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  1. Bandai offers a set with two off those tanks, a tie striker and an u-wing, all in 1/144. no idea though about those figures. greetings Levin
  2. Nice build andy Have you though of using some kind of pipe instead of the plug? i honestly don't know how big the diameter of the hole is but an arrow shaft might be appropriate. mine at least have nice thin wall relative to their diameter in any case - nice build and good luck to find something for the joints. Levin
  3. Levin

    P1000 Ratte Help

    Oh, don't worry about the late reply - I also need to go on with my B-29 sometime soon I'm getting very excitited to see what you have done so far; sounds great, especially the 3D-printer sounds interesting (and promising) Greetings Levin
  4. The Rattes up and running again if you are interested :D

  5. here is the link, you can choose six GBs alltogether, though i must confess i don't know which will come through - the first - but how many? ... six I assume? Hope i can help Levin
  6. That looks great Andrew! i just caught up as i sadly missed the progress and it' s truly impressive! Regards Levin
  7. Hi Tony About the B-29: I don't know much about it but it should be ok? Further here is a link with a thread i made talking about the B-29 - try asking there, maybe (or more surely) someone knows more than me her is also the link to my WIP: Truly interesting and sad story about 'Kee Bird' About the I-16: I think currently i'll probably just start off with it or the bf 109 and then see what comes next (if anything comes next ) But for now many thanks for the infos
  8. If its some kind of fabric you could try reproducing it with covering it in paper tissue soaked in white glue or some hard drying paint/lacquer (ideally I would use clear gloss) simply hold the piece onto the canopy and then "paint" it with the glue/paint
  9. Oh that's nice, gonna keep an eye on it. Thanks Pat No problem, I let the whole modelling thing lag behind in the last few weeks over stuff like holidays, school starting, ... (I feel pretty bad for my B29 WIP honestly ) whatever ... you already send me a link to a site comparing the different I-16 versions - looking at it, it seemed to me that the easiest way would be to make a type 10 out of a type 18 (which i could get my hands on), the spinner could me made with a drill and a piece of sprue (in the worst case i go to the local metal workshop with a la
  10. I always use it directly onto the plastics. as PhantomBigStu said i also use 76 (what a coincidence) or 43 (or was it 47? The brighter one) to make the shade of the plastic more even as i often have paint from painting cockpits on the outside near the cockpit etc. Also (again) As PhantomBigStu said some colors or colors that have been thinned could need more coats like bright colors on dark bases etc.
  11. You could try scratching it of with a toothpick or a sharpened piece of sprue it shouldn't scratch part as long as it's softer than it I normally do so and it always work well
  12. That is perfect, the presentation, the tribute, everything
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