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  1. Maybe they'll announce something at Telford?
  2. The best 'element' of the releases is their Number x Size. My greatest wish is not for any particular kit, but to see Airfix/Hornby Hobby return to profitability and thence pay off their Bank Loan. Clearly whoever controls the budget feels this way too and the funds for all these releases must have been sanctioned even as far back as 2020. It's hard to see how this wouldn't be repeated at least in the immediate future, so maybe we'll get some of the toolings we were hoping for but weren't announced. One 'curious' feature that nobody so far seems to have mentioned is that all genuinely new subjects are of UK origin.
  3. You may just be lucky with the Sea Vixen because: - Airfix are now downscaling - Despite tales of visits to Yeovilton last year, nothing this year has been announced that would warrant going there. The 1/48 version is pre-digital, so new data would have to be acquired. - The 1/48 version was to have been re-released but was then withdrawn.... - I'm just finishing off my Frog kit, having bought it many years ago in Asda for I think £2.50!
  4. This is what they told me at Telford some years ago. I'm as glad to see it as you seem to be. I don't purport to tell Airfix how to run their business.
  5. Don't forget the Sea Hawk. The original 1/72 was issued in 1958! New tool could be its replacement, or in 1/48 to 'stand alongside' its younger brother the Sea Fury.
  6. Where did you get the information that the tooling was shot? Is it just supposition based on its age - remember it's not been in continuous production. But regarding a new tool of a 1/24 Spitfire or anything else to this scale, this is a huge investment. Others may have more precise figures, but Hornby Hobby is still some £3 million in debt, event though they made a profit of £240,000 last year. So there's still a long climb to solvency and with Interest Rates rising, the slope is becoming steeper... Add up the selling prices of 2021's kits (excluding the Vulcan) and it falls well short of that of any 1/24 subject, so it would seem unlikely the funding is available, never mind the lead time to recover the investment. As to a new tool Spitfire (elsewhere lX seems to be the favourite) selling in 'large numbers', how many of those having the Mk1 would now buy the new one too ? To the model-buying public (to whom the majority of sales are made) a Spitfire is just a Spitfire and are surely more likely to buy something else rather than repeat what they already have.
  7. There's absolutely no need to re-tool. Most of the buyers aren't modelers (true of all purchases) and in some cases don't even build them! The said Spitfire makes an 'easy' gift for an elder relative to a younger family member, and the square box makes is easy to gift wrap. The money (remember they are still in debt) is better used for other subjects: there's no shortage of suggestions here on BM!
  8. If that was at the time of the original release, that was a 'different' Airfix.
  9. My original post specified a Corsair as a 'follow on' from the Hellcat, providing it sold well. There's an added advantage that both had the same engine, propeller, (often) wheels, tyres and of course armament. Haven't studied the sprues to see if any duplication is possible, but at the designs are already 'held', in digital form.
  10. Don't forget there is already a 1/24 Hellcat, so if it sold well, a Corsair 'follow on' seems highly likely.
  11. It will come, but not just yet. They only issued the Vc last year, and there are lots of colours, variations and the like that can be 'produced' from it.
  12. Though I must admit to not having 'seen' the kit, surely the length of the undercarriage leg depends on the weight it must bear.
  13. Can you refer me to the said critique.
  14. Glad to hear it! If the 1/48 Tiger Moth also did well, then a 1/48 Dragon Rapide might be expected...? I only do 1/72, so no particular axe to grind here: merely a possible tooling. Lots of colour schemes and users too.
  15. Others may be able to correct me, but wasn't the Vampire built largely of wood?
  16. I agree, but wonder if we might see a 'rule breaker' in the form of a 1/72 Sea Fury in the 'entry level modeller' range ie with the Spitfire Vc and Tempest. My theory is that the 'entry level modeller' will have admired his dad/uncle/elder brother's 1/48 Sea Fury and would like to build one himself. 1/48 would be over-ambitious for a first model, whereas the junior ie 1/72 would be the perfect place to start. P.S Airfix did have a 1/72 Chipmunk once but now long oop. Perhaps they will re-issue it (no big deal) to test the market.
  17. I heard a whisper of a 1/48 Auster. Certainly not predictable. Maybe this should be in the Rumormonger Section, but seems more appropriate here.
  18. Can't speak for 1/48 - not my scale - but I'm glad for those who are, especially if it's not readily predictable. For my part, logic, rumour or whatever, in 1/72 an Allison Mustang and Boston\Havoc. Oh yes: I've never been right yet!
  19. STOP PRESS 602 Albermarles were built surpassing the Botha (580) by a short head! This I think has been tooled (Valom?) so not mainstream.
  20. You'd have to ask Airfix that: such a decision cannot have been taken lightly.
  21. According to Wikepedia 580 Bothas were produced vs 202 Manchesters. But all this rather misses the point: Airfix are in the business of making money, which they do by selling kits to the general public. Most of them probably couldn't tell a Hurricane from a Spitfire, and some of the buyers won't even build them but gift them. Stating what we already know, they are for volume sales, leaving 'specials' to the short run. That's their business and we shouldn't tell them how to run it. But we've been here several times before, with BM followers justifying their wants as 'Iconic', anniversary, 'no line up complete without it', or the individual who thought that after an exhilarating ride in a 2 seat Spitfire (I'm sure it was) it would result in worldwide sales.
  22. The Walrus I hear didn't do too well.... I'm sure that the Airfix logo and box art are are common attributes to all releases so can't really be used as justification for tooling an obscure, or indeed any, particular subject. I appreciate, from your previous postings that you'd like to see a Manchester, but this doesn't make it, commercially, a better choice than the many, many other possible (re)toolings: Halifax, Lincoln, Catalina, Privateer to name but a few. I'm not sure of availability of data and before you again say 'What about the Whitley?' I suspect that it had, like the Do17, 'passed the point of no return' when Airfix made their decision on this.
  23. Dream on. Airfix's business is to make money: nothing else. Spitfires, 109's, and Mustangs sell, so will continue to to be tooled. I've heard a hint of an Allison Mustang (to follow Spitfire Vc, Tempest ? ) We'll know in a month from now. And whose ever even heard of the Manchester let alone would buy it ? My wartime recognition booklet has types such as Hs129, Me323 which surely never even crossed to coast, yet of the Manchester not even a mention.
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