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  1. My bet is that it will be their G-10. A G-6 would require a complete retooling of fuselage, cockpit and wings. So I guess Revell won't do that.
  2. Abakan

    Ta152H kit

    Actually I got this box https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-65365-focke-wulf-ta152h-1--325988
  3. Abakan

    Ta152H kit

    That is definitely "NOT" aka almost entirely correct. I know as I got TWO of them the last time I was in Tokyo. I did get the Dragon kit in Hasegawa boxes. 1/72, not 1/48. However I agree that the Aoshima Kit is the one to look for. I hunted down as many as I would while in Japan and got a total of six. Pretty cheap too, about 10 Dollars each.
  4. I agree with everything Vesa said. Why waste your time and effords on a turd like the Italeri G-6 to bring it to G-2 standard? Get the Finemolds one and be glad you did. If you can't get one then go with the AZ one, which also is a bazillion times better than the crap Italeri spew out. The Heller kit is good for nostalgic reasons, the Italeri not even that.
  5. They really, really made me cranky a few years ago when I got one of their 1/72 Bf109G6 kits ( for nostalgic reasons, I like theblack 12+- and did not know about scalemates back then ). When I opened the tiny box I found the godawful old Airfix kit in there. Needless to say I was NOT amused. But their Bf109B/C is my favorite 1/72 Bf109 ( and I have a metric ton of AZ, Finemolds, Tamiya, Hasegawa kits in my stash )
  6. I for one would love to finally get my hand on a couple of Bf109G12 trainers. I remember they were scheduled for October 2017....
  7. Seems to be lost with all hands on board. Up to 20 death. https://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/20-Dead-In-Swiss-JU-52-Crash-231329-1.html Damn, I flew with them twice and at least the second flight for sure was on HB-HOT.
  8. I agree, buying from AZ/KP from outside the EU means NO tax. Which also means no tax to sales for customers with shipping addresses in Norway and Switzerland ( and soon the UK )
  9. Not to be a downer on this stunning piece of art, but I really have some doubts that the Hs123 still did use the splinter camo in 1944. Wasn't it all gone on frontline planes by 1940?
  10. Actually there was another resin kit for sale about 20-30 years ago by iirc airmodel or some other german company. VERY simple kit, basicly already cast. Just add the canopy.
  11. I am quite excited. Not that the Hasegawa or Eduard are bad kits, but I am still looking forward to get a couple of Tamiya 109's in my stash. I hope someone does produce the tall tail for it, that would be even better
  12. I got a ton of stuff from them thru a Swiss seller on ebay. Some of it was mindboggling cheap. But I have not been able to find any information about the company.
  13. Sword are way, way worse. I agree about that. I am not a big fan of the open end boxes anyway.
  14. As I said, older kits ( Zlin Z-381 AZCZ41 ) and I noticed a Spitfire IIB box also falling appart. Need to glue it. Not a big deal, I will fix it during the weekend.
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