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  1. Lootenant Aloominum

    Protar 1/9th scale Montesa Cota 247 trials bike

  2. Lootenant Aloominum

    La muerte negra -- Kinetic 1/48th Sea Harrier

    Thanks. Because it is a victim of my 'rough and ready' modelling style, it looks better in reality than in photos enlarged by modern computer screens. I added a couple more photos, including this one:
  3. — from Sea Harrier Over the Falklands by Commander ‘Sharkey’ Ward, 1992 Inspired by a talk given to my hang gliding club by David Morgan, who (as of this writing) is still the last British pilot to shoot down an enemy aircraft in air-to-air combat, I built my kit as one that he flew in the Falklands War of 1982. More photos and description on this page of my web site: La muerte negra
  4. I just noticed this on Hannants' web site. The box art depicts an action in the battle of Mogadishu in October 1993 as portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down. Looks like you can build the kit as the one that landed beside the crashed UH-60 or as one of the covering attack helicopters. (The same pilot landed it there in the war and then for the movie seven years later!) I reviewed the DVD of that great film on my web site: Saving pilot Durant A long time ago I had a 1/35th model of a Vietnam version. I am sorely tempted to add this new one to my stash of kits waiting for me to build them.
  5. Lootenant Aloominum

    Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    South Atlantic Star, my review of Hostile Skies by David Morgan, 2006 While I am building the Kinetic 1/48th scale FRS.1 (and my Airfix 1/72nd scale GR.3 is waiting in its box) I figured it worth sharing my review of David Morgan's book Hostile Skies. (I attended a talk & slide show he gave to my hang gliding club in August 2016 and it has taken me this long to write my book review.)
  6. Lootenant Aloominum

    Protar 1/9th scale Montesa Cota 247 trials bike

    Action photos up:
  7. Lootenant Aloominum

    Protar 1/9th scale Montesa Cota 247 trials bike

    Hi Pat, you might be interested in my off-road bikes page, which has some Bultaco Sherpa photos: https://everardcunion.wordpress.com/off-road-bikes/#top I will add that as a link at the bottom of my Protar Montesa page when I get a moment. I am hoping for some sunshine at the weekend to get some 'action' photos with this bike. It is such a contrast to the Triumph 3HW of 30 years before...
  8. Click for full article The Protar (Italy) 1/9th scale Montesa Cota 247 trials bike is no ordinary plastic kit. Despite its age, it ranks as an engineering masterpiece. For example, the steering head and wheel axles, although made of plastic (some later motorcycle kits have such items in metal) they screw into place. The plastic is strong enough to take the torque that I sometimes found necessary to apply with pliers to finish the screwing in. The flexible plastic chain works (after a fashion). That is, when the rear wheel turns, the chain rotates and turns a sprocket hidden under the engine cover. Even the suspension works! Full article on my web site: Viva Protar
  9. Lootenant Aloominum

    Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

    I had some more info along those lines, which I posted in this sub-page: Engineering development then and now.
  10. Lootenant Aloominum

    Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

    I don't think the front mudguard is on backwards. It is just that it was rotated too far forwards in the earlier photos. I rotated it back a bit... I added some more photos, including another of the rider in pieces after she got blown over in the wind outdoors. Here are two of the new pics: Larger image Larger image These and rest are on my web site. See Mentioned in dispatches. (Not safe for work because Dawn is showing a boob in some photos.)
  11. Lootenant Aloominum

    1:35 meng D9R

    The sand on the blade looks both 'real' and to scale, which is a rare and fine achievement. An amazing model.
  12. Lootenant Aloominum

    Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

    (Can't seem to add my reply when I quote someone...) On the vinyl seat question, I washed both seats (the rear one hardly qualifies as a seat) with washing up liquid and painted them with Humbrol acrylic #85 satin coal black. It looks hardly any different from the original vinyl, if you ask me. For the rivets, I used Humbrol enamel 'polished aluminium' because that is the shiniest in my set of paints. I knew something was wrong with the front mudguard. One thing is it is free to rotate (somehow) which is obviously not good, although I have now positioned it a little better. I will have another look at fixing it and taking replacement pics (if it stops raining). Agreed about the thick cables.
  13. Lootenant Aloominum

    Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

  14. Lootenant Aloominum

    M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle

    Me neither, but it looks to me like something out of Thunderbirds, but better. There are some great videos online showing how that thing on top with the angled lid works. Spectacular!
  15. Larger image Not really an armoured fighting vehicle, but I guess it goes in this section. This is the Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW of World War 2. Building this kit taught me something that I sort of knew already and I find it a bit disturbing. It is that there was something radically primitive about the engineering design of motorcycles of this era. (Even my first trials bike, a 250cc Greaves of the 1960s, incorporated design elements that no rational mind would include on a trials bike.) It is not just that this or that component shows signs of being added as an afterthought. It is as if everything, from the bottom up, has been added as an afterthought. For more, see Mentioned in dispatches on my web site. (Not safe for work because Dawn is showing a boob in some photos.)