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  1. Hey All, It's me RichO, I'm getting down here from the sci/fi, real space section, Apollo Crawler at 1/72. This is the first posting of a diorama build I have been considering for some time now. I have decided to start this thread to help fill the void of the crawler build, which is coming to a close. And to get me thinking in the general direction of this build. This is a build that I have been thinking about for a couple of years now. All during the crawler build I have been gathering kits and materials for this dio. At this point I feel I should start this thread with some general
  2. I've got hold of an old Revell Super Guppy kit, and accidentally started it. You know how it goes. I'm sanding all the seams down in advance of assembly of the main areas, and have come across the blobs of styrene that are the exhausts. I've managed to find a slightly hazy pic of them online, which shows that they're basically cylindrical, with a small fairing under the lower edge, and a separate "nib" under the wing. I've also noticed that on the example I was looking at, there were also some additional "streamlining" fairings either side of the nacelles, closely fitting to th
  3. I've got a few entries in this GB in mind and haven't entirely decided on the others yet, but the first one is definitely going to be the Welsh Models 1/144 vacform Boeing 747SP converted to the NASA/DLR telescope-carrying aircraft N747NA. I'll post a pic of the kit later, but here's the 1/1 version in flight: I've been doing some CAD work on the telescope and fairing: and done a test print of the parts: This was my first attempt at a print with my Photon Mono printer. Some of the parts came out fine, some of them will need to be printed again with the su
  4. Some NASA F-104s from the '80s. All were stationed at the Dryden Flight Research Center located on Edwards AFB. F-104N N811NA, December 1981 F-104N N812NA, October 1982 - Edwards Open House JF-104A N818NA (USAF s/n 552961), July 1985 - Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum F-104G N820NA (Converted F-104A, USAF s/n 56-0790) March 1981 - DFRC flyable storage, no flight test nose boom or cannon port cover October 1988 - USAF Flight Test Center Museum TF-104G N825NA (ex-Luftwaffe, USAF s/n 66-13628)
  5. Launch Tower & Space Shuttle with Booster Rockets Revell 1:144 Following the demise of the Saturn/Apollo programme, which ended with the Apollo/Soyuz Test Program (ASTP) in 1975, NASA moved on to a new era in space flight; that of the Shuttle Programme. The intention was to design, build and launch a manned vehicle that could carry a crew and cargo payload into low earth orbit, deliver its cargo, and then return to earth, land like an aircraft, and be reusable for future launches. The requirements for the Shuttle were to be that, unlike the Saturn/Apollo system which progres
  6. Good night to all, I'm glad to present my last work, a T-38 A Talon from Wolpack. I've built the kit OOB except for some scratchbuilt addictions in the cockpit (i.e. the separation glass of the central frame) and in the wheels/airbrakes bay. I also added the positive rivets from Archer on the exhausts zone. Pilot's name decal on the rear canopy taken from the Fundekals sheet. Hope you'll enjoy... take care and stay safe in this difficult moments. Cheers frome Rome. Valerio. Talon END 3 by Valerio, su Flickr Talon END 4 by Valerio, su Flickr Talon
  7. Taken at the Moffet Field Air Show, 1989. Nice sentiment on the intake... High tech canopy latch protectors. Wonder if that sticker would be legible in 1/72nd scale... Sven
  8. In the 1980s, Space Shuttle crews would come to Edwards AFB to practice landing approaches to Runway 22 and Rogers dry lake. They would use modified T-38s and Gulfstreams Its... N946NA with two airfoil panels beneath the mid-fuselage and optics "dog house" in front of the windscreen N947NA with same modifications The airfoils would rotate to provide variable drag increases for 'low L-over-D' flight profiles And the T-38 chase birds with increased area speed brakes. T-38A, USAF s/n 65-10354, NASA N912NA. Note this on
  9. Not one to let exuberance get the better of me, I've decided in a calm and objective manner that I need to build two more Starfighters for this GB. The two I've chosen were operated by different operators within a few hundred miles of each other on the western side of the continental US in the mid- to late-'70s. One is a NASA F-104N operated from the Dryden Research Facility at Edwards AFB. The other is a German F-104G flown in USAF markings for the conversion of Luftwaffe pilots to the type at Luke AFB. The reasons for choosing these schemes are simple - they're colour
  10. Hey All, I hope you all enjoyed the build log, and now, the final results...
  11. I've just learned of this from another modelling forum; NASA is currently uploading hundreds of rare aircraft films to Youtube. More can be found here at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center. Mike
  12. OK, a very late start for this one but I do have an excuse... It was an eBay bargain and I only got it in the post on Monday! I know it's 90% built and in primer but it's so well engineered that I had it together in under half an hour! This is truly an amazing kit! Barely any seams to deal with, it helped that the fuselage is split as upper and lower rather than left and right, and absolutely no need for filler. I had so much fun putting it together I really did forget to take some photos, I promise I'll get some as I paint it.
  13. So... my second entry! The Back-story In 1981 tensions between the East and West became so high that on the 24th October the USSR and its allies moved west into West Germany, Holland and Sweden. This huge and never-ending assault of soviet tanks was met by swift resistance at the borders, much of this resistance was based around aviation, however, the Soviets came prepared and had installed mobile SA-2 SAM missile sites, which, in the first 3 months shot down 37% of all Western aircraft called to combat. The West was starting to lose the war. In 1983 a stalemate emerged at the borders of
  14. After the RB-57F (http://www.mach2.fr/rb57.htm and http://modelingmadness.com/scott/korean/preview/mach2/019preview.htm) Mach 2 (http://www.mach2.fr/avionsg.htm) is to release a 1/72nd General Dynamics WB57F Canberra (NASA) kit - ref.GP.063 Source: http://www.aviationmegastore.com/general-dynamics-wb57f-canberra-nasa-gp063-mach-2-gp063-scale-modelling/product/?shopid=LM545799cb78d2964af7209c241a&action=prodinfo&parent_id=212&art=129300 V.P.
  15. NASA operates two Lockheed ER-2 Earth resources aircraft as flying laboratories in the Airborne Science Program under the Agency's Science Mission Directorate. The aircraft, based at NASA Armstrong's Building 703 in Palmdale, CA, collect information about Earth resources, celestial observations, atmospheric chemistry and dynamics, and oceanic processes. The aircraft also are used for electronic sensor research and development, satellite calibration, and satellite data validation.Info from NASA Pics thanks to DL Munne.
  16. This F-5E was modified by NASA for use in the Shaped Sonic Boom Experiment see:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaped_Sonic_Boom_Demonstration Pics thanks to bootneck
  17. HI, Thought you might like to see this,its NASA,S planned new ride,this is the Orion crew capsule and upper stage,build,with the larger 5 segment boosters. The vehicle is basically a stretched version of the shuttle tank,with 4 main engines.There is also a Block 0 one on paper,but its not certain that it will be built,as the Block 1 being the heavier version,is preferred.First flights are planned for Dec 2017?.. well heres the pics.. original plan to display the upper section as a seperate item,i have not decided which way to display them yet,? in launch configuration, 5 segment b
  18. NASA Crawler-transporter. Originally developed for carrying the Saturn series of rockets, was later modified to take the Space Shuttle, and further modifications for the next generation of The Space Launch System. These vehicles have an incredible all up weight of 2,721,000 kilograms (5,999,000 lb) and can carry 8,200,000 kg (18,000,000 lb). They have a speed of 1mph when loaded with an mpg of 125 US Gallons to the Mile! Pics thanks to Mike Costello.
  19. NASA Saturn IB Rocket thanks to Mike Costello.
  20. NASA Saturn V Rocket. All pics thanks to Mike Costello. Launch Escape System, primary contractor Lockheed Propulsion Company.
  21. this was quite intresting i thought,for quite a lot of reasons?one being,why does a race send a flying saucer to another planet?coals to newcastle,sort of thing? http://www.techtimes.com/articles/5468/20140412/nasa-readies-low-density-supersonic-decelerator-flying-saucer-for-future-mars-asteroid-missions.htm just joshing.. cheers Don
  22. This is a bit short notice, sorry, but I've just had an email from the Kennedy Space Center advising that the special "Close Up" tours; which goes inside the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), will end on 23 February. The VAB is being handed back to NASA so that they can start preparations for their next space project which I believe is the Orion/Delta IV Heavy? The other "close up" tour is the visit to the Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) which gets you right up to the launch pad for excellent photo opportunities, will also end sometime soon. Here are some images which I took last year. I would
  23. HI, nice to see things are progressing, http://www.nasa.gov/centers/kennedy/pdf/638823main_crawler-transporter.pdf cheers Don.............thats another new model to build?
  24. Hey All This is my Revell 747SCA, in the last livery worn by the jumbo. Fun build, very odd one. The kit does show its age abit, but it was stillfun. It is the new release 747sca by revell, 1/144. Heres thew photos :-) Thanks for looking Bradley
  25. The photo below is of a F-4 Phantom but I don't know which version it is. The aircraft was photographed at the Dryden Research Facility alongside the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) in 1977. I see that it has the under-nose protrusion but have seen similar in various versions. Can anyone provide more specific details of this particular aircraft 37424 please? Also, what externally visible (not interested in internal avionics differences etc) differences are there between the F-4B, F-4C, F-4D, F-4E, F-4EJ and F-4F please? I am planning to build a variety of Phantoms in 1:144 scale and (hope
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