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  1. Another mega release of parts for February/March, issues 108 - 113. Issue 108: Power coils for the right hand side. Issue 109: Cables and wires for the field generator. Issue 110: The spare wheel and windscreen wipers. Issue 111: Reactor platform and other bits. Issue 112: More parts for the platform. Issue 113: Parts for the reactor drum. That's it for now....only another 17 issues to go.
  2. Thanks. Those EMHAR Bedford kits are excellent, very well engineered. They seem quite rare now and are going at silly prices
  3. Thanks. It is quite likely I will build another soviet truck at some point in the future.
  4. No deliberate rust bubbles, only super glue smudges
  5. An interesting kit from AVD with metal and plastic parts only marred by very poor instructions. The tyres in the cargo are 1/24 Revell from a car kit. The 1/24 EMHAR Bedford Tanker for size comparison. Thanks for looking.
  6. The kit comes with metal axles for attaching the wheels which eliminates the chance of them falling off. This completes the work in progress.
  7. Yes, lovingly restored by a private owner
  8. Moving on with the build, chassis painted semi-gloss black. Cab completed. Wheels completed.
  9. Many thanks Egi for those great pics of the real thing and for your colour scheme recommendations. All very helpful but it's a too late for me to make any changes so my truck will be unique !
  10. A dry run to check the fit of the cab to the chassis. All good. Chassis and cab primed and flatbed assembled. I'm doing a 2 colour scheme for the body and flatbed. The tiny cab interior completed.
  11. Are the instructions any better in the 1/72 kits?
  12. Those instructions are so bad they are misleading as I've found incorrect part numbers on the exploded diagram of the chassis. There are also some mystery parts which I have no idea where they go. Maybe they are for a different kit, I don't know.. The lack of any build order is another problem so assembly is very much trial and error, usually error! I have found a PDF of the instructions on the AVD website which I can enlarge but it's not a great help due to all the mistakes and lack of clarity.
  13. No I wasn't expecting a metal chassis or cab. It appears to be a feature of AVD kits.
  14. After seeing a post in RFI from Egi Vandor of his Russian trucks from AVD Models I was inspired to have a go at one myself. The kit I decided on is the YAAZ-210 Flatbed from 1951 which I purchased from an ebay seller in Poland. I was expecting a product made in Russia but it comes as no surprise to see that it's made in China. The parts count is quite low as the substantial chassis is a single moulding in white metal and of good quality with zero flash. Likewise with the cab which is nicely done. Unfortunately the instructions are the worst I've ever seen, so small you need a magnifying glass but it doesn't really help as the drawings are vague. A small sheet of decals. Made a start on glueing plastic parts to the chassis. More to follow soon.
  15. activexp

    1/43 MAZ-200 family

    Thanks for the info. I found some AVD kits on eBay and have ordered a YAAZ 210 Flatbed from a seller in Poland. I'm sure soviet cars will be of interest to this forum.