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    Listening to music and plastic modelling in 1/72-1/48-1/32 and 1/200 for the airliners.
    Main interest. WWII and and Cold War era.
    With time passing I collect more than can build !

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  1. You're right, ACADEMY fuselage is crap. If you still want to get a Spitfire XIV out of it you'd better start looking for the Old DACO correction set …. OOP. Still better to start from the good OLD Airfix PR XIX. from the time when people had eyes and were looking at aircrafts and not at PC Screens ! If LIDAR is so great I suppose Airfix still hasn't found someone with at least some interest in aviation who can use it ! Madcop.
  2. Didn't you expect it ? Just another brick in the Airfix 20th century wall and details look like they were made up out a block of soap ! In the video the reviewer said it all "Airfix kindly sent me … " I stopped buying Airfix as you can't trust them ! (Uneven quality, non existent quality control, but a lot of 21th Century biased com !) Madcop
  3. Hi Quangster 0,4-0,5 PSI with 0.15 Nozzle and needle I would say and with the aid of a little bit of Retarder. 0,8 is the "Normal" pressure. Next times tell this guy to cut his finger nails and to skip the adds for LOTUS ! Nice job ! Madcop
  4. She's going trough the Airfix Quality Control Inquisitor ! (Missing plastic-Filling of the trenches-Wrong instructions-Replacing of the Blenheim canopy with the good one-etc... ) Madcop
  5. How do you dare ? Have you got a Eduard life insurance ? You know the best amongst all the world insurances ! I would say that Eduard could release a "special paper project" 1/72 scale Bf 109G type with a 1/48 scale exhaust and I-16 type spinner. And for the more demanding scale modeller a good model of it in the Brassin range. Madcop
  6. I think Modelsvit is O.K. Of course you have to hold the parts in your hands to see the subtil way the riveting is done. As mentioned above for the ones who don't like them suffice to do as in reality "Prime". The silly way would be to have to go riveting a whole aircraft ! For the ones who dislike rivets, when appropriate or not ,priming and sanding takes only minutes ! What would you prefer ?, priming a riveted Mustang wing and keep the fuselage riveted,..., or go for a manual riveting of the whole fuselage with all the risks ? I know my choice ! Madcop
  7. Good afternoon and happy New Year I would prefer to see a brand new toolrd Tamiya 1/48 P51B/C and then the same in 1/72, or vice-versa We really miss good 1/32-1/48 and 1/72 P 51B/C.. Cheers Madcop
  8. In DACO we trust ! Well done Dany, put me in for this long awaited one ! One thing is for sure , we don't have to worry about the decals ! I'll be there to put them in zip bags ! Keep on rocking. Madcop
  9. I just hope it's going to be any better than their last release… the Aero L-159A ALCA that is a real cr@p !. You don't even get wheelbays ! and I won't talk about the cockpit! FROG did better in the 60s ! I think they will just "rework" the Bilek kit ! Madcop
  10. To be more precise, some 20% interesting and 80% bashing ! I keep on trusting AMK. Madcop
  11. Because they are all Matchbox nostalgic ! The Airfix new Phantom is just a non finished product thrown in a haste in the public !, just like the Fury. Quality control does not exist by Airfix ! Madcop
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