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  1. Ive two drawer sets one of three drawers and the nine drawer I can say that they are a fantastic product and a boon for the modeller looking for storage Easy to assemble ---------------------easier then a Dragon kit !!!! Thoroughly recommended D
  2. This a great topic ,picking up hints and tips for my build As a ardent tankie i strayed into unfamiliar waters lol
  3. Hello Has the Tamiya kit of the Challenger 1 mk3 still got the parts to build the oringal version with out the add on armour package ?? Thanks
  4. I,ve got one of theses and will do it blue and black as Percy the Tank Look at the gun manlet it appears to have a face lol
  5. How can you expect intelligent TV when the average viewer has the intelligence rating of a dead flea That's why reality tv is all the rage cheap senseless rubbish peddling a false view of life for the morons of today to follow
  6. Very good buddy very good but I thought he said White scheme ??
  7. Today is the 100 years anniversary of the battle
  8. Today, 100 years ago, Colonel Hugh Elles gave the Tank Corp its Green, Red and Brown Flag which he flew from his tank. Making his famous speech, Special Order No.6, he said: “Tomorrow the Tank Corps will have the chance of which they have been waiting for many months – to operate on good going in the van of the Battle. All that hard work and ingenuity can achieve has been done in the way of preparation. It remains for Unit Commanders and tank crews to complete the work by judgement and pluck in the battle itself. In the light of past experience, I leave the good name of the Corps with great confidence in your hands. I propose leading the attack of the centre Division.” Major-General M. J. Elles. CB, DSO Commanding the Tank Corps in France Cambrai, 19th November 1917 Distribution: To Tank Commanders FEAR NAUGHT
  9. https://www.spirefm.co.uk/news/local-news/1909611/chance-to-see-the-plans-for-new-salisbury-plain-heritage-centre/ Not looking good as year old and I cannot find anything up to date
  10. The collection is now in storage at a base near Salisbury I,m not sure which one Its not open to the public now but will hopefully be part of Salisbury Plain Heritage Centre The buildings are to turned into theaters and dance studios in Greenwich
  11. I aslo attend this show and was well impressed roll 2018
  12. I am hoping it makes the IPMS magazine Chris worked hard on this and I would like to see it get some recognition and him
  13. I,d still make the model to wind up all the rivet counters
  14. Or we may see nothing as we don,t want to upset anyone by celebrating the RAF
  15. The most iconic plane in the RAF was the Spitfire so perhaps a retool 1/24 Spitfire ?
  16. Oh Behave its good but not that good Might find space for it near the back somewhere
  17. For someone just starting or replacing used tubes it looks a viable option though
  18. Yup he,s right On the scale of understanding the Universe it may not score high but hey its suited us
  19. Well seeing as the brush is ready attached it looks like it would be quicker and less messy then using a palette
  20. No its worse What do you think we are ? A off shoot of the http://www.golden-oldies.org.uk
  21. Could you use these for painting Figures instead of buying oil paint in a tube ??
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