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  1. Imai Citroen 2CV6 1/24 designed for motorization with the addition of an FA-130 motor. The kit is very basic and lacks engine and suspension detail, more of a toy than an accurate scale model. Having chosen pink for the body colour I thought a flower power hippy theme would go rather well. After completing the build the rear window popped inside the cabin. Getting it glued back in place ment breaking something so I gave up. It's quite whizzy
  2. activexp

    Revell VW Samba 1/16

    It's the side doors I had most trouble with. They overlap slightly and won't close even though I'm sure everything is located in right place.
  3. activexp

    Revell VW Samba 1/16

    Nice! It looks just like mine
  4. activexp

    Imai Tin Snail 1/24

    Just a few finishing touches to do and I'm calling this one done
  5. Imai Citroen 2CV6 from their basic car series and it is basic, no engine or suspension detail. Instead it has the option for motorization but the FA-130 motor is not included. Rummaging through a box of unused parts I found the exact same motor discarded from some previous build and decided to give the motorization a go. The kit really is more of a toy than a detailed scale model and dates from 1994. The one piece bodyshell is quite well moulded, no flash, sink holes or flow lines. Pretty in pink? I gave up trying to copy the paint scheme as shown on the box after my masking attempts failed due to the grooves and ridges on body.
  6. The instructions are printed in pale green so the scans aren't as clear and sharp as I would have liked but are useable. Best to send me a PM with your email address rather than posting on here. Cheers, Steve
  7. activexp

    1/8 Citroen V8 traction

    Really looking the part now.
  8. If I can find the instructions I can scan them as PDF's and email them to you.
  9. June update, another early release, issues 72 - 75. This time we have parts to complete the passenger door, and the central roof panel. Issues 72 - 74 are the same as 68 - 70 but mirror imaged for the right hand side. Issue 75, Central roof panel. This completes the 'June' release.
  10. 'Bitzer' probably is a bit too yellow because I used gloss from a rattle can rather than the horrible Humbrol #24 matt acrylic supplied in the kit.
  11. A fun build hindered by funny plastic which resists poly cement. All the sprues appears to have a clear glossy lacquer on them so each part has to be scraped or sanded to ensure the cement reacts.
  12. activexp

    Peugeot 905 Ev 1

    Yep, I can confirm that the Heller/Revell Bentley is an excellent kit. This is one I built a few years ago.
  13. May's release has come early, issues 68 - 71. Issue 68: Windows for the driver's door, winding mechanism and LED's. Issue 69: Driver's door panel, trim and mirror. Issue 70: Hinge panel, hydraulic strut and an unlisted block of black plastic. Quite a fiddly job hinging the completed door to the frame. Sadly it doesn't stay open without the aid of the black plastic block used as wedge. Issue 71: Parts for the passenger door. This completes the May release.
  14. activexp

    Big As MAZ - DONE

    Superb work Rich, totally spiffing
  15. April update: Issues 64 - 67 which marks the half way point of the build. Issue 64: The bonnet/hood/luggage compartment frame and LED for the compartment light. Issue 65: Luggage compartment interior, a tank and the spare wheel securing belt. The luggage compartment and bonnet/hood fitted to the frame. Issue 66: Lots of small fittings for the doors, catches and switches. There should have been 4 small springs but I only got 3 . This is the first time I've had a missing part, annoying. The wires go to small switches in the door catches. Issue 67: Left side door panel, arm rest, door controls, pull strap and red and amber lenses. This completes the April release.