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  1. Brilliant! Look forward to this one, hope they do the STOL B though....that's the one I want, a conversion will be a pain..
  2. How long till this kits is in uk? Was in development for ages, seems to have been in the states for a while now, when do we get it?
  3. markjames68

    Fw 152

    This sounds interesting, ill do a bit of research, thanks chaps
  4. markjames68

    Fw 152

    Ideally thats would be the case, i ended up with the zm one as part of a trade as i liked the kit and detail and complexity, the long span puts me off though, i think it spoils the brutal lines and makes it look far too graceful!
  5. markjames68

    Fw 152

    Yes sorry, the Ta 152 h, is the fuselage identical to the c with the short span?
  6. markjames68

    Fw 152

    I have the zm fw152 h, its has lovely details as a kit but never liked the high aspct ratio wings, in prototyping, did the fuselage of the152 h ever get mated to a standard span wing? Would be happy to tweek span etc to short version, even if not exactly correct just to improve proportions in my eyes but only if it did have short wing.... Thanks in advance
  7. I have 1/32 b2 kit, its a 'paper' model from czech but can be transferred to plastic and is b,,,,dy good...
  8. If you do a quick interweb search as much as it grieves me to say so as for the most part i have had, enjoyed and extolled afew partworks, this one is rather infamous for missing issues and unfinishable models......
  9. To those that have doubts,... They havent asked for your money or any input or effort from you, worst case scenario, ignore it, there isnt one available now and if they dont get round to it, there still wont be one available, so nothing will change...... On the other hand, perhaps in 2 years time there might be a nice kit of a 1/32 F 111 to buy..... They are new and we need all the new we can get, positive thoughts and posts might egg them on...
  10. We enjoyed it, will certainly give the next series a shot
  11. I was very impressed with the parts that arrived, i do hope they carry on with it
  12. Mine arrived too, with a note saying it had been postponed? So has it or hasnt it..??
  13. Its precisley at the'underway but dont hold your breath ' stage I cant wait either, will be awesome, needs all 4 engines tho....
  14. Awesome news, i was furtunate enough to collect the Catalina kit at tTelford, loved the FW189, looking forward to the Helldiver, ive skipped the 154 as i think its a b@@@@y awful looking aircraft!!!
  15. Special hobby HE100 Special hobby polikarpov i16 Bothe easy builds and defiantely not run of the mill....
  16. 24th please airfix, my dream choice other than a 24thSwordfish...... Or Gladiator Or BAE Hawk Or F4Corsair Or.....
  17. There were a few kits maunufactured years ago by uk cottage industries ( and badly by those that didnt really know what they were doing ) that uses IIRC something called G22 casting resin, it may still exist and is perfectly ok for certain applications as long as its mixed well. It had an oil base or similar and if mixed in incorrect ratios basically exuded oil for years( or an oily oil like substance) , im not saying this is the case here but its possible i guess....
  18. I just hope they concentrate on and do the lancaster first and a Phantom doesnt get between me and nirvana.....
  19. Its probably only available via internet like much of the De Ag stuff( see modelspace website) , De Ag, i have found are good to deal with , im just finishing the brass 1/24 Loco they do and the parts over 23 so far of the 25 issues have arrived like clockwork once every 4 weeks, i would have expected my Delorean parts a bit quicker after my initial order but will assume minimum of 4 weeks from subscribing IIRC its been about 5 now but i may be wrong. Just checked and its only been 3 since i ordered it on 12 september, doesnt time drag whenyou waiting for something!!
  20. The lower image is VR, velocity rotate, as the aircraft is leaving the ground and rotating, , V1 is decision speed for abort dependant on runway length/ speed/ condition etc,
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