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  1. Well, I think they are ex-dragon instead of Hasegawa origin. Why? Beacause the Hasegawa kit is too old for having a kind of interest by a firm like Hobby2000, and plus because the only P38M on the market was by Dragon ( I don't consider the older Revell P38M, a vintage kit).
  2. I mean that after the 1/32 Cobra ICM 'd have plans for a new Cobra in 1/35 scale also. I Know about the 32 one.
  3. Surfing on net, I read from the same ICM "net" advisor they have plans for a Cobra (G version- we can suppose a family) also in 1/35 scale, first he's spoken about something unespected and interesting for the next year, than he's spoken about the plans for a kit in 1/35 scale. So after the 32 scale one we could see a new 35 scale Cobra from the same ICM.
  4. that's right. Assuming all the points by our polish friend are good, IBG can not produce or is not convenient it produces( because Eduard or SpecialHobby or ArmaHobby or other brand competition) che following: Tempest Family ( SpecialHobby and Eduard have interest in it and no polish/RAF squadron ), P40 Family ( SpecialHobby has a recent family of good quality - even if the P40 and B/C versions are out of the family and Airfix is not so good and easily outclassed ), Typhoon Family (because no polish squadron flew it), P51 ( because Eduard promised B/C and D/K in a not so distant future - about 2023/24 - it is not sure the Allison versions will be coverd, anyway ... and also ArmaHobby announced a P51B/C ), 109 anyversion ( because Eduard and SpecialHobby ), Fw 190 ( because Eduard), Hurrycane ( because the recent ArmaHobbyFamily), I16 (because ICM and the russian subjects are a bad investment), Yak 9 ( too complicated for too many versions and differences and russian subject ) ... all these types are excluded ... so it seems IBG has little alternative for a next good investment and kit with really god business potential ... it's not so and it is not so because IBG makes business and in the business is possible to find competitors with your same articles. Two years ago ArmaHobby did the Hurricane despite the Revell and Hasegawa kits, and also the recent Hobby2000 reboxes ... Arma makes a good and better kit in comparison with the other brands. So IBG now need to leave making polish fighter with no hope of good performances in the business and make a type that also in presence of competitors is better, because IBG is in the business and making business is fighting. So with classic subjects , another classic is the Spitfire MkVb and c versions, IBG can have really good opportunities to make money ... Eduard will realise its early Merlin Spitfires from the 2023 ... so there's the time to sold a lot of kits before a competitor arrives. So for other classic items. It's business, it's a risky opportunities for invest money, but it cannot be pretend there's no risk at all in a market without competition ! At the moment it seems that the "classic WWII" items with sure potential are all covered ( I could also put in the classic group Stuka, BF 110, Beaufighter, Mosquito ... may be P38 and P39 is out of the count, but are nor used by polish ( may be P39 ). Considering my wish, I hope the following news: Allison P51 family, Curtiss Hwak 75 / P40 and P40B/C family, Macchi 200/202/205 Family . Allison P51 is not well coverd at the moment, an accurate kit is needed. The same for the Hawk 75/P36/early P40, Airfix recent issue is not so good details, there a lot of space for improvements. About the Macchi C 200 /202/205 family ... the first subject, macchi C200, is covered badly by a recent HobbyBoss easy line kit, AML made also a kit not exaclty so easy to build, a real short run. Macchi C 202 is covered by Hasegawa and than Italeri ( this is a kind of clone of the Hasegawa ones, with worse details in some area and better rendition only of the undercarriage) but Hasegawa kit has a lot of problems of shape and proportion, so it is for the 205 that descends from the C 202. So this italian family of fighter could be a nice and interesting options from the business point of view. Italian Macchis are nice shape aircraft, with attractive and different camouflage, IBG could think to these ... as IBG thinks in 35 scale to some italian items ( and we hope it's only a beginning ). We'll see the surprices sooner or later ... I hope for something really international and not so strictly polish in the future. Let's cross our fingers. Ciao
  5. If a Yak1M sells good, I can imagine that the same performance is in the possibility of a good Yak 9 ( I want to limit all to the main D version ). I follow from years the personal "J.Thompson Battle" for a new Yak 9 family, a new kit would be more than welcome also by me, of course, and I'm surprised that main Est companies from Russia and Ucrainia seem to ignore this type ( I mean the main brands, Amodel has done its part in the battle!). It's incredible that the type is apparently ignored in any scale despite its history and its performance during WWII. The last operative version, Yak 9U, so well performed that I read the order for the luftwaffe gruppe was to avoid and escape by the involvement in air combat with Yak 9 U equipped formations ! May be only a mith ? May be, anyway in such a way the Yak 9 is still ignored by the main brands seems to be out of any logical human comprehension! Airfix in the 70 had a kit, one of the first produced kit of the type and one of the first items in the Airfix catalogue ... at that time the new projects offices studying the history deeper than today ? Of course a certain part in this story is the not so spread high numbers of images and pictures of Yak 9 available, making a simple search on web, give poor results. Mainly the same images. Does it depend on this ? mah ... hard to Know.
  6. "From the point of view of these companies: Soviet aircraft sell worse than Allied or German aircraft. Interwar/early war planes sell worse than those from the middle or end of the war. Planes used in little-known battles sell worse than those that took part in famous battles." I agreed with you even if following these points is not explicable why so many PZL11 and 23 boxes, or worse PZL37 kits in the IBG Catalogue. These items are of course of interest for an internal polish market, outside Poland the interest is really low, one of the lowest. I can see the pile of unsold PZL in italian shops for instance ... so I can conclude that in your apparently logical theory there s something doen't work a bit. If IBG had a catalogue of BF 109E, Spitfire, Hurrycanes, etc ... it's not. I hope IBG leaves the polish subjets now, no more PZL please, what we have is enough, is over enough. ... please, concentrate in a family of Curtiss/P40, in the highest quality, or P51 ( starting from a P51- Allison powered... ) and why not Spitfire, Tempest, Typhoon ... all these temas have the possibility for polish squadron insigna, even under RAF main insignas ...
  7. to learn more: http://groupeaeronefs.free.fr/mono03.htm
  8. One of the secret items is the first Jet and modern type on IBG line:
  9. WOW, a lot of supercool "secret item"s in 1/72 ! I'm an optimist.
  10. another 72scale victim is a TA4J/F , probably a Fujimi Rebox. Deleted from the 2021 list.
  11. The first victim of Italeri news is the RE 2000 in 1/48 ... no traces on 2021 list. The new Spitfire Mk I in 48 scale reminds me of an ancient samurai traditional ritual ,,,
  12. Lince crew was deleted one year ago from official catalogue, forget it.
  13. Heller is back ... the catalogue 2021 is here: https://www.heller.fr/en/category/modelkit It shows several news even if I suppose nothing originated from new tools, only and simply riedition and rebox non necessary from Heller's Tools. For instance is the F84F in 1/48 scale from an Heller ancient tools or the Kinetic Rebox ? The same for other subjects ad the Mirage 2000C in 1/48 and more ... Heller or Kinetic ? The PC6, is it the Roden Rebox ? The new owner of this iconic french firm is a big german name in the distribution of model kits, so a new policy of rebox with updated kits in heller box is possible, we'll see ...
  14. Usually even Korean name as Academy makes great publicity about a 100% new tool ... the fact no indication of new tools and so on in this advertise make me thinking nothing is really new, simply rebox.
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