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    Listening to music and plastic modelling in 1/72-1/48-1/32 and 1/200 for the airliners.
    Main interest. WWII and and Cold War era.
    With time passing I collect more than can build !

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  1. madcop

    72nd scale Tamiya Bf-109 g6 ?

    Good afternoon and happy New Year I would prefer to see a brand new toolrd Tamiya 1/48 P51B/C and then the same in 1/72, or vice-versa We really miss good 1/32-1/48 and 1/72 P 51B/C.. Cheers Madcop
  2. In DACO we trust ! Well done Dany, put me in for this long awaited one ! One thing is for sure , we don't have to worry about the decals ! I'll be there to put them in zip bags ! Keep on rocking. Madcop
  3. I just hope it's going to be any better than their last release… the Aero L-159A ALCA that is a real cr@p !. You don't even get wheelbays ! and I won't talk about the cockpit! FROG did better in the 60s ! I think they will just "rework" the Bilek kit ! Madcop
  4. To be more precise, some 20% interesting and 80% bashing ! I keep on trusting AMK. Madcop
  5. madcop

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    Because they are all Matchbox nostalgic ! The Airfix new Phantom is just a non finished product thrown in a haste in the public !, just like the Fury. Quality control does not exist by Airfix ! Madcop
  6. madcop

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    He is just inspiring me , and that's good ! Cheers Madcop
  7. Hi Gabor, save your money You should keep it and build it OOB ( in a primer colour ) while waiting for the new one and then put it in a box. Once you'll have finished the new one take it out and put them side by side and make a good review as you are used to ! Madcop. P.S. PM Sent
  8. Now , if you buy one, you'll nearly feel obliged to buy the other one too ! Sh.………………………………...t ! After a little reflexion, I think I'll begin with the other one ! Madcop.
  9. I can feel your pain, I have two cats ! That's the only reason I buy Eduard kits, for them to play with the PE parts…. Madcop .
  10. Hi Zigomar Very nice paintjob, but you painted (sorry for that) the wrong aircraft. Actually the Graf's machine was a Bf 109G-6 from Erla and so quite different from the model depicted by TAMIYA, which is a MTT Regensburg produced aircraft. I just hope your customer doesn't know the differences between Erla and Mtt produced machines…. TAMIYA has also got it wrong with the JG54 machine as she is actually also an ERLA produced one. Yes Bf 109G can be as tricky as Spitfires……. Nice work anyway and TAMIYA is far more accurate (for an Mtt machine of course) than this EDUARD mixed scale caricature. Madcop
  11. madcop

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    Tamiya's Spitfires has always been known for having cowling shape issues as well has short fuselages in both scale. You don't have to be an expert to notice it. Simply look at pictures. Yes Tamiya San can also have mishaps ! Most of the builders don't care for that just because the kit is easy to build...right or wrong and because Tamiya is written on the box !. Madcop.
  12. Hi Alan Count on me now to never spray polyurethane on enamels ( I still like those Xtracolours soooo much ! ). Sorry that I can't help you as I never bought 1/32 Flanker ( too huge for the place I have…) Good luck in your research for a new one. Thanks a lot. Madcop
  13. madcop

    Hobbyboss 1:48 Dragon Hawk

    Already saw this one flying around the 15th Wing in Melsbroek… Well done , congrats . Madcop.