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  1. I love this forum. Thanks to the sharp eyes here, the tire walls are now correct and I can sleep well again.
  2. Just beautiful!! Excellent detailing, weathering and paint job! A very nice collection!
  3. A true masterpiece in weathering! Rust, windshield dirt, everything. Amirable!!
  4. Thanks for all the nice comments. I'm overwhelmed! Someone said something about the tires. I agree. There are different tires depending on the kit version. I thought the ones in my kit were OK, with some cutting on the mold lines . They are reasonably similar to the Firestone Blackwall that existed as standard up to the -64-year model. However, not 1965. Then the design of the tire tread and side was changed. The kit's tires are marked 600/15. It should be 670/15. I decided to use the tires anyway. However, I wanted a white wall. It was fixed with a white marker, but should on Firestone W
  5. Hello, I'm new to this forum, but thought of showing off my latest model. It is the first in over 40 years. I got a kit as a Christmas present in 1977. A -65 Corvette Sting Ray in 1/8 scale, by Monogram. However, I thought it was so bad in the detail that it was never built. But 2019 I got to myself that maybe anyway. So I googled and found on this forum a post from 2014 by "roymattblack" that got me inspired. There was also a member on International Scale Modeller who had built one. So about 1500 working hours later it was finished. Those who built the kit can see that a lot of additions
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