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  1. Very nice. We often get mesmerized by Sci FI/Fantasy projects because of imagination used in designing and building them but building real-world spacecraft takes as much ingenuity and skill to make a realistic replica.
  2. Wow, really, really nice. I hadn't realized the 111's had such a big presence in Australia.
  3. Nicely done. Love the B-Wing. It's the P-47/Hawker Typhoon of Star Wars.
  4. Great looking build! Sea Vixens are perhaps the most exotic aircraft ever to grace the flight deck of any character.
  5. Great Weasel collection. I love the WW story from it's earliest days of anti aircraft suppression missions of previous wars. I want to do Navy 'Iron Hand' aircraft. I've got an A-4 and want to get a 1/48 Intruder loaded up for it.
  6. Great build. Maybe it's because of having a name like 'Paquette' that influences my opinion but the French make the sexiest looking fighter jets in the world.
  7. Great so see one of these built. So far I've been pleased with every one of my Mikro Mir sub purchases.
  8. Very neat! I love imaginative in-flight displays!
  9. Oh, this ROCKS MY BOAT, CRAZILY!! I love the fugly Shagbat and find this to be wonderful news!! I'll make my old Frog kit for an in water/landing display diorama attempt and this - THIS kit will be the main event, right next to my Monogram PBY!
  10. Beautiful work. Glad there's another Flower class kit out there now but I was sorely hoping this one would have been of the short fo'c'sle version. Ah, well I've got my 1/72 version in early conversion stages, I could get this kit to represent a late version Flower. You've provided wonderful inspiration here, Rob.
  11. Very nice work. I agree with above regarding the fun with Monogram kits. They were a great way to to do a fun and reasonably accurate build of an aircraft from any era.
  12. True, it's never been on screen but I'd like how one of the licensed publications depicted it:
  13. Wow, nice work. The Infiltrator is my favorite ship of the prequels. If I could have one private spaceship it'd be this.
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