to use them. This set is for the new Airfix Tomahawk Mk.II, which is a reboxing of the P-40B in RAF Service. In the set you get the following: landing flaps (48941) Eduard landing flaps use an ingenious technique to achieve excellent true-to-scale flaps using few parts, and requiring the modeller to simply remove the retracted flaps from the lower wing, plus scrape the upper wings to accommodate the thickness of the completed bays. The two flap sections (bay and flap itself) are constructed in the same manner, by twisting and folding over the attached ribs to create a 3D shape, with extra parts added along the way. The bays glue to the inside of the upper wing with the flap attached to the rear wall of the new bay via a fold. Repeat this for the other side, and you're almost done. The bays have a rod running along the bay, which is 0.5mm thick and isn't included in the set, so you'll need to make sure you have some in stock, and a set of jacks are fitted later to obtain the correct angle once deployed. A small cover panel fits toward the middle, which is folded gently twice to match the profile of the bay ribs before it is installed. I've built a set of these for the previous P-40B boxing, and you can see how they look below. Detail Set (49875) Two frets are included, one nickel plated and pre-painted, the other in bare brass. A complete set of new layered instrument panels that fit over the existing panel and sidewall details, are the primary parts on the painted set, with new seat in scale-representative PE; radio hatch interior detail; six mesh inserts for the intakes in the nose; cooling doors to the aft of the chin scoop; gear bay inserts; gear bay covers and brake hose parts as well as tie-down points for main and tail; access panels; ring & bead sights on the nose, and rudder actuator are also supplied. Seatbelts STEEL (FE874) In case you don't already know, these belts are Photo-Etch (PE) steel, and because of their strength they can be etched from thinner material, which improves realism and flexibility in one sitting. Coupled with the new painting method that adds perceived extra depth to the buckles and other furniture by shading, they are more realistic looking and will drape better than regular brass PE. Masks (EX570) Supplied on a sheet of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the canopy, with compound curved handled by using frame hugging masks, while the highly curved gaps are in-filled with either liquid mask or offcuts from the background tape. In addition you get a set of hub/tyre masks for the tail wheel, allowing you to cut the demarcation perfectly with little effort. Conclusion Your one-stop shop for Tomahawk Mk.II bits to go on your Airfix kit. Review sample courtesy of
  12. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 AZ Model Mustang III 'Dorsal Fin'. This kit has previously been distributed under the Kovozavody Prostejov (KP) label. The new boxing contains an extra sprue for the fin, as well as drop tanks and pylons. Unfortunaltely, the new extra sprue is not as crispy and sharp in moulding quality as the kit’s main parts, and the wing pylons are especially poor. They were replaced with resin items from KP. The model was painted using Alclad II lacquers. It represents the mount of six victory ace Flight Lt. Don Kimball from 441. (Canadian) Squadron. I replaced the kit's drop tanks with 108-gallon tanks from the spares box, as an original photograph shows 9G-L in exactly that configuration. The kit's decals represent B-type RAF roundels. These were exchanged for C-Type (which seem more likely given the timeframe) roundels from Xtradecals. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes. Thanks for your interest. A full build review will be featured in an upcoming edition of Scale Aviation Modeller International.
  13. Hi All, I'm trying to find some info on the 5 ex-NEIAF Mitchells that ended up at 3 PRU, 681/684 Sqn in India. I've managed to find a couple of b/w images of a Royal Blue one and a later PR Blue example but would like to know the camera and fuel tank fit on them... were they mounted in the bomb bay or fuselage, did the aircraft have a fuel tank in the bomb bay too, was the belly turret deleted and faired over? I hope you can help a bit Cheers Craig
  14. Sorry if I got all you Strictly fans out there all in a tizz expecting sequins and all that pizazz, but there's no Foxtrot in this thread (just a Hotel for the Tail code I'm afraid). We could publish a photo or two of Ola at some point though if I can find a tenuous enough reason to add her to this thread! I've now started my first attempt at an oh so fiddly 1/144 kit for over 35 years and I tell you that the eyesight is now definitely poorer and the fingers porkier, so this may be a trial by fire, but hey we all wanna see that don't we - car crash moddeling at its best! We are attempting the Roden Super VC-10 K3, to be finished in the Hemp scheme to allow http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/98-roland-pulfrew/ to add the all grey version of this beautiful bird (can I add Ola's photo after this comment he thinks?) after he's finished his East African civvy version. On to the box shots (stop it before you even start Ced!): And a couple of quick photos of some flash with various parts attached to it! and some photo etch which I'm sure will result in my being stuck together with CA as usual! Hopefully this will be a far far quicker and more rewarding build than the 1/24 Spit that I've just beaten into submission finished. Look away if you love your Spitfires with dihedral!!! I've cleaned up these monster sprue attachment points on the fuselages and have cleaned up and stuck together the tail parts, the wings and the engine assemblies. I have added some brass tube to the exhausts to give some depth to them, and have started building the photoetch cockpit. I will clean these up and restore lost details before I show and tell these parts as I have found the Roden plastic extremely soft and liable to deform/warp/get covered in fingerprints after an attack from Tamiya Extra Thin. Anyways will upload some more piccys to Flikr as and when we get a bit further down the road for your delectation. Thanks for looking in, until next time - Keeeeeeeeeeeeep Modelling!!!
  15. Hello and welcome. I have been working away on this and not taken that many pictures because it has been a real mojo build and I've been enjoying myself too much! Anyhow here is the progress and some of the 'cheats' that I used to make my life easier. Kind of a 'How to Cheat' Valiant build.
  16. Has anyone ever come across the above hardback book? It was advertised back around 2002/2003 in the same series from Sutton Publishing as the Last of the Phantoms / The Last of The Lightnings / Buccaneers / Hunters. I duly bought all of the others but cannot recall ever seeing the 'Heavy Lifters' available for sale and it came to mind yesterday when I was clearing out some old magazines and saw an advert for the series , checked all the usual places and although they have an image of the cover all have it marked as unavailable with no second-hand copies on offer which suggests that it was maybe never released. Does anyone know otherwise?
  17. Hi there, Does anyone have any information on what colours and markings (and what version hurricane) would have applied to XI squadron hurricanes in Burma? My grandfather flew and won the DFC so I would like more info on the plane he would have flown. Thanks in advance
  18. 224 Peter

    Meteor T7

    Up at the Boscombe Down Aircraft Collection they are restoring a T7. As a Member I can look closely at what is going on and whilst talking to some of the engineering team had a look at the 2 seats. Ejector Seats? No. Something modern and sophisticated? No They are exactly the same seats as used in the late model Hawker Hurricane! Standing inside the canopy the frames are massive, the glass area is only about 60%. Given that blown clear canopies were common by the late 40s what were they thinking? For a trainer a good view out would be good. Anyway, I'll take photos as this restoration continues and if anyone has a specific request, just ask. The airframe will be finished as on of the T7s used at Boscombe Down and will sit as an outside exhibit, along with the Hunter and JP.
  19. Hi! I want to present the model of the British WWII aircraft Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF. It is the repack of the old FROG model F190 by Donetsk Toys Factory. This model was built for the FROG/NOVO contest in "Out of the box" nomination, that is no modifications are allowed, no work with panel lines are allowed. The change of the canopy, the antenna wire and the use of aftermarket decals are the only modifications that were allowed. I built this model to test myself, what can I do with the "good old" kit from my childhood with my current abilities. The result of this test is before you. It is the night fighter Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF RE-A L8723, 229 squadron, early 1940.
  20. Hi all Has anyone built this kit, or have any opinions? I'm after a 1/48 RAF Phantom but I don't want to pay about £50 which seems to be the minimum on ebay for them. How does the old Revell one build, is it as bad as the artwork suggests, or can it be built into a reasonable RAF Phantom with just some aftermarket decals? I'm not sure those jetpipes look like Speys! Should this kit be avoided really, I don't want it to look like I've just stuck roundels on an F-4B. Equally, I don't want to spend about £30 on Eduard parts either.
  21. What is the true colour of Dark Green as applied to UK manufactured aircraft during WWII? For many years I've used Humbrol 30 and it is very close to US FS 595A Ref 34096. I got a copy of the Federal Standard paint chips back in the 1970s and it is kept in the dark. RAF Dark Green is a bluish green with no hint of brown. Recent tins of 30 are, when dry, almost exactly the same as 30 painted on to models back in the 1970s. Exploring airbrushing and acrylics purchased a number of Vallejo paints, covering WWII RAF colours. I was given a basic set of LifeColour paints. This week I tried both Life Colour 538 and Vallejo 71.016. Both claim to be RAF Dark Green, but once painted and dry are VERY different. The Vallejo seems to be more like 34096, a dark olive green colour with no blue hue at all and the Lifecolour is worse, a light earthy colour, more like 34027. What is the general experience of the colour accuracy of acrylic paints form the various makers? At the moment, based on one trial I'm very suspicious of all these acrylic paints..based on these two the temptation is to bin the lot!
  22. I've got to the point with the big 1/32 Beaufighter that it is time to fit the radar aerials/antenna... The aircraft had Mk iV radar, operating at 220 MHz, amusingly the same as DAB Radio today....! The big question is what colour should they be? DAB antenna do not like to be painted, they tend to be either chromed or black anodised. So, assuming they are not chrome would black for the antenna be correct, with the support part in background colour? Colour photos are seemingly not available, at least I can't find one. Suggestions anyone? Peter
  23. Has anyone positive, or negative, things to say about this Decal/Transfer supplier? I have used them on two 1/32 scale kits, the Revell Typhoon and Beaufighter. Both kits have had Tamiya gloss varnish applied before applying the transfers. My experience: 1. The transfers are VERY thin -this is good! 2. The small stencilling transfers stretch and twist VERY easily 3. Micro set and Sol work well on larger transfers, such as roundels, but on smaller items seem to make the already fragile transfers self destruct. By way of contrast, the Revell and Xtradecal Transfers on the little Horton IX I finished a week or so back performed perfectly with Sol and Set on the same gloss varnish. Interested in any feedback!
  24. Hello sorry am I too late? I have a 1/48 Revell Tornado F.3 to start and will be posting progress. Squadron TBC...
  25. Apologies if this is repeating news, but I've just seen a trailer on BBC 1 for a programme featuring Ewan Macgregor and his brother celebrating the RAF at 100. It's on Sunday March 25th.
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