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  1. Lince crew was deleted one year ago from official catalogue, forget it.
  2. Heller is back ... the catalogue 2021 is here: https://www.heller.fr/en/category/modelkit It shows several news even if I suppose nothing originated from new tools, only and simply riedition and rebox non necessary from Heller's Tools. For instance is the F84F in 1/48 scale from an Heller ancient tools or the Kinetic Rebox ? The same for other subjects ad the Mirage 2000C in 1/48 and more ... Heller or Kinetic ? The PC6, is it the Roden Rebox ? The new owner of this iconic french firm is a big german name in the distribution of model kits, so a new policy of rebox with updated kits
  3. Usually even Korean name as Academy makes great publicity about a 100% new tool ... the fact no indication of new tools and so on in this advertise make me thinking nothing is really new, simply rebox.
  4. I read on Hannants ICM News program: Vietnam USAF Airfield (Cessna O-2A, OV-10А Bronco, US Pilots & Ground Personnel (Vietnam War) (5 figures) Diorama Set NEW - IV quarter So a new OV10A in 1/48 is planned for the end of the year 2021.
  5. considering the interest Arma has for polish aviation aviation History I think we may see several of this kind of subjects. One or more special Edition boxes dedicate to Polish Aces are more than probable.
  6. Ok, sorry for my misunderstanding but this "would" seems to have solid bases. The Tempest topic is going on and MrSulc has declared : "... What we're going to do is be the Tempest Mk.V, the Tempest Mk.II, and I reckon Fredy will add the Mk.VI to it, because he thinks it's an exciting plane that no modeler can be without. And it can be easily assembled from Mk.V and Mk.II, so OK, why not. And the lock. ". Interesting program. PS: the english translation comes from Google and I hope it's clear and without mistakes, not so many mistakes.
  7. "Tempesta v 1/72 bychom rádi udělali opět ve spolupráci se Special Hobby. " by Mr Sulc in a czec discussion forum. Translated: SpecialHobby and Eduard are working on a Tempest in 72 scale.
  8. Bravo Giorgio, I agree 100% with your points.
  9. the 1/32 and 1/48 renditions by HobbyBoss are not accurate and for a proper and accurate Bearcat a lot of work is needed. We can only hope HobbyBoss had made a different work in this 72scale kit ... I'm not so positive in that.
  10. Airfix should learn from Zvezda about crews
  11. so the problem is the weight you need to put in the engine compartment ...
  12. Giorgio, I'm sorry for you but probably you are confusing the molds of Martin Bomber ( showh mixed with the Piaggio's ones) with some for the Piaggio. The Piaggio new molds are limited to undercarriages and wheels elements, cockpit ( Instrument panel and seats) and some other pieces. The main parts are the same of the old tools. No changes. We have also some improvements with new resin parts in the armament turrets on wings and something more but the basic structure of the kit is the old one. No new tools for wings, fuselage, etc ... it's of course an improvement but not a new tool at all.
  13. Desert sand ? Is it an april fool in the wrong date ?
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