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  1. Hi Steve Having seen both of them I would say YES, This "Special" Oil Cooler is definitely the Cherry on the already gorgeous cake. The "normal resin edition" has less deep ,but is nonetheless better than the original part. As I do not have the normal edition , I couldn't take a picture of it , sorry for that ! I am not in your wallet, but as we use to say...we don't count when we are in love .... Engine cover AND Collector are a must.... Madcop
  2. Hello to all the 1/32 Scale P.11c lovers...... No need to tell here that the IBG Model is just fantastic and that's why some Polish afficionados of this nice Polish Iconic aircraft have decided , with IBG collaboration, to develop a serie of resin add-ons or upgrade (call them whatelse you want) for this already gorgeous kit. I personnaly know one of these guys, and let me tell you that for him "perfection" is not enough...and I dare to deduce that the others are from the same mould ! No need for other words, here follow the pictures of the different items I already have and that are available with others ( e.g. Beautifull 1/32 Polish Pilot Figure ) here http://quickwheelstore.com/ under the "BITSKRIEG" Brandname Have a look at the website for availibility , prices and delivery terms. Now let see these little gems, the CHANEL N°5 of resin parts...here. https://ibb.co/album/s5ksLp Madcop
  3. I want the clouds and both pilots in the box, otherwise some could say this box art is misleading...
  4. There was a Build review of the Mk III SD boxing in March. Only a blind man wouldn't see that there are no slats... Oh, you could have added that there were no clouds or mountain in the box !
  5. Scans sent two minutes ago via wetransfer. Have a nice day. Madcop.
  6. Hi dalea, please PM me your email so that I can send you (via wetransfer) the scans of the "LES CARNETS DE L'AEROPHILE" -Marques et camouflage des Avions Français. -Campagne du 2 Sept 39 au 25 Juin 1940. and -Armée de l'Air de l'Armistice Juin 40-Novembre 42. Editions ABT France , 31 mai 1966. I think that's the best I can do. Madcop. PS. I also can scan the VITOCHARTS card also, and believe me these are not that bad , are complete and offer the equivalent (when possible) in Federal Standard.
  7. I still have Max ABT original " Nuanciers pour aéronefs français 1939-1945" Older than Vitochart... These Max ABT'samples are real paint...something I have still to see these days.
  8. "All the colors in the decal design are specified as Pantone colors," Yes, correct , as long as you are using or giving correct Pantone reference !
  9. + 1000000 but two words and one finger for a retool !
  10. Yes, it is not a Beau as a matter of fact, but you can still notice it's not a pipe...simply art ! We like it or we don't, it depends on our perception ! But, as our perception is brain dependant ...and as what 's in our brain depends of who is putting what stuff inside ....What hits me first by seeing this is the speed effect...very nice indeed. So , I am pleased with it so that I may or may not buy the box.... as for the content ....my brain will decide.! I know guys who are simply attracted by boxes, what's inside doesn't appeal to them.
  11. I just hope that this time we will have a cabin of the right width, as well as a canopy of the right shape (omega) and the right width!
  12. Right..... I'll put 5€ monthly aside so that when it comes out I won't have to worry ! When you compare the last AF Buccaneer with the Su-17M3 or Su-22UM3 you can really see the huge gap in technology and know-how that exists between these Ukrainians makers and , let say, traditional western producers. When I see from where they come from , and the results they have achieved in such a short time, it's just mind boggling , and a big big lesson. Some spend their time and money ( our money) "communicating", while others just work...but in what a brilliant way !
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