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  1. Done some research online and found the cost of individual pilots to be a little excessive so I've bought a 1/72 tiger moth which comes with 2 pilots...tho not obviously ww1 it's close enough after a little scalpel work and paint. Worked out cheaper and gives me another model to build
  2. Hi there. Thought I would dip my toe into 1/72 scale ww1 aircraft and where better to start than the Red Barons Fokker Dr1 tri plane. So I have acquired such a kit made by revell. Up until now I've always built 1/72 scale ww2 aircraft and always been airfix kits...and I always begin my kits by painting the pilot...so imagine my horror on opening the revell box to find no pilot... any suggestions on where I could source my Manfred from??? Also as I'm hopefully going to be building more ww1 fighters could someone tell me is it common practice for ww1 planes at 1/72 to come pilotless Kev.
  3. Thanks for the info that the two colours are the same Chris. I'm going to stick to my humbrol paints tho. I'm taking a short break from this build now as I've heard through the grapevine that santa is bringing me some headmounted magnifiers to help me with detailed work...so I'll wait before doing anymore....plenty 1/72 aircraft to keep me out of mischief
  4. Can anyone recommend a colour for the transom detail? The photos I've looked at online all seem to show a deeper, richer shade than the pale yellow used elsewhere on the ship. I'm using humbrol enamels and have already tried 'trainer yellow' (no.24) but it was too bright in my opinion so I scrubbed it off. I've gone and bought a tin of 'insignia yellow' (no.154) which has a deeper tinge... but painting such fine detail is painstaking work and I don't want to scrub off a second time so I'm appealing to anyone who has been through this for some suggestions, or am I mistaken and should stick to the same yellow as used on the rest of the hull...thanks in advance Kevin
  5. The hull is now being joined...and once again I've managed to 'pop' a pair gun barrels and a full canon . I'm finding these canons to be a bloody nuisance...a real weak spot
  6. I'm considering doing just that but not to save effort, just for a different look on each side
  7. I used to live at the foot of Bidston Hill....the topographical feature not the ship I had no idea there was a ship called Bidston Hill...live n learn I guess
  8. Anyone owning this kit is most likely aware of some of the moulding issues. The one I'm dealing with today is oversized holes that are supposed to take the cannons I considered using filler to sort this out but thought it would be too difficult to sand so I came up with this solution... I took a piece of sprue from my collection and sanded it down to the diameter of the oversized hole and then drilled a hole into it, I was fortunate in that my largest mini drill bit is just the right size to take the cannon I then shortend the piece making a plug glued it into place so I am left with a socket for the cannon to be fixed into...problem sorted
  9. The main deck now has 2 coats of paint...I hate trying to get a good finish when brush painting a relatively large open area but the 3rd coat should provide a better finish. For the colour of the decks I did try the suggested humbrol oak no.71 but I wasn't over keen on the look so opted instead for humbrol light stone no.121. Hopefully I made the right choice.
  10. Both decks now in place. I was really worried about the supports not being strong enough and possibly getting broken or not lining up and although not lining up 100% perfectly with just a little bit of tweaking they're not too bad at all really. I did however manage to 'pop' 4 cannon barrels so they need re glueing...so far things seem to be going together reasonably well
  11. The lower gun deck going in. The hull sections are not yet cemented but are just clamped together and rather than me trying to hold everything together I thought I would try using strategically placed zip ties. The deck has been cemented in place on the starboard side and a toothpick had to be used as a prop as the deck insisted on dropping above the portside entry way for some reason. Hopefully it's not going to spring apart when I cut the ties tomorrow.
  12. I'm approaching quite a decision now. I've near enough completed the lower gun deck and will be starting the main deck after that and I have 3 questions 1...do I cement the hull before fixing the decks in place? 2...the instructions for some reason lead me into thinking the decks are joined together before going into the hull...is this correct or do they go in individually? 3...if the decks go in individually how the hell do I get those little support poles to line up and join the two decks? I'd really appreciate any advice on these matters....this next step could be the make or break of this model as I don't want it to resemble a botch job
  13. Thanks for the suggestion foxy...I'm assuming you refer to the depressions at the top of the 2 rounded doors?
  14. Have had a go at a bit of painting...beak head bulkhead. The blue used was humbrol french blue but it's a gloss finish which I don't want so I've toned it down with a lick of matt varnish, i've also touched up the bit of 'wobbly' blue paint
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