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  1. Its really nice to see one of these old timers being built as it keeps the use of hope , imagination and accepting the contents of the box as is and making a kit useing giel and pure modeling skills . . good luck getting the decals to go over those rivets. Cheers Alistair
  2. A 109 with the engine the right way up looks so meaty . i have a turn and bank indicator from one used in the filming of the battle of britain . My favourite shelf filler . Some meaty guns too. Enjoy the painting . cheers Alistair
  3. there is a nice build review of the new Special Hobby 1/72 Bf 109e-4 in the latest Airfix Model World magazine . looks superb .
  4. You have done 'Her' proud Steve . cheers Alistair
  5. Iv built 3 of these kits and they go together well . Its worth cleaning up the canopy parts to check they fit as they can be a little squeezed by the engine and other parts between engine and cockpit . cheers Alistair
  6. Excellent work Graig Are you going to rescribe the top and bottom fuselage longitudinal panel lines?
  7. Good to see that you're pilot fits his work space. Nice paint job too .
  8. Looking good Steve. I'm hoping to get a G6 AS started later next month and your clear build tired will compliment the Eduard instructions. Cheers Alistair
  9. I expect that being a new build the construction company stripped all the top soil off and sold it to the people who brought their previous development . If you apply agricultural lime to the soil it will help it break up (i think its called flockulation). Any way better get a move on otherwise ,like Milliput it will set hard
  10. I have a feeling its like watching a build through time lapse photography .2 months squeezed into a few days . Hope you took the mouse to a mouse rescue centre
  11. Red Arrows have just flown directly over my house in two waves around 45 seconds ago . Nice and low . scared pigions off bird table . So good to see and hear .
  12. Hi Craig Looking good . I drilled out the female lugs on the fuselage and got an almost invisable join ,even with out glue . This can be such a good fitting kit with a smidge of fettling . Cheers Alistair
  13. Nice Meccapumwitt 109 . I have never heard of this aircraft but it does look exactly like a messershmitt 109 . I will be following this as iv got an intrest in rare aircraft and the Meccapumwitt is rare. Cheers Alistair
  14. Excellent progress Bob . Im around 4 months away from retirement so i hope i can look forward to makeing faster progress on my kits . First thing i will do is give both of my Sons lessons in double digging so for ever after they can dig their own gardens and when they have done theirs they can dig mine so i can sit at my bench trimming plastic while i can watch them work ............perfect day . Cheers Alistair
  15. Those seat belts you "cobbled" together look fantastic , way better than many aftermarket sets iv seen . I@m off out to look for empty cigarette packets . Probably wont work as well with an old nicotine patch Cheers Alistair
  16. Wow that cockpit looks so good . I Will use it as a reference to aim for for my Eduard g6
  17. A nice contrast to the later models in the G/B . I have never heard of this kit manufacturer. Hope its an easy beast to tame . cheers Alistair
  18. Good to see something other than the Eduard and Airfix 109's and in 1/32 thats even better . Built one of these when it first came out and i remember it being not as straightforward as i would have thought but good fun and just the right size for a intresting paint job . Cheers Alistair
  19. colony of Luftwaffe 20mm cannon Wood lice I think i have a mating pair . A good snip and sanding will stop their antic's
  20. Great choice Greg I built one of these a few years back and used the Alley cat correction set on it . Was it worth it ,i cant say but it did make a tricky kit even more tricky . I recon it will look just fine OOB . Looking forward to your start Cheers Alistair
  21. Hi Craig I'm a little way into this Airfix kit and must say its a pretty good parts fit , The locating pins in along the fuselage are rather tight but after drilling out the female side just a smidg it goes together like a snap shut kit . I had to drill out the locating holes in the trim wheels but so far that is it . Nice choice of markings so as its sandy I will pull up a deck chair.
  22. Your Galland ls definitely recognisable as him . Cracking job on the painting. The eye brows are a nice touch.
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