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Found 175 results

  1. Next Hobby Boss 1/48th Schwalbe variant will be a Messerschmitt Me.262 A-2a kit - ref.80376. Sources: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=33&l=en http://scalemodels.ru/news/8281-Hobby-Boss-fevral-2015.html Box art. Release expected late February 2015 Hobby Boss Schwalbe variants & boxing: - Messerschmitt Me.262 A-1a - ref.80369 - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234948927-148-messerschmitt-me262-a-1a-schwalbe-by-hobbyboss-released - Messerschmitt Me.262 A-1a/U1 - ref.80370 - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234965082-148-messerschmitt-me262-a-1au1-schwalbe-by-hobby-boss-release-october-2014 - Messerschmitt Me.262 A-1a/U3 - ref.80371 - http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=523&l=en - Messerschmitt Me.262 A-1a/U4 - ref.80372 - http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=551&l=en - Messerschmitt Me.262 A-1a/U5 - ref.80373 - http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=448&l=en - Messerschmitt Me.262 A-1a/U2 (V056) - ref.80374 - http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=430&l=en - Messerschmitt Me.262 A-1b - ref.80375 - http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=330&l=en - Messerschmitt Me.262 A-2a - ref.80376 - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234971808-148-messerschmit-me262-a-2a-schwalbe-by-hobby-boss-released - Messerschmitt Me.262 A-2a/U2 - ref.80377 - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234987781-148-messerschmitt-me262-a-2au2-schwalbe-by-hobby-boss-box-art-release-october-2015/ - Messerschmitt Me.262 B-1a - ref. 80378 - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234954190-148-messerschmitt-me262b-1a-schwalbe-by-hobby-boss-released - Messerschmitt Me.262 B-1a/U1 - ref.80379 - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234953218-148-messerschmitt-me262b-1au1-schwalbe-by-hobby-boss V.P.
  2. Hey guys, after some fails this year (try and error building) I started to build the 1/32 Eduard Bf 109 E-1 Weekend Edition with Spanish Masks from Montex. There are some smaller mistakes I did (was a bit too fast in some points of the build) and I still have to learn how to handle and paint the canopy correctly because the Montex Mask left some touches at the Canopy. This learning phase should then lead into the build of a Tamiya A6M2 Zero in 32 scale. However (still not finished) if finished this will be the first model in about 13 years which I do complete. This is also a bit a quick & dirty build as I wanted mainly to train my airbrush skills for a one color-plane. So There are small gaps here and there and she may not be perfect build, but this was not my personal task for this baby. So I started last thursday with the build and here is what I did so far: 1. Fuselage Inside and Cockpit Elements primed with black and added RLM02 2. & 3. First time building HGW Fabric Seatbelts, took a while for the first belt but it is just great! 4. & 5. & 6. Main Cockpit parts in place (except upper instrument panel). Wash and dry-brush done as well as subtile chipping at some corners. I decided to not add any Instrument decals or so because the Eduard Instruments are very badly done so I don't wanted to invest some decals at it. The Pro-Packs do Include Photo-Etched Instruments. Also you may note that the Rudder-Pedals are missing - again PE Parts within the Pro-Packs so it is totally missing in the Weekend Editions of the 109's. 7. First try of handling those small parts in the pit. I "glued" them with Clear-Coat in the end. 8. & 9. Upper panel and Revi installed, as I said above, I decided to not use any decals / add-ons for the Instruments. 10. Base-Coat of white applied, pre-shading done and added the base colors for the markings. 11. & 12. Added the Montex Mask for the Insignia and the Fuselage Markings 13. & 14. Painting progress starts with some RLM02 to the Fuselage first and RLM65 to the underside 15. To get back the pre-shade over the markings I added another layer of white and pre-shades 16. Removing the second color masks and add yellow paint to the spanish insignias and red to the fuselage smybol 17. & 18. & 19. & 20. Mask removed - isn't this nice?! In the second image the daylight reveals that I can be happy this far 21. I'm also very much happy with the pre-shades 22. & 23. Masking of the sides for the black stripes 24. & 25. Black added and...voila! Mask seems to have been good 26. Current state of this morning. So all the main parts are now colored, I'll add the main landing gear as next step and lookout to work on an antenna for the 109 with EZ Lines. Then some of the stencis will be added (not all, as I didn't see any photo with every stencils in place - mostly only the basic 87 Octane Fuel and Medi-Kit Markings). Then a wash and some weathering will follow. Hope you like it
  3. Hi guys, This is my recent entry for the ongoing Battle Of Britain Group Build. It's Airfix's excellent 1/48 Bf-109E built as an E-3 flown by Walter Scholtz of 3/JG53 when he was shot down on 30th September 1940. I really enjoyed building this kit and will definitely be buying others. Here is the link to the build:- http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234986206-bf-109-e3-airfix-148finished/ And here are the pictures, hope you like her. Thanks for looking. All comments and criticisms gratefully received. Craig.
  4. The Hobby Boss Awfulschmitt Bf.109Gs were announced (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234973111-148-messerschmitt-bf109g-2-g-6-by-hobby-boss-release-in-20152016) but not the 1/48th Messerschmitt Bf.109F-4 - ref.81749. Release is announced for late August 2015. So should be available in the best hobbyshops in September-October. Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=44&l=en V.P.
  5. Recap Trumpeter's 1/32nd Awfulschmitt: - Bf.109E-3 - ref.02288 - - Bf.109E-4 - ref.02289 - http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=index&id=171&l=en - Bf.109E-4/Trop - ref.02290 - http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=690&l=en - Bf.109E-7 - ref.02291 - http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=829&l=en - Bf.109F-4 - ref.02292 - http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=735&l=en - Bf.109F-4 - ref.02293 - http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=514&l=en, - Bf.109G-2 - ref.02294 - http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=600&l=en - Bf.109G-2/Trop - ref.02295 - http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=420&l=en - Bf.109G-6 (early) - ref.02296 - http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=778&l=en - Bf.109G-6 - ref.02297 - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234966950-132-messerschmitt-bf109g-6-by-trumpeter-released - Bf.109G-10 - ref.02298 - http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=300&l=en)and - Bf.109K-4 - ref.02299 - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234979122-132-messerschmitt-bf109k-4-by-trumpeter-released Details in the Trumpeter's homepage: 1/32nd Messerschmitt Bf.109E-4/Trop - ref.02290 Source: http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=690&l=en V.P.
  6. Hello all! This is my latest model, a Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 built from the 1/48 Airfix kit. I have replaced the prop+spinner (Eduard), canopy (Eduard), wheels (Academy), wheel wells (Eduard etch), exhausts (Quickboost) and shortened the landing struts. The cockpit has an Ultracast seat, a Quickboost gunsight, and some leftover Tamiya parts. András
  7. Hello Guys, Because I have to wait 8 weeks now for the missing part and damaged part to arrive from Revell Germany for my Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IIa, I'm now going to start a new kit that will be my 2nd entry into "Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary GB" both on here and on YouTube- hosted by Ukscalemodeller and CharlesScaleModelling. This is Eduard's "Weekend Edition" of this model. You can buy what is called a "Profi-Pak" version that is more glitzier, that includes a full color booklet, photo-etch and more color/marking options. This kit was kindly given to me by a modeling buddy and so the sprues had already been taken out of their bags and some parts had been removed from their sprues. The Box is made from a two-ply card base and a single-ply lid making it very sturdy, which I prefer moreso than the single ply Revell boxes that open at one end. The box contains a 8 page black and white instruction/assembly/painting and decaling booklet. Only one option of color/markings is offered, that of Major Otto Bertram's aircraft who was a Luftwaffe ace fighter pilot with 22 kills credited to him that earned him the "Knights Cross of the Iron Cross".... The instructions look straight-forward and the color call outs are for Mr. Color and Hobby Color only, so conversions to your preferred paint will be necessary. Front Page 1 and Back Page 8 Pages 2 and 3 Pages 4 and 5 Pages 6 and 7 There are two sheets of decals/stencils that are very thin, nicely registered, almost zero carrier film around the edges and they are a nice satin/matt finish. Decal Sheet Stencil Sheet The kit comes with 6 olive colored sprues and one clear sprue, but as mentioned earlier, because this kit was given to me, the sprues had been taken apart. But, here are photos of all the parts on their sprues or removed with some close ups too, to show the nice fine panel line and rivet details and also how nicely molded these parts are. There is zero flash on the majority of these parts, with the tiniest amount in a few places. The parts are crisp and clean with zero warping/distortion and ejector pin marks are absent from seen surfaces. One thing that I'm excited about is that this kit includes a Daimler-Benz DB601N engine and removable cowlings to display it if you wish to do so, unlike the Revell 1/32 BF109G-10 build I did recently that didn't include one... The Clear Sprue is very clear with thin molded parts that include riveted frame details. They are free of any aberrations and very little distortion of image when looking through them... At first sight, this kit looks like a really nice kit, well engineered and excellently molded, although it would have been nice to have one or two more options of color/markings. This kit is available from on-line USA distributors for $35.85, which is about 24.00 quid in the UK, which is $12.00 (8.00 quid) more than I paid for the Revell 1/32 BF109G-10, although the Revell kit didn't have an engine and open cowling options. At the end of this build, I'll let you know my thoughts on how well it goes together and compare it to the Revell kit I built to establish my personal opinion on whether it is good value for money. Okay, with that out of the way, I can now go and wash the parts in readiness to make a start on her next Monday! I have the grandson coming soon and he's here until Sunday evening! In the meantime, if you'd like to see my YouTube "In-Box-Review" video for this kit, here is the link: https://youtu.be/H23GCnQS9os Happy modelling and have fun! Cheers Martin : )
  8. My first model and diorama made some time last year after over 20 year break. I've made it as a kind of exercise to test the materials and techniques that I wasn't even aware of when assembling kits as a kid (pre/post shading, weathering etc.). Brush painted (haven't had a airbrush yet) with Mr Hobby paints and weathered with pastels. I've done some photoshop work on two first pictures to blend the diorama with the background to look like an old photo. I haven't touched the model or diorama itself.
  9. Hi folks, I tend not to do build logs on BM, but thought I'd show a photo of my current wip, the Airfix Bf109E, as I made a somewhat disparaging remark about it on my profile. It is a nice wee kit (the emphasis being on the 'wee', for those of us whose origins are North of Hadrian's Wall), but has some really annoying engineering / fit. Now I can bollix up a kit with an ability matched by few others, but when bits of a new tool Airfix don't fit off the sprue, then I get a bit annoyed. The wing uppers and lowers didn't match up and the lower edge of the LE slats sat proud of the forward edge of the lower wing, also the wing tips and ailerons didn't sit in the same plane, all of which required some fettling of the mating portions of the wing pieces to sort out. The sprue gates are quite oversized and I removed a chunk of the outer edge of the tailplanes (actually the elevators) when I removed them from the sprues with side cutters. That explains the rather odd shape of the outer edge of the elevators in the picture below. In addition, there are some really small pieces that I'm not looking forward to removing from the sprue (Pitot tube, aileron mass balances, gun barrels, etc.). Also removing the mould seams from the tailplane support struts was lots of fun. Right, rant mode is now off. Apart from the above, it's gone together fairly well, although some mechanical deformation of the upper engine cowling piece was necessary to aid fit, and some filler was required at the fuselage / wing underside interface. Anyway, I'm now onto painting, and the second coat of RAF Dark Green sorry, RLM71 dunkelgrun, has just been applied. I'm using the Bf109E colour demarkations from Michael Ullmann's Luftwaffe Colours book and I have just realised that I've got the positions wrong on the starboard wing. Oh poo! Still, we're hopefully on the home straight now, so just have to grit my teeth and get it done. regards, Martin
  10. Made this one a couple of weeks ago for a Battle of Britain groupbuild on a Dutch forum. It's the Tamiya E-4 kit OOB except some seatbelts and the decals. Hope you like it Erik
  11. Revell 1/32 Messerschmitt BF109G-10 "Erla" "Final Reveal" There are two options available with this model and I chose to do the version as flown by Ace of Aces Luftwaffe Pilot Erich "Bubi" Hartmann who was credited with the highest number of aerial victories ever recorded- 352! This is another great newly tooled 1/32 scale kit from Revell of Germany (GmbH); very nice crisp clean moldings with great details including recessed panel lines, rivets, a great cockpit, undercarriage, movable flaps, elevators, ailerons and rudder! The decals are cartograf and go down very nicely indeed. My only issues with this kit are: 1) For this size kit, I was expecting it to come with a detailed Daimler Benz DB605 engine, but it doesn't. That would have been another nice addition to this kit to be able to have the engine cowlings hinged open to show off the engine, which then allows further options for after-market maintenance men, or "black-men" as they were known due to wearing all black overalls, to be posed working on the engine. 2) The main undercarriage have a sloppy fit between the axle lugs and their locations within the wheel-wells. This could be improved with simple modification in the mold tooling to increase the geometry of the lugs so they are a nice slide fit/tighter fit within their location points. I had to super-glue mine in position one at a time and hold their position until the fast acting super-glue had set solid. Super-glue is highly recommended for ensuring that the main undercarriage is fixed solidly. 3) The assembly instructions have some incorrectly numbered parts ie the part numbers in the instructions do not match the part numbers on the sprues. 4) The kit has some alternative parts, such as three versions of rudder and two styles of vertical stabilizer, but, they're are no references indicating which one of the optional versions to use with the two different options of aircraft that can be modeled. So, again, this forces you to do research to find out from available images which versions look correct for the particular plane you build. 5) The painting instructions have color call-outs that are mixed around on the orthographic views; which could confuse a younger modeler that doesn't bother to research and check where the grey/green and grey violet camo colors go. ie, you could easily end up having the green camo airbrushed/painted where it should be grauviolet and vice-versa. 6) The two upper camo color call outs are for RLM 74 Graugrun and RLM 83 Lichtgrun over RLM 76 Lichtblau, In my opinion and following research, the RLM 83 Lichtgrau is incorrect and should be replaced with RLM 75 Grauviolet, which is what I did. 7) As with the part numbering and color call out references, some decals are incorrectly referenced, too. My conclusion is this kits instruction/assembly booklet missed the quality control checks during manufacture/production and hence the issues pointed out above. But, that said, I still believe it to be a great value for money kit that is engineered very well with some great details. I paid $22.50 for this kit and it is available on line from Hobbylinc.com and Scalehobbyist.com for $23.95, that's about 16.00 quid for our British friends. Anyway, with that out of the way, let's move onto the "Final Reveal" photos, and forgive me, there are 37 of them?!! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed this build! Well, there she is! My conclusion to this build is that this is a great value for money kit that is well engineered, goes together great and offers some great details and options. I paid $22.50 for this kit, and it is available from Hobbylinc.com and Scalehobbyist.com for $23.95; that's about 16.00 quid for our British friends. If you've been thinking about buying/building this kit, you won't be disappointed, I really enjoyed building her. I'd give this kit 4.5 stars out of 5 or 9 out of 10, based on my points mentioned above. Thanks to everyone that has followed this build both on here and on my YouTube channel, and, for leaving encouraging comments, greatly appreciated! In the meantime, if you'd like to watch my "YouTube "Final Reveal" video for this build, then here is the link to that: https://youtu.be/_q-AcPsBLTU If you didn't catch my "Build Update" thread on here, for this build, here is the link to that thread, too: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234984450-revell-132-messerschmitt-bf109g-10-erla-as-flown-by-erich-bubi-hartmann-build-update-4/ Until the next build, happy modeling and have fun! Cheers! Martin
  12. So I have it in my head that I would like to make a Bf109E-1 using the Bf109E-4 kit. I have a few decal options, but am yet to decide. Most probably something using RLM 70/71/65 scheme. So while my rag wing Hurricane is in paint dry mode I made a start. The most significant visual differences required to represent an E-1 are the earlier style canopy, and the wing cannon needs to be removed, with machine gun holes slightly inboard from the cannon position. Also the cannon (access ?) bulges need to be removed, with new access panels engraved for the MG's. Squadron Vac form canopy (early style), poorly cut out by me, is a little narrow. However it sits a little wider when pushed down. I will most likely use a spare canopy out of an Avis Bf109D-1 kit. Two are supplied, and although a bit thick and one piece, this will provide me an excuse not to put too much effort into the interior. The wings of an old Airfix E-4 were used to trial the removal of the cannon bulge. The bulge is not solid, so a hole appears when getting close to flush. I decided to fill the inside of the bulge with sprue.....somehow. First I tried softened/melted sprue...... .....but this didn't bond well enough to the wing. So I filled the hollow with glue and sprue shavings, mixing them with a cocktail stick. Fumes nasty braincells kill do....huh ! I also made shallow cuts along the aileron joint, to slightly lower both, as they both sit down a little when the flaps are lowered (which they will be). Started opening up the front cover of the exhaust manifold, to better represent the real thing. Has taken me nearly as long to get the pics up, as to get to this stage in the build.
  13. Hi all, I am new on this forum and this diorama is my biggest work, so far. The basic kits were the Hasegawa's old bf 109E and the Tamiya reissued Opel Blitz. During the building I used a lot of PE and detail sets, such as Eduard, Part, Hauler, SBS Model! Hope you like it! Thanks or watching! Cheers, Matyi from Hungary
  14. Hello Guys, This will be my second Revell 1/32 Scale model that I have built and will go alongside my first one- the Revell 1/32 Arado AR196A-3 Seaplane in a diorama that I have planned. This kit retails in my Local Hobby Store for $27.50, but I had a $5.00 coupon to use making it only $22.50 (about 15.00 quid in the UK), which at first hand appears to be great value for money! Erich "Bubi" Hartmann was the Ace of Aces with the highest number of air victories that totaled 352, which earned him the "Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds". Introduction to the kit: The Box Art: The Box Contents: Inside the box are 4 clear bags of grey sprues, 12 in total and 1 clear bag containing 2 clear sprues. There's a 16 page black and white assembly/instruction/painting and decaling booklet and a sheet of cartograf decals. The Sprues: Sprues A and B: Sprue C: Sprues D, G and H: Sprue K: Sprue M: Sprue N: Clear Sprues O and P: The 16 page black and white Instruction/Assembly/Painting and Decalling Booklet: And finally, the decals: Initial Observations: The molded parts are very crisp and clean with zero flash apart from a couple of little areas. the parts have nice fine recessed panel lines and some rivet details. The clear molded parts are very clear and not thick with zero aberrations. The decals are excellent looking with zero carrier film beyond the decal edges. The black and white instruction booklet appears to be clear and concise, but the two paint and decal options would be better in color. There are three blank pages at the end of the booklet. The color call outs are in Revell colors only. I will make a final report when the build is complete indicating any issues that I come across. In the meantime, thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy following along with my build, which I started already, but haven't had the time until now to start this post thread due to family from Florida staying with us for the last 10 days. Anyway, if you'd like to see my "in-Box-Review" video for this kit, here is the link: https://youtu.be/PNScSYj4E6c My Build Update #1 report will follow shortly! Cheers, Martin
  15. I got these 2 kits for my birthday last year. These will be OOB. Bo***cks I am wanting to get rid of the gun barrels. Well no PE. Started on Saturday of the Queens Birthday long weekend as the weather is not great. I have to work on the Monday of the long weekend so it is not a long weekend after all. This is the painting scheme from the Airfix kit that came in a box of 3 kits "Aircraft of the Aces" in which you get a Spitfire Mk1a, NA P-51D Mustang and a Messerschmitt Bf-109E-4. The Italeri sprues. Airfix sprues. Progress so far. I have painted the cockpits and have applied a wash. Airfix fuselage halves on the left. Italeri seat on the left. Airfix seat on the bottom. Is it possible I have been a little over excited with the wash? The seats look a little over done now. Maybe too many Spitfires and Mustangs around. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  16. In the last years I have built many models Bf 109 in scale 48. This is now my first speed-building. I found by clean up my office a Hasegawa kit. It is very old - from the 88ger years of the last century. So I decided to quick assemble this kit and make a extraordinary eyecatcher camouflage. In the collection "Jagdfliegerverbände der Deutsche Luftwaffe" Volume two I found this template for my kit. The JG53 is known for exceptionally camouflage in this time. Here ist my kit template: I reconstructed with help of images from other machines in this fighter squadron in exactly this period, the complete camouflage. This is my result in sclae 48: And this result is also too my airbrush template for my kit. This Bf 109E-4 has had a basic camouflage from 1940 in RLM65/02/71, modified with RLM70 and a mixing from RLM02 and 65 for wing upperside and fintail. This is a good eye catcher!
  17. Hi, Let me invite you to a Messerschmitt shelf of my cabinet. In fact I already posted one from this shelf - the Italeri Me 110 D in fake Iraqi markings from Mosul revolt, 1941. Anyway - I would like to start with Me 210/410 family. I have two models of this set. Both I made together in 1998. I used here a brand new those days Italeri Me 210 A and ... - old Frog Me 410. And some (or a lot?) of scratch work. The Frog Me 410 was made by me for the first time when I was perhaps 13 - and it was not acceptable for me any longer. So I broken it to the pieces, immersed in NaOH and removed all paint. All work (details, markings etc.) I based on a monography on Me 210/410 by E.Kocent-Zielinski (issued by Kagero, 1996).There are innice profiles, photos and plans for different variants in this book. I decided to make models of early variant of Me 210 A0, which has shorter fuselage and heavy armed Me 410 B1U4 with 50 mm canon. I made crosskiting: Me 410 has Frog wings, engines, u/c but Italeri fuselage and tail whereas Me 210 has Italeri wings, engines and u/c with shortered and reshaped Frog fuselage and tail. As probably most of Readers know, the drastic difference was in canopies: Left is a part of Frog, right is basicly the same part from Italeri. The difference is obvious - Italeri looks like an older brother of the Frog one. Regerding plans the problem is with Italeri canopy - it is oversized. Therfore I decided to use "aftermarker" part - namely by " JWM high tech LTD " ) - it means I made the canopies by myself.... The Me 210/410 canopy is perhaps the most complicated canopy of WWII plane at all. It was then a bit challenging. I made from teflon rode a kind of "stamps" for side parts of canopy and glue (with epoxy) to a piece of wood: I prepare also a metal part with a appropriate opening for stamp (I cannot find it now to make a photo of complete set) and this way prepare sides. The other elements I prepare from flat cards and then after glueing all together a sand it and polished. The frames are made from decal. Me 410 B1/U4 is in markings from Stab II/ZG 26, Koenigsberg, Autumn 1944 and Me 210 A0 is from 03/SKG 210, 1942, Eastern Front. This airplane was short in use and was destroyed during landing, so I made very limited weathering. EDIT - I uploaded again some photos corrected for RGB balance Some family photos first: Me 210 A0: And Me 410 B1/U4: Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  18. Next Trumpeter 1/32nd Awfulschmitt variant will be a Messerschmitt Bf.109K-4 - ref.2299. Sources: http://www.cybermodeler.com/news/trumpeter.shtml http://new2.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=44&l=en V.P.
  19. Dear Fellow Modellers, I've started this model back in November 2014 and I'm nearly finishing it. However, since it is still a WIP, I thought I could post the main building steps here. The kit is the Revell Bf 109 G10 in 1/72. This is the box and contents - just two gray sprues, one clear sprue and decals for two aircraft. 37 parts in total: My main objective when I bought this kit was to try to properly paint a mottled camouflage. As you'll see later on, I tried a few other techniques, namely some scratch buiiding, in order to correct some lack of detail / errors. I chose the option of the IV. Gruppe/JG 27, early 1945, Berlin aircraft, with yellow underside wing tips. I didn't find any information on the individual aircraft portrayed by Revell, but found several sources about Bf 109 G10 aircraft (109 lair, barracuda decals Part I and Part II), which I used to correct the painting instructions and other details. I was also inspired by the excellent build of this kit made by Rato Marczak, though for a different individual aircraft. This virtual view of a Bf 109 G10 cockpit was also useful. My first step was to cut out the main parts (fuselage, wings, cockpit components) and make a dry-fit test, to check potential fit and seam problems: There was nothing specially problematic. Next I cut out the canopy, gave it a bath of Alclad Aqua Gloss, which I found to be a superb product to bring out the transparency of clear parts, and let it dry overnight: When dry, I masked it with Tamiya masking tape. Here are a few steps of the masking process: Then, I proceeded to the cockpit. Luftwaffe aircraft of this period had their cockpits painted RLM 66 Schwarzgrau (Black Gray). The instrument panel was given some color according to pictures of the real thing. The backs of the dials were painted black and the rims of some of them were dry-brushed with yellow and red. A dry-brush with silver was applied to provide a worn off look. A flat coat of varnish (Micro Flat) was then applied and, in the end, the dials were covered with a drop of Alclad Aqua Gloss, applied with a toothpick, to simulate the dials' glass covers: The cockpit base, seat and control column were also painted RLM 66, dry brushed with silver, and washed with a Vallejo brown acrylic wash. Finish is Micro Flat. The cockpit sides were subjected to the same treatment: At this point in the build I intended to display the aircraft with a closed canopy, so I considered the existing cockpit detail to be good enough. Here is the cockpit base, seat and instrument panel already glued together: And now glued to the fuselage: Well, I guess this is enough for the first post of this WIP. Hope you found it interesting. Thanks for looking. Jaime
  20. Bf 109E-7 Trop Eduard 1:48 Weekend Edition If you have not heard of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 then were have you been? The E-7 variant incorporated the developments of the E-4 with Armour and structural improvements, the change from MG FF cannons to the MG FF/M and the "square" canopy. In addition it introduced provision for an optional 300L drop tank, the first time the 109 would carry a drop tank. Alternatively a bomb could be fitted. The E-7 entered combat at the end of August 1940. A total of 438 E-7s would be built. The Kit On opening the box for this weekend edition the modeller is greeted with four sprues of grey plastic, a clear sprue, and a set of Eduard's super fabric seat belts. The moulding is top quality and there is no sign of any issues. Construction starts in the cockpit area, with the first order of business being to add some detail to the cockpit sidewalls. We briefly move away from the cockpit to construct the intake area on the underside of the engine. Once this is done we resume the cockpit proper and get onto the main area for the pilot. The control column is added along with the pilots seat, rudder pedals, lower instrument panel and landing gear controls. Then engine bulkhead is then complete along with main instrument panel and the gun sight. The next step is construction of the engine, and the armament which sits on top of it. If you are going to build the model with the engine cowl closed then most of the engine parts and the guns can be left off. It would be shame to do this however as there is a lot of good detail in this area. Once the engine is complete in either the fully constructed or basic form, it along with the cockpit and tail wheel are placed into the main fuselage and it is closed up. The next major construction step is the wings. These are a conventional lower one part main wing with left & right uppers. The wheel wells need to be placed inside the wings before they are closed up. Fully positionable flaps and slats are provided if the modeller wishes to pose them up or down. The underwing radiators are also added at this point. Once the wing assembly is complete it is mated up with the main fuselage. The next step is to attach the tail-planes and the rudder. The tail-planes are one part but the rudder can be positioned as needed. The main undercarriage is the next item to be constructed and added. These consist of a tyre with a left and right hub. A one part main gear leg is added with a separate main brake line which is a nice touch. These are then attached to the main gear door and installed onto the airframe. The external tank is also made and attached at this point if you are going to be using it. The last construction steps are to add the cowlings to engine if you are using them. The head armour needs to be attached to the main canopy, and all the clear parts assembled. Canopy The canopy from Eduard is very clear, and a crisp moulding. It should pose no problems. Decals The decals in Eduard's weekend options are certainly improving. Not only do you now get two options, but they have included some stencil data which was previously missing from the weekend kits. The decals are The options are; 2./JG 27, Ain El Gazala Airfield. Libya 1941. 1./JG 27, Ain El Gazala Airfield. Libya July 1941. Flown by The Co Oblt Karl-Wolfgang Redlich. . Conclusion This is another great boxing in their 109 series from Eduard. With the inclusion of two decal options, stencils; and a set of seat belts this Weekend Boxing is great value for money. Overall Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  21. Morning all, Just put the finishing touches on this one so thought I'd take a few quick pics of the finished model. A thoroughly enjoyable build from start to finish. And a quick group shot of how my BoB project is coming along... Not sure what to build next, but am half tempted to give a biplane a go with a Gladiator... Thanks for looking, comments welcomed. Cheers, Shaun
  22. Afternoon all, Inevitably, toiling with the Shar has begun to take it's toll, so before it killed my modelling enthusiasm completely, I've decided to put it to the side and resume my BoB project with this beauty. It's another wonderful kit from Eduard, almost as nice as their Hellcat, and progress has gone swimmingly so far, with the interior work complete. The wings have been assembled and are awaiting clean up, so this should come together pretty quickly from now on. Thanks for looking, comments welcomed, Shaun
  23. Next in the queue are these two, partly because having bought the first five volumes of the Luftwaffe Crash Archive I want to make a start on utilising the fabulous research therein. Tamiya Emil by jongwinnett, on Flickr Airfix Emil by jongwinnett, on Flickr So far actual modeling progress has been limited to a waft of Halfords finest primer. Coming next... by jongwinnett, on Flickr Ideally I would like, to do one as Boehm's E-3 which was the first Bf109 to come down in the UK. However, whilst I have most of the necessary decals, the White 4 edged red eludes me. I think Boehm's plane featured in one of the Cutting Edge decal sheets in 1/48, but I haven't found a source in 1/72. Suggestions welcome! I haven't decided on how to finish the other. I do have decals for Priller's E-3, but I would prefer to model another that came down in the Uk. I know nothing about German planes, having never built one before, but am I right in thinking that the E-3s were largely upgraded to E-4 standards, or is that nonsense? I haven't found another suitable prototype yet. But the research is half the fun.
  24. This is my second build of 2015. Two models in two months... man, I'm getting slow in my old age. I remember when I could build twenty in one year! This is the 1/48 Eduard Bf 109E-3 Weekend Edition that I received as a Christmas Present. Being a freebie, I decided to add a little aftermarket to this one, which consisted of a resin seat by Ultracast, metal barrels by Master and decals by Hussar. Wanting to do something different, I decided on a not-often-modelled Royal Romanian Air Force example. The model was painted with Lifecolor RLM 65, Tamiya Dark Green and Vallejo Deep Yellow. As is usually the case, I couldn't quite match the yellow on the decals, which are a bit brighter than the yellow I used (hindsight's a b***h ain't it?). Fortunately you can't really tell in the pictures. The rudder stripes were masked and painted instead of using the supplied decal. The Eduard 109 is a fantastic little kit, however, my only complaint is that the landing gear legs seem a little too long, giving the aircraft too much of a nose high stance. For those of you wondering, yes, that is Donald Duck on the rear fuselage Comments, good and bad, are always welcome. Regards, ANS
  25. Evening all, As promised in my WIP thread, here's the finished 109. A few niggles that I can't ignore, but a generally an enjoyable build. I'll be displaying her at Yeovilton along with the Spitfire. Thanks for looking, comments welcomed Shaun
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