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  1. Hi Jurek The same compliment is also valid for the 1/32 scale items. These are just little jewels...and in your hands...they just get more value.....! We all can get them through KARAYA website , but as a Pole, I suppose you know that ! Looking forward for your finished model. Have a nice day. Madcop
  2. Well done Kinetic,... that's the way to go. Little Gina has particularly vicious forms which require a deep study of the subject. Take your time and give us what she really deserves. Actually there isn't a worthwhile kit of the Gina. Even Revell (Germany) missed her in some way in 1/72....and I won't talk about the Occidental kit in 1/48. I wish you good luck with the forecoming job... Give us a 1/48 Mirage F1 that is worth his name as, for now, there is only the good old Esci-Italeri that is worth as far as the general shape is concerned. If I remember correctly KH once
  3. Well gents this all seem to be details compared to the overall shape of the fuselage....Fat and Square. I may be wrong of course.
  4. Hi Jerzy Thanks very much, you just convinced me to return back to my Jigzaw Puzzles...
  5. I still think that ArmaHobby's representation of P11c remains, despite everything you can say about it, much more delicate than your garbage prose which, I still dare to hope, does not reflect the image of your country...
  6. Plastic modeling is now a hobby for young from 70+.
  7. The coop. SH-Eduard seems O.K so the Tempest should be O.K. The coop Eduard-SH is more problematic. Suffice to look at this 1/72 model they dare to call a Bf 109E. ! Why the hell did SH chose this Eduard model with all his faults is beyond my comprehension...Money I suppose.... Madcop
  8. I thought that the price was high because the bottle of Mr.Hobby-Mr. Surfacer 500 and a vac Canopy were included in the box...
  9. I am no more 100% convinced . There must be a trick somewhere, and you could as well be right. Paint touch up or not , or picture touch up or not these are the questions. !
  10. Hi Gene , Thanks for this touch of humour that brings a liitle fun in these grey days... This blue bird is turning me mad. I'd like to ask the guy who painted the aircraft what kind of black or silver he used for the stars......, Madcop
  11. Hi iainpeden For what I know, read and see on various sources the frog has a black face and a yellow scarf with BLACK ( ) stars. The face turns green only in frightening conditions ! Madcop.
  12. Agree with you Gene, that's the reason why I put the 8th and 10th picture. For me , (and it looks like it's only for me), the tonal value of the black changes with lightning conditions. You can see different hue of black on picture 4 , 6 and especially on pic.10, where the black of the canopy framing is changing together with the colour of the star. I still wonder who could clarify this ...the Japanese painter in charge of this aircraft ? Have a nice day. Madcop P.S. What would we say about this one...?
  13. Hello Gene, James and fellows interested in this 301st Sqdn " Blue Bird" Without wanting to be 100% categorical, in view of a good hundred photos and several Japanese videos, it seems to me that the stars are black. If they are not black (which I doubt) they are at least an almost black gray. It seems that the rendering of black changes depending on the exposure to light, going from black in black to aluminum gray. I have attached a photo where the stars appear black on the fuselage, while the leading edge of the wings seem aluminum, while they are actually black. The rendering o
  14. These decals on the blue scheme do not represent what you can see on the real aircraft. Black should be Black, whatever the printing process you choose. On the blue scheme the stars are Black...not grey or silver grey, just black ! What is more important is that all Japanese F-4EJ stencils are black or yellow. This is correct on the decal sheet for aircraft finished in the original Japanese three tones of grey camo scheme. So, each line of these stencils should appear on the original grey paint of the aircraft. For the "special schemes" these stencils were
  15. Sorry Graham, but I do not agree with you on 1 point. As you say the vac canopy is the best solution for model in 1/72. But nowadays an injected plastic canopy is perfectly feasible. For example that of the new model of Hurricane Mk.IIb / c from Arma Hobby. I think that the smoothness of a canopy depends mainly on the will of the manufacturer. And, when we know the means of Airfix, we can only speak of “I don't care.” When AF-HORNBY makes such a product for, supposedly children, it only distorts their perception of reality. I guess we don't educate our kids by willfully telling them bullshi
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