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  1. As a matter of interest how long did they take to send the replacement parts? I had 2 small parts that make up the rear headrests missing but I haven't bothered to request them as they're not noticeable.
  2. The RC system. First thing I did was test it. All working. A 'working' flat four engine Engine installed in the frame Steering servo installed.
  3. Still do I think my last Lego build was over 30 years ago, a forklift truck for my son.
  4. This kit is described as World War 2 military motorcycle so I hope the mods don't mind me putting it here as I won't be using the German cross stickers. It's in civilian use! Bought it from Wish for £44 + £10 delivery and came in less than 10 days. Quality looks excellent and very good value considering an RC system is included. Instruction book (sorry about the fuzzy picture) The contents of the box. More to follow..........
  5. Really enjoyed this build. Made a change from the usual plastic kits. Thanks for looking.
  6. Final section 4 completed. Very happy with end result, another great kit from Lego.
  7. G'day y'all, Section 3 completed, roof, doors, tailgate and no missing parts. Back soon with the final part of the build. As you can see from the pics I'm a highly skilled Lego builder and can even manage to get the stickers on straight(ish)
  8. Thanks M. Never gave it much thought about RHD but I now see how it can be done. I feel I'm a little too far on to change it now.
  9. As this kit has over 2500 parts and a 495 page manual which is divided 860 steps, I'm not going to do a full WIP, more of a summary. The build is divided into 4 sections, 1 and 2 for the chassis and 3 and 4 for bodywork and accessories. The instructions need careful study in places as it's not always obvious where some things go or which of the numerous gear wheels is called for. I've already completed sections 1 and 2 and found I'm short of 4 parts, 2 small pegs and 2 bits which make up the rear headrests. Nothing major.
  10. Incredible work Rich, but I think I'll stick to Lego
  11. I'm hooked on these kits and will definitely build more They're made in the Ukraine.
  12. Another well-engineered kit from Ugears but not without some issues. Quite a tricky build in places and as always, the tedious knotting of rubber bands to the correct lengths for different tensions. Some of the 541 parts are a very tight fit and I ended up breaking a few but luckily they were successfully repaired with PVA wood glue.
  13. Yes they're very well designed but once those rubber bands break you're stuffed, at least with the Roadster. Dismantling without doing damage isn't really an option due to the complexity and parts locked in place with cocktail stick dowels. Not a problem as it looks great as a static model
  14. Not been on here for a while, been taking a break after spending far too much time and money on the Eaglemoss BTTF DeLorean. For a change from the usual plastic kits I thought I'd have a go at the Ugears Roadster laser cut plywood kit and here is the result. The engineering is impressive with some quite complex gear mechanisms to provide forward and reverse from the rubber band 'engine'. The steering and front suspension work and the V-8 engine has moving pistons. All in all a fun build and no glue needed.
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