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  1. I added two more today including this, which shows up the problem I had with the flaps:
  2. Many of them to me in the early 1960s (although my mum paid for them). Such memories of things and people now gone.
  3. Rough and ready by the standards here, but I completed it in the equivalent of a weekend, spread over a week. More on this page of my web site: Early Corsair
  4. Thanks guys. I too am impressed by the scratch builders. I never imagined I would be one! As for grass effect, here they are on a grassy hillside with big flowers...
  5. Aha! I can now see the buttons to which you refer, but only when I maximize the window to occupy the full width of my huge monitor. (I am using Chrome under Windows 10.) In my normal viewing mode, with the browser window occupying about half the screen width, no Sign in button is visible. A contributing factor is that I have my zoom set at 150 percent. When I set it to 100 percent, the buttons reappear, but I find all text is too small to read at that setting.
  6. I made three vintage 1970s hang gliders to go with my Revell 1/24th scale Volkswagen Samba bus. I used paper (mainly), aluminium tubes, and thread. More detail on my web site: https://everardcunion.com/plastic-models-2/24thbrock82/#top
  7. If it was not for the background and the clarity of the photo, I would say it was a real one. Real aircraft in museums don't look as realistic as that!
  8. In the FAQ (or similar) topic it states "At the top right you’ll see a number of buttons and text buttons, from which you want to click the “sign in” button, because you’re already a member." Problem is, I do not see a 'Sign in' button. (I signed in using a big button at the bottom of the FAQ topic.) CTRL-F on the home page for 'Log in' and 'Sign in' found no matches.
  9. The vehicle is an exceptionally well-engineered kit. However, it is not perfect and I struggled in a couple of places. Page on my web site: Doing the Samba
  10. I painted the nose probe and added the top anti-collision light...
  11. I took about a hundred pics and threw away 95... The wonder of digital cameras! This is my favorite, although it is rather dark for anyone using an older monitor:
  12. The kit comes with decals and different parts for four variants. I built this example as belonging to No. 15 Wing, Nato Flying Training Centre, RCAF Moose Jaw, Canada, in 2003. More on this page of my web site: Moose Jaw Hawk
  13. Nearly right... Anyway, the F-104 is, to my mind, one of the hottest looking fighters there ever was. A missile with a man woman in it...
  14. I built this kit as best I could to resemble Hakan Andersson’s 1973 works bike; the ‘twin shock’ version he rode in the first two rounds before the monoshock version replaced it. My web page: Revell 1/12th scale 250cc Yamaha MX bike Example photo: It contains several inaccuracies including the front brake mechanism being backwards.
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