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Found 15 results

  1. Figures Sitting Position (1350028) 1:350 GreenStrawberry There’s an old adage about the economy of effort, that goes “Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down.”, which is attributed to Winston Churchill, apparently. Standing figures in this scale are quite common, but sitting? Less so. This set fills that gap, and arrives in the usual GreenStrawberry black cardboard box with GS themed grey, green and red themed printing, plus a photo and details of the product on the front. Inside is a Ziploc bag containing two casting blocks in grey resin that contains a total of nineteen sitting figures in finely cast resin that are split evenly between male and female humans, divided that way between casting blocks. The detail is excellent, and there isn’t a single repeated pose per block, which includes folded and raised arms, crossed and un-crossed legs, plus a few with hands on a table or their laps, and just one with their head resting on one hand in a resigned manner. The designs are reused between the genders, but are arranged on their blocks in different orders, which will be as easy to do on your chosen model to hide the few similarities. Conclusion These figures will be extremely useful for populating dioramas and the interior of models such as the decks of a Star Trek ship, or another such large vessel (space or maritime) which has a visible area such as a bar, arboretum or even a depiction of the bridge. They are well-detailed, but at this scale they’re generic enough that painting them appropriately will give them all the individuality they need, whilst providing your models with a human scale that is often absent, especially from larger Sci-Fi kits. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Resin Figures (1350015) 1:350 GreenStrawberry While these little folks aren’t strictly Sci-Fi, I suspect that they were intended to be placed in Star Trek kits that have visible bays or arboretums, at least initially. That doesn’t stop you from using them anywhere that their scale would permit, even going as far as a Gulliver’s Travels diorama! The set arrives in a small box, which is why it got side-tracked for a while (sorry about that!), and inside is a plastic bag that has been heat-sealed into four quadrants, each one containing a casting block of figures. There are no instructions because each figure is a single part, and as they aren’t intended for any specific role, you can paint them any colour you like, within reason. The four casting blocks each have little ears at the ends to help protect the figures, of which there four on each block. There are two blocks of male figures, all in different positions, and two blocks of female figures in the same poses as the males, so if we’re thinking Star Trek, you have plenty of variety to play with. The poses are as follows: Walking, possibly carrying or pushing something Standing, hands on hips Kneeling on one knee, both hands out Walking, arms swinging Standing, one arm out straight Standing, possibly leaning against something Standing, hands near pockets Standing, hands folded in front Each figure is attached to the block across the shoulder blades, and there are additional wisps of resin spreading out to ease casting, but all this should be very easy to cut off the back, possibly with the aid of some Blutak to hold the figure down. At this scale the limbs are very slender, but my example had made it here in one piece, but care will need to be taken by the time you begin handling them for painting and eventual installation. Conclusion Very well-detailed and crisply cast tiny people in a range of poses that will add some human scale to any 1:350 model whether it’s Sci-Fi or otherwise. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  3. WWII Soviet BM-13-16 MLRS Vehicle Crew (35648) 1:35 ICM via Hannants Made by Ford UK under the Fordson brand, the WOT 8 was the last of a long line of vehicles using similar nomenclature in service of the British Army. Introduced in 1941 there were approximately 2,500 built, with a number of those sent to Russia as Lend/Lease vehicles, of which a number were converted to carry BM-13-16 Katyusha rockets on an angled rack that extended partially over the cab and is bolted firmly to the chassis. They carried 16 RS-132 rockets in an over-and-under configuration on each of the eight rails, which made a uncanny howling roar as they were unleashed from the rails. Its large fuel tank gave it a healthy range and a reasonable top speed thanks to the Ford V8 engine that put out 85hp, which wasn’t terrible for the day. The Kit This is set of figures for the kit we looked at here, though I am sure they can be used with other kits as well. The set arrives in a standard ICM box with their captive inner lid and a nice rendition of the crew on it. All four figures are on one sprue with a separate instruction booklet and product code. They are moulded in ICM’s by now familiar lifelike style, with lots of detail, realistic poses and sculpting, and including a number of weapons to sling over their shoulders. Three of the figures are shown loading rockets onto the back of the rails, while the fourth can either be their commander watching over the process, or with the tweak of his arm, he can be propping up the next rocket for loading with one of his hands, as can be seen in the picture below. Conclusion Another first-rate figure set from ICM. Recommended. Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd. Review sample courtesy of
  4. Aircraft Carrier Figures USN Present 3D Eduard 1:350 (53233) These figures represent the modern day figures you see on aircraft carrier decks with the different coloured shirts denoting the jobs done by the crew, for example red are Ordnance crew members. There are 78 standing figures and 12 kneeling figures like those seen near the active catapults. They are printed in colour and the 3D effect is created by bending the two halves at the base to join together. Conclusion This is a very nice and easy to use set which will make your carrier deck look suitable busy. Review sample courtesy of
  5. Hi friends, i just finished the fig of the crew who came with the Voroshilovets see here: painted with acrylics
  6. I have recently ordered the Academy B-29 in 1/72 and I want to put it onto a base with some figures und vehicles. For the vehicles I intended to use this upcoming Airfix set (http://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/vehicles/military-vehicles/usaaf-8th-air-force-bomber-resupply-set-1-72.html) although, as i want to build either the Enola Gay or Bockscar, I can`t use the bomb truck, but are the other vehicles apropriate? Also: What figures could I use? I thought of the Airfix or Preiser kit. Do you have other suggestions? Thank you in advance Levin
  7. Royal Navy Crew Eduard 1:200 With Trumpeter having started producing Royal navy ships in 1:200 scale, it’s natural that they will need some crew to man them, and once again Eduard have come to the rescue with this set of crew dressed in standard Atlantic No 3’s dress. The single sheet of what looks like tinned etched brass on which several rows of figures are attached. Each crewmember is pre-painted and self adhesive, making it a lot easier to produce each crewman just by the act of folding the two halves together. As with the 1:350 scale crew sets, these do still look rather flat, perhaps more so given the increase in scale, but at least they have some depth to them. There are several pose included, such as crouching, leaning on the railings, standing at ease, standing with hands on hips, (probably a Chief Petty Officer), and in a climbing stance for use on vertical ladders. There are other poses, one with what look like binoculars, and a couple that look like they’re manning a gun. There are sixty four crewmen in total, so with only a couple of sets you could really make your model look more alive. Conclusion As with the other sets I still have reservations with the thickness of the individual crew, but if you can overlook that, or you have some really fit/skinny crew on your ship then this really shouldn’t be a problem. The ease of use is superb, especially after you’ve spent months creating your masterpiece these will add the finishing touch. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  8. U-Boat Crew Revell 1:72 First included in the second release of the 1:72 Type VIIc “Wolfpack” this set of vinyl figures will make a nice addition to any 1:72 vessel, whether it be a U-Boat or S-Boat. The real problem lies in the fact that they are moulded in blue vinyl. This makes the detail on the figures quite soft and not as sharp as a resin or injection moulded figure would be. The other problem is that the vinyl really doesn’t take paint well. The modeller will need to give them a really good wash in warm soapy water to remove any mould release agent, and then give them a coat of acrylic primer before adding the top coat and detail paints. Although you get fifty crew figures in the pack, there are only fifteen different poses. This will limit the number you can add to your model to either those on patrol, or those returning from patrol. Admittedly if your are building a diorama, a lot more of the pack can be utilised. One very minor point is that one group of officers are moulded with their collars open, this was generally only a privilege given to senior staff officers, not their subordinates. Overall though a useful set, just a shame they used an awful material to paint easily. or
  9. AEC Matador Crew Hobby Fan 1:35 If you fancy building a diorama or vignette using the AFV Club AEC Matador, reviewed HERE, then you might like to use these figures from AFV Clubs subsidiary Hobby Fan. The small flip top box contains four resin figures, each in a different pose. There is one driver and three troops for the rear seating, two seated and one standing, leaning over the sideboard. The two seated could be used elsewhere, such as the co-drivers position, should you so wish. The mouldings are very highly quality with a superb amount of detail, and although the torso and legs are moulded as one piece the arms and heads are separate, allowing the modeller to pose them as required although some modification will be required to the tunic. All four figures are also provided with separate helmets. Hopefully Hobby Fan will bring out some other figures for the Matador thus allowing more possibilities. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  10. Good evening all, Could I enquire as to whether anyone would have any photos of the Vulcan rear crew seats with all of the cushions/padding added and any belts and straps that were present on such seats? I've seen numerous photos of the rear crew seats (been lucky enough to have the experience of sitting in one at the Midland Air Museum) and in almost all of those photos, no buckles and straps are present (presumably because they are museum aircraft). What kind of straps were present in operational aircraft? A bit of context-Having abandoned my early attempt failure at creating a 1:35 plasticard vulcan cockpit and getting all of the proportions and structure completely wrong, I embark (with more skill, dare I say) but on a different scale and a different material-card. I'm attempting to make a 1:48 card vulcan, I would post the build process on this website but the photo uploading process is so much easier on the blog compared to here (i'm sorry to say). If anyone fancies having a peek-http://cardvulcan.blogspot.co.uk/ Regards, Sam
  11. U-Boat Crews for Interior Sections 1:72 CMK To compliment the new interiors designed for the Revell 1:72 Type IX U-Boat, reviewed HERE, CMK have also released two sets of crew members to man the interiors. Although we have only had two sets released, I’m sure that there will be more, as there are quite a few more interior sections that ill need to be brought alive by having crews installed. The first set, F72253, is for the command section and includes two officers and one crewman. Each is set in a particular pose, so you can’t just buy more of the same set to increase the numbers of men in the section, but they do come with separate heads, so at least you can have them looking at each other or particular controls etc. They very well moulded, but, once they have been removed from the moulding blocks you will still have some cleaning up as there is quite a bit of flash, particularly between their limbs. The second set, F72254, is to man the galley section. They have quite distinctive poses, one working on the stove, one checking a gauge or hand wheel and one picking up a box of provisions. Two are wearing chefs aprons, one standard overalls, and again, all have separate heads, one with a chef’s cap whilst the other two have standard brevet caps. CMK also provide a frying pan, a box, (with the lifting man’s hands moulded onto it), and a utensil I can’t quite identify. The picture on the blown poly pack shows quite a bit of space in the galley, which isn’t really the case, so while it may show how cramped it is, it might be an idea to use the box carrier in another section of the sub. Conclusion It’s great to see CMK releasing these sets, as even though the interior sections are superb in their own right, the ability to have crew members manning each section is a wonderful idea and will bring the whole thing to life. Yes, the painting of each man will be a little taxing, but it’s good to have a challenge every now and then. Very highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  12. HI, Thought you might like to see this,its NASA,S planned new ride,this is the Orion crew capsule and upper stage,build,with the larger 5 segment boosters. The vehicle is basically a stretched version of the shuttle tank,with 4 main engines.There is also a Block 0 one on paper,but its not certain that it will be built,as the Block 1 being the heavier version,is preferred.First flights are planned for Dec 2017?.. well heres the pics.. original plan to display the upper section as a seperate item,i have not decided which way to display them yet,? in launch configuration, 5 segment boosters upper stage removed upper stage engine with Orion cev with BPC cover and launch escape rocket With the Block 1 cargo vehicle alongside same pics with the ref material and with the cargo version and the future planned heavy payload shroud,not completed yet? and the other two Block 0. 4 segment booster versions started. and the Block 1 again AND FINALLY...my 4 year old came home from school,with this rocket he built for my collection,ive never been so proud.,we have discussed the design qualities,and have planned some intresting versions for this gorgous vehicle? Hope you liked the pics,its a bit pic heavy,sorry...any comments always welcome, cheers Don
  13. US Navy Crew Figures Eduard 1:200 Having produced several crew sets for 1:350 scale ships, Eduard have now released three sets of US Navy crew figures in 1:200 scale. Obviously these are to be used with the already released USS Arizona or USS Missouri or the forthcoming USS Iowa. Each set contains different crewmen:- USN Sailors WWII (53-109) US Deck Crew WWII (53-115) USN Officers WWII (53-116) In each set there is a single sheet of what looks like tinned etched brass on which several rows of figures are attached. Each set is pre-painted, containing around 60 men and are self adhesive, making it a lot easier to produce each crewman. On the fret some of them do look like they’ve been on the jungle juice and doing crazy dances, but they make more sense when you read the instructions which show how they are meant to be posed, whether climbing ladders, leaning against the railings, or rather strangely walking with a stick etc. Unlike the smaller scale, where each man is made up of two halves these crewmen consist of four parts joined together and folded in on themselves, producing a more scale thickness to the torso. The still look a little undernourished and a small blob of PVA may give them a better look, although don’t overdo it, as you wouldn’t want them to look like they’ve eaten all the pies. This, of course, would mean that they would need to be repainted, but at least they are big enough to see what you’re doing. Conclusion Once again Eduard have released an interesting set of figures to man your ships with, but there’s still something that’s not quite right about them, there all a bit Lowry and matchsticky, unless altered as mentioned above. In this scale they would have been better produced in resin. But, if you want your ships to have some life to them they these sets will certainly give you that. Recommended Review sample courtesy of
  14. Crew Figures 1:350 Eduard With most of the maritime kits covered in Eduards range of etched sets they have now started producing crews to man your completed masterpieces. They have had a few sets out for a while, but this latest batch covers a couple of different Navies and time periods. There is a single sheet of what looks like tinned etched brass on which several rows of figures are attached. Each set is pre-painted and self adhesive, making it a lot easier to produce each crewman just by the act of folding the two halves together. In this batch there are two sets for the Royal Navy, one for the Pacific and Far East, the other RN Gun Crew. The other two sets contain crew for the Russian Navy, one for from WWI, which also contains three rows of life rings, the other for WWII. I’m still unsure about these sets, as even with double thickness, they still look a little flat. Conclusion Apart from my reservations about the thickness of these items they do help add some much need life to a model ship, particularly if the model is in a seascape. Great for all sizes of ship, but you will need to buy a fair few sets of different poses to man a battleship or aircraft carrier. Recommended Review sample courtesy of
  15. We have just received our delivery from Airfix of the 1/48 scale British Forces Vehicle Crew figures set, and the two photo-etch parts sets; one for the Land Rover, and the other for both the Coyote and Jackal. Also released today are two 1/32 scale figure sets; the Gurkhas and Japanese Infantry.
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