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  1. Yes, there were metal fins for rocket, but I did not use them. Now I'm building CMR's Wapiti, there are some bubbles too, but less than in the venom kit.
  2. I think this kit is good in build when the mould is ok. But there were a lot of air bubbles in my one(
  3. Finally, she's done Another photos are here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001755-cmr-172-dh-venom-fb4-wr444-opmusketeer/
  4. Here is a resin model of DH Venom FB.4. I tried to build it straight out the box, but spoilt panel lines recessing. So I made new panel recessing and add etched panels and hatches. Model is painted with Arcus authentic paints: 092 Gun Metal - Exhaust and guns 095 Aluminium - wheel wells, wing-tip tanks, 098 Jet Black - whell tyres 359 Yellow and 360 Night- Musketeer bands 365 PRU Blue - under surfaces 379 Dark Sea Grey and 387 Dark Green- camouflage 380 Medium Sea Grey- drop tanks
  5. This weekend I painted my Venom in Arcus 379 Dark Sea Grey. Next week I hope to finish the camouflage with Dark Green color.
  6. I did not have so much time to upload the photos of progress, but now I will try to find some minutes to do it. Firstly, I made pre-shading for the yellow 'musketeer' stripes. Next time I will choose another color for yellow pre-shading... Then, I painted in 359 Yellow areas on wings and fuselage beams for 'musketeer' stripes I masked yellow stripes with Tamiya tape, made pre-shading and painted 'musketeer' stripes in 360 Night color Then, I painted some areas in 289 Braun( do not ask me why, I have no reasonable answer) and made pre-shading for under surfaces PRU Blue color ...and 365 PRU Blue color
  7. Hi folks, I started paintjob of my Venom. Firstly I painted in aluminium wing tip tanks, intakes and undercarriage. Jet nozzle I painted in gunmetal. Then to protect from scratches I covered metallic painted areas with gloss finish. This weekend I'm going to paint yellow stripes on the wings and on the beams. To be continued...
  8. Hi folks. I made PE parts for my Venom and even glued them onto the model. Now I am going to paint this, but there are some questions about the colour scheme. The first (and tha main) is... Are there any photo of WR444?! There are so many models of this plane, but I can not find any photo of the real a/c. Photo of another Venoms from 249 sqn are also suitable. I found only photo of Musketeer Venoms from 249(?) sqn(from Warpaint book). As I see, the colour of drop tanks differs from under surfaces PRU Blue. It seems to be lighter than. Should I paint them Medium Sea Grey? The next question about the wing tip tanks. It seems to be they have metallic shine on the photo above... Were they painted Aluminium? Or it's optic effect?
  9. Aye, aye, Sir! I missed on LEMB the photo with vertical FuG antennas. Now I see it here, silly me. Entschuldigung!
  10. Hi, wish you luck on this project. As I see FuG antennas turned 45 degrees, seems to be it's not too late to fix it!
  11. Looks great! Can't wait for the pix of finished model!
  12. A little progress on my project. The hatches and panels for bottom part of fuselage are done.
  13. I used negative photoresist+photolithography mask+UV lamp. Adrian, I even can tell the comunity how to produce PE at home (this is not a secret technology ), but this is not a short story for this thread. And as you see I dont speak English well so far, so assistent who could edit my article needed
  14. Hi, I did not mention that the panel ines are wrong. Friend of mine who started this kit made the panel rescribing deeper and wider, cause he has sanded some of it during the kit asembling. Somewhere scriber knife go wrong way, so the panel rescribing at this model looked a litle bit messy. That's why I filled all the panels lines and hatches. Hi Colin. Yes, I know it, and this is a price I should pay. But my rescribed flushed hatches look much worse:(
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