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  1. Yes, it is not a Beau as a matter of fact, but you can still notice it's not a pipe...simply art ! We like it or we don't, it depends on our perception ! But, as our perception is brain dependant ...and as what 's in our brain depends of who is putting what stuff inside ....What hits me first by seeing this is the speed effect...very nice indeed. So , I am pleased with it so that I may or may not buy the box.... as for the content ....my brain will decide.! I know guys who are simply attracted by boxes, what's inside doesn't appeal to them.
  2. I just hope that this time we will have a cabin of the right width, as well as a canopy of the right shape (omega) and the right width!
  3. Right..... I'll put 5€ monthly aside so that when it comes out I won't have to worry ! When you compare the last AF Buccaneer with the Su-17M3 or Su-22UM3 you can really see the huge gap in technology and know-how that exists between these Ukrainians makers and , let say, traditional western producers. When I see from where they come from , and the results they have achieved in such a short time, it's just mind boggling , and a big big lesson. Some spend their time and money ( our money) "communicating", while others just work...but in what a brilliant way !
  4. With pleasure Scimitar. PM sent; Thank You very much
  5. I have both ClearProp Model of A5M2b. Type 96. They are truly magificent kits. But now it looks like they begin to turn models like Hot Dogs and I just hope they can keep their high standard of both research and production. I hope they don't burn their (beautifull) wings.
  6. Thank You Ben, I really like to engrave, while others dislike it very much. This NORTHSTAR template seems to be useful, especially for the rounded panels, access hatches etc..., and as you say not that much for the straight lines. I like my Monogram kit, as it is moulded in silver plastic, and even sanded, the panel lines and others still appear ! I still hope to find one ... Thank you very much for your answer. Best greetings from Brussels. Madcop.
  7. Hello there at Britmodeller. I am busy with two good old F-100D from Monogram. One will be a Djibouti based Armée de l'Air ac. and the other one a USAF machine. As you know these Monogram kits need (depends on the taste of individual...) to be rescribed. So, I am desperately looking for the 1/48 F-100D SCRIBING TEMPLATE from the brand NORTHSTAR, that was released so long ago that I can't even remember when exactly.( I am now 69...). If you know anybody who has still got one , or who knows who might have one ,or simply if you have any left, I would be so happy to buy it and pay for the costs of course. Doing so you would so much pleased an old Belgian modeller. Thanks to all of you. Madcop.
  8. You just said it "as long as the basic shape and proportions are correct." So the finest panel lines as technically possible , the better ! Madcop
  9. Jeeeeeeeez....You should already be burning in hell.... I guess you'd better paint with a roller than with a brush... Most important , have fun !
  10. You can try through the AMK official page on Facebook, or by registering on the AMK Fan page , also on Facebook. Good luck. I'll keep you posted as soon as I have news. Madcop P.S. I have the same problem as you, as I'll have to have the parcel sent to another address than mine. !
  11. Now, that's only fair ... I can't say you're wrong...maybe due to the complexity of the kit itself ? Madcop
  12. Hi Andrew , I quite understand you becoming a little bit nervous with the release of the kit to AMK distributors and so to the public. ( Kits were sold at Ed Day !) I am in the exact same situation as you. No news from Martin Wilson when he himself asked me (via the official website of AMK) to send him an email, which was done on September 21, 2019 I quite do not understand this situation as now AMK is organizing some sort of lottery on another forum talking ( mostly bashing ) about their F-14 . I guess that's the way Sio has adopted to thank the people who supported the brand and supported the project against all odds. I send them a request to send my parcel at a specified address, but no answer... Actually I do not even know who is going to pack my stuff and send it ! All in all, this is the last time I am participating in such a fund raising, or whatever you may call it. I knew exactly what I was doing and the risks involved when I decided to support the project. I have no reason to complain about anything, except for a clear lack of politeness and correction towards the participants! Madcop. P.S. Just received an answer from Sio. I should receive an email in 1 or 2 days regarding the dispatch of the kit. I assume that you'll receive the same ... I hope .
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