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  1. How can you expect intelligent TV when the average viewer has the intelligence rating of a dead flea That's why reality tv is all the rage cheap senseless rubbish peddling a false view of life for the morons of today to follow
  2. AnonymousDYB


    The spoon should stand up in the gravy My tea ,s stronger than that cat pee
  3. AnonymousDYB


    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-5112407/Hollands-Pies-video-mocked-Northerners-weak-gravy.html I need counselling after watching this GRAVY THAT,S NOT GRAVY THAT PIE, S ANEMIC
  4. AnonymousDYB

    Airfix Vulcan XM607 Black Buck

    Very good buddy very good but I thought he said White scheme ??
  5. AnonymousDYB

    IPMS Gloucester Show 2018 - Traders and Clubs added

    No cake not made by the fair ladies of Gloucester club allowed in the building ---------------------Drop it off on the West Middlesex Stand we will look after it for you
  6. AnonymousDYB

    IPMS Gloucester Show 2018 - Traders and Clubs added

    But your last in the q for cake !!
  7. AnonymousDYB

    Tank Museum

    Contact Oliver at the Tank museum buddy he,s the guy organising this
  8. AnonymousDYB

    Middle Wallop

    NO NO NO You in Campbell skimpy knick naks
  9. AnonymousDYB

    Tank Museum

    You little rebel you And there,s me paying on the door
  10. AnonymousDYB

    Guy Martin

    He likes the slightly backwards nature of Lincolnshire
  11. AnonymousDYB

    Guy Martin

    https://guymartinracing.co.uk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Martin
  12. AnonymousDYB

    Tank Museum

    I believe a lot of clubs are opting for one day , do we know what the traders are doing ?? West Midd will attending one day
  13. AnonymousDYB

    Middle Wallop

    I.ll be back Anyway heard ALL ABOUT IT !!! At your age Chris as well
  14. AnonymousDYB

    Middle Wallop

    I,m sure I speak for everyone that we hope the show carries on as it is one the friendliest and well organised on the circuit A sad loss if it was no more
  15. AnonymousDYB


    Today is the 100 years anniversary of the battle