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  1. Is that cabin all from the kit? Looks very nice.
  2. Winter camo would certainly be achievable with rattle cans and brushes. I always go for the 'hairspray technique', if you look it up on google you should find plenty of videos showing how to do it.
  3. Yeah, someone referred to it as a 'death trap' and they were right.
  4. I'm still considering it really. As to my thoughts, the Academy kit provides a good base, but engines are something that benefit a lot from wiring detail, which is something I haven't tried yet. As to painting interior parts, I'm of the mind that you might as well! I tend to photo-document my builds, so even when it's closed up, I'll know how it looks inside. A good example is the Panhard armoured car I made: the interior is barely visible on the finished model, but I have plenty of photos of it. As a tall person, the thought of sleeping or living in/around one of these machines doesn't seem a nice prospect. With so little space, I'm not surprised soldiers tended to ride on top.
  5. I am also looking for some more stowage for the interior and exterior, I am on a budget, so I'm probably going to have to be creative.
  6. The interior is just about done, there are a couple more details to add later like the control panel, and of course the engine. I maybe also add a bit of wiring if I can get hold of some thin wire. Next up is the roof detail and the ramp/door. I've also been working on the 50 cal MG, and a 30 cal.
  7. Cheers, I'm having a blast, the exterior might prove more of a challenge. Take a seat, and by all means, share any tips or additions you think I should do. This is going to be a long-term project (University means my build-paint cycle is drawn out since my airbrush is at home) so I plan on adding a lot of detail. Wiring in particular is something I want to do, but I don't have any experience doing it.
  8. Finally picked this up from the post office this morning, this evening's work is as follows: The recoil-less rifle has been assembled I really like the look of this turret, but since I'm using the interior, I'd have to manufacture a turret basket or buy aftermarket. talking about interior... I may tear out the seats and change them a bit, perhaps add some cushions, or replace the plastic struts I used here with photo-etch.
  9. Most likely an American vehicle, but potentially an Australian one.
  10. Been working away at these figures for a while, mainly as practice in different techniques, and on US uniforms. This is a HMG team. On these figures, I tried a wash then a drybrush on the uniforms. I'm not entirely convinced, as the effect is quite stark, but that may be my fault for mixing the wash too dark/highlight too light as usual. This figure is mostly done. I tried a layering technique on this one, and washes to bring out detail.
  11. In theory, yes, although that is difficult around the more small and complex assemblies. Really, I need to get a good liquid superglue, but I'm unsure what product I can get cheaply here that is suitable.
  12. Hi all, been a while since I made a proper post on here. My newest project will be an M113, with a main feature being the two Eduard sets I will be using on it. It's been a while since I got my teeth into a build like this, so I'm looking forward to it. This is my progress so far. Since the base kit hasn't arrived yet, I've been working on the photo-etch assemblies that stand on their own like gun shields and radios. So far so good, although the inside of the gun shields have a few imperfections. I'm using Gorilla gel glue as usual, and there are a few blotches where I used too much glue. We'll see how they look after a primer coat, I suppose, but that side will be covered by the guns/ammo anyway. Until the base kit arrives, this is pretty much my progress for now.
  13. Been really enjoying this build, takes me back to making similar models as a child, although I had a bit less guidance. There's also a definite charm to seeing these Airfix models made, even if they are unrefined by today's standards.
  14. Perhaps you could specify which army these figures are from? These things of course varied between the armies of different nations.
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