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  1. Excellent all this detail going in Now then am I going this far with my one next on the bench
  2. Hi guys, Right here is a VERY rough first paint As mentioned before do not waste your money on the AK Auscam set tbh a bit brutal it’s rubbish! I should be getting a new compressor tomorrow so hopefully I will regain control of the paint in my brush cheers Ivan
  3. Lovely job,looks great Reminds me of AMFL troop 22 RE running around Tidworth in their snow cats
  4. More here, https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/rolls-royce-win-2-6bn-contract-to-re-engine-b-52-bombers/
  5. First bit of paint on the beast I got the AK interactive AUS Cam paint set but TBH don’t bother with it! I have had to add a good bit of olive drab to the green and the black is almost blue cheers Ivan
  6. Hi echen i stand to corrected but I believe they are track grousers.
  7. Basket done and fitted See about some paint now I suppose , cheers, Ivan
  8. TBF mate it wasn’t at all hard,every frame had three layers but once they were lined up it was ok. Ivan
  9. Hi, Had a run at the PE and it wasn’t to bad at all in progress the only thing here is that that the mesh shouldn’t have gone in till the bottom mesh is in despite what the instructions say! For some reason only known to Legend the middle frame is bigger than the end ones but hay ho it’s done cheers Ivan
  10. Thanks guys for your comments and likesAs usual it has taken longer than it should but the end is in sight. First coat of primer on and the brass for the basket next probably have a stab at this later. cheers Ivan
  11. Well this the turret all but finished,I hollowed out the searchlight front and put a lense from the spares box in,just the basket on the back and a general tidy up to go cheers, Ivan
  12. keep at it mate You know what they say everyday is a school day!
  13. Hi, more lumps and bumps on,again a mix of kit and conversion parts for this side of the turret and chains on the mantle plugs cheers Ivan
  14. IF they were able to acquire them out of a squadron of 12 how many would be operational at any one time! Pilot and ground crew training to be done from scratch. Unlike in ‘82’ where we had no threat to their airfields, any potential threat can be negated by the fact we can now lob in TLAM’s from an Astute to rearrange the A/C in the control towers etc on their airfields,so that should really focus the minds of anyone seriously thinking about having a go. Not to mention all the rest of their armed forces which are in disarray.
  15. ivan-o

    1/35 Jackal 2

    Cue the discussion whether it’s a 1 or 2 ok I’m going to stick my head up here this is a Jackal 1 looking at photos of both vehicles!(flak jacket and helmet on)
  16. You shouldn’t be far out with your reasoning however remember where the track runs around the wheels the paint will wear off. Fitting the track can be a pain If you haven’t joined the top of the hull to the bottom yet what I normally do is fit the track but leave off either the front or rear wheel and then fit that after the track is in place. HTH Ivan
  17. Hi, another long overdue update this build seems to be talking forever some work on the top of the turret using the conversion parts and a bit of scratch for the commander’s sight and the ring behind the loaders hatch. turret sides and basket next(eventually) cheers Ivan
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