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  1. so the problem is the weight you need to put in the engine compartment ...
  2. Giorgio, I'm sorry for you but probably you are confusing the molds of Martin Bomber ( showh mixed with the Piaggio's ones) with some for the Piaggio. The Piaggio new molds are limited to undercarriages and wheels elements, cockpit ( Instrument panel and seats) and some other pieces. The main parts are the same of the old tools. No changes. We have also some improvements with new resin parts in the armament turrets on wings and something more but the basic structure of the kit is the old one. No new tools for wings, fuselage, etc ... it's of course an improvement but not a new tool at all.
  3. Desert sand ? Is it an april fool in the wrong date ?
  4. In April 2017 Special Hobby made this announcement, showing also different renders: http://www.specialhobby.info/2017/04/172-double-stage-engine-mosquito-kits.html In the same dates KP/AZ made an identical announcement, without any projects or material, just simple pictures and nothing more.
  5. Here you can check more pictures and comment, if you want, about the different aspects (positive or negative): http://www.hphmodels.cz/hph/portfolio-item/hornet-dh-103-132/?lang=en Ciao Giovanni
  6. An hypothesys: some days ago KP/AZ announced a new L29 Delfin 1/32 in cooperation with InfinityModels, the new plastic injected division of HPH. Several years ago HPH developed a complete 1/32 Hornet that from what I read it was and is quite accurate. May be HPH pass some information to KP/AZ from their experience with the 32nd scale kit ?
  7. The Eduard's "72nd scale Revolution" seems passed into the hands of this polish firm. Impressive work.
  8. I think we could see an Eduard 109 in 72nd scale not before the 2022. So a lot of water under the bridge.
  9. Academy and Platz reboxed or are reboxing an Eduard Mig15, of course.
  10. in the past SMER reboxed some Eduard WWI kits: Fokker DR1 and Fokker EIII for instance, I think some Albratross also.
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