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  1. Valom is to release 1/72nd de Havilland DH.95 Flamingo kits. Source: http://www.valom.net/?page_id=1137 pravujeme - ref. 72147 - de Havilland DH.95 Flamingo (King´s Flight) - ref. 72156 - de Havilland DF.95 Flamingo (Civil Users) - ref. 72157 - de Havilland DH.95 Flamingo (Lady of Hendon, Merlin IV) V.P.
  2. Valom is to release new tool 1/72nd Curtiss C-46 Commando kits. Sources: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4222542457757137&id=208070375871052 https://www.aviationmegastore.com/curtis-c46-commando-us-navy-usaac-valom-vaclav-lomitzk-72151-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=177189 First box art V.P.
  3. Despite my having several projects going at once, I thought: "why not?" and started working on Valom's newly-released Vickers Valetta. I've been inspired by @tonyot and @71chally's builds to start one on my own, and do a couple things differently, like pose it with the paratroop door removed and secured to the cabin interior, and with some modest interior additions and modifications. For those unacquainted with the kit, Valom's Valetta is a short-run kit that has almost the look and feel of a larger run kit. The fit is quite good, and the detail excellent. My only gripes are: 1) the forward fuselage as it meets the rear of the cockpit transparency is a little too squarish, and looks more like that of a Viking than a Valetta, and 2) somehow the tail looks a bit short in height, though I've checked photos of the real thing and it seems to be ok. As this will be a C.1, i.e. a cargo aircraft (what we'd call a trash-hauler here in the States), I cut out the extra window, the navigator's astrodome top-side, and the paratroop door. I had to add a little extra plastic to reshape the forward area of the paratroop door. I've marked where I want the fuselage formers to go, and carefully labeled each one. I'll also install longerons and an overhead lighting fixture. The Valetta had a unique protective interior sidewall below the windows, probably to protect the internal aircraft structures. The kit provides a nice wing spar to divide the cabin, so my plan is only to detail the interior to that point, and only on the right side, where it can be seen by the casual observer. I have a surplus C-47 cargo floor for the cabin floor. I sanded the forward fuselage a bit aggressively to impart a more rounded shape. Unfortunately, in my effort to correct things, I made more problems for myself. I tapered it a little too much near the cockpit and now need to build it back up a little. I've decided to sand the cockpit eyebrow windows so that they blend better with the new shape. Unfortunately, there's not much clear plastic to work with, so I need to be really careful. My plan is to assemble the fuselage and cockpit, then carefully sand the joint forward of the astrodome until the roof appears more rounded. Built from the box, it's not bad, but it looks too flat to my eye. I added the nostril-like bumps on the nose, below. These are included with the kit as part #51, but do not appear anywhere in the instructions--which appear to have been a rush job of sorts. I sanded them down a bit to reduce their size and make them a little more flattish. They are pretty noticeable on Valettas. I also rescribed some areas that I aggressively sanded.
  4. Hello All Just finished this one, literally hot and still wet from the shed (the kit, not me). Cracking kit to make, out of the box other than glue and paint. The resin detail and the vac form canopy are some of the best examples I’ve ever seen. Alas none of you will get to see the cockpit detail as it’s below the tiny cockpit aperture and is not visible. I did manage to get the photo etch torpedo propeller blades onto the torpedo, but I did need to lie down afterwards! It’s finished as an aircraft operated at RNAS Lee on Solent in the fifties. As usual I used Xtra Color paints and varnish with a little weathering and a Flory wash. Hope you like it. The kit comes with 2 canopies so I've a spare if anyone needs/wants one. I don't know of any other aircraft that tilts the torpedo to accommodate take off. Quite an innovative idea I feel. Yes, there is a prop blade on the end of my finger All 8 in place (ish) Thanks for looking Pete
  5. Well then Jumping in with both feet, here's my attempt at the Valom Fokker F.VIIb/3m, in the guise of the 1928 'Southern Cross', flown by Australian aviator Charles Kingsford Smith, Charles Ulm, Harry Lyon and James Warner in the first-ever trans-Pacific flight to Australia from the mainland United States, a distance of about 11,670 kilometres. In the box: An eclectic gathering of parts - Plastic, resin, and PE. There's also extra replacement parts in a better moulding quality for the tail and engine nacelles. As is often the case, short-run multimedia kits need a bit (uhuh) of cleanup. That will be the task for today, scraping and filing, and separating out the parts needed from what's not. I have spotted some obvious things needed inside, like a big ol' fuel tank so there may be some scratchbuilding included on this trip.
  6. Recently completed for a freind, The Valom 1/72 scale Vickers Viking of BEA circa 1953. Built OOB with Flight path DC 3 decals and finished with Humbrol acrylics. After service with BEA Victor Delta was sold to a European operator who in turn sold the aircraft to Hugh Kennard's Air Ferry at Manston. They were to be her last operator. The airframe was scrapped during 1967. Not a shake and bake build but I am grateful for an injection moulded kit of these less popular types.
  7. Exactly 80 years ago, at around 21:00hrs on Monday 12th August eleven Hampdens (5 from 83Sqn and 6 from 49 Sqn) took off from their Scampton base for the Dortmund-Ems canal. Identified early on as a target after the Battle of France, this canal was a supply route built in the late 19th century to get a direct connection from the Ruhr area to the North sea. Aquaducts carried the canal over part of the Ems river, creating choke points in the route that the Germans used to transport river barges to captured ports in Holland via the Rhine river. Bomber Command Headquarters felt that destroying the aqueducts (codenamed M.25 & M.25A) was key to disrupting the movement of supplies (and later, the barges themselves) towards the proposed invasion ports. Several raids already took place from end of June onwards, mostly unsuccesful apart from one minor breach. To be armed with adapted Aerial dropped mines with a delayed fuse based on Aspirin (the headache stuff!), the best crews from both squadrons would be selected to do the raid. For two weeks, the crews trained intensively, following the local canals in Lincolnshire in preparation for the attack. One of these pilots was a young Guy Gibson - who ended up not going on this raid because it was his birthday. (Apparently, BC felt it was not a good idea to send a man out on a high-risk mission as a present) Six aircraft were to be used as a diversionary attack, and the other five for the bombing run. The five crews designated to attack the canal aqueducts in attack order were: Sqn Ldr Pitcairn-Hill (83 Sqn) F/O Ross (83 Sqn) Flt Lt Mulligan (83 Sqn) P/O Matthews (49 Sqn) Flt Lt Learoyd (49 Sqn) I intend to build this as P4403, EA-M - 'Babe' Learoyd's aircraft. Valom's box art and version allows for the photographed EA-F aircraft. Should not take too much to get an M and the rest of the serial from the decal storage Plastic looks lovely detailed, although the fit is not always exact. I also have replacement clear parts (currently shipped by AZmodel with a new boxing).
  8. A slow burn as I just found this in a box under my desk! I had built her a couple of years back and lost interest when nearly finished. As an aside I might, with encouragement, get her finished! Martin
  9. Hello to all of you.Here is my latest.The awesome RF-101C VooDoo.I love this AC.But the kit is another thing commpletley.A really basic and hard kit to work on.You can see that on the following youtube full video build link
  10. I always wanted some more modern RAF prop types along with my Cold War jets. The Herc was first & I would like a Jetstream, but that’s not very likely. So when Valom said they were making an Islander it caught my attention. I really fancied the Red Devil’s jump plane that would do the round of 80s airshows. Then I saw the ex AAC now RAF grey Islander box and thought that would do. Now Valom kits are known for their challenges and ‘I need to make this Valom kit more challenging’ said no one ever. So I thought I would power the props and add lighting. Plain daft idea I know. The kit has very nice detail in some places, next to none in others. Poor fit as to be expected, but lots of etch - sparse interior but etch foot pedals where you need a shed load of nose weight anyone? So lots of false starts, several moments of WHY! And I think she is about done. Lots I don’t like & am not happy about but had to draw the line somewhere. Anyway thanks for looking & encouragement along the way.
  11. As I have worked my way through Cold War 1/48 military model aircraft kits it has become apparent to me that a chunk of aircraft modelled in 1/72 just don’t have a kit in 1/48. I think the size puts manufacturers off, and there probably isn’t the demand to make tooling up worth it. So as a result the non front line aircraft tend to get patchy or no representation. Think about it - no Dominie, no Jetstream, no Varsity or Valletta, no light transport - F-27, C-160. Occasionally kits appear - I believe there was once a DHC Buffalo, although I have never seen one, a you can buy a 3D printed Andover, and there was a Sea Prince kit that I am still thinking about. A while back an Islander would have been on my wish list until out of the blue one appeared from Valom. I haven’t ever tried a Valom kit before but I had to get one. I did fancy waiting for the Red Devil’s team Islander, and that may come at some point. But being limited run kits I grabbed the RAF (ex-Army Air Corp) Islander when it hit the shelves. And after finishing my last build I eagerly got it from the stash. So what do you get? From the look of it the parts to make just about every version ever made! And etch too. And lots of nice recessed detail, crisply moulded. I was expecting the lack of locating pins but that’s fine. Can glue in my own tabs. Now when I say lots of different model parts, you may be able to spot 6 engine casings. The grey ones are for the turbine version. Both two bladed and three bladed props - 3 bladed for thiS kit So a nice set of parts & plenty to do. Wouldn’t want to make this any more difficult would I? I mean, you could fit motor inside those engine casings, couldn’t you? And look at the space inside the wing - you could fit wires & leds through there. Working wing lights & a cabin light? Could be doable Well I have some leds so we can see. Only have my spare motor from the Herc build left, so would need to get at least one more and work out how to fit it. But let’s see how this goes before I get carried away.
  12. This is my version of Valom’s 1/72 Handley Page Hampden. An early version of the twin-engine fighter bomber, it was deployed in key missions before being quickly superseded by craft that were less vulnerable to attack. An unlikely looking war plane, it’s broad wings and long-tailed body make it seem like the offspring of a bat and a pregnant seahorse. The Valom model is no shake-n-bake: a limited run kit, it lacks any locating pins or obvious means for one piece to attach to another - beyond a butt joint and a lot of liquid cement. Made from thick, unpleasant plastic, it challenges you to carve and add what you need to make a structure durable enough to handle. After that, the fit of pieces isn't bad; I used very little filler, although perhaps I needed more. I chose it over the Airfix 1/72 because of its bizarrely intense surface detail; row upon row of rivets pepper the surface, and while its certainly inaccurate for the scale, it’s fun to paint nevertheless. There’s a couple of sheets of PE details to figure out, plus a small sheet of misaligned decals. I added canopy transparencies from AZ Models, and a pilot from PJ Productions. Apart from that, I adapted it to in-flight mode, which required shaving the wheels down and some surgery on the wheel bay doors. The black underside hides a load of shaky craft trying to get this to work. A poor crafts-person blames the kit, but I had to take some shortcuts with this one. Some more sanding and filling, and a few more hours with the painting would’ve produced something better. However, I enjoyed trying to wrestle this tough little kit into the unique lines of the Hampden.
  13. New in the Aviation Art ZM (for Zdeňka Macháčka) facebook page is a Fairey Britten Norman BN-2 Islander illustration. Considering Zdeňka Macháčka is the designer from most of the Valom and Fly kits box art... Wait and see. Some persistent rumours say it'll be a 1/48th kit. Keep my fingers crossed for a 1/48th BN-2 Islander complete family (Islander, Turbo Islander, Defender & Trislander). Just think of the uncredible number of military and civil schemes as well as variants for such a kit! Source: https://www.facebook.com/208070375871052/photos/a.208144655863624.54782.208070375871052/1933958993282173/?type=3&theater V.P.
  14. Colleagues: Valom has just released its new Viking. I know a bunch of UK "independents" operated these during the late '50s through mid-60's, and was wondering whether @26Decals or others would release any options. My favorites would be Eagle Aviation or Hunting.
  15. After my recent Brigand build you would have thought I'd learned my lesson, but 'the boys' have encouraged me to do this next: so apparently not. First flown in 1935 the Bombay was introduced in 1939 and retired in 1944. Wikipedia here and, as usual, no colour photos for reference so your guess is as good as mine. Luckily I build OOB and follow the instructions so I'm not too bothered - it's the build that's fun, IMHO (although not in my recent experience). Sprue shots: Three plastic, two clear, two PE (oh joy), IP film and resin engines. Decals for two schemes: - L5838, 216 Sqn RAF, Aldergrove, Northern Ireland 1939 and - my choice, L5813, 271 Sqn RAF, crashed 11.5.1940 in Betheniville, France, stalled on approach to the airfield and crashed killing four and injuring twelve. The usual picture only instructions on folded A5 pamphlet, which I won't bore you with but here's the first few steps: Looks like an interesting cockpit, good. Notice the inset panel in step 2 for attachment of PE. No, it's not clearer 'in the flesh'* Bit worried about this bent training edge: but this will no doubt add to the jeopardy and keep people interested. Hopefully. * Dbl-E, score 1, fnaar fnaar. Off to a good start, with the double entendres at least.
  16. Part of the Battle of Britain GB for this year: Valom's 1/72 HP Hampden B. Mk.I. On 12 August 1940 eleven Hampdens, six from No. 49 Squadron, five from No. 83 Squadron, were detailed to destroy the aqueduct carrying the canal over the river Ems, north of Münster. Flt Lt. Roderick Learoyd of 49 Squadron was detailed as pilot of Hampden P4403, "EA-M", and his crew comprised Pilot Officer John Lewis (Observer), Sergeant Walter Ellis (wireless operator-gunner) and Leading Aircraftman William Rich (ventral gunner). Of the other four Hampdens that made the attack that night, two were destroyed and two more were badly hit. Last in line, Flt Lt Learoyd was awarded the very first Victoria Cross for Bomber Command for taking his Hampden down to 150 feet and pushing through the hail of AA, sustaining hydraulic system damage, inoperable flaps, a wrecked undercarriage, and wing damage, before dropping his bombs and then nursing his aircraft back to England, where he circled his aircraft until daylight, as he felt it too risky to attempt a night landing. the WIP thread with the background information regarding this raid can be read here: Extras: AZ Models transparencies and mask set, Yahu instrument panel & lots of Evergreen strips Paints: Topsides Dark Earth Vallejo 71.323 and 71.029 (the old DE), Tamiya XF-81 Dark Green, Bottom Vallejo 71.057 Black & Tamiya XF-85 Tire Black (for the blueish tint) Interior: Vallejo 71.126 IDF/AF green Decals: Kit for generic markings. Codes, serial & nose art gifted from the Airfix Hampden by @PeterB Now, where does the Evergreen come in you wonder? Well, you can barely see it in the completed kit but...
  17. Newcomer from Poland SabreKits (link) has re-released the Valom 1/72nd Handley Page Hampden B.Mk.I with AZ Model clear parts - ref. SBK7004 Sources: https://shop.sabrekits.cz/10502,cz_hampden-b.mk.i--9-decal-options-!!.html https://www.facebook.com/Sabrekits.cz/posts/130948712089922 V.P.
  18. Valom is to release 1/72nd Blackburn Firebrand (new variants) kits http://www.valom.net/?page_id=681 - ref. 72139 - Blackburn Firebrand TF.Mk.5 - ref. 72140 - Blackburn Firebrand TF.Mk.4 And the same in 1/48th M. Václav Lomitzki V.P.
  19. Hello, here's my attempt on Valom's 1/72 Yakolev Yak-7 (Late Production) in markings of 728. IAP, 1943/1944. Decals from the box. The kit includes photo-etched details for the cockpit such as belts and instrument panel and resin cockpit sidewalls and wheels (which I did not use because of serious fit issues). Although similar in the sprue layout, this kit is not identical with the Dakoplast and ICM moldings. It's of short-run nature and needs some TLC to build. Painted with acylics from the Gunze/Sangyo range. All pictures by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Thanks for lookin' ... best wishes from Vienna! Roman
  20. My second contribution. Valom's recently (re-)released Blackburn Firebrand. A beast of a post war FAA Torpedo Fighter. I have a Mark 2 with a Sabre engine in the stash but until recently haven't seen one of the definitive TF 4 or 5s. I don't know if this is a new release but it's a bit mixed with some sublime engraving and resin but some indistinct moulding and an elderly looking sheet of etch. Although not a success by any matter of means, it is a pugilistic looking beast. Also my father worked on them while in the FAA but I'm not sure whether it was in Squadron service or on one of the support bases. Here's the box There are 3 plastic sprues, not really many injection parts, but certainly all the big parts. Some nicely moulded resin, although this picture doesn't really do it justice. Unfortunately, the top of the control column has gone amiss. A piece of etch and a couple of vac form canopies. Which is why I wonder if it's a really-release as Valom's have been injection moulding canopies for some time now. Nice transfer sheet with transfers for two early liveried aircraft. And a 12 page instruction sheet. I bought a mask set for it as well.
  21. Aviation Art ZM Facebook shows since a few days a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer artwork. Source: https://www.facebook.com/208070375871052/photos/a.208144655863624.54782.208070375871052/2035886113089460/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/208070375871052/photos/a.208144655863624/2125116877499716/?type=3&theater Considering Zdenek Macháček (aka ZM) artworks usually illustrate Valom, Fly and AZmodel boxings it's reasonable to assume that one of these brands is to release a new tool 1/72nd kit of this British STOL transport aircraft. My guess: Valom..update And the winner is Valom To be followed V.P.
  22. Valom is to release in 2016 a 1/72nd Grumman J2F-6 Duck kit - ref.72112 Source: http://www.valom.net/pripravujeme_en.html V.P.
  23. I'm building a 1/144 Sopwith Pup. This Valom kit requires some serious work to get to my standards so a few weeks of work to keep me busy. Starting with a Le Rhone 9c engine.
  24. Hi All, Here is the 1/48 scale Britten Norman Islander released by Valom in 2018. This is the original boxing finished in the markings of Mount Cook Airlines in New Zealand in 1988. Since the kit and scale were new there were no aftermarket decals so the Mount Cook Flight Seeing decals were home made. WIP thread here in Islander Colin W
  25. It must have been a sudden onset of lunacy after a series of very hot days during the Christmas break in 2017, but I pulled out the Valom Hampden TB1 kit. It’s been two years almost to the day since I started it. Everything that has been said about this kit is true - particularly with reference to the canopies. I managed to finish it, but it is no doubt a model that is best seen from a distance - the canopies are truely awful! Having said that, it does look rather nice in the later afternoon sun (although the hound is wondering what I am doing invading his space). Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics and completed with the kit markings for 489 (NZ) Squadron RAF, Thorney Island, Spring 1942. Build thread can be found here. Thanks for looking!
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