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  1. I'm hooked on these kits and will definitely build more They're made in the Ukraine.
  2. Another well-engineered kit from Ugears but not without some issues. Quite a tricky build in places and as always, the tedious knotting of rubber bands to the correct lengths for different tensions. Some of the 541 parts are a very tight fit and I ended up breaking a few but luckily they were successfully repaired with PVA wood glue.
  3. Yes they're very well designed but once those rubber bands break you're stuffed, at least with the Roadster. Dismantling without doing damage isn't really an option due to the complexity and parts locked in place with cocktail stick dowels. Not a problem as it looks great as a static model
  4. Not been on here for a while, been taking a break after spending far too much time and money on the Eaglemoss BTTF DeLorean. For a change from the usual plastic kits I thought I'd have a go at the Ugears Roadster laser cut plywood kit and here is the result. The engineering is impressive with some quite complex gear mechanisms to provide forward and reverse from the rubber band 'engine'. The steering and front suspension work and the V-8 engine has moving pistons. All in all a fun build and no glue needed. The spare wheel is the winder for the elastic band motor. The elastic band motor. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi Roy, long time no see. Sorry for not replying sooner but have been away in very sunny Greece Issue 126 contains only the exhaust port uprights and bases, nothing else. Hope this helps.
  6. The final parts of the BTTF DeLorean build, issues 126 - 130. Issue 126: Parts to complete the exhaust cowls. Issue 127: Parts for the plutonium case. Issue 128: More parts for the plutonium case. Issue 129: More parts for the plutonium case. Issue 130: Parts for the plutonium canisters. Also with issue 130, the alarm clock. So that's it, all done. Eaglemoss have extended the build for the BTTF3 railroad conversion but I'm not doing that, 130 issues over 2 years is enough for me. I've briefly tested the electrics and I think I've got some faults with the tail lights, only the brake lights appear to be working. I'll post photos of the finished car in RFI in due course.
  7. Another outstanding release with issues 120 - 125 and another very low parts count. Issue 120: Vent Pipes. Issue 121: Left exhaust cowl and a pipe. Issue 122: Left Exhaust cowl vanes and a pipe. Issues 123, 124: Same as 121, 122 but right hand side. Issue 125: Left and right vent cables and some stickers. That's all for now, will be back with the final 5 issues in about a month's time.
  8. Yes it is the Pocher Aventador, A better engineered kit than the DeLorean it has to be said.
  9. Moving on with the March/April release, issues 114 - 119 with a very low parts count. Issue 114: Detail parts for the reactor drum and a screwdriver. Issue 115: Reactor platform detail. Issue 116: Four cables for the reactor drum. They should all be the same length. I had one that was too short and one that was too long. Issue 117: More tubing for the reactor. Issue 118: More detail for the reactor platform. Issue 119: Reactor exhaust pipes. That's it for now, only another 11 issues to go and the beast will be finished.
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