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  1. Another outstanding release with issues 120 - 125 and another very low parts count. Issue 120: Vent Pipes. Issue 121: Left exhaust cowl and a pipe. Issue 122: Left Exhaust cowl vanes and a pipe. Issues 123, 124: Same as 121, 122 but right hand side. Issue 125: Left and right vent cables and some stickers. That's all for now, will be back with the final 5 issues in about a month's time.
  2. Yes it is the Pocher Aventador, A better engineered kit than the DeLorean it has to be said.
  3. Moving on with the March/April release, issues 114 - 119 with a very low parts count. Issue 114: Detail parts for the reactor drum and a screwdriver. Issue 115: Reactor platform detail. Issue 116: Four cables for the reactor drum. They should all be the same length. I had one that was too short and one that was too long. Issue 117: More tubing for the reactor. Issue 118: More detail for the reactor platform. Issue 119: Reactor exhaust pipes. That's it for now, only another 11 issues to go and the beast will be finished.
  4. Looks like it's had a very hard life.
  5. Another mega release of parts for February/March, issues 108 - 113. Issue 108: Power coils for the right hand side. Issue 109: Cables and wires for the field generator. Issue 110: The spare wheel and windscreen wipers. Issue 111: Reactor platform and other bits. Issue 112: More parts for the platform. Issue 113: Parts for the reactor drum. That's it for now....only another 17 issues to go.
  6. Thanks. Those EMHAR Bedford kits are excellent, very well engineered. They seem quite rare now and are going at silly prices
  7. Thanks. It is quite likely I will build another soviet truck at some point in the future.
  8. An interesting kit from AVD with metal and plastic parts only marred by very poor instructions. The tyres in the cargo are 1/24 Revell from a car kit. The 1/24 EMHAR Bedford Tanker for size comparison. Thanks for looking.
  9. The kit comes with metal axles for attaching the wheels which eliminates the chance of them falling off. This completes the work in progress.
  10. Moving on with the build, chassis painted semi-gloss black. Cab completed. Wheels completed.
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