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  1. Serge Tkach

    Seafire 46 1/72

    Very impressive! Great result!
  2. Thanks all for the comments! The model took the first place in the "Out of the box nomination". But the main goal was to show and prove (to myself mainly) that you get a presentable model just by neatly assembling and painting. Of course it's not the most accurate model, but it's an assembled model for sure. Yes, it's a pre-takeoff gear position, you absolutely right!
  3. Terry, sure! The process is rather simple. I draw the panel lines with the airbrush using masks: Stick a stripe of the masking tape (I use Tamiya) to one side from the panel line; Stick another stripe of the masking tape next to the first one leaving a narrow gap between them (which would be a panel line); Blow this gap with the airbrush using the appropriate shade of paint. I use Tamiya acrylic paint - it dries very quickly; Peel off the masks - panel lines are ready! The acrylic paint is very fast to dry so you can stick masking stripes to a some other place and draw a new line. So nothing complicated!
  4. Colleagues, thank you so much for your comments and kind words!
  5. Thanks all for the comments! Roger, I want to say that I had to do with the original kit panel lines. In this kit there are two types of the panel lines: engraved: raised: And in addition to these line types I added the other one - drawn - the lines simply were drawn on the model: Yes, stever219, you are absolutely right!
  6. Hello, colleagues! I'd like to present another model from the FROG/NOVO contest - the british naval fighter McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1. It is the repack of the old FROG model F262 by Industrial Group "Mir" (Minsk). As usual I built this model in "Out of the box" nomination, so no modifications to the original kit were allowed. The only modification allowed to me by the contest administration was the extension of the nose landing gear. This gives the model more "british" look. The model is of poor quality and was difficult to build. According to the rules of the contest I had to stay within the limits of the kit - rised panel lines, geometry inaccuracies and so on. So, the result is before you. It is the naval fighter XT872 005/R, Naval Air Squadron 892, Royal Navy, HMS Ark Royal, 1973. Thanks for looking!
  7. FAAMAN, Jason, Adey, thank you very much for your comments! Bolshoe spasibo!
  8. John R, you made my Blenheim fly! It's very cool! Thank you!
  9. Serge Tkach

    Hello from Dmitrov, Russia

    12jaguar, Chris, thanks a lot for your greetings!
  10. Serge Tkach

    Hello from Dmitrov, Russia

    Hi, I'm pleased that you're interested in my country planes and history. Thank you!
  11. Polo1112, Michael-S, many thanks!
  12. Mitch K, Pete(Buzby061) thanks very much for your comments!
  13. Hi, John! It's really cool to have historical planes in flight conditions! This is the great picture of Blenheim!
  14. Thank you all for your comments and wishes!