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  1. Nicely done On the weathering side a bit more would not have been too much after all it is a chieftain
  2. On evilbay at the mo but only from China.
  3. Hataka do IRR green althogh it needs a slight bit of white in it.you can get it at super hobby’s
  4. Never could see the point of an armoured train! Just runs on bog standard vulnerable tracks after all .
  5. I went with the Callsign models conversion which I got from Historex Agents.Good kit and fitted the Academy kit well HTH, Ivan
  6. At last AFV look to be actually getting around to releasing their AVRE https://armorama.com/news/centurion-mk-5-avre-from-afv-club
  7. Sorry to say you have it in a nutshell! As they already have a foot in the door with CR3 this might be a natural progression.
  8. No doubt but I think the reasoning was more countries in NATO use leopards
  9. AA seems the way to go now I’m actually looking in the right section PE & decals not accessories
  10. Thanks I’ll redo my searching
  11. Plastic if possible pe at a push.
  12. Hi guys, can anyone give me a steer to where I can get the above? single or double diamond preferably. cheers Ivan
  13. Hi guys, we have here a Takom 432 with, SSM Mk3 upgrade and NBC pack, AA mortar conversion kit. Both kits went together well and I have to say top quality Drivers pit, Mortar in the back, Thanks everyone for your likes and comments during the build hope you like it cheers Ivan
  14. Thanks for your comments, go for the interior but get photos before you close it up
  15. Thanks Roger it has since had a run in the mud it didn’t look right to me Whats next? It will be a Takom MK 5 Chieftain OOB so no WIP there BUT just to keep the insanity going I have got the Dragon Badger CHAVRE conversion( more on that later) so it will be on and off both of them
  16. Hi there after a round of sickness tearing through the household here she is virtually finished next post will be in RFI. i have gone for the grubby look but that can changelet me know if you think it should be dirtier! mmm it actually is dirtier than it seems in the photos HayHo Ivan
  17. No mate this one was done way back when they first came out straight OOB. Ivan
  18. Hi Nick, I used an open weave bandage soaked in pva with the green in the mix put it on let it dry and then with pva make the squares and sprinkle with tea leaves and then colour to suit. HTH, Ivan
  19. ivan-o


    Yes got them thanks but nowhere can I get any pictures of the rear deck behind the superstructure.
  20. ivan-o


    Hi guys any Armoured Farmers with any photos of the above would you mind getting in touch as I am going to have a go at building one. The area I am particularly interested in is around the crane and engine deck. cheers Ivan
  21. Personally I don’t see why you had an issue with what to builder course it had to be something that gets dirty! I’ll follow along with interest
  22. Great pair Nick I have the Takom Mk5 waiting in the stash might be next after my 432
  23. Hi there, nearly done just a few more bits and the weathering to go cheers Ivan
  24. A real blast from the pastlovely job and I agree about the figures about time someone done some Cold War stuff!
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