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  1. Sairou

    1/35 WW1 figures

    Perhaps you could specify which army these figures are from? These things of course varied between the armies of different nations.
  2. Sairou

    Panzerwerfer 42 crew

    The field-grey panzer uniform would be a safe bet, but it wouldn't have been unlikely for a Panzerwerfer 42 crew to obtain the padded camouflage uniforms of the infantry. Throughout the war, army supply services were never able to issue enough of each piece of clothing for soldiers to be truly uniform, so it varied considerably. Often soldiers would wear what they could get hold of through supply services, trade or looting.
  3. Excellent diorama, good job on the figures.
  4. Sairou

    Interesting mud weathering technique

    I'd be interested to try this technique, but like you said, an identical effect could probably be achieved with home-made products. It never crossed my mind to make sods of earth like this, so I'll try it on my next weathering build.
  5. Saw this today and thought I'd share, seems like a good effect:
  6. Sairou

    Revell 1/35 Panzergrenadiere

    Painted the insignia and a few other details, next up is finishing the equipment and some more touch-ups.
  7. Without derailing this thread, when it comes to these German 'Wonderweapons', as Squarehead said, Germany lacked the manufacturing power, resources and time to produce such complex weapons in such large numbers, to field against the advancing Soviet armies. Even if they had, the significance of a few tanks/planes against the numerous infantry/artillery divisions of the Red Army probably would have been limited. Something that might be more interesting to ponder is a scenario where rather than putting resources into the Panzer V programme and the Tiger series, Germany had focused on producing/improving the Panzer IV. Excellent job on the model, BTW.
  8. Sairou

    M747 Semi-Trailer - Meng 1/35

    How did you make the plastic bags?
  9. Sairou

    Is 1/76 a dead scale for new kits?

    I believe you can still get 1/76 kits, but in metal, the name of the brand escapes me right now though. 72 As for good 1/72 kits, I would recommend Revell's 1/72 range definitely. That said, there also are some beautiful Dragon 1/72 kits, although they are often on the pricey side. Hobbyboss or Trumpeter kits are also decent, some of their newer stuff looks pretty nice.
  10. Sairou

    Farmers and firearms.

    Perhaps a Volksturm figure could be converted? I have the Zvezda set, and a couple of the poses, with some conversion, could make a 1930s farmer firing a rifle.
  11. Sairou

    US Army wounded 1944 Normandy?

    I think Masterbox do a set of paratroopers with a wounded pose: They also do another set with a wounded figure: Hope this was helpful.
  12. Sairou

    Revell 1/35 Panzergrenadiere

    Been making some weapons slings out of Tamiya tape.
  13. Sairou

    ICM 1:72 Sdkfz 222

    Turned out nicely. Have you considered a wash of light grey or tan (or even brown/black for more contrast) on the whole vehicle? This, or a pin wash, can bring out the hatch detail and such, which is quite striking on smaller models.