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  1. Love this... Wow... just wow is all I can say.
  2. Something a bit different that I've not seen before... time to flex my gothic figure muscles... good detail for an older kit in my opinion and the photos don't really do it justice.
  3. Might look for part 1... looks like some nice items for adding to one of my goth steampunk hats.
  4. Looks really fantastic!!! I'd love one of these.
  5. I built this a year or so ago... never got round to the figures even though they do look fantastic! It's a great Tardis and a decent size... love it... although I never see the inside I spent sooo long painting. Have fun!
  6. I did build this kit 26 years ago and recently picked another up and made a start a week or two back... sanding and filling.. I've got as far as assembled and given it a coat of primer... put it on hold though when I realised I didn't have the colour paint I need... Doh!!! Love the pose on this kit.
  7. Halcyon 1:9 Alien 3 HAL 11... I built one of these 26 years ago when they 1st came out... long since broken and lost in house moves etc. Not the best Alien film IMO but I do really like this Alien style. The pose and the sculpt are as good as I remember for a kit from the early 90's.
  8. I'm a Goth style steampunk... looks good. I make it in black and silver though. Have to say reminds me of this.
  9. Looks what you've done with this. I've got the original so can see exactly the work you've put in. The problem I've been thinking about for when I start mine is... the missing inside toes...
  10. Watched the old Boris Karloff Frankenstein on the 1st to celebrate the books launch... been making my way through the other films and built a small collection of books on the subject. Fantastic looking kit... never seen this before.
  11. Thanks for looking this up Stuart. Even now with a name to look for I've not found any other images of this. I think I'll have ago at cleaning this up and have a go at some face painting. Good likenesses of the characters I think... my photography doesn't really do it justice.
  12. Recently while digging around in the loft I came across this, it's been in a dusty corner for 25 years or so. I assume it must be a garage kit or something I originally bought from the Manchester Deansgate model shop... Does anybody know who originally made this? Needs a bit of fixing up but nothing too difficult...
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