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  1. Thank you, I'll be referring to your post heavily when I come around to detailing my model.
  2. Should be painting the crew soon. Once they're painted and attached, I can add the finishing touches to the model.
  3. Sairou

    Hobby Boss TAS 44-M

    I'd definitely see if you could find some T-55 tracks or something to fit. I don't know if any aftermarket company released TAS tracks yet.
  4. Sairou

    Hobby Boss TAS 44-M

    Very interesting project, I built one of these once, but feel apart on the tracks, which IIRC didn't really want to fit. This put me off the kit, and it's languished trackless for years now.
  5. Sairou

    1/20 │ Scope Dog │ Bandai

    That medal is well-deserved, a great looking model there.
  6. Yup, the last episode. I probably won't watch Miller's Report. I'll definitely check out Origin, my main interest at the moment are the series set during or before the One Year War.
  7. Added a few details.
  8. Yup. Without spoiling the ending, I felt let-down on a subconscious level of the Romeo/Juliet narrative not ending in the way it should.
  9. This pic will be useful, although it is upsetting.
  10. The commander figure is a spare Tamiya item, from their re-box of the ICM kit I built previously. I hope to add some more detail to this- there seems to be some kind of wiring going between the antennae and main body. Hopefully I can find some clear pics that show how I can add this.
  11. Oh, I also watched the Mobile Suit Gundam compilation movies, 08th MS team, War in the Pocket and the MS Igloo OVAs. I enjoyed them, even if I wish I had never watched the last episode of 08th MS Team.
  12. Decided that I'd make another Pan-Pan, since I liked my last one so much. Won't be doing the interior on this one like my last, although I might be working on the engine compartment.
  13. This is where I'm at, next will be a gloss/semi gloss coat before a pin wash.
  14. Sairou

    Spanish Civil War Opel Blitz

    I'd definitely be interested to see the finished Civil War piece, I have an interest in this conflict. I recently finished a dissertation on the subject, but have been lax on my research since.
  15. Thanks. I've done no drybrushing here, I think it's how the light reflects on it.