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Found 22 results

  1. MikroMir is to release 1/48th de Havilland DH.112 Venom kits. Source: https://www.facebook.com/mikro.mir.dnepr/posts/3970369419707431 First 3D renders V.P.
  2. Pilot Replicas is to release a 1/48th de Havilland Venom Night Fighter kit - ref. 48-A-008 Source: https://www.facebook.com/largescalemodeller/photos/a.459679464104014.1073741828.450176221721005/1054354864636468/?type=3&theater Box art V.P.
  3. For the sake of clarity and after the release of the Kitty Hawk Bell AH-1Z Viper (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943269-148-bell-ah-1z-viper-super-cobra-by-kitty-hawk-released/) I've decided to open a new dedicated thread for the future KH 1/48th Bell UH-1Y Venom - ref.KH80123 Source: http://scalemodels.ru/news/6428-vertoletnye-anonsy-Kitty-Hawk-Models-1-48.html Source: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=276651&view=findpost&p=2627492 V.P.
  4. Seen at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2013, a poster announcing a 1/72nd de Havilland DH.112 Venom NF.3 kit by Dragon/Cyber-hobby - ref. 5116. Source: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/blog/1310182 V.P.
  5. Hello everyone. I continue show my old models. Today this is De Havilland Venom from Classic Airframes. This model was build four years ago. Best regards. Michael.
  6. Asking for suggestions on references similar in scope to Daco or Reid publishing referances on the Meteor, Venom, Sea Venom and Sea Vixen. Thanks.
  7. The Venom started life as as the Vampire Mk 8, a thinner winged development of the Vampire with the original Goblin engine replaced by the more powerful Ghost. It first flew in September 1949. I’m not really sure how I came to be doing this project. I’m 76 and well aware that my declining faculties will be probably prevent me from finishing all the interesting prototypes and experimental a/c already in my stash, let alone the stream of Russian ones coming from Modelsvit. The Venom was not even on my radar as it did not seem to fit any of those categories. To me it didn't seem to be a part
  8. 1/32 Matchbox Sea Venom (one and a bit kits), which will be completed as a Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force) J 33 Venom (N.F.51). Derek
  9. Hi folks. I wanna start my first WIP here on britmodeller with CMR#189 1/72 DH Venom FB.4, WR444. Any help and feedback will be appreciated. Here is a profile of the a/c mentioned in this topic: Pity, but I cant find any photo of this a/c so there is a lot of questions. But let's keep' em for future, now i wanna tell you few words about the work done. I got this kit in built condition, but I wanna rebuilt it because of inaccurate panel recessing. I got started from the filling panel recessing with the putty, for now about a half of the plane has already sanded. Here we are. Meanwh
  10. de Havilland Venom NF.3 WX905 on display at Newark Air Museum. Pics mine.
  11. Afternoon All, I recently acquired the Aeroclub 1/72 De Havilland Venom FB1 and FB4 kits with the intention of building them as RAF machines from 249 (FB1) and 28 (FB4) Sqdns. I'm looking to see if anyone has some decent cockpit interior images so I can add some detail to the cockpit interiors? Anything you can provide me with would be gratefully received! Thanks in advance, Mark.
  12. Here's my latest, the Kittyhawk 1/48 UH-1Y Venom, coming soon to a SAMI near you!
  13. Hi all, I did this for the FAA group build, probably wouldn't have been my preferred choice as its not really my scale (nowhere to put the thing for starters!), but was chosen from a list of possibilities! Built OOB apart from some quickboost seats which are not quite the right mark, but look loads better than the kit seats and a bit of amertuerish scratchbuilding on the wingfold! Decals were a nightmare, very translucent and had a layer of scum on the back, had no choice but to do the best I could with them. As always notice some bits that need touching up after photographing it but anyway
  14. UH-1Y "Venom" 1:48 Kitty Hawk The Bell UH-1 Iroquois or "Huey" to the majority of people is probably one of the most recognisable Helicopters in the world due to the exposure it had from the Vietnam war. Developed by Bell Helicopters back in 1952 to a US Army requirement for a utility and medical evacuation Helicopter, it first flew in 1956. The Huey was the first turbine powered helicopter to enter production for the US military in 1961. At the time the US Army designation was HU-1, which would later be changed to UH-1. Hu-1 giving rise to the nickname which has stuck ever since of "Hue
  15. One of the benefits of volunteering at Classic Air Force is the opportunity to photograph visiting aircraft as well as the museum residents. Here is a selection taken during the last few months. None of these were taken 'airside', they were taken from public areas often using my trusty stepladder.
  16. Totally New: Air New Zealand B777-219ER 2013 Trademark scheme 1/144 and 1/200 RNZAF Sunderland MR Mk V 1950s / last scheme in 1/48 RNZAF Venom FB1 in 1/32 Now available in Digital format: Air NZ B737-200 NAS delivery and NAR interim schemes in 1/72, 144 and 200 Air NZ F27-500F NFD and NFE delivery schemes in 1/72 and 1/144 DC3s - Ministry of Transport, James Aviation (now in 2 schemes), and Pionair in 1/48, 72 and 144 Air National Dash8-100 in 1/72 and 144 Air Chathams and Air Freight NZ CV580s in /172 and 144 DC-3 Warbird ZK-DAK in 1/144 (previously only in 48 and 72) RNZAF UH-1D/H
  17. De Havilland Venom NF.2 1:72 Czech Master Resin The Vampire was infamously characterised by its unorthodox twin boom layout. Being the second jet fighter to enter into RAF service after the Meteor, it set several records early in its existence and went on to serve in no less than 31 air forces. The Venom was a natural evolution utilising a thinner wing and more powerful engine to increase performance. There were two basic configurations, the single seater being a fighter bomber, where as the two seat machines had a cockpit layout based on that of the proven Mosquito providing all
  18. So here it is a kit kindly given to me by a fellow BM member well over a year ago! I have kept looking at it and putting it away as its a bit different to what I'm used too. I'm not planning on starting it till the dragon vulcan b1s are done that said I want to build it this year but I need some advice in the mean time about the nature and methods of such a kit. I know little about the history of the kit but if looks unusual to me The fit it terrible on the fuselarge halfs I could fit my leg in there. The plastic is very sence and feels like resin The vac form canopy scares me as I have
  19. This is purely coincidental as there currently seems to be a lot of Vampire & Venom related subjects at the moment. Whilst i'm currently hacking at the Marivox Mk.1 Vampire, I am considering doing a bit of kit bashing with a Revell Vampire to make it into a single seat Venom. Before I start, is it possible to cross kit with the Eastern Express Sea Venom for the wings, plus what would I have to do to the booms & tail fins? Would I have to convert the Eastern Express kit into a single seater? I'd rather do it in plastic rather than fork out for the CMR resin, it's just more satisfying
  20. Finally finished the build review on this elegant fighter. CMR have continued the variants of the Vampire / Venom range and make full use of the technology available to achieve a highly detail result. The build review can be found HERE. On the whole, the kit goes together very well. Some care and fettling was required along the fuselage seem and front wheel bay as well as applying the vast amount of tiny parts, but most of my set backs were own goals being the plonka I sometimes am !!!! Whilst generally speaking, the CMR kits are more pricey than your mainstream kits, you do get everything n
  21. Now that the bench is clear, I'll be cracking on with this with the view to putting a build review together at the end. Having made the Mistral a few months ago, I'm rather excited with it. CMR kits usually offer lots of juicy cockpit detail and this one is no exception, but with the added benefit that it's bigger than the Mistral due to being a 2 seater so there's more opportunity to see all the hard work on display ! The box... The pack that includes a full resin kit, two types of canopy and two of each incase you make a boo boo, paint masks, coloured etch and two sheets of decals,
  22. Latest releases from Oldmodels Decals: B170 - RNZAF 41 Sqn 1960s - 1/72 and 1/144 Venom FB1 - 14 Sqn RNZAF operated 43 of these leased from the RAF during the Malaysian crisis. 1/48 and 1/72 TEAL Catalina - ZK-AMP was used over a two year period to survey Pacific routes including the famous "Coral Route" flown by TEAL later Air New Zealand. 1/72, 1/48 Available through my website John www.oldmodelsdecals.com
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