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  1. This a great topic ,picking up hints and tips for my build As a ardent tankie i strayed into unfamiliar waters lol
  2. Hello Has the Tamiya kit of the Challenger 1 mk3 still got the parts to build the oringal version with out the add on armour package ?? Thanks
  3. I,ve got one of theses and will do it blue and black as Percy the Tank Look at the gun manlet it appears to have a face lol
  4. How can you expect intelligent TV when the average viewer has the intelligence rating of a dead flea That's why reality tv is all the rage cheap senseless rubbish peddling a false view of life for the morons of today to follow
  5. The spoon should stand up in the gravy My tea ,s stronger than that cat pee
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-5112407/Hollands-Pies-video-mocked-Northerners-weak-gravy.html I need counselling after watching this GRAVY THAT,S NOT GRAVY THAT PIE, S ANEMIC
  7. Very good buddy very good but I thought he said White scheme ??
  8. He likes the slightly backwards nature of Lincolnshire
  9. https://guymartinracing.co.uk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Martin
  10. Today is the 100 years anniversary of the battle
  11. In the high stress job that is today's services let them have some fun ---------no one got hurt , a good laugh in the mess and with the ground team and something to brag about to other squadrons Chill out tomorrow these guys could be flying for real --we've all done silly things Swinging thru Doncaster bus station on scaffolding pretending to be a monkey with noise effects was mine
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