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  1. Hello I was under the impression, that the newer kits would be the Tranch(e) 3 including the extra pylons that were missing from the original kit.
  2. Hello all I have this book from year 1953 translated to finnish and if I'm at the correct date to this high altitude battle on February 21 1944, the book says following: two pilots that were at standby was to be Ian Blair and Kelly. The author then says that he and his friend Remlinger relieved the pilots so that they could for lunch or so. The biggest disinfo according to my opinion is that Clostermann calls those altitude Spitfires as Mk. VIII's and not Mk.VI's or VII's but it is not relevant here. Is it verified that the German plane was G-6 and not the earlier G-4 ? I have liked his books and I'm aware that they may be fully correct at least the Big Show but again this is not relevant for this topic. Just wanted to share my thoughts with You, pardon if this date and occurance is not what was discussed. Yours Teemu H
  3. Kiitos auttoi kyllä. The same pic came across earlier from the web and few others, hard to see the attachments.
  4. Thanks. In "my scale" 1/72 was also this kit from Amodel. Oh, sorry, my mistake. Thank You for correcting. I just got that image from the posts that I have read before here on different topics.
  5. Hello I would like to ask some questions about those mentioned recce versions. I did search from my own references and from the net but if anyone have other opinions and knowledge. First, would anyone be able to help about 109G-4R-3 with two auxiliary fuel tanks on wings, how they were attached ? Did they have similar stubs like on those WGr.21 rocket launchers or rack or what ? I have found some pics but just would like to know if someone knows better and more. Also, what were those long things like pipes coming forward on those tanks ? Second, Pierre Clostermann describes on his book 'The Great Show', how he shoot down a recce 109 with two wing mounted drop tanks. I know that it was Ian Blair who made the claim and that the 109 was apparently 109G-6R-3 1.(F)/120 A6+XH flown by Quednay. Now the question, would the 109G-6 recce have used those auxiliary tanks ? Did G-8 use or could have been used similar tanks. I know that this is difficult but any info and output would be highly appreciated ? TIA Teemu Haajanen
  6. Hi Fuad !! Excellent model You have done, I would like to ask how was it to build ? Noticed that the landing gear legs were rather representation, how did the fuselage and wings went together and what about the resin cockpit parts ?? Have one in my stashes somewhere waiting as well as 2 DakoPlast kits.
  7. It was for the sweeping seamines as they were floating on sea. The plane would fly over it (them) and the ring creates an electronic field to detonate the mine(s) or so have understood. In a nutshell, surely others will know more and better.
  8. Excellent news to see that KP (AZ) are soon releasing La-5 (LaG-5) and Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop !! I'm looking very forward to see that La-5. Sorry if this is on wrong topic but KP is with AZ.
  9. Thank You cossack for the reply and sorry about not so good service that You received. Fortunately my experience was quite different; I got answers on both of my messages and I was told that they have posted the spare parts. Mr. Jan Polc himself replied my messages. So case is finished on my behalf. Thank You AZ Models and Mr. Polc. Best Regards Teemu H
  10. Hi I purchased this kit last year and did checked it like I always do, but until now when I pulled it out of my stash in order to build it, my kit is missing two parts; # 11 transparent part (canopy) and P1 pur part (cockpit floor). Wondering if anyone else here has had or have similar issues ? I've already sent email to the address mentioned on the kit but no response so far. Any help or info would be highly appreciated. TIA Teemu Haajanen
  11. Thank You for the reply, very helpful to me.
  12. Hello Could You please specify is Humbrol 87 decent match for RLM 65 or 78 ? TIA Teemu H
  13. Hi Duncan What about spots of RLM 02 instead or with RLM 70 ? In the pic they do look dark so 70 would be obvious......
  14. hajt

    Airfix Bf 109G6

    I have built one Amodel 109K and I liked it. Been trying to hunt 1 or two kits more but with no luck.
  15. Hello I would appreciate Your opinions concerning this can of worms..... Based on my references,I am being offered between two different camo schemes for this 109G-14; first is 82/83/76 and the other 74/75/76. Now what would be most obvious choice,the 82/83 sounds suspicious,it is the option given by decal sheet. The new AZ Model G-14 1/72 scale has the normal three grey option. My only resources are two b/w pics where this 109 has taller (wooden) rudder but with shorter tailwheel and Erla canopy. This is either 4.JG 3 or 10.JG 3 plane and Werkenummer is 462919 and its number is white 7 and vertical line (or cross bar). Any opinions would be highly welcome. TIA Teemu H
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