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  1. Make my own.... yes that's what I'll do. *I haven't previously had suitable info on there machines , but the above picss & csv should do. TIA
  2. Make my own.... yes that's what I'll do. *I haven't previously had suitable info on there maxhines , but the above pxcvss & cxvsv should do. TIA
  3. The Dutch East Indies Army (KNIL) used some (Puma-engine) D.VII s for some years in the 20s - anyone know of any decals (1/72) for these a/C?
  4. There was a radial-engine P.XXv, by the now defunct Polish producer 'Hit Kit'. Only Polish markings of course. Availability? Probably only on E-bay.
  5. If you're looking for EARLY RAAF use of the Kittyhawk by No75 Squadron over Aus/New Guinea -go for - South Pacific Air War Volume 2: The Struggle for Moresby March - April 1942. Widely available on Amazon/E-Bay Much info, pics & csvs.
  6. I've got a couple of Potez XXVs ready to build, but the instructions all just 'dark green'. Yes, but which dark green? Now I specifically want info on French-built XXVs (not on foreign built a/c) What shade would be appropriate?
  7. For an explanation of the changes made to the WH-3s try and find 'Air Enthusiast Quarterly' #22, which has a long article on the Duitch Martins, which explains these. Now, the Dutch were quite happy with their early Martins (WH-1s & -2s) but wanted an improved version with the ability to carry bigger bombs internally,, more range and more powerful engines. Changes to the fuselage; it was widened but only by 3" not noticeably in 1/72nd, surely? The more 'snub-nosed' bomb aimer's compartment and long glasshouse glazing are obvious but the nose turret was also 'squatter' and I THINK the
  8. /ah......FINALLY. A Dutch Martin 139, I've been waiting c.40 years for one of these. (in the meantime we've had about 25000 P-51Ds/Spitfires/ 109s - sorry a very small rant). Does anyone know when this is due for release?
  9. Two small points - no Vildebeests ere evacuation Malaya/Java. The Ceylon Vildebeest on its nose was probably from the local Station Flight; the VB was not a 'bomber' - the RAF classified it as a 'torpedo-bomber' - a rather different thing as far as camo goes. Now, the only pic I have the clearly shows VB undersides is one captured by the Japanese 'somewhere in SEA'. This clearly shows that whatever this a/c's undersides were, they Are Not black.
  10. JohnMacG

    Ta152H kit

    Hmmm, yes, somehow I knew it would be the ancient Frog kit. I can remember buying this when it first appeared a LONG time ago, when I was MUCH younger....... An old friend. I remember it as being qu7ite basic even for its time (1975-ish?). Those were the days before vac-form canopies, which the kit REALLY needs, and resin cockpits. There's also something wrong with shape of the fuselage in front of the windscreen, there's the cowling problem and the u/c needs some work. But, as said above, nothing that can't be fixed. Probably be cheaper to buy one of the other kits, tho'. What
  11. JohnMacG

    Ta152H kit

    I see many offers on E-Bay for Revell's Ta152H kit. Is merely re-boxing of FROG's truly ancient Ta152H kit or is it something else?
  12. A week or so ago I asked if the Valom Vildebeest kit cames with bombs; OK it doesn't. But the Valom Vincent kit does - four racks and bombs under each wing, So if you want a Vildebeest bomber, use the Vincent kit. ( It even comes with a torpedo (no rack tho'- but's not too hard to scratch bu ild) It seems that Vildebeest didn't carry both bombs and the torpedo rack. As to Vildebeest torpedo attacks I concur that only at Kota Bharu on 7th December did vildebbest use torpedos during the Malayan campaign, but I've read somewhere that the few surviving Vildebeests
  13. Has anyone on the forum bought this kit? I was looking at the rather uninspiring build review in 'Scale Aircraft Modelling' when a couple of things struck me. The box top painting (on the cover of SAM) shows underwing bomb racks - only one each side, mind you- does the kit provide these? The kit instructions apparently have the camo'd a/c in 'Earth Brown', which is surely wrong, isn't it/
  14. There's an interesting book by Geoffrey Rex Collis, entitled 'Tattered Eagle'. Collis was a fitter with 27Sqn; he has some interesting snippets abut 27's Blenheim. Incl the fact that the ventral gun packs on the 'fighter' Blenheims were fitted to the a//c (in Singapore) as late as October 1941 (the pilot's back armour at the same time). There's probably a staff officer's OoB chart somewhere showing No27 as s 'night fighter' squadron, but I doubt very much they ever made a night interception - certainly they never had radae fitted. I suspect they (the fighters at least) were tasked
  15. There's been a LOT of confusion ih tne past about Blenheim SQ codes in Malaya in 1941. 62 sqdn IS 'FX'; 27 Sqdn is 'PT'. And it seems that 27Sq was half-Blenheim 'fighter' and half bomber (6a/c of each).
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