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Found 21 results

  1. Having somewhat fallen out of love with the annual Bunfight at RIAT in recent years, it was a pleasant surprise to see a Canadian CP-140 on vr heading for Newquay last Wednesday for an overnight stop prior to its stay at RIAT. I Just missed its arrival but engines continued to run for some considerable time before shutting down. It soon became evident that there was a problem, the crew seemed very interested in the front of the aircraft, in particular the starboard inner engine. They arrived while a C-17 was in the circuit. The crew seemed particularly interested in the front of the aircraft. The following day I stopped by and there was no activity around the aircraft, although the car park was busy with Police so I decided to sit in the car and wait for this Gent and his good lady to leave before I took this photo. I was busy on Saturday and missed the RCAF C-17 arrive with whatever the Aurora required to get it flying again. On Sunday my wife, dog and I stopped by after a walk and caught the CP-140 doing an engine run, it obviously wasn't going anywhere so we didn't hang around. The aircraft finally departed Monday lunchtime.
  2. After doing the Metaluna Mutant I decided to freshen up my original 1974 Aurora Monsters of the Movies Creature from the Black Lagoon, over the years he lost the fish and a few claw ends, replaced the claws and he's back next to his brethren .
  3. I did this as a quick project over a couple of weekends. Considering its age, it’s a decent kit. Aurora dropped the ball on a few things, though. The .50 cal on the turret top is woeful, and it catches the eye. Not in a good way. Also, the recoil spades are missing on the rear; a very prominent feature of the real vehicle Aurora missed. Had to make do with what decals were provided. All in all, it’s an okay kit, and likely the only option that’s going to be available in 1/48. Here’s a nice, short YouTube clip of the early M109 in action - https://youtu.be/naLdUA7QRNE
  4. First things first... this will not be a quick build. I am posting this to kind of force myself into finishing my Dalek build over on the Sci-Fi forum ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945056-scratch-build-16-scale-dalek-an-eye-for-an-eye-and-some-painkillers-please/?p=1382230 ), and then commencing with this. Posting this will hopefully force me into finishing one and getting on with the other. I've always had a thing about the Aston Martin DB5, especially the Bond version. I'm lucky enough to own a Danbury Mint version of the Bond DB5, and recently I acquired several more versions. The first one I managed to lay my grubby mitts on was the old Aurora version. Of course, it wasn't officially licensed, so it was sold under the completely different guise of "Aston Martin - Super Spy Car" Good versions of these seem (like the original Airfix version) to go for stupid money. So, me being tight and looking for a challenge found this beast up for grabs on evil bay. What on earth am I getting myself into? These are the original photo's from the listing and you can see just what kind of state it is in. The box itself wasn't too bad considering it's about 50 years old. But as for the kit.... maybe just a tad too much glue methinks! Where do you even begin on something like this? Well, obviously, it has to be taken apart to see what we have got. Fortunately, it's almost complete. There are a few parts broken, but should be able to be scratched without too much difficulty. I also broke a couple of pieces taking the thing apart - no surprise there. I tried the soak in water, then leave in freezer method, but to no avail - there was just too much glue. I eventually discovered that the glue bonds were actually quite brittle, so, some judicious coercing and some downright forcefulness arrived at this collection of parts. As you can see I have already primed a few parts - I needed a break from my Dalek build when it wasn't going too well. At this stage I think I can rescue 95% of the parts. A few others can be scratched, but my biggest areas of concern are around the windows. I just don't know if these will be salvageable at all. The side windows aren't really a problem but the front and rear windshield may be beyond repair and I may have to try molding new ones myself. - That's a ways off yet! I have invested may hours scraping off decades old glue, with some limited success. To give you some idea of just how bad this is... here's a wheel hub and here's what's left of the ejection seat and occupant Okay, intro over, now back to my regularly scheduled Dalek build and I shall return here in a few weeks (probably!) perhaps I should also mention that since winning this on ebay, I also managed to obtain a copy of the Airfix Bond DB5 - in a slightly better state but with some parts missing - that shall also become a WIP in due course.
  5. I'm so glad I discovered this GB. This website is so vast and filled with all sorts of excellent topics there are so many I miss. Perhaps a good thing I discovered this late, I have dozens I could have submitted, especially all those old Revell fighters... As an indication of the madness, I have 64 images like this in my album,....insane... Anyway, after a couple of days with this GB simmering on the back burner and poking around the stash to listen to what would be calling me I remembered this old kit in a bag. After just completing the Monogram SE5a, I was looking for an excuse to build this and here you are. I'm sure there are others here but it occurred to me this kit answers to all three companies in the GB, Aurora, Revell and Monogram all made this kit. In the spirit of the GB building older kits, I will not go crazy on this as I did the SE5a, no real need to anyway. I will tweak it a little here and there however. I've always wanted to do Brown's aircraft in the generally excepted scheme it wore when he engaged Richthofen on his last flight. Thanks for this GB !!!
  6. I believe this was originally issued by Aurora in 1958.
  7. To create the bulged canopy I used an F-15 canopy from the Falcon Clear-Vax Canopies 1/48th scale (note that larger scale) set 52, USAF jets, combined with the kit canopy’s front bit, rear bit, and flattish top. To see more photos and description, click the link in my signature and then click Gunslinger helo (indented under Plastic models contemporary with Vietnam ). (That hopefully complies with forum rules limiting links to personal web sites while avoiding duplicating content on different servers.)
  8. Wait you say, Bruno Stachel never flew a DVII in the movie, he flew a Pfalz and a triplane. You're right, this is from the book and the book, as they say, is way better than the movie. In the book Jack Hunter tells us exactly what Stachel's aircraft looks like. He goes on to give three examples of art, that Hunter drew himself of the aircraft. I had this old Revell issue of the Monogram/Aurora kit and decided to have fun. I corrected the nose with putty and added aftermarket 3D printed guns that are just amazing. I used Tamiya Nato black for the fabric areas and gloss black for the metal. The two dirty words are written on the wing, I hope it's not legible enough to offend. I tried 4 different ways to get the all black rudder per Hunter's drawings but just could not do the outline well. So, I've taken artist liberty and gave him a standard finished rudder. I also added his name below the cockpit. Since Hunter never actually states what was written on the wing, mine is the average truth off the www. I photoshopped the "U" into an "O" for friendlier family viewing. This the first WW1 kit I've built in over 50 years. I had them all spinning from my ceiling as a kid and even then I thought the nose looked funny, but I fixed it this time. I failed in my experiment on rigging. Will go back to trying to master the monofilament method.
  9. Well now ...I hadn't planned for a WIP on this one, but after a friend asked me to - well here we go. First things first: Yes! - it actually is the 1968 Aurora 1/72 AH-56A Cheyenne! I bought it some years back in a hobbyshop where they had bought a lot models of a collector. This one happend to be amongst them and I paid AFAIR about 3-4 £! Ever since being a kid I wanted to build this kit so here is my take on it. I'm actually in the midst of building Airfix' great little JU-87, but while I was waiting for it to dry after being gloss-coted, this one caught my eye. Yes - I know, it's probably sacrilege, but then again I've never bought a kit I didn't want to build, and after the fun I had with Airfix' 1/32 Buggy..... First off is the box: Beautifull - isn't it? I said to myself: "Myself! This one is going to be OOB, OK?" - but of course I didn't listen, did I? For starters I rebuild the cockpit as close as possible to the original as my small butterfingers would allow me to: All the pieces in white are scratc built. Then I had a go at the airvents: Then some paint was in order: Oh - the seatbelts are made from Milliput and are my first attempt at this sort of doing them this way (saw a video on youtube! ) And here is where I'm at the moment: The kit decals are quite yellowed, so they are now taped to a window awaiting some sunlight! Now I wonder if the glosscote on the Stuka has dried? Cheers for now Hans J
  10. I remember seeing this model kit in the long box in the very early seventies,in one of those weird shops that sold all sorts of everything,including pulp paperback books with lurid illustrations on the covers,with judicial use of tape on the more racy ones🤪 Loved the box art to this day,picked up the mongram reissue in the early eighties and he is still with me,but i also recently picked up the iluminators re-issue from the mid nineties and decided to have a go at replicating the original James Bama artwork. With his grandad did a photoshop mash up to try to replicate the original box. An absolute Nostalgia fest👍
  11. This one's done! It's the old Aurora 1/72 Lockheed AH-56A Cheyenne with some updates. Cheers Hans J
  12. Perhaps the best "Man in a suit" monster before Alien,the Aurora creature dating back to the late sixties,this is a monogram re-issue from the early nineties.
  13. This kit was first issued 1956, the year of my birth. My dad worked for Mettoy, and they distributed Aurora kits in this country. I was lucky enough to get some of them to build, though I can't recall which ones in particular. So the name Aurora brings back fond memories, hence my purchase of this kit - a scale and subject I rarely venture into. Thanks for looking. The WIP is here:
  14. As I appear to have finally exhausted my Alien collection(Stop cheering at the back) I was casting about for a project,my old monster models were looking a bit tired,so I cleaned them up and did various degrees of paint up work on them,First of the block was geo-metrics lovely Son of Frankenstein vinyl model,really good likeness of Boris on this one. Next of the block,a Monogram reissue of Aurora models Dracula kit. Possibly one of my oldest models a geniune Aurora Wolfman,Missing the knot on his belt and rat,the skull is a resin replacement Another original,the Hunchback of Notre Dame,Imagine trying to sell this kit to eight year olds today! Another monogram reissue Ive had since about 1983. Another Monogram reissue,The Phantom of the Opera,with rat chewed prisoner....its amazing we turned out so stable And finally a repaint of a Creature from the black lagoon action figure with scratch built base. Right,Think Im "Monstered" out Cheers Andy
  15. Vought F7U-1 Cutlass NAS Patuxent River & USS Midway, 1951 ‘Aurora’ is one of those names that have a mystical, nostalgic feel. It seems like the remaining Aurora kits are stocked in unknown dusty attics across the world. Imagine then my excitement when I came across one on sale for fiver on a stand at the Northolt Families day last year. What to do with it now? Shall I see what I can get on e-bay, put it in my own attic for a few more years....or maybe just built it !!! Yeah – just built it. This is what you get in the box: A few gigantic rivets and a pilot’s head in the cockpit was standard fare in the late 50s / early 60s. I was tempted to just put it together as-is, but the thought of getting decals to go down over those rivets made me decide to sand them all off. Control surface demarcations were raised, of course, so they had to be scribed back in. I had originally thought of leaving Jo Pilot in the cockpit, but the canopy shape was just so horribly wrong that I decided to mould a new one and along with that would be opening up the cockpit. I only put some very basic details and an approximate seat in there. There are all kinds of short cuts and dodgy shapes overall, but I thought I would leave it to keep something of the old Aurora character. That included the solid wheel wells and the original kit undercarriage, incredibly basic though it is (though eventually I did replace the torque links). Decals were the next issue. The kit ones were very, very yellowed. I liked the chosen scheme though, and found this photo of it: I found some replacement decals from Techmod, and they went on well. The small Bureau Number decal in front of the air intake was from the kit decal sheet to retain a link to the original! I wouldn’t want to do one of these again for a while, but it’s nice to have such a nostalgic model in the collection.
  16. Hi Inspired by some of the other great Dinosaurs on the forum, I recently decided to invest in the re-release of the old Aurora Triceratops from Revell. I first built this back in the 70's when they came to market. Having followed mankind's expanse of dinosaur knowledge over the last 40+ years, I realised that Triceratops was not necessarily what the box art shows it to be. As we don't have any definitive indication of what these gentle old beasts really looked like, I decided to have a bash at making my own version of what I think they could have looked at. The kit boxing still makes the kit look more like any angry dragon or reptile with Dino features, so this meant a lot of modifications and alterations - along with a LOT of filler - so much in fact that it is now about the same as a brick in weight. I hope to get this finished for early 2016 - I hope you like it Toes sanded down from claws on the original, and leg poses changed Neck shield expanded and nose horn moved back and reposed Raising the back bone / spine - cheap plastic garden potting sticks worked well to create a new frame The kit offers a short fat lizard like tail, I've looked into the Triceratops skeleton and it looks like it would have used it for balance when running (away), so I cut and modified mine Thank goodness for cheap Halfords car body filler The new shape of the body coming together Limb work Still looking very messy London Natural History Triceratops Skeleton in the background which helped for some of the limb reworking and posing I cut out the fangs and moulded some molar type vegie munching teeth instead. I also remade the tongue and added a roof to the top of the mouth as the kit just has an empty head Wanting to make as many subtle differences as possible, I thought the kits horns could do with lengthening now that I have changed the beak and nose horn. I drilled some screws into the horns and added springs to help the filler attached itself to Adding a proper neck and extending the reach of the head forward Still missing most surface detail but showing modified nasal recesses and widened neck frill collar. The nose horn will be re-worked later on Extended Horns on Not really a clear picture but a flappy loos neck and chin is being built up here There will be more coming along soon - I hope to end up with something looking like this when completed
  17. A good day to one and all, I am kicking off another WIP today, along with all my other WIPS this one will start off nice and quick and then slow right down! I am stating that this one IS one for the long haul. I was going to do a quick OOB build but as you will see that won't happen! So to start off with the kit, this is the Japanese boxing of Hasegawas venerable P-3 Orion. This is an old kit with raised detail and does show a bit of age. Most of the detail is acceptable so it is a good base to start. Here are the obligatory contents shots And the kit decals that I (obviously!) won't be using I got the kit from HLJ for a very reasonable CA$30 and chuck in postage it came to under 50 bucks, which is about 25 quid. AND I didn't get stung for any import charges and no Post Office 'Handling charge', a pleasant change I must say although going by usual Canadian bureaucracy I can expect a bill for import 3 days after the RFI post! So why am I going for this type, well I work in the deep maintenance facility for the CP-140 (amongst other aircraft) where we go deep and change wings and tails etc. So I walk past the real thing in bits every day and think hmmmm that would be interesting to model. So here it is. Next decision was which colour scheme? I am not a great fan of 2 tone grey (unless its a battleship of some sort) and the low vis scheme isn't too enthralling. So I opted for what is know as the symmetrical scheme, basically white and grey with go faster stripes down the side. I will be using Canuck decals for this particular build. So that's kicking off now, there will be a couple of quick posts to catch up[ and then it will be real time, and with the Helicopter GB starting next week it will be basically a tinkering along build. Cheers now Bob
  18. Anigrand is to release a 1/144th Lockheed SR-91 Aurora Projected successor to SR-71 Blackbird resin kit in June 2015. Source: http://www.anigrand.com/future_releases.htm V.P.
  19. This is the ancient Aurora kit, re-issued by Monogram in the 90s. It's actually pretty good plastic, with plenty of detail to work with. The opening doors, bonnet and boot bring their own issues, but the end result is rather nice compared to today's buttoned-up kerbside kits with aerodynamic under trays. As you can see, there's a fair bit of work to fine-tune the kit into a more accurate representation of the original classic, which is a truly beautiful, and very purposeful looking GT car. The windscreen is still not right -- it should be more upright, and the base is much more semi-circular, not the large rectangular cut-out Aurora gave us. Personally, I think all the shape issues in this area come from placing the firewall to make room for the operating door hinges, which mean that it's too far forward. The engine is nice, and a bit of time with wiring pays big dividends. Many thanks to Skip Jordan who has been nudging me to give this a try for a couple of years, provided invaluable reference resources, and acted as chief cheerleader along the way. I'm now going to go away and build something from a state of the art kit, out of the box, before I even THINK about tackling the Singer 911 kit-bash... bestest, M.
  20. ... a "golden oldie", which I believe started life with Aurora, back in 1964. And by popular vote (thanks, all...) here it is on the work bench. Job #1 is to fix a significant shape issue with the kit, which changes the look significantly. The top line of the windscreen is too high. I think there's maybe one car where the roofline is like that on the kit, but most of the photos I've found show a much lower line, continuing the gutters above the doors horizontally, parallel to the ground. The kit has a "wide-eyed" look, because the windscreen top heads upward over the roof at 45 degrees to the level. It's taken me a while to figure out how to do this! What I decided to do is cut the top section off the windscreen and glue it to the body, and then make a new windscreen. Here's the top part of the clear part stuck in place, and filled. ...and here it is sanded. You can see where the original roofline goes. The clear piece is backed up with Milliput just in case the sanding makes it a bit thin! It also needs a "trim" to continue the chrome above the doors. This is just a thin strip of plastic card, applied slowly, a bit at a time, with liquid cement. ...and here it is with a bit of primer to see where the imperfections are... Of course... this means we need a new windscreen. Apologies if this is familiar, but people often ask me what "plunge moulding is", so here we are. The original windscreen is backed with Milliput (it cracked as I was cutting it ;-() I cut a hole in a piece of hardboard from a chocolate box to make the outer "mould". The plastic is packaging from some Sennheiser headphones. Basically, any of those "clamshell" packs that you have to cut your way into, and avoid being cut by the packaging afterwards, make good material for this kind of thing... ... I made quite a few. This is to allow for my incompetence while I try to trim and fit them... This one looks like it might be a long haul, but it'll be a rarity on the shelf! bestest, M
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